Title: The Wrong Girl For the Right Reasons: Chapter 6
Author: Shatterpath
Feedback address: shatterpath@shatterstorm.net
Date in Calendar: 21 December 2016
Fandom: Supergirl
Pairing: Alex Danvers and Lena Luthor. Because sometimes ya just gotta go with a rarepair!
Rating: PG thru R
Word Count: 2692 & counting
Fic Summary: Lena's unexpected friendship with Kara led to also getting Alex, of course. Only, it turns out that Alex and Lena can be something unique for the other as they get to know themselves and one another.
Chapter Summary: Oh, how she loved that slow flush of bashful pleasure. It wouldn't last long, Alex was too strong of a personality and would settle into this new part of her life very quickly. To be a part of that was an honor and as much of a turn on as any caress. When Lena pulled Alex close to kiss her, there was something new there, a deeper fire of emotion and not merely hormones.
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For a moment, Alex only stared, her eyes black, hot pools as she drank in the sight of this very feminine woman laid out in little more than a scrap of something black and lacy still covering her. There was nothing left of the carefully curated calm of Lena's day to day life, her breath heavy, pale complexion flushed, and expression raw and open. Finally shaking herself out, Alex knelt over her supine lover-to-be, while Lena marveled at the greyhound lines of her, broad-shouldered and lean. Alex was misleadingly slender, almost hiding the coiled strength of her. Drawn to that spot she had discovered, Alex once more licked a wet stripe onto Lena's belly for another throaty sound of encouragement, before meandering her way upward.

For her part, Lena clenched her hands into fists in order not to grab those tickling bobbed hairs as they caressed over her torso. They were just long enough to tease at her nipples, Alex's mouth and nose hot against her sternum, not wandering off her center line, a hint of stress in her labored breathing.

Part of being a good leader was knowing when to adapt; Lena had never understood ruling exclusively with an uncompromising, iron hand. God knows her mother had done enough of that. Encouragement could be even more powerful than cold orders and this skittish cheetah of a woman needed that.

"Alex, please."

It was no accident that she used that almost taboo name and it earned the shudder of visceral reaction she wanted. Caught up in the spell of Lena's warmly scented body once more, Alex roved further afield, testing the softness of a breast until that hard nipple brushed up between her nose and upper lip. Lena unclenched her hand to encouragingly touch the darkly red hair again, not pulling this time, groaning at the sweep of that narrow nose against her areola.

Willing patience, Lena rubbed at Alex's scalp with soft fingertips, gasping at a searching tongue.

"That's it… nice and gentle. Perfect."

Licking became suckling and Alex moaned with Lena, caught between nervous hovering and wanting to be close.

"Come kiss me, Tiger."

Obeying the gentle order, Alex squawked into Lena's mouth as there were suddenly hands skimming up her still-clothed belly. Sharp teeth gripping not quite painfully at her lower lip forced Alex to freeze, her whole body trembling with the sensuality and danger. Red-painted nails scratched lightly at her, slowly hiking up the soft cotton to get at those tense abdominals.

"Sexy," Lena purred as she released her prize with a sensual lick and arched up to steal more kisses even as her hands tugged at Alex's waist. Warm and silky, their naked bellies touching was a shock, the cradle of Lena's raised knees a haven Alex had too long denied herself. "Is this okay?"

Those depthless, dark eyes only blinked owlishly for a long moment before Alex nodded jerkily. "Yeah… yeah, I'm okay." She breathed harder, hips jerking as Lena teased sharp nails at the small of her back and soaked up that desperate, guttural groan. "You feel amazing."

There was a note of puzzlement under the shyness even as Alex ducked down to nuzzle at Lena's windpipe. She was absorbing the sensation of their bodies nestled so close, the softness of breasts against her own, those tender hands slowly running up and down her back, hiking up the shirt further on every pass.

