Title: The Wrong Girl For the Right Reasons: Chapter 5
Author: Shatterpath
Feedback address: shatterpath@shatterstorm.net
Date in Calendar: 20 December 2016
Fandom: Supergirl
Pairing: Alex Danvers and Lena Luthor. Because sometimes ya just gotta go with a rarepair!
Rating: PG thru R
Word Count: 2692 & counting
Fic Summary: Lena's unexpected friendship with Kara led to also getting Alex, of course. Only, it turns out that Alex and Lena can be something unique for the other as they get to know themselves and one another.
Chapter Summary: Huffing with amusement, Alex rubbed her face into the silk camisole, hyper aware of the unfamiliar press of curves against her cheeks. This was certainly a position she had never been in, an intimacy as foreign as breathing water.
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Note: I love the idea that Alex is on the Asexuality spectrum and what effect that has on her journey to accept herself as gay. I think it could also play into how long this seduction 'drags' out and I may even do some editing to reflect that!

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Beta: None, I'm afraid. Betas are like finding diamonds in the rough these days.

Sensation woke Alex gently: the roar of the nearby ocean, the flickering of the fireplace, the scent of a sweet and savory smoke. There was no comforting warmth against her back, which left a loneliness she wasn't expecting to feel quite so keenly.

Raising her head, she looked around the dimly-lit suite, noting only one robe tossed over one of the nearby chairs and the curtain pulled partly away from the terrace doors. Through the gap in the doors came a chilly breeze and the smoky smells.

Reluctant to leave the warm bed, Alex nonetheless did so, heading for the restroom first. Using the facilities and then washing hands and face, she brushed her teeth to get rid of the now-sour remains of dinner and went to her companion.

There was a clear crescent moon bright in the sky and reflected on the calm sea, highlighting Lena, wrapped in her robe with comically sock-clad feet propped up on a towel tossed over the railing. The little vape machine hung negligently from her right hand and she smiled over her shoulder.

"You taste good, Tiger."

Alex didn't bother with words, leaning down to kiss away the wisps of smoky vapor from that smile. There was a safety in the shroud of darkness, a psychological cushion from her own fears and perceived shortcomings. She buried one hand in Lena's thick hair and balanced herself against the chair with the other. "You brushed your teeth," she heard herself say inanely and Lena spluttered a low laugh against her lips.

"So did you. Pull up a chair for a few minutes. The light here is exquisite."

"Too true."

Pulling over the other chair, Alex sprawled back and soaked up the peaceful night. Bringing her feet down, Lena straightened up from her slouch and brought up the vape machine to release another puff of the scented smoke and vapor to the night. The quiet stayed easy between them, pleasantly spiced with a sense of anticipation, of inevitability. The more logical part of Alex's brain wondered how weird and awkward doing this with a complete stranger would have been. A quick fumble to take the edge off? How was that any different from the men she'd awkwardly slept with in the past? What exactly did Maggie expect of her anyway?

Her sigh was heavy, a melancholy that broke up the ease of the quiet night, but Lena did not ask with words, only her gaze drifting over to rest heavily on her companion.

"Falling in love brought me to this place," Alex said stiffly, quiet as a breath. "Emotionally speaking. Figured out I shut off a whole part of myself, figured out I froze out my own sexuality, and I'm still figuring out exactly what that entails, y'know? And Maggie didn't… accept the offer, as it were. Bad timing, I guess."