Title: The Wrong Girl For the Right Reasons: Chapter 9
Author: Shatterpath
Feedback address: shatterpath@shatterstorm.net
Date in Calendar: 24 December 2016
Fandom: Supergirl
Pairing: Alex Danvers and Lena Luthor. Because sometimes ya just gotta go with a rarepair!
Rating: PG thru R
Word Count: 2692 & counting
Fic Summary: Lena's unexpected friendship with Kara led to also getting Alex, of course. Only, it turns out that Alex and Lena can be something unique for the other as they get to know themselves and one another.
Chapter Summary: Lena was struck then at the contrast of this warm, easygoing creature as compared to the vicious, alert guard dog she'd met that day she had officially renamed the family business. First, squirming in the grip of the assassin sent to kill Lena and then weeks later, wary and observant when they'd been introduced at Kara's apartment. She was truly pleased and honored to be a part of the change. Alternately standing her ground against the pull of the outgoing water and letting the waves shove her forward, Alex was quickly approaching her lover, admiring the view. The white bikini lent some color to Lena's paleness and flattered her narrow build.
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Note: (Here's more of my IM ramblings that became actual scenes!) I just got seized with a perverse image. Alex out surfing and notices that Lena has wandered down to the beach. Goes to say hi, they get a tad frisky and Alex is mean and drops them both into the water when a high wave rolls in. She's in trouble at that point since she's in a wetsuit and poor Lena is in a bikini. It's November after all and even California's waters get chilly! So she'll offer a piggyback ride back to a nice warm bath.

Their banter has been a pure joy to write.

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Beta: None, I'm afraid. Betas are like finding diamonds in the rough these days.

After wolfing down enough room service for three and a half people-- for which both were grateful as they ate-- the lovers hung around for a bit, just being close. There was a level of distraction between them and they were happy enough to separate to their own entertainments for awhile. Unsurprisingly, Alex went back to the rented board and wetsuit, stealing a last kiss before trotting off towards the shining ocean. After rinsing off and changing into her light clothes, Lena checked in with security at the L-Corp tower before wandering out to find the resort's little gym. A bit of exercise settled her back in her own skin and she then inquired what she could get done at the spa. With it being winter and the slow tourist season, they were happy to have her.

It was weird to feel a stranger's touch on her bare skin, Lena realized. The firm, clinical press of the masseuse's hands were so distinctly different than Alex's reverent caresses, no matter that both were women. After that, Lena was distracted for a whole different reason, and while the massage was top-notch, she was happy to slip away to shower when it was done. Invigorated and wound up, Lena scrubbed up in the privacy of the suite, finding it difficult to not feel herself up. She certainly could, but why not see if she could coax away her new lover away from the sea? Thankfully it was a warm enough day, despite it being November. A far cry from Metropolis to be sure!

Conditions for surfing were even crappier on day two, but Alex still didn't care. There were scattered swells here and there that would lazily carry her towards shore so that she could paddle back out and hang out in the sunshine to await the next set. Then there was a change in the water, giving Alex a thrill that was all anticipation tinged with healthy fear. With an energy that could have come from thousands of miles away, the water was suddenly piling up and Alex snapped into action to meet it.

Stepping off of the dirt path onto the beach, Lena paused as she watched the small figure that was Alex caught up by the sudden appearance of a set of large waves. Shading her eyes, she watched water and board move together before there was a decisive movement, a fishlike twist against the ocean's overwhelming power. With misleading ease, Alex swooped across the roiling mass of white water, zigzagging back and forth as she approached the beach. Wandering closer and closer, Lena watched the show of easy physicality with appreciation, momentarily alarmed when Alex rolled from the board to vanish into the white water. Moments later, the water rushed around her feet and legs in a cold shock she ignored in favor of watching Alex pop up to shake out her hair and wipe a hand down her face.

She was laughing with delight.

Lena was struck then at the contrast of this warm, easygoing creature as compared to the vicious, alert guard dog she'd met that day she had officially renamed the family business. First, squirming in the grip of the assassin sent to kill Lena and then weeks later, wary and observant when they'd been introduced at Kara's apartment. She was truly pleased and honored to be a part of the change. Alternately standing her ground against the pull of the outgoing water and letting the waves shove her forward, Alex was quickly approaching her lover, admiring the view. The white bikini lent some color to Lena's paleness and flattered her narrow build.

