Title: Slumber Party 2.0
Author: Shatterpath
Email: shatterpath@shatterstorm.net
Rating: NC17
Pairing: Catherine/Sara/Sofia, Sara/Sofia
Date in Calendar: 13 June 2006
Summary: A "girls' night out" to decompress leads three former rivals into a far deeper understanding of each other.
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++ Warrick ++

“Is hell week over yet?” Greg moans where he’s sprawled in one of the break room seats.

“Get up,” I mock him, kicking at sprawled feet. “No pain, no gain.”

“Oo-rah,” he whines back, but gamely struggles to his feet anyway. We had been hit with so much work for the last three days, that pretty much no one had even gone home to do more than check the mail and grab clean clothes. Snatches of sleep in the crib, on the seats of the Denalis, at the edges of crime scenes where we waited like extras for the director to call for us. We all look like hell and probably feel worse. Thankfully, it seems the crime spree has finally run its course, and we’re in the clean up stages.

When Gil stumbles in, we all give him our mostly undivided attention. “Greg, go help process and this will all go faster. Who’s up for a last drive?” We all groan as one entity.

“Would an extra body help?”

Startled, all of us look to the door to see Sofia standing there, slightly uncomfortable, and as tired as we feel. Instantly, Sara perks up, Cath grins wearily, and I make a decision. “I’ll go with you.”

Clearly startled, Gil nods at the new arrival. “Thank you, Sofia.”

Smiling wearily, Sofia walks over to Catherine, setting a hand on her shoulder. “I made a deal with Ecklie to cover you until this backlog is settled.”

After a quick startle, Cath’s on her feet, hugging the taller woman tightly. “I owe you, Curtis.”

“Consider it a thank you for the night out,” Sofia shrugs, clearly fighting embarrassment, and I chuckle. Sara can’t even look over, slouched in her seat, staring at her shoes.

“C’mon partner,” I laugh and stride out. Sofia’s at my side after a few paces, matching my long stride. “That was a nice gesture.”

She shrugs. “I know this tune. I’ve played it. Working together will get everyone home faster.”

“And you got to see Sara again.”

++ Sofia ++

Damn him! Completely caught off guard, I stop in the middle of the hall, and Warrick pauses to shoot me a grin and wave me forward. “Relax,” he smiles in a low, conversational tone, calling no attention to the two of us as we head to collect supplies and a vehicle. “She misses you too.”

In the car, I pause, hands on the wheel, staring sightlessly at my tense knuckles. “You mean it?”

Halfway into his seatbelt, Warrick pauses and grins again. “Sure. I wouldn’t kid about dark and serious. Besides, Catherine owes me dinner now.”

Starting up the big SUV, I can’t help but chuckle, “you two were wagering when I’d be back?”

“Hell yeah! The bet’s been holding for days, as we kept working and working. Obviously, if we were this busy, so were you.”

Flashbacking to all the violence and death I’ve tried to piece together over the last few days, I only groan. In the glaring sunlight, I speak again. “I’d’ve been here days ago.”

“Yep. That’s what Cath was banking on. Due to everyone in Las Vegas going insane, I get to collect, because three days is closer to what I’d guessed.”

“Devious, Brown. Devious.”

Thankfully, the crime scene is only a half-hour away and we scour the backyard and house where the break-in occurred. My long nap is a distant memory now, and even the homeowners seem concerned at how tired we appear. After a couple hours of the usual photos and trace evidence collecting, we check out with the police on scene, one of whom gives me a funny look, and head back. Back at base, Gil trots up, looking harried. “Warrick, can you see if you can get Sara to go home? She won’t listen to reason.”

Raising an eyebrow, Warrick grins and waves me to go ahead. I tune out the explanation he’s giving Gil, and go hunting for the singular woman who’s been on my mind since I’d kissed her all those days ago. Working with night shift as long as I did, I learned where everybody’s favorite places to work are. Sara doesn’t disappoint, and I lounge in the door to just watch her for a moment.

