Title: The Wrong Girl For the Right Reasons: Chapter 11 - Epilog
Author: Shatterpath
Feedback address: shatterpath@shatterstorm.net
Date in Calendar: 25 December 2016
Fandom: Supergirl
Pairing: Alex Danvers and Lena Luthor. Because sometimes ya just gotta go with a rarepair!
Rating: PG thru R
Word Count: 2692 & counting
Fic Summary: Lena's unexpected friendship with Kara led to also getting Alex, of course. Only, it turns out that Alex and Lena can be something unique for the other as they get to know themselves and one another.
Chapter Summary: When they headed out again, neither commented at how tightly Lena clung to Alex's strong frame. Nor how much Alex liked it.
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Note: So, the previous chapter ended up beefier than expected and we come to the final installment of this unexpected epic. I had a FANTASTIC time writing this, exploring these fascinating characters and watching how this completely unexpected relationship played out. I find Alex and Lena incredibly well matched in wits and quirks, particularly after so many words. (so… many… words…) There are more ideas rattling around my head, not the least of which will be how Kara and Maggie react to this new development. Can everyone still be friends? Would Lena ever feel comfortable enough to visiting the dive bar? How will this new relationship affect what happens with Cadmus? Will Lena and/or Alex scandalize J'onn?

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Beta: None, I'm afraid. Betas are like finding diamonds in the rough these days.

Humming contentedly to herself, Alex strode out jauntily to her neglected Ducati. Glad she had asked the staff for a cheap bar towel she could filch, she set about running the damp cotton over the fuel tank and seat. The salty scum of two days in the sea air wicked away and Alex made a mental note to give the machine a thorough bath when she got home.

"I take it no one messed with your baby, since you're not on the warpath?" Lena laughed as she strode through the clingy fog with a swish in her step that Alex openly admired. Oh what a difference a sexy weekend away made.

"Stick around long enough, Luthor, and I'm sure you'll see the reappearance of Special Agent Danvers."

Leaning back negligently against the bike, Alex enjoyed that carnal curiosity making those green eyes pale. Running a suggestive finger over Alex's crossed arms, Lena pulled out the lip bite and the bedroom eyes.

"I look forward to that. And not held at gunpoint this time?"

Playing up being exasperated, Alex waved her arms and ranted over the delighted giggling. "You missed the whole brawl before that!"

Completely amused and charmed by the display, Lena draped her arms around Alex's waist and snuggled in for a long moment. "And it's a shame too. I'd have liked to have seen that."

"Thanks for the save, by the way," Alex said quietly, wrapping her long arms around her lover. "Just in case I never said it. Supergirl might have outraced his firing, but I'm grateful to not to have bet my life on it."

"My pleasure."

Long moments dragged on while they hugged in the relative privacy of the foggy parking lot.

"Is it wrong that part of me just wants to stay here?" Lena said quietly, soaking up the soft throb of Alex's heartbeat near her ear. The gentle huff of melancholy amusement was warm against her scalp.

"Nope. I'm right there with you. Just… being, has been really damn nice."

The quiet between them was an easy thing, the ocean rumbling harmony nearby, but eventually Lena sighed and rubbed her nose into Alex's neck. "No rest for the wicked, I suppose."

Alex didn't miss the note of resignation to the statement and leaned back so that she could crook a finger under Lena's chin. It took a moment for the restless green eyes to settle and there was no mistaking the vulnerability there.

"Next time someone gets on your ass about being a Luthor, remember being this for me," she said with quiet intensity and pressed a sweet, lingering kiss between Lena's brows. "Because I sure as hell won't forget."

Neither of them commented on the tears that wet the corners of Lena's eyes or the way she roughly cleared her throat before nodding jerkily. To give her a moment to gather her wits, Alex doled out a crushing hug that earned her an undignified squeak before stepping away and swatting Lena hard across the ass.

"Up ya go, hot stuff! Time to move out."

Grateful for the shift in energy, Lena obeyed, clambering up onto the high passenger seat and putting her helmet on when Alex handed it over. Quickly taking her place, Alex started up the powerful engine and grinned when Lena wrapped herself around her tightly. The return trip would be more like a very long hug, which was fine with them.