"That looks like fun," Lena commented with a smile and shifted to pull her feet from the sucking sand. "And you look downright pleased with yourself."

"I haven't been on a surfboard in far too long. And that was a great wave."

Close enough to touch now, Alex reached out to press her fingertips to that naked belly, grinning wolfishly at how Lena sucked in her breath. The chilly touch on that sensitive spot was a thrill, but at least the hissing water around her ankles had prepared Lena for the temperature. Though she still squeaked in a completely undignified manner when she stepped in close to drape her arms over Alex's shoulders.

"Maybe you'll have to give me a lesson some time."

That dorky, sweet grin was endearing and Lena swallowed a wince at the cold, wet press of the wetsuit against her mostly bare skin. It was worth it to be held.

"Yeah? Well, I've never given lessons before, but I bet you could persuade me."

The mix of adorably shy and boldly sexy was still appealing as hell, as was the blush that further reddened wind and sunburned cheeks. Chuckling with delight at the display, Lena leaned in for a kiss, feeling them both unbalance in the poor footing as another large wave roared onto the beach. Squealing, she went flailing into the surf, not entirely sure that Alex hadn't done it half intentionally. Bracing her hands and knees against the sand, Lena let the wave recede before regaining her feet. Nearby, Alex was wrestling with the surfboard still tethered to her ankle and grinning like a maniac. Lena squealed like an outraged child when chilly water was splashed at her, glowering as balefully as she could while looking like a drowned rat.

"You did that on purpose," she accused mildly, but did not step away as Alex slinked into her personal space with a sensual surety that shone more and more powerfully as time passed. The water might be cold but that seductive mouth was anything but. Despite the dunking and the chill, Lena had to groan at the sexy contrast of temperatures and textures, of the salty taste of the sea caught on their mouths and skins.

With playful, nibbling little kisses, Alex teased, "not entirely, though I'll have to own up to being amused by it. Sorry about that, my inner older sibling asshole needs free rein sometimes."

That earned an eyeroll and another quick kiss. "You're a brat."

"And your teeth are starting to chatter. This breeze is going to turn you into a popsicle. Come on." A step informed Lena that walking on the shifty surface would not be easy and she hissed with displeasure and pain. Instantly, Alex was all concern. "What's wrong?"

Lena made a rude noise and waved her off. "Eh, it just my ankle feels like it got a bit turned. We'll take it slow and I'll be fine."

Before friendship and then this sexy trip, Lena had met the badass Agent Danvers and been impressed. The return of that layer of personality was a hot shock, a pleasant rush of feeling protected and getting very, very turned on.

"No way, Lee. I'm strong enough to carry you back so I can check that ankle. If you're worried about your dignity, you can piggyback it."

The breeze was picking up, heralding the waves growing in size and a new bite in the temperature. "You win, let me up."

Even with the increase in waves around knees and ankles, Alex easily crouched and then straightened up once Lena had climbed onto her back. "Let's get you warmed up, pretty girl." Appreciating the wry flirtatiousness mixed into the businesslike tone, Lena leaned in to smooch Alex on the cheek and grabbed the surfboard tether to toss the lightweight thing over her own shoulder. "Home, Jeeves."

Chuckling, Alex finished awkwardly wading out of the sucking surf and sand and started up the slope towards the resort. "It really was mostly not on purpose."

That made Lena laugh quietly. "Mostly, huh? Well, I certainly like your brand of older sibling assholery better than my own."

Both of them paused a long moment, contemplating if Lena had gone too far with that one. Shrugging, Alex started walking again, her voice taking on the snappy patter of a sports announcer. "An excellent use of gallows humor there, Bob. The judges are scoring… and we have a new record! The crowd goes wild!" Making silly crowd noises, Alex continued trudging up the long slope while Lena simply held on and rested her head on the stronger woman's shoulder.

In that moment, she was a little bit in love.


