Title: The Things I Couldn’t See
Author: Rainbow Riddler
Feedback address: poisonpenpa@gmail.com
Date in Calendar: 25 Dceember 2016
Fandom: Agent Carter
Pairing: Peggy Carter and Angie Martinelli
Rating: General Audiences
Word Count: 514
Summary: Peggy finds herself attending the wedding of Angie’s cousin even though she said, “No.”
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More and more often, Peggy found herself caught up in situations she would typically avoid. And for the life of her, she just couldn’t figure out how she kept letting herself get tangled up in these things.

Well… she had an inkling.

Because although she’d initially said, “No," when the invitation had arrived with the post—and very definitively, if she remembered correctly—she somehow ended up attending Angie’s cousin’s wedding.

In all honesty, Peggy couldn’t remember changing her decision—in fact, she was sure she hadn’t.

What she did remember was being roped into shopping for a wedding gift with Angie (“Do you think they’ll need a mixer," her friend had asked very seriously, studying the display model with a critical eye.).

She did remember Angie chirping a reminder at her every day the week before the wedding (“And make sure you take the day off," she’d instructed. “Those boys can fend for themselves for a day.").

And she did remember Angie scurrying into her bedroom that morning, wanting help with the zipper of her dress, and gasping in horror (“Peg!" she’d squawked. “You can’t wear red to my cousin’s wedding! Are you nuts?").

Thinking about it all, Peggy wasn’t surprised to find herself sliding respectfully into a pew beside Angie, though she did make a mental note to be more aware of her wiles.

After waiting for what seemed an eternity—and Peggy coming to find out that the time marked on the invitation was an hour before the actual ceremony in anticipation of nearly every attendee being late—the wedding party finally made their march down the aisles. And when Gianna (Angie’s cousin) finally reached the altar where her groom waited, Peggy couldn’t help but admire the scene laid out before the congregation. Bride and groom, bathed in the soft light of the cathedral, with flowering arrangements hanging from the pillars, and the occasional dappling of color that landed on them and on the blooms from the stained-glass windows.

“She certainly makes a lovely bride," she whispered to Angie in quiet awe.

The ceremony was lovely, if a touch long—really, Catholics seemed to have a Mass for everything—and shortly after the, “I do’s," they were all instructed to reconvene at the family estate just outside the city limits.

Gianna and her new husband, Ethan, were there to greet them when they arrived at the estate and headed into the gardens—which, as Peggy suspected, was tastefully lined with string lights and draped tulle and cascading flower arrangements.

She accepted the friendly handshake Ethan offered her, stunned when he clasped her hand in both of his and winked, saying, “Good on ya, mate." Then, he nudged his head towards Angie, chatting with Gianna just beside them. “She’s a good one, her."

And though Peggy colored at the clear misunderstanding, she didn’t quite have it in her to correct him, warmed by the thought of truly belonging somewhere and with someone. So instead, she gripped his hands in the same manner he had hers, and smiled in agreeance. “Yes, she is."