Title: The Wrong Girl For the Right Reasons: Chapter 8
Author: Shatterpath
Feedback address: shatterpath@shatterstorm.net
Date in Calendar: 23 December 2016
Fandom: Supergirl
Pairing: Alex Danvers and Lena Luthor. Because sometimes ya just gotta go with a rarepair!
Rating: PG thru R
Word Count: 2692 & counting
Fic Summary: Lena's unexpected friendship with Kara led to also getting Alex, of course. Only, it turns out that Alex and Lena can be something unique for the other as they get to know themselves and one another.
Chapter Summary: Paying a bit of loving attention to still-erect nipples, Lena continued on her journey, slithering down Alex's body. She paid plenty of attention to all the silky skin available to her, noting scars dotting the landscape but paying them no heed. They were like the secrets held in this woman that Lena never expected to be a part of.
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Note: My Google search was: 'watch one, teach one, do one' and the real saying is, 'see one, do one, teach one'. It was too good a mistake to pass up, so I incorporated it!
Also, 'Close enough for horseshoes, hand grenades and thermonuclear war,' was a favorite saying of an old friend of mine.

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Beta: None, I'm afraid. Betas are like finding diamonds in the rough these days.

Completely amused and faintly relieved to be bossed about, Alex gave Lena a 'happy now?' look and took a good grip on the pillow under her head.

"Very nice," Lena complimented and abruptly sat up to situate herself at Alex's side, leaving her feeling chilled and exposed. But the brush of a warm hand over her bareness soothed away the nerves that seemed to come and go like the tides. "Watch my eyes, not my hand. Just feel."

That gentle, deep voice was soothing and arousing at the same time. Trying not to give into overthinking yet again, Alex latched onto that voice, the clear green eyes, the warm hand on her skin.

"Perfect, Tiger. Just keep your eyes on me."

The uncomfortable past warred with present need, yet Alex let her legs nudge apart when that roving hand prodded gently. Caressing inner thigh and the soft crease where the hairs grew thin and wild made her whine and Lena's teeth flashed in a wicked grin.

"You underestimate what a turn-on it can be to just really want to be involved."

It was true, the tension of excitement pooling in her guts, mixing with the stress that refused to go away. Sensing that, Lena pushed again, slipping her exploring fingers into the sweet wet awaiting her, soaking up the hiss of response, Alex's dark eyes gone black and hazy in her nakedly needy face.

Lena had fucked girls before, rough or tender, but never like this. Never like this accomplished, powerful woman so completely out of touch with this part of her own physicality. It was heady and sobering at the same time. Stroking smoothly around the engorged, oversensitive clit, she watched Alex's eyes flutter almost closed, her breath rough and stifled in the back of her throat.

"If only you could see how beautiful you are like this."

At this point, Lena just wanted an orgasm for her pal. No frills, just an outlet for her nerves and stress, just proof that she could do this with another girl. Technique could wait.

Reaching further, she swirled around in the wet before returning her touch to stroke Alex's clit again, this time in earnest. Everything about Alex screamed her conflict, the need and fear, but she did not ask to stop.

"Come on now, you're safe."

That last whisper was the trigger, a groan like pain squeezed out of Alex's lungs as their combined efforts were finally enough. Tension gripped her body for long moments through the hard ripples of orgasm, all of those delicious muscles flexing and relaxing in time. Pleased at the results, Lena carefully shifted her wet fingers so that her whole hand curled tenderly around Alex's groin. Even that small movement earned a moan that Lena enjoyed listening to as she half laid herself along Alex's side to rest her head against her upper chest. After a moment, she felt Alex release the pillow to pet her head distractedly. It was invitation enough and she shifted around to look into her lover's face.

"Now that the edge is off, Agent Sexy, do you have any objections to my doing some more exploring?"

A bit dazed, Alex shook her head in response to the gentle question. "That was…"

That brought on Lena's wicked grin and she leaned in to kiss Alex, sweet and hot. "That was not at all my best work, just an appetizer really, to whet the appetite."

The lusty heat that might have banked to some semblance of calm in those expressive dark eyes flared to life again and Lena soaked up the thrill of that scorching look. There was no denying the emotional high of just being so wanted by someone else.

"Well," Alex started to say, but had to pause to swallow hard. "Appetite has never been a problem in my family."

Having witnessed how the sisters could eat, Kara in particular, Lena found herself in hysterics once again, catching her breath before she kissed away Alex's smug grin. "You enjoy that, don't you?"

"What? Making you laugh? Or being a smartass?"

"Yes," Lena murmured distractedly, once more straddling Alex and nuzzling her way lower. "And, for the record, I appreciate the laughs. You have no idea how much."