With fond regret, the lovers left the resort behind and headed home. The fog clung tenaciously all the way, so they took the drive in one big bite until they found themselves back in Ventura. Needing a break and something to take off the chilly bite of the drive, Alex pulled into the first donut shop she spotted. Eagerly putting down the kickstand, she leaned back into her companion, catching her in the midst of a stretch.

"Thirty-ish miles shouldn't be that exhausting," Alex sighed and smiled when Lena patted her helmet kindly.

"With this fog, we might as well take the highway home."

"Agreed. But first, coffee and donuts!"

The break was a welcome one even as it reminded them that the idyllic weekend was indeed, drawing to a close. They talked and laughed over coffee and pastries, feet intertwined under the small table in a secretive embrace.

When they headed out again, neither commented at how tightly Lena clung to Alex's strong frame. Nor how much Alex liked it.


The Ducati roared towards the interior, easily fitting in with the Sunday traffic and exceeding it when possible. The speed was exhilarating, but the cluster of tall skyscrapers that marked the heart of National City rose up too quickly, marking the end of their trip. Soon, they fell into the canyons of glass and concrete, caught up in the slower pulse of traveling surface streets with all of the cross streets and traffic lights and pedestrians.

"Tiger?" Lena finally piped up at a red light. "Could you just take me to my building? There's really nothing for me to do at home and I might as well use the rest of the day for something productive."

It sounded lonely but Alex understood all too well. Nodding silently, she mentally adjusted her inner map. In too-short minutes, the L-Corp building loomed gargantuan and a few hand gestures had the bike rumbling loudly through the parking structure housed within it.

And then they were at the drop-off loop where a very bored security guard snapped to alertness and bustled over, shocked to see his boss under the running-flame helmet. He hustled off to clear the bike to leave the garage, giving the women a bit of comparative privacy.

Neither had anticipated that it would be hard to say goodbye.

They dismounted quietly and Alex pulled Lena's things from her saddlebags to hand off and they were at that moment of awkward goodbye.

Neither was certain who twitched first, but they fell into a hard hug.

"Thank you," Alex murmured softly into Lena's hair and was hugged even harder.

"Oh, you sweet thing, you were a joy to be with."

Pushing away from the embrace before she did something ridiculous like cry, Lena started to walk away, startled when Alex called after her.

"Lee, wait!"

It was insanity, but never let it be said that Alex Danvers had the best impulse control. Trotting after her lover, she smiled, shy and lopsided.

"Could we do this again? I mean, see each other? I like you and you're fun and not just the sexy stuff."

That self-castigating, wry look was still a potent charm and Lena marveled at the warm feeling that spread through her. "Are you asking me out, Tiger?"

It was said too quietly to be mocking, a distinct edge of vulnerability that Alex was starting to catch more and more glimpses of. Stepping in just at the edge of personal space, well aware of eyes too close, Alex nodded, her voice pitched low and intimate.

"Yeah, I guess I am."

And again, Lena was floored by the easy acceptance of these Danvers women. Really, how did she deserve them? Her smile was bright and luminous with a joy she had never anticipated.

"I'd… really like that."

Alex grinned back, proud of herself for being confident enough to ask, and pleased with the yes. "Excellent. I'll give you a call in a few days. So you can get settled back into the rat race."

For a moment, they merely grinned like idiots, before Lena lunged in for a suffocating, full-bodied hug, clonking her helmet against Alex's back. "Thank you, for everything. I look forward to your call."

Alex happily returned the clutch, but let her go when she eased away. There was something deeper being said when Lena pressed her helmet into Alex's hands.

"Keep this for me? Until we can ride again?"

"My pleasure."

Again, Lena strode away, though she turned to walk backwards, calling out in a teasing tone. "And Tiger? You have carte blanche to tell your sister whatever you need to."

Alex laughed and groaned at the same time, calling out as the elevator doors began sliding closed on Lena's smile.


Their separated laughter warmed them both.