++ Sara ++

Long days always put me in a zone where I have to ignore the physical tiredness, and pour my resources into the mental. Every detail must be catalogued and calculated. Justice depends on it. If I slow down long enough to acknowledge my exhaustion, I’ll crash like a junkie.

It might be too late, because that sensation of caressing eyes feels all too real. In the brief moments between work, I’ve thought of little else but Sofia, trying to figure out my feelings and the way my body sings to her tune, even burning with the need to sleep.

The memories are heating me up, chasing off the cold fatigue, waking me up. Her hands and mouth on my skin, the slide of those beautiful hands in my sweat and lubrication, coming so hard that I couldn’t breathe, couldn’t think…

But how I miss her touch, her smile, the feel of that alert gaze on me.

Only… the sensations aren’t fading. It takes me an inordinately long time to realize that my clues aren’t adding up and I finally pull my head up and look away from the work on the table.

All of it’s forgotten when I meet those burning blue-grey eyes.

Every muscle cries out at the connection, the need for her, my lungs and heart falter. Time feels like it’s stopped here, the sounds of the labs fading away. In slow-motion, she walks the few steps to me, hips swaying in that classic, arrogant walk so characteristic of her. Close enough that her thighs brush my knees, she halts, tense and intense with expectation.

“Come home with me,” she whispers so quietly, voice straining. “Please. Or take me to your place, I don’t care. I need you.”

It’s the best argument anyone’s ever used to get me out of the labs, and I scramble to box up the evidence I’ve been pouring over and scramble for my things. “I’m driving,” I tell her with steel in my voice. “My place is closer.”

Neither of us makes a sound the entire drive, eyes fixed ahead, bodies and minds nervous and needy. Do I mean anything to her? Does she mean anything to me? Is there something more than hormones here? Once more, we’re silent and avoiding one another’s gaze during the walk to my apartment, and I fumble with the lock until the door swings open.

Inside, the deadbolt rasps home again, and I suddenly find myself incapable of turning around. Our breathing is loud in the mid-afternoon quiet. It takes some effort, but I turn around, and force my gaze to raise up and meet hers.

++ Sofia ++

So expressive, so fierce and vulnerable. How could I not be enraptured of her? Swallowing the fear and need in her eyes, stark on her face, Sara pushes away from the support of the door and wraps her arms around me. Both of us sigh shakily and cling tight. “Feels good,” I whisper softly, squeezing her slender body until she squeaks and giggles.

“Hungry?” Sara asks as she kisses my cheek and steps away to head for the fridge.

“A little.”

We share a silent meal of vegetarian sandwiches and little tubs of yogurt and cups of coffee that has probably been in her machine since the three days of hell started. Yawning until my eyes water and jaw aches, I toss the debris in the trash like a basketball player, earning a laugh. Since we seem to be at ease now, and she seems to like my arrogance, I sashay from the kitchen and head towards the bed and bathroom.

“Where are you going?” She chuckles, but stops when I skin off my shirt, tossing in negligently onto the couch. Knowing I have her attention now, I also pull away the bra, stand there half naked and watch her watch me.

“Shower. Come with me.”

There’s only a second’s hesitation before she heads towards me and I walk away smugly. It only lasts a moment, as she grabs my hips, spinning me to be kissed ferociously. Even as I groan happily, her hands make me squirm in delight. It says something to me that I don’t even react when she tugs sharply on my sidearm and leans away to tease, “relax and stay awhile, willya, detective?”

With no kids in the house and Sara knowing how to handle a gun, I have no problem laying the pistol on the bedstand and we both strip. Giggling like teenagers, we kiss and caress while the water warms. The experience of cuddling Sara beneath the spray of the Colorado River’s clear water is something entirely different than anything I’ve done before. She feels different, with the water slicking her skin, the taste of water between us as we kiss lingeringly, the weight of her wet hair in my hands. Having washed at the precinct relatively recently, I forgo washing my hair, leaving her to do that, and dry off before heading for her bed.