"Can I quote you on that?"

Snickering, Lena smacked Alex on the hip even as she nipped at her throat.


"Well, I need some way to keep you in check, don't I?"

"By biting me?"

Checking to see that Alex's smile matched her jovial tone of voice, Lena was satisfied that there was no seriousness to the complaint and even cheekily pressed her teeth into a collarbone to prove a point. The not-quite-a-bite earned another of those sharp gasps that were addictive, fingers briefly clenching in Lena's hair. "You can pull a bit," she murmured as she trailed lips and tongue ever downward. "As long as you remember that I'm attached."

"Oh--okay. God… Lee…"

Paying a bit of loving attention to still-erect nipples, Lena continued on her journey, slithering down Alex's body. She paid plenty of attention to all the silky skin available to her, noting scars dotting the landscape but paying them no heed. They were like the secrets held in this woman that Lena never expected to be a part of.

Tension once more flexed Alex's muscles, but fled when Lena simply tugged herself from that callused grip and kissed her way down the same thigh that she'd ridden the night before. There was only a small resistance when she imperiously wedged herself between Alex's knees and sat up. "So you're a scientist, right?"

Momentarily confused by the matter-of-fact question in contrast to the carnal activities, Alex took a moment to nod. "Uh, yeah."

Smugly pleased with the ragged answer, Lena nodded and ran her hands up Alex's thighs. "So research is second nature to you. And I can assume that you've done some visual exploration in this area?"

Oh, that embarrassed flush was delicious. Waggling a hand in a 'so-so' gesture, Alex struggled to find words. "I, uh, haven't really found a lot of time for, uh… research."

"Fair enough," Lena soothed and hooked her hands under Alex's knees to hike them up. "So watch one, teach one, do one."

Even as Lena pressed open-mouthed kisses to Alex's knee, that scientist brain geared up, furrowing her brows. "Did you just misquote, 'see one, do one, teach one,' at me?"

"Close enough for horseshoes, hand grenades and thermonuclear war," Lena sassed and mouthed her way along the soft skin of her lover's inner thigh.

"Isn't the expression 'close enough for government work'?"

The breathless quality of the comment made it amusing and Lena gave Alex a wry look. "You tell me, special agent, FBI. Now, while the banter is great fun, right now there is a far better task this smart mouth is capable of, hmm?"

Swallowing hard, Alex's wide-eyed stare grew darker with arousal and her fingers clenched into the bedding. Satisfied, Lena returned to her pleasant task, grinning when Alex raggedly caught her breath as that trailing mane tickled over her pubes. When Lena flashed teeth over that tight tendon, high on her thigh, Alex nearly shouted, voice strangled in her chest, becoming a high-pitched whine when a warm tongue licked along the seam of groin and leg. Passing over her end goal, Lena repeated the long lick on the other side, relishing the sweat and sex juices. This was a messy, intimate act and she intended on enjoying it thoroughly.

Sprawling out on her belly, Lena nosed over the wiry brown hairs and licked at the wet lingering from all the fooling around. Alex could only gasp and hang on for dear life as an only half-realized fantasy played out. She'd never let anyone try this before, to unnerved by the intimacy of it, but the tender exploration of that tongue and the blast of hot breath through her pubic hair derailed her upper brain completely, leaving her little more than a raw nerve. Pleased with the noises coming from her inexperienced lover, Lena shifted her hands to stroke down the insides of the straining thighs at her ears and gently peeled open her savory treat. When she wrapped her lips around that straining clit and suckled lightly, the noises Alex made moved past anything sounding remotely like English. They were barely human.

Humming happily, Lena kept her mouth busy while she gently pet both thumbs over the wet softness at her chin, careful to stay on the outside. It was an easy concession to make for her lover's comfort. She did however, switch positions briefly, just to get a better taste. That got a fist in her hair, which made her pause, but Alex was definitely not pulling her away.

The second orgasm took a bit more effort and doubtlessly scandalized anyone within earshot of the half-open terrace door, but neither woman gave a damn in those heady moments. Writhing in a physical high as potent as any pain, Alex didn't even hear the hoarse racket she was making and completely forgot that she wasn't supposed to yank at the handful of long hair in her fist. Given the circumstances, Lena was willing to forgive the sting.

Gentling her suckling, Lena let Alex begin to calm, happily licking her chops as she climbed back up that strong, powerful frame she had been so enjoying. The hand that had pulled so hard at her scalp was gentle now, touching her face in something like wonder. It was sweet and Lena had to remind herself that getting attached would be a stupid move. Brown eyes were deep and dark and soft and wondrous, eliciting a jolt more emotion than hormones.