"So do you. Slender but solid, soft in all the right places," Lena complimented and relished the way she could feel Alex smile against her skin. The inexperienced woman was a natural at this, mouth open and adoring, fingers lightly playing at Lena's hair, careful not to yank the tumbled strands. That care and tenderness was completely intoxicating to Lena, having never been afforded enough of either. "Roll to the side, babe."

"Am I too heavy?" Alex questioned and they rearranged themselves to lay on their sides and Lena pet back the wild reddish strands back from her worried expression.

"Not at all, but you've got me antsy as hell and I'd like to be naked with you."

Oh, how she loved that slow flush of bashful pleasure. It wouldn't last long, Alex was too strong of a personality and would settle into this new part of her life very quickly. To be a part of that was an honor and as much of a turn on as any caress. When Lena pulled Alex close to kiss her, there was something new there, a deeper fire of emotion and not merely hormones.

Half propped up on her elbow, Alex trailed her free hand down Lena's side, thumb veering off to caress the curve of breast for a long moment, relishing the low note earned. Lena was softer than she, narrower in shoulder and hip and stunningly pale, particularly against her dark hair. Even a gentle rake from blunt fingernails left behind a rosy streak that took moments to fade.

"You must bruise spectacularly."

Lena tried not to laugh at the soft-spoken speculation, but a snerk escaped anyway. Groaning at herself, Alex would have rolled away had she not been grabbed in a choking, full-bodied embrace.

"Yes and no," Lean deadpanned, but there was a definite thrum of amusement there. "At least they fade quickly. Are you going to mark me, agent?"

Muttering something obscene, Alex responded to the blatant come-on with rough kisses and her roving hand getting back to work. Over the soft curve Lena's hip and upper thighs, she relished the silky skin before returning to the strip of lace and tug at it. With a little giggling and squirming, the lacy underwear was finally tossed away and Alex seemed at a sudden loss. Not ready to lose their momentum to nerves, Lena decided now was the time to be pushy.

Abruptly, she twisted to shove Alex onto her back, yanking the tanktop away to leave the bobbed hair fanned out in a messy halo. The woman looked a little shell-shocked and frankly, horny as hell. Grinning wickedly, Lena made an impatient sound and grabbed the lower hem of the thin, tight shorts Alex wore, yanking the fabric as high up her left thigh as possible. Even as Alex made a confused, questioning sound-- not quite a word-- Lena straddled that thigh, slid wetly down the firm muscles, rutting against them, caressing and pinching at her own nipples, head arched back with a guttural moan.

Alex's eyes were as big as saucers at the show.

"You did that, Tiger," she growled, rocking against Alex's firmly muscled flesh, more than ready to just got off already! As though drawn by a magnet, Alex sat up, their foreheads nearly colliding, eyes locked. "You did… that."

Alex had never felt fully participatory in anyone's pleasure before, not hers, not her partner's. Sex had been a task expected of her and held little if any enjoyment. Until now. In a few words of praise, in the hot smear of Lena's need on her skin, part of her came home. With a hard, messy kiss that landed more on Lena's chin than her mouth, Alex ducked down to tangle her mouth with those red-painted nails at rosy nipples. Lena's voice swooped from baritone to second soprano and she happily teased her fingers over that avid mouth in lewd encouragement before she reached out shakily and found Alex's strong arm.

The clench of her nails was echoed in the teeth at her breast.

"Give-- fuck-- give me your hand."

It took a long moment for the throaty words to get through the white noise in Alex's brain, endorphins and a building flood of oxytocin turning her intellect to feral noise. Wet heat and the ridges of teeth made her head jerk back, eyes wide in shock. Lena suckled hard at the digits, wetting them down in preparation to send them afield. All Alex could inanely think of was all of the mundane tasks those fingers did, index and middle like dance partners supporting each other in everything from firing a gun to holding a pen. Lena licking at creases and calluses made her whimper shamelessly.