The shift of mattress wakes me from a doze, looking around sharply for a moment before looking at my smiling companion. “Remind me to thank Catherine again for dragging us out for some recreation,” Sara grins shyly and I chuckle and pull her down so that I can spoon against her slightly smaller frame.

It’s bliss.

++ Sara ++

At some point, my bladder’s urgent warnings finally drag me from sleep and I run for the toilet. Feeling much better, I realize the apartment is dark and only the moon and the city lights shine through the windows.

Sofia is breathtaking, sprawled loosely on my dark sheets, the same ones where we and Catherine had started this carnal dance. Unselfconscious of her nudity, golden in the filtered light, Sofia is a beautiful tease, and I feel much better with quite a few hours of sleep. Hmmm… How to wake her? The dark blonde curls at her groin catch the light, throwing interesting shadows on her skin, hinting at the treasure within. Do I dare?

There’s not much of a reaction as I kneel between her splayed feet and touch her shin, running my hands over the firm warmth of her skin in the cool room. During my time getting her know her as a lover, there was never any time for leisure, of just getting to know her. Not that I’m complaining about the sweaty sex, but my feelings are getting caught up in this woman and I really want to get to know her in all ways.

Like a blind woman, I run my hands over her fine legs, enjoying watching her body begin to react, her voice making all kinds of quiet, encouraging sounds. In time, I’m kneeling there, at the shrine of her sex, laying myself out on the sheets like a penitent.

Sure, I’ve never done this, but how hard can it be? Nuzzling at the gold curls, I use thumbs to peel back her labia and admire as best I can in the bad light. There’s a slightly more coherent sound and I can feel that she’s waking. Now or never, Sidle.

Warm and silky soft, whatever I’d been expecting to find in oral sex with another woman, this is even better. Abruptly, she jerks, hands in my hair, a startled and aroused note carried on her deep voice. “Jeeez… us… Sara!” Guess I’m doing something right, nuzzling and suckling, I keep at her clit, swiping lips and tongue around the vicinity a few times. Sofia’s hips are rocking now, and I have to move my hands to wrap both arms around the thighs she’s raised around my ears. Aside from suffocation concerns and the possibility of her straining my neck, this works. So I increase the suction, dying to know if I can get her off. “There,” she gasps, as my mouth hits a soft spot just under her hard clit, and I get the hint, pulling firmly, tickling with tongue.

It works! Grunting and gasping my name, Sofia convulses and I’m treated to the singular pleasure of a woman’s orgasm this close up and intimate. She’s rough with the handfuls of my hair, her thighs are squeezing me half-deaf and I love every second of it. Gentle now, I mouth her softly as the tremors ease, tasting the change of fluids her body produces. As she softens with a moan, I can escape her clutches, climbing her body, cupping my hand around her groin to stave off the cool.

“That’s my kind of detective work,” I smirk and she laughs breathlessly.

“Nice ambush, Sidle. Give me a minute and I’ll return the favor.”

“No rush,” I purr, horny as hell, but really liking her all relaxed and sweaty like this.

++ Sofia ++

Hot damn, but that was a pleasant surprise, clearing the cobwebs from so much sleep after so little, and both elevating and alleviating my need. Still winded and panting, feeling the pulse of orgasm shuddering from the inside out, I watch her watch me. Feeling vulnerable, I force myself to lie still, soak up the pleasure she’s given me and the look on her face. Raw and hungry, she stares at me like prey, but the softer emotions hovering in her expression makes me pause and remain passive for the moment.

“Been thinking about you,” she muses to herself, tracing my face and I feel cherished. “You’ve gotten under my skin.”

