Title: The Wrong Girl For the Right Reasons: Chapter 7
Author: Shatterpath
Feedback address: shatterpath@shatterstorm.net
Date in Calendar: 22 December 2016
Fandom: Supergirl
Pairing: Alex Danvers and Lena Luthor. Because sometimes ya just gotta go with a rarepair!
Rating: PG thru R
Word Count: 2692 & counting
Fic Summary: Lena's unexpected friendship with Kara led to also getting Alex, of course. Only, it turns out that Alex and Lena can be something unique for the other as they get to know themselves and one another.
Chapter Summary: Chuckling warmly, Lena trailed little kisses over her face. "STEM talk as foreplay. Kinky."
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Note: While slogging through this chapter, at one point I yelled at my IM buddies: [1:21:58 AM] Shatterpath: OMG, ALEX WILL YOU PLEASE SHUT UP AND JUST LET ME GET YOU LAID gawd... the nervous, rambling motormouth syndrome clearly is not based in genetics...

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Lena was awoken with an involuntary squeal as something tickly and cold slithered against her shoulder blades in contrast to the warm mouth teasing at her spine.

"Al! You sadist!"

Chuckling, Alex shifted her strong arms to lightly pin Lena in place so that she could continue to mouth at her shoulders. "Mornin', sleepyhead. I've brought you sunshine and coffee."

Now that she mentioned it, there was indeed sunshine and fresh air lightening the suite. Finally peeling open one hazy green eye, Lena half rolled onto her back to smile. "Such service. Wait. Are you dressed and showered?"

That set Alex to grinning widely. "Lena, I've had a light breakfast, gone for a long jog on the beach, checked in with work and my sister, cleaned up our small mess from last night and, yes, showered and dressed."

And cool, aloof, worldly, corporate CEO Lena Luthor, whose last name struck terror in the hearts of many… pouted at her.

"You overachiever, I'm on vacation!"

The petulant whine finished what the pout had started, cracking Alex up. She made no attempt to fight being tugged down so that Lena could smooch the crease of amusement beside her nose.

"Let me up, I need the bathroom and coffee."

"Mmm, kay," Alex hummed as lazily as her roving hand. She was as delighted with Lena's frustrated noise when squirming away as she was with the smooth curves of her body. "This place is ridiculous, by the way. Thanks for bringing us here."

A couple minutes passed before Lena padded back in and took a long drought from the mug left on the bedside table before sprawling out against Alex's relaxed body similarly as she had done the night before. "My pleasure."

There was no mistaking Alex gasping softly at the open-handed caress over her bare middle. She'd pulled on a clean sportsbra and underwear after showering, as well as her sleep shorts and that left plenty of bared skin to be explored. It was a warm kiss exchanged, laced with toothpaste and coffee. They were getting a sense of being familiar with one another now, an affection based in friendship and attraction.

"So," Lena said in a brisk, businesslike tone completely inappropriate for the current activities. "I feel I was denied a chance to properly explore you and would very much like to correct this egregious oversight."

Amusement danced in Alex's gaze, even as her expression was as deadpan as her voice. "Should I take minutes of our meeting, Miss Luthor?"

It was Lena's turn to laugh before wiping away Alex's mock serious expression with more kisses. "You're mouthy. I like that."

Alex wanted to sink into the kisses, into the intent behind them, but was still far too aware of her nervous fear of the unknown. But faint hearts never won fair ladies, or whatever. "Uh, yeah, explore away. I really don't have a real clue what the hell I like, this has never been any fun, but there's gotta be something right? So yeah…"

From wry and suave to a stammering mess in a matter of heartbeats. Yep, Lena was definitely charmed. Kissing her lover silent, she stroked gentle fingertips over Alex's dramatic face until those restless eyes settled on hers once more. "No stress, Tiger. You are far from a hardship. We talk and explore and find out what one another likes."

Sitting up suddenly, she threw a leg over Alex's hips and settled herself imperiously atop her. For a moment, she let Alex ogle, and was pleased at those callused, sensitive hands settling on her thighs. Then she leaned over to nuzzle that proud, beautiful face.

There was something about being hidden, almost embraced, by the fall of dark hair around them that calmed Alex. Another reminder to sight and smell that she was with a woman, assuaging a craving that had stewed in her for too long.

