Title: The Wrong Girl For the Right Reasons: Chapter 10
Author: Shatterpath
Feedback address: shatterpath@shatterstorm.net
Date in Calendar: 25 December 2016
Fandom: Supergirl
Pairing: Alex Danvers and Lena Luthor. Because sometimes ya just gotta go with a rarepair!
Rating: PG thru R
Word Count: 2692 & counting
Fic Summary: Lena's unexpected friendship with Kara led to also getting Alex, of course. Only, it turns out that Alex and Lena can be something unique for the other as they get to know themselves and one another.
Chapter Summary: For a moment, both were confused, clearly missing a key component to the conversation. Then Alex realized that a key piece of information just might have been missing. She smiled a warm, welcoming smile that made those dark eyes twinkle in the lamplight. There was something there that Lena found herself desperately craving. No one had ever adored her like that, not even Lex, her childhood hero turned nightmare. That the warmth was not hers to have didn't ease the ache of wanting it.
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Note: There's a lot of dialog in this chapter as I felt there were things that needed to be covered. Because of that, we have a bonus eleventh chapter for Boxing Day! The awkward conversation here at the beginning was written weeks ago and I've been waiting to splice it in at the right point. I get these lines of dialog, or even whole blocks of it, and do my best to get it typed out quickly, only later adding action and making small changes.

Their banter has been a pure joy to write.

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The trill of her phone cut through to Alex's consciousness, no matter how deeply asleep she might be. Too many years of emergencies, of lives relying on her. Flailing out a hand, Alex grabbed the conveniently placed device before it vibrated itself right off the bedside table.

"Mmmff, 'lo?"

Her incoherent mumble was answered with the sweet tones of her beloved sister. "Hi! You sound terrible."

"Was takin' a nap."

"Are you up now? Do you want some company? I'm booooooooored!"

The familiar hyperactivity made Alex smile the way only Kara's high spirits could. Then, the last couple of days came rushing back, the memories reinforced by the press of Lena's softness, somnolent against her.

"I… uh… no, I went for a ride and I'm not really near town," she managed to stammer out as her worlds collided.

"Really? I could join you."

Santa Barbara might be a long drive on an earthbound vehicle, but Kara could cover it in minutes. The blast of alarm that jolted down Alex's body woke Lena with a low, sleepy note that doubtlessly carried to the phone's excellent mic and Kara's inhumanly sensitive ears.

"No!" Alex barked, hoping her voice covered that sensual noise. "I…"

"Do you have company?"

The hushed near-reverence mixed with a touch of scandal in Kara's voice would have normally cracked Alex up. Words eluded her utterly as a sleepy-eyed Lena nosed into her chest with a throaty chuckle.

"You do!" Kara squealed excitedly. "That's awesome! You better tell me everything! Well, not everything, 'cause eww. Is she nice? Is…"

Alex completely lost the thread of her sister's voice in her ear as Lena slithered up her body, pressing kisses as she went. With a quick kiss and a teasing lick at the tip of Alex's nose, she slid from the bed and sashayed off to the ensuite. Caught up in the show, Alex took a moment to remember the phone in her hand, gone suspiciously silent.

"Kara?" Later, she'd be embarrassed at how her voice cracked. "I promise I'm okay, k? And I'll be home tomorrow and I'll call you then."

"Okay, take care of yourself." There was no missing that Kara's voice was subdued now, almost hesitant, but the adoration still shone through.

"I will. Love you," Alex told with absolute sincerity and absorbed the parting words that always warmed her soul.

"Love you too."

After habitually checking for any messages or missed calls, Alex keyed the device off and set it back on the table before groaning pitifully and grinding the heels of her hands into her eyes. She blindly tracked the small sounds of Lena approaching, both hoping and freaking out all over again that… that Lena would do just that.

Seriously, that tickle of long hair over her torso was like liquid fire in her veins. It was sensual and addictive and made her whimper shamelessly. "A bit of contrasting stimulation, lover?"