“You too,” I finally have to speak and she smiles with shy pleasure. “Want to show you that you’re coming to mean something to me.” It’s the words and the press of my mouth to her wandering fingertips, licking at her palm that seems to convince her. “It’s more than sex,” I add fervently and the startled look confirms that I’ve hit a nerve. “You’re smart and fun and a good companion,” babbles idiotically from somewhere I can’t seem to shut up. “I really like your company, and I think you’re beautiful and sexy. The last three days have sucked, not being near you, wanting to, maybe worried I was being an idiot, but the look in your eyes…”

One finger laid on my mouth finally halts the torrent of words, leaving me weirded out and confused. “Never would have pinned you as a babbler, Sofia,” Sara smiles softly. “I really like your company too. And I love your sense of humor, and that you’re a pain in the ass sometimes. I like your trust, and that I think we’ve earned it from each other.” A pause and I wonder if she’s remembering the same conversation that I am, when I tried so long ago to reach out to her. Did it lead here? Do we go back that far? “You’ve earned mine. My trust I mean. I dunno what we are or what we’ll be, but…”

Before she can say anything further, I tug her down, capturing her mouth, kissing her with everything I have in me. One kiss turns into several, her body twitching anxiously against me, pressing down with more strength than anyone would expect in her lanky frame. So, I raise up one thigh to feel how wet she is, and press up at her to capture sweet little nipples and worry them. Huffing in pleasurable stress, Sara’s rocking on my thigh, pressing her wet pussy against the muscles, hands clenched into the sheets at my shoulders, fused to me, mouth to mouth. Stroking and kneading her smaller breasts, I growl softly in encouragement.

“So beautiful,” I whisper as her head jerks back, a strangled cry in time to the twitching of her body. This gives me a chance to skim my hands down her torso, scratching lightly at her tense abdomen. Combing through dark hairs, tugging lightly, I encourage her along as her hips grow frantic. “C’mon baby, c’mon.”

It takes a little more effort on both our part, and my hands pulling the outer lips of her sex apart as best I can without causing pain, but she finally hits the right pitch, crying out in that pitiful tone that could almost be mistaken for not liking what’s happening to her. Every muscle is taut, she shakes against me, completely into the experience. Bringing her to this place makes me feel powerful and humble.

As Sara starts to slow-motion collapse, I divert her weight, letting the bed cradle her, so that I can cuddle her face to face. First though, I’m curious about something and want to set up another round of lovemaking. So I reach down and ignore her jump and startled squeak as I bury two fingers into her softness. “Sof…”

“I know,” I commiserate with the desperate whisper. “Too sensitive. I just want to taste.” Giving her clit a friendly tweak to make her jump, I bring the wet fingers up between our eyes. Deep, dark and dilated with emotions ranging from shock to lust, I hold those expressive eyes and pull the fingers into my mouth. Humming happily at the unfamiliar taste, I watch Sara’s expression change. Then I kiss her, hard, like I want to take a bite out of her. “I’ll get a better taste later.”

“Good god, woman,” Sara breathes. “You sure you’ve never been with another woman before?”

++ Sara ++

Does every girl who falls into the sack with another girl feel this way? Probably not, or there would be a lot of disappointed men out there. “Nothing,” I reassure Sofia after my stifled giggle and her expression goes vulnerable again. “My brain is being silly. Come here.” The sultry request works, and we kiss leisurely, relaxing into our chemistry. Hands wander, feeling more detail about bodies and textures that are similar and different.

By the time we’re worked up enough to go again, I’m dying of curiosity about what her mouth will do to me and roll over on my back eagerly. Pubes roughly scratching together is almost good enough, but I still hope she’ll go down on me, show me how she felt earlier. “Please Sof,” I groan and beg, writhing beneath her in encouragement.

“Patience,” she chuckles, suckling at my throat and collarbones, one hand roving over belly and chest.