Impressively, Alex managed to wrestle Lena's weight up the stairs and let her loose to open the door. The limp was minor and Lena went to the bathroom to grab a towel and toss it around the corner with a grin. Housekeeping had been through and everything was neat and tidy again, their things set smartly out on the coffee table near the fireplace. Calling out to room service had a few necessities headed her way with instructions for them to be left at the door. That taken care of, she headed for the bathroom before she tracked in any more sand and seawater. With a little wrestling with the wet neoprene, Alex managed to get the wetsuit partially stripped away, pausing when she caught sight of Lena already in the shower, busily ridding herself of the ocean.

It was another revelation to Alex, watching the water sluice over Lena's fair skin, tracing her curves. The sensuality of the display was unmistakable and she rubbed her face in a futile bid for calm.

"You can ogle," Lena's teasing voice carried over the sound of the spray and her glance was pure mischief. "Or you can come help me scrub down. Since it's your fault I'm covered in ocean and have a sore foot."

"Well, if I can give you a helping hand," Alex flirted back as best she could.

With some giggling and shenanigans, they managed to get Lena clean and Alex swatted her out of the shower stall to hit the bathtub or bed, so long as she got off that ankle. The hard hand on her ass and the bossy tone amused and aroused Lena, but she kept her observations to herself. No need to scandalize her companion!

For now anyway.

Once cleaned up, Alex left the wetsuit to drip out in the shower and swaddled a towel around her torso before going in search of her robe. Housekeeping had left a clean one, neatly folded on the low table in the center of big room of the suite. Covering up, she searched out what she had called out for and carried the tray left at the door into the smaller room where Lena had curled up on the sofa there, her right ankle stretched out to rest.

"Hey, Tiger," she greeted softly and Alex remembered that she could give into the tug to kiss that contented little curl of smile.

"Hey, yourself. We have snacks and a bag of ice for that ankle."

Lena was startled at the easygoing care being showered on her, almost fearful of it. The cynicism ran soul-deep in her, tacked on to her very identity as completely as the last name bestowed on her by her adoptive family. But the Danvers sisters had seemed, right from the start, to pause at her identity and then just… accept it.

With brisk efficiency, Alex had shifted Lena's mass, propped her leg on pillows, settled the ice and a folded towel over the small soreness and set the fruit and nibblies within reach. That accomplished, she settled in at Lena's back to provide support and cuddles. After she'd marveled at the care for another moment, Lena tossed any semblance of icy control that might have been hiding in her heart and snuggled in, nose tucked in under Alex's chin. They had to resituate a bit, and redistribute pillows, but quickly settled into half-heartedly watching a nature special on African crocodiles.

But it was the steady tickle of strong fingers coaxing at her long hair that finished relaxing Lena into a boneless puddle. As though she were barely aware she was even doing it, Alex teased and fiddled out the strands from the tips to scalp, laying them out against the cloth of their robes to begin to dry.

"I used to have a mane like this," she mused quietly. "It would get this same wavy, tangley texture. Well, it still does, there's just not so much of it."

Half-asleep, Lena stirred until her head lolled back and brought their faces close. Alex simply cupped her hand into that dark, warm mass, rubbing her fingertips to the curve of skull.

"I like this cut on you. It's flattering to your face." Grinning mischievously, Lena reached up to tug on the longer parts of Alex's bobbed hair, drinking up that soft smile.

"Well thank you. It's low maintenance while still giving me something to play with."

For a moment, Lena held in her reaction as Alex flushed and looked sweetly exasperated with herself. The giggling that bubbled up from Lena was a girlish noise pitched higher than her usual deep tones and her grin was positively evil. "Ah, so you do have a hair fetish!"

Sighing with practiced older sibling mock-annoyance, Alex nonetheless allowed herself to be tugged down into a giggling kiss. "Brat," she murmured and huffed with amusement when Lena only shrugged and looked innocent.

They settled into easy quiet for a bit, finishing their snack and the glasses of crisp white wine sent by the staff.

"I think yours gets even wavier than mine," Lena spoke up randomly, petting the reddish strands.

"It's gotten softer and finer since I stopped straightening it," Alex commented casually and suddenly made a funny face. "Which is a really ironic statement given what I've been going through lately." Giving Lena a sweetly exasperated look-- one her lover suspected few people outside of Kara ever saw-- Alex sighed, "go on, laugh. There's no getting away from the absurdity."

It was easy to use their combined amusement as a damn good excuse to toddle off to the big bed to fall into one another again.