The gentle tease earned a rude noise and they giggled together.

"Look, I love Kara to the moon and back, but this is a really weird place and time for her to be butting in, as it were," Alex groused, but her voice was laced with amusement too. "Though I suppose a perfect time and place for one sibling to traumatize the other."

The sheer adoration in her voice never got old, even as it caused a melancholic ache in Lena's soul. How she envied them…

"It's amazing, even inspirational, how much you two adore one another."

Alex didn't miss the thread of hurt in Lena's soft tone, but she also didn't call the other woman out on it. She knew the story as much as anyone did, and she clearly remembered Kara talking sadly about Lena's admission of being devastated by Lex's spiral into madness. No one could ever take that hurt away, not even Lex himself, but the Danvers had always been blessed-- sometimes cursed-- with big hearts and they would sure as hell try.

Gently stroking her hand up and down Lena's arm where she was seated beside her prone body, Alex searched for words. "She was, is, the best friend and even soulmate I never expected and can't see myself without."

The puzzled head tilt wasn't the reaction she had been expecting. "But you're fairly close in age?"

For a moment, both were confused, clearly missing a key component to the conversation. Then Alex realized that she might know what it was and smiled a warm, welcoming smile that made those dark eyes twinkle in the lamplight. There was something there that Lena found herself desperately craving. No one had ever adored her like that, not even Lex, her childhood hero turned nightmare. That the warmth was not hers to have didn't ease the ache of wanting it.

"Lee, Kara is adopted. We didn't even meet until we were both teenagers."

That tidbit of information took Lena completely by surprise and dark brows knitted in consternation. "Oh. She never brought that up."

There was no mistaking the note of hurt in the deep voice and Alex hooked her hand around the back of Lena's neck to drag her down to sprawl atop her. Her body could be a haven of a different sort now, her welcoming warmth and the sweet kisses to forehead and temples a balm to a soul damaged in ways she couldn't even fully comprehend. There was barely a moment of stiff resistance before Lena melted into her, desperate for the comfort offered. Callused hands ran up and down her back and arm, encouraging the boneless sprawl.

"I'll hazard an educated guess-- and no one knows Kara as well as I do-- that she didn't want to seem like she was trying to detract from your own story." Alex's voice was gentle, a vibration beneath Lena's ear as well as in the still air of the suite by the sea. "She's modest like that. And, yes, she told me that you told her that you were adopted at a young age."

For a moment, Lena wanted to hold onto her hurt that Kara had never shared being adopted as well. But, she trusted the Danvers duo and she let Alex's words soothe her. When the small tension eased, Alex smiled and hugged harder.

"We took her in through a former coworker of my folks and I was thrilled to have a sister at last. It was rough sometimes because we were so different, but it didn't matter. And she was there when my father died not a year after she joined us, held me together until I could do it myself. She'd already lost one family and then my dad too. Those were tough times, but she's extraordinary and we made it through."

Memories of her own father pressed in on Lena, how he had always been encouraging and even loving in his own cool, aloof way. At least in Lionel's eyes she had been as valuable as Lex, as smart, as capable.

"And your mom?" she asked tentatively, hardly believing she was intruding so. Alex's tender caresses never stopped, hypnotically trailing over Lena's skin.

"We weren't okay for a long time. She'd had to pour so much energy into Kara, and then Dad was gone… I felt left behind, not good enough. But we've gotten closer lately, aired out a lot of things."

Nodding against Alex's chest, Lena let difficult memories roll through her, soaked up the undemanding quiet and the heat of their bare skins. After a time, Alex breathed in deeply, her body stirring as though shaking off falling asleep again. Lena was shocked to hear her own voice speak up.

"You're not wrong that I have a crush on your sister."

Alex sounded startled and perhaps just the tiniest bit defensive. "I didn't say--"

Propping herself onto her elbows, Lena sighed and studied her lover's face. "You didn't have to, Tiger. Apparently I can be cool and mysterious and aloof until you Danvers sisters get involved. The both of you are just too charming. Sorry that if that makes things a little… weird."