"Sounds good," Alex heard herself breathe hoarsely and drank up further kisses that relaxed as much as aroused. Once her prey was sufficiently distracted, Lena sat back, grinning wolfishly at the hiss of pleasure she earned from those tickly ribbons of hair across Alex's skin.

"See, found something you like already."

Despite the weight of arousal unfamiliar and intimidating, Alex had to chuckle. "Totally, but…"

The fear of rejection and humiliation was a powerful motivator for retreat, no matter how commanding the personality, and the emotional road-rash from Maggie's rejection still ached. Grinding both palms into her eyesockets for a moment, Alex breathed, taking in the scents of the room, the faint wisps of the vape machine, the ocean and sand, but most importantly, the blend of their two bodies and breath. It was calming, pushing back that ache she was pretty sure she would never completely lose, and brought her back to the moment. When brown eyes peered up again, Lena was right where she had been before, watching quietly, her expression open and fond.

For a badass federal agent, the woman had a hell of an expressive face. One day, Lena hoped to see her in action when gunplay wasn't part of the festivities. A little crease of determination appeared between Alex's brows and she glanced down at her prone body. "I do like it. But, uh, I think I'm a little overdressed?"

"Well, we can take care of that."

Running both hands up strong ribs, Lena tucked her thumbs under the edge of the sportsbra, relishing how Alex once again caught her breath. It was a tiny, vulnerable sound as telling as a heartbeat monitor would be to an MD. Curling her spine, Lena spilled her wild mane onto Alex's belly and grinned when the constricting fabric was roughly wrestled away. When she dragged the soft, tickling tendrils over those pretty breasts, the sound Alex made was enough to melt the hardest hearts… or libidos.

With some blasphemous muttering through what sounded like gritted teeth, Alex squirmed as Lena ducked down to kiss and lick at her skin, a soft touch on the vulnerable windpipe and the tender hollow cradled by collarbones, a little more pressure and just a hint of teeth over the hard plate of sternum. "I'm curious what you feel like," Lena hummed against Alex's skin, relishing how she trembled in response. "How you taste."

With deliberate intent, Lena kept her mouth soft and gentle as she wandered off to explore a half-hard nipple, dragging her mane across its twin. It was a deeply primitive ego boost to hear the strangled sounds of pleasure from her lover, to feel how her strong hands moved to touch herself and Lena both. When she shifted to pay attention to the other nipple, Alex whined protest to the loss of contact, then groaned at the splay of hair deliberately tossed over the terrain already covered. Catching Alex's hand to stay at her breast, she mouthed at nipple and fingers both, just as Alex had done to her the night before.

"You're lovely," Lena mumbled, deciding to continue her explorations south. "And so responsive."

Alex didn't miss the smile pressed into her tense belly and it was strangely calming. This was her experience, true, but it was a shared one. Refocused now, she reached down to palm Lena's skull, caressing over the curves of flesh over bones, noting that her lover leaned into the touches.

Not in this alone at all.

With a sinuous twist, Alex suddenly sat up, forcing Lena to do the same, but any questions were cut off in a wet, messy kiss. Giggling, Lena resituated her weight onto her knees and shuffled forward to be embraced fully, lean, powerful arms gripping her close. Both of them made happy sounds as their bare torsos nestled together.

"I've got a lot of words rattling around in my head," Alex found herself rambling against Lena's mouth, unaware that those green eyes had opened to check her expression. "But most of them can wait, I think. And I'm nervous, but I think in a good way now. Thank you for that. And I'm definitely overdressed, because I'm nervous, but wired."

"Good," Lena murmured back just as softly. "That's how it should be. When you're ready, I'd really like to yank your wires."

The burst of laughter carried away much of Alex's accumulated nerves and had them properly hugging for long moments.

"I had no idea sex could be fun," Alex commented almost wistfully and allowed herself to be shoved flat.

"Better late than never, hot stuff," Lena said happily and ducked down to return her attention to the muscled midriff she was getting to know. "And I'll easily admit that this is more fun than I've ever had, particularly the laughing. You're a delight. May I take these off?"

Swallowing hard, Alex steeled herself against nerves and nodded. A pointed look from those green eyes made her answer verbally. "Yes, you can."