“Screw patience,” I growl and she laughs out loud, nipping at the curve of my left breast to make me yelp and then grabbing the hard nipple in her mouth to make me groan again. Thankfully, she laves a little bit of attention on my tits and starts working her way down again, leaving me to pant in anticipation, grabbing a pillow to shove under my head.

I’ve never been much for one to got all crazy for sex, I could take it or leave it. Even my several drunken college experiments with other girls never made me feel like this. Watching this attractive woman pour such attention over my skin, eyes closed, eyebrows furrowed in concentration… it was a heady as the sex.

To prove that she’s got me hot and bothered, I reach down as she settles between my legs, peeling myself open for her, tilting my hips up, knees towards the ceiling. “Please, Sofia, please,”

“Yes,” she hisses, and I feel the brush of her cheeks on my hands, the press of that wily tongue over the hot pulse of need in my groin. It’s not easy to watch, my eyes are blurry with tears and keep wanting to close, but I try to watch as best I can. Humming contentedly, the vibrations making me howl, Sofia moves over all the wet, secretive places, licking and suckling. As good as my clit feels in her mouth, when she tongues the hard shaft beneath its fleshy sheath, I nearly climb out of my skin.

“Oh my god,” I squeak and she pauses to prop herself on her elbows, fingers trailing teasingly over my exposed pussy.

“Liked that?”

“Never felt anything like it,” I tell her honestly and she looks startled, then relieved with a side of smug. Works for me, as she goes back to what she was doing, laving that spot irregularly as I start to curse and beg incoherently.

“You’re close,” she whispers, and she’s right. My body’s tense, my respiration is wild and my heart is pounding. Dizzy white light spins my neurons, and my whole mind’s centered where we touch.

“Inside,” I beg. “Need something to grab, gods, please Sofia!”

That’s all it takes, her fingers sliding in deep, wicked mouth on that hotspot, her other hand anchored at my hip. Ears ringing like white noise, blind and deaf in the vacuum of this singular experience, an eternity passes.

++ Sofia ++

It was everything I expected and more. Feeling like a bad romance novel, I nuzzle at Sara until she pushes my face away, sinuously coiling her body around to kiss me ravagingly. “Hot damn,” she chuckles weakly. “That was amazing. You’re a natural. Cat’s gonna be jealous.”

We laugh, and cuddle and love each other again, face to face, caught in the other’s expression, I think it’s more intimate than having my tongue in her pussy. Then my stomach snarls alarmingly, setting off a whole new chain of laughter, Sara’s stomach echoing the sentiment.

“Shower,” Sara finally gets me out of bed with that promise and we soap each other down, shampoo and condition manes light and dark. It’s my turn to ambush, holding her against the tiles, fingers driving gently between her legs, kissing her fiercely. With promises of revenge, she lets me get out of the spray first and we spend far too much time patting each other with towels, kisses more entertaining than being dry.

Underwear in hand, Sara stops me. “Wait, I have a better idea.” Now I’m curious, and then thrilled as she pulls the leather pants from a hanger. “Wear them for me?”

“Don’t have to ask me twice,” I leer and pull the heavy, soft material over my legs and hips. “Have I told you I love these things?”

“The hedonistic look on your face is a dead giveaway,” Sara deadpans and I restrain the urge to jump on her again, settling for a incendiary look that makes her expression go stark and hungry.

“Ah, ah,” I mock. “Food first.”

Grumbling good-naturedly, Sara turns away to get dressed, while I go in search of my shirt and bra. Sara comes out of the bedroom, looking happy and well-fucked. “You like Thai? There’s a great place a few miles away that’s still open.”

“Sure,” I reply, intrigued by the casual ease that she displays as she hands me my holstered gun, and starts buttoning my shirt while I get the pistol situated in the small of my back.

“Got your badge and stuff, honey?” she teases and I’m shocked by how much I like this, hauling her close again to be kissed.

“I like this,” I murmur against her mouth, feeling the smile.

“Me too.”

The End?