The orgasm caught Lena by surprise, her teeth clenching in a pleasurable grimace and gasping whines mixing with the choking sound of Alex's unexpected sex jolt at having incisors clamping painfully tight into her index finger, her entire middle trapped from knuckle to nail. Alex barely noted the pain as she watched in awe as her lover trembled and that pale torso gloriously flushed hot and rosy. After long moments, Lena began to unwind, prying her sharp teeth from Alex's skin and soothing with her tongue. Something that might have been, "sorry," was breathed out and Alex rubbed her wet fingers over Lena's bottom lip.

Giggling breathlessly, Lena shoved Alex flat before dropping onto her hands, her hair swinging down to tickle at them both. Any faint offense Alex might have taken, was stuttered out on a broken breath as Lena rocked her hips a final time to prove that the heat and wet were no illusion. "You did that," she whispered sensually and slowly collapsed to rest atop her lover. "Well we did, I suppose."

That earned her a soft chuckle and a hug.

Taking a deep breath, Lena gathered herself in preparation to move, voice strengthening. "Gimmie a sec and I'll give you a hand, Tiger."

"Actually, I think I'm good."

Alex sounded calm and a bit bewildered, with an undercurrent of gentle amusement. Propping herself up on her elbows, Lena swept away a tendril of hair from one squinted eye and ducked in for a sweet kiss. "Did we get you off too?"

"I'm honestly not sure, but I'm tired and relaxed enough now to not really care, if that makes sense?"

"Baby, it's your body and I am one hundred percent about whatever you want to do with it."

Alex didn't quite know what to say to that, but was completely warmed by the cheerful respect.

After a bit more kissing and cuddling, Lena sat up with a groan and stretched. Because she could-- and she appreciated the show of physicality-- Alex caressed her skin, giving that sensitive navel pets until Lena batted her hand away. "Later, sexy. Let me clean up and then more sleep sounds marvelous."

Completely uncaring that she was stark naked, Lena left the bed and turned down the gas fireplace before heading into the bathroom. Alex watched her go before glancing down at her own, relaxed body. She almost felt as like she should introduce herself as though meeting a stranger.

The toilet flushed and water ran before naked feet padded back out, Lena leaning over Alex, upside-down, to share a grin with her. "If you shift around to sleep like an adult and not a sleepy toddler, I brought a damp washcloth to clean up a bit."

"Ha, ha, comedian," Alex sassed as she squirmed around until she was no longer sprawled sideways on the bed. She was rewarded with a quick kiss before Lena gently drew the washcloth over her face and throat. The fabric still carried a bit of heat from the tap and Lena's body where it had lain over her shoulder. The sensuous trail of the cloth down her torso almost got Alex's motor running again, but she decided that she would just enjoy the attention and save everything else for later. While Lena moved further south, Alex let her hand rove over what pale, bare skin she could reach. Quickly, the sticky evidence of their lovemaking was wiped away, but the memory was pressed deeply into Alex's memories now. Tugging the shorts to some semblance of order, Lena purred, "there ya go, Tiger. You want your shirt?"

A scoff burbled out of Alex's chest. "No, I'm good. Stop fussing and c'mere."

"Just let me get the lights."

In the dim illumination of the fire and moonlight creeping though the edges of the window shades, Lena paused to take in the relaxed sprawl of her lover.

"Are you a cuddler?"

It was an unexpected question and Alex forced herself to pay attention despite being mostly asleep. Her smile was lazy and warm as she reached out an arm to curl her hand up invitingly. "Possibly not by design, but there's no getting away from it with Kara for a sister. You can cling all you want. Or not. I'm good with either."

Relieved, Lena crept over, nervous now at casual affection, no matter that she'd only just been rutting against this woman in desperation. That coaxing hand twining into her dark hair was soothing and she settled in to rest her head on Alex's shoulder and lay against her side. With the covers wearily dragged over them and fingertips sleepily rubbing at her scalp, Lena felt a rare sense of peacefulness.

"Nite, Lee," came the soft words to caress her to fully rest.

"Nite, Al," she couldn't resist the final tease and slipped away to the sound of Alex's huff of amusement.