As she had been doing earlier, Lena nuzzled that flat, muscled belly, but this time she curled her hands into the soft shorts to tug them down. With seeming no regard for their combined weight, Alex arched up and Lena relished the flex of all that slim musculature. With a little squirming and pulling the last of the fabrics separating them was tossed away.

"Fuck, that's sexy," she complimented and licked at the shallow ridges of muscle to get them to twitch to life again. Unlike Lena herself, Alex just giggled ticklishly and squirmed away when attention was focused on her navel, but she definitely liked caresses at the surrounding muscles. When red painted nails slipped into the coarse dark hairs to search out the wet hidden away, the quiet barrage of hoarse sex noises from Alex took on a new pitch.

"Lee… I…"

Now, sure their little trip here was, at its heart, for a carnal purpose, but Lena wouldn't dream of ignoring the plea in her lover's voice. Stifling down her own frustrations-- this wasn't about her-- Lena crawled back up Alex's body and draped herself all over her. She was careful to make sure they touched everywhere possible as well as tucking her thigh up between Alex's as subtle reminder that she was okay to feel like this.

"Breathe, lover. Nice and easy, that's it."

Torn between panic and exasperation, Alex fought wanting to bolt from the room, from the overpowering need. But there was no escaping herself and she knew it.

"I'm sorry," she whispered and couldn't meet Lena's eyes when the other woman propped herself up on her elbows.

"Tiger, I told you, we're on your schedule. This is about your pleasure, gorgeous, and you'll be ready when you're ready. I'm not some weak-ego male who sees your pace as something I want to control or critique. Besides, you could have gone with a quickie with a stranger to try this out with and you let me in instead."

"Frankly, the idea of doing this with a stranger doesn't sound appealing in the least," Alex scoffed, embarrassed, but sweetly so. "I'm overthinking this."

"That's okay. Smart women are sexy."

"I'd ask you about that field generator you created for the hospital gala that Winn can't shut up about, but mechanical engineering was never my forte."

Chuckling warmly, Lena trailed little kisses over her face. "STEM talk as foreplay. Kinky."

Spluttering with laughter, the lovers cuddled and calmed as they rambled on about their various scientific pursuits.

"It sounds like you miss it," Alex noted and Lena sighed.

"I do, but the family business isn't going to run itself."

It was a sobering moment to have while naked and a bit frustrated. Internally, Alex couldn't help but wonder how badly Clark would freak out to see her now. The snerk of gallows humor wasn't feigned. When Lena raised a brow at her, Alex merely shook her head and pet back those tickling tresses she liked so much.

"So, you willing to take one more shot at this with me?"

"Of course. Anything you want. That reminds me, I meant to ask earlier how you felt about penetration."

The reflexive embarrassment over Lena's bluntness made Alex sigh at herself. Still, it was nice to be asked, to have such regard shown to her by a lover.

"Truthfully? It could be part of what's making me freeze up. I dunno."

"Too close to past uncomfortable experiences maybe?"

"Maybe. Sorry."

Making a rude noise, Lena ducked down to kiss Alex thoroughly, chasing back the mortification. "Nothing to be sorry for. Heteronormative mental programming has just left you with a lot of new ground to cover."

"You're remarkably good at this."

The wry observation made Lena shrug and look a little bashful. "Like I said, boarding school was an education in more than the obvious ways."

"That's not what I meant."

Sighing, Lena once more propped herself on her elbows. "Alex," she said seriously, once more carefully using the name, "I like you and I honestly don't have a lot of friends. Most people wouldn't come within a ten foot radius of a Luthor unless they were after something. You and Kara are a gift to me. This?" She gestured to where their naked bodies were still nestled together. "This is an easy progression of affection and respect."

It took real effort for Alex not to tease her about the obvious crush on her sister, but that would be a mood killer neither of them needed. Something in her expression must have given away that her thoughts were wandering because Lena pressed a bossy finger over her lips.

"No, don't say it, smartass. In fact, I'm going to pull an attitude with you. Grab that pillow with both hands and keep your mouth shut unless it directly pertains to what I intend to do you with great relish."

"Bossy," Alex mumbled and that finger pressed harder.

"Shush, you. I'll make it worth your while, I promise."