Alex surprised them both when she chuckled lightly. If Lena only knew the whole story of the Danvers clan, she'd see that this particular weird was a drop in the bucket.

"Though I suspect that's not going anywhere, and not just because of this."

A gesture at their tangled bodies turned Alex's grin wicked and Lena squawked when she was abruptly rolled and pinned beneath Alex's greater strength.

"We're notoriously clueless at times. Keep that in mind. And with the current information, I'd say you were barking up the wrong tree. 'Course, I would have said the same thing about myself until just a few weeks ago, so…"

Cupping Lena's skull in strong hands, Alex studied the now-familiar eyes, a palette of neutrals and pale earth tones mixed with the strong green that could shade gray and even blue sometimes. The moment was a heavy, silent one until Lena pet back the waves of disheveled hair and gave a light tug. The awkwardness of the moment bled away as the kisses went from tender to hungry.

"So, I have a few hypothetical skills that I'd like try out while I have you at my mercy."

Lena enjoyed the brush of Alex's words against her lips as much as she enjoyed the kisses.

"Sweet talker. Please feel free to apply the scientific method to your heart's content."

"Smartass," Alex murmured as she began wandering afield, getting to know the terrain of her lover's throat and clavicles better. "Keep that up and you'll make lab work hell."

Lena's amusement was a warm rumble in her body that Alex searched out the origins of, though she was distracted by the easy targets of sweetly blushing nipples that hardened further under her lips and tongue. She remembered that Lena has asked for gentleness and did so, soaking up the murmurs of delight and encouragement. When the urge to bite at them suddenly rose up, she moved on to mouth her way down Lena's middle, tracing the softness, the tickle of whisper-fine little hairs erect in excitement. Really, how could she have been so oblivious of wanting this?

Not unexpectedly, Alex traced the tip of her tongue around Lena's navel, again relishing that hiss of sensual reaction, but she surprised her lover by continuing downward.

"Ambitious," Lena complimented and stroked a thumb over Alex's cheekbone when she looked up questioningly. "Go for it, Tiger. You sure as hell have been amazing so far."

So Alex shoved aside doubt and let hormones and curiosity carry her through settling her body between Lena's raised knees and nuzzling at the nearly trimmed hairs, dark as night. Closing her eyes to eliminate the distraction, she soaked up the sounds they made together, the savory scents of arousal, the tickle of wiry hairs and the promise of wet hidden beneath.

She tasted of the sea somehow, of hot summer days turning the water heavy and organic, the flavor and smell more than just water and salt and sun. The thick lubrication was as strong and visceral as blood in the mouth, sans the copper-iron tang of platelets.

Purposefully not using words, Lena sank into the pleasure of the curious caresses, rubbed encouraging fingers deep into Alex's hair and let her do what she would. The attention was good, a slow, sensual pressure building in her guts, focused on that avid mouth, but something was holding Lena back. Tugging at the red strands, she spoke gently. "C'mere, Tiger."

Confused and a little tentative, Alex did as asked, crawling back up Lena's body to settle against her, and soak up sweet kisses to her face. "Did I do something wrong?"

"Not at all, baby. I think I'm just a little distracted and tired and--" right on cue her belly grumbled and Lena sighed even as Alex's face tightened in pure amusement. "And yes, hungry."

"Is this going to become a thing?"

"Clearly I'm burning through calories faster than I'm used to at my boring desk job," Lena snarked back and made a needy sound as Alex shifted sweetly against her.

"Well, I'm happy to provide the workout."


Amused with themselves, the lovers cuddled for long moments, in reassurance as much as affection.

"Think you can manage a walk across the resort to actually go among our fellow people and have a proper dinner? Then we can come back here and see how the night goes?" Alex asked and Lena hugged her with a chuckle.

"That sounds lovely. A fine sendoff for our last night here."

With that, they dressed and headed out, hand in hand, pleased with the thrum of promise between them.