The FSAC :: Dog Days of Summer 2006 Winners

Favorite Overall Story :: Rumour Has It by RalSt

Favorite Overall Participant :: Shatterpath

Week One Winner :: Slumber Party & Slumber Party 2.0 by Shatterpath

Week One Runner Up :: Who Needs Roses When You Have Kazakhstan? by ncruuk

Week Two Winner :: Rumour Has It by RalSt

Week Two Runner Up :: One small step for Kathryn, one giant leap for the Admiralů by ncruuk

The ShatterStorm Award :: So This Is What It Feels Like by sydneysmoms & A Glimpse of Something Real by Susan P

Normally, we each do an award for the story that resonated the most for us, or jumped out at us the most. In Shatterpath's case, that usually would be a story in a fandom that she doesn't normally follow or doesn't know. If the characters are believable and interesting to her, that usually gets the award from her. In Stormwriter's case, she usually awards based on the one story that completely pulls her in and basically makes her forget pretty much anything else she's read in the calendars.

This time around, both Shatterpath and Stormwriter chose the exact same two stories, basically for the same reasons. Each of these stories were compelling, in character, hot, smooth reading, with very few pick-ups. Even in cases where there are "tiny flaws" [ie. occasional spelling errors and the like], these two stories waltzed right on past that and hooked us both in. We couldn't even come up with a way to distinguish one from the other as being more deserving of this award, because they were both so good. And both of these authors have always been consistently thoughtful, engaging, and intelligent in their work.

This is not to say that the other authors and stories in the calendar were "substandard" in any way, shape, or form, as that's entirely NOT the case. All of our entries were fascinating and we are honored to have had so many talented people participate this year.

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