The ShatterStorm Productions FemSlash Advent Calendar :: Dog Days of Summer 2005

Well, we had so much fun with the FemSlash Advent Calendar 2004, we wanted to do it again. But we didn't want to wait another whole year.

And then aj realized that the seasons go in opposition when one crosses the equator. So when the northern hemisphere started winter, the southern started summer. And vice versa. And then aj started doing a little research and noticed that a full moon occurs very near the June equinox, similar to the December one. So we got the "brilliant" idea to hold the calendars twice a year.

Yay! Any reason for more femslashy goodness is good in our book!

There have been some changes to the rules, including the addition of music videos. We've also added in an inspirational aids page, to help you when your muses aren't so cooperative.

So go ahead and check out the new info, then join us in the FSAC: DD05!

So enjoy, have some fun, and get ready for another great round of femslash!

-Shatterpath and AJ Stormwriter