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Sister Calendar to the Slash Advent Calendar

So what's a FemSlash Advent & Solstice Calendar you might ask? Let us tell you....

< drum roll >

It all started with the FemSlash Advent Calendar 2004! Hurrah! Sister to the Slash Advent Calendar.

What the heck is this, you ask? Glad you did! See, the moon cycle has long, LONG been associated with women power, and the ironic fall of the full moons in November and December of 2004 inspired us. And so we sent out an email to fellow femslash writers in a variety of fandoms, requesting their assistance in setting up this calendar. And the Dec 2004 FemSlash Advent Calendar was a smashing success.

A little bit of background on why we chose the FSAC04. AJ has a friend who runs the Slash Advent Calendar. When she signed up to participate that year, she commented to Jenn about the lack of femslash. That really was all it took for inspiration to strike like lightning to our brains. We owe a debt of gratitude to Lady Kardasi for the initial inspiration.

And then we realized that by following the winter solstice aspect of the holiday season, we could theoretically do 2 of these calendars a year, since our friends "down under" celebrate the winter solstice in June when we celebrate the summer solstice. But that June calendar really couldn't be called an "advent" calendar, hence the renaming of the calendars.

So we are now proud to present the semi-annual FemSlash Solstice Calendars, the Dog Days of Summer and the Dead of Winter.

Each calendar will have its own set of rules, deadlines, etc, and can be found below.

So now that you're interested, you can check this out a little further, via one of these options...

-Shatterpath and AJ Stormwriter

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