Getting attached would be such a stupid, stupid move.

Far from being exhausted, Alex was energized, sitting up to wrap Lena up in a tight embrace, kissing her enthusiastically. Those strong abs against her own ache made Lena whine in the back of her throat, the sound making Alex smile. "I gotcha, babe, hang on."

With enticing effortlessness, Alex shifted Lena to her right side where she could press up against a hip bone and lean her back against a bent leg. Anchoring her left arm around her for leverage, Alex stroked the right down Lena's torso, sparing quick caresses for breasts and belly.

"That was amazing," Alex murmured sweetly as her hand wandered lower and lower. "Inspiring even. When my brain starts working again, I'm sure I'm gonna be stunned, but right now, I want you."

Captivated, Lena groaned and kissed her desperately, squirming her own hand down to help out. They both caught a breath at the wet awaiting their tangled touch, Alex relishing the softness, how it was familiar and yet completely new. Encouraging words were forgotten as the whorls on Alex's fingertips found their goal, mapping the uneven terrain of Lena's most obvious pleasure.

"You feel good," she murmured lowly, their lips brushing in soft, trembling kisses, eyes half open to watch the other. For all that Alex had never done this before, she was a scientist and an avid observer and intuitive as hell. Just imagining how good she would get with practice made up for any fumbling. Lena cupped her hand around that exploring touch in encouragement, gripped tight around the back of Alex's neck with the other.

There wasn't a lot of maneuvering room, but Alex was perfectly happy to let the slow roll of Lena's hips rub her clit against fingertips. It got even better when the soft begging started up.

"Inside? Please? I like it and missed my chance last night."

"Anything. What do you want?"

"A couple-- oh god!"

The same two fingers she'd bit so hard in the night slipped through the copious slick to search out the source, thrusting slow and deep. The intimacy of the act gave Alex a euphoric jolt, thrilled her with the close, humid cling around her sensitive digits. With a bit of maneuvering, she was in as deeply as she could reach, that hard clit cradled against her palm, Lena's hips grinding rather than thrusting.


"Look at me," Alex growled, her voice soft and intense and Lena helplessly obeyed, caught up in those dark eyes as hot as hidden embers waiting for a flashover. "I'm only ever going to get to do this for the first time once and I want everything you'll give me."

Nodding jerkily, Lena held that smoky gaze and rode that gentle hand until she started to unravel. Enraptured by the display even more than she had been the night before, Alex stayed close, breathed with her, pressed the heat and wet deep into her memories. Yes, she'd come to this place later than many, and yes, it had caused her heartache, but in these sloppy, intimate moments, it was worth it.

It wasn't a loud climax that seized Lena up like high voltage, but it was an intense one, the tendons in her neck standing out, teeth clenched, a low, heartfelt groan harsh in her chest. Alex curling her fingers and gently rubbing drew out the shuddering orgasm that was suddenly eclipsed by a horrible growling that sounded from Lena's guts.

Alex tried, she really did, but the laughter escaped her anyway, even as Lena slouched into her with a huff of breathless amusement.

"Even in the midst of la petite morte, life goes on?"

"Now who's misquoting," Lena sassed back even as her stomach whined again, setting off more giggles. "And thank you, lover, you're a natural at this."

Alex was smiling even as they kissed more. In a show of pure physicality, she retrieved her trapped hand and rolled them so that she could sprawl out atop Lena and really sink into the kisses for a long moment. But she pulled back before things grew too heated again. When she brought up her right hand, so recently trapped, she was almost surprised her skin wasn't steaming in the cool of the room. "No bruises this time. I'm going to have a hell of a time coming up with a story for these."

Catching said fingers, Lena was shocked to see the bruises she had left with her teeth in the middle of the night. The base of the index looked like she'd done her best to bite the poor thing clean off while the middle was sporting a daring-- if not jagged-- racing stripe down its whole length. There was even a whitish mar on the nail bed, stark against the faint discoloration beneath.

"Oh shit, I'm sorry. I should have warned you that I'm a biter."

"It's okay. I can't complain at how I got them. Though any combat that comes my way might get interesting."

The nonchalant words broke into breathy stuttering as Lena took the two fingers in her mouth to suckle gently at them.

"As apologies go," Alex whispered, "I approve."

Another pathetic growl broke up the serious moment, Lena muttering something dire and foul while Alex collapsed to the side in hysterics. After a moment, she stole a quick, hard smooch, chasing off Lena's annoyed scowl.

"So, anything in particular you'd like for brunch?"

"Don't make me think!"

As it had done before, the whining mock-petulance amused Alex to no end and her joy warmed Lena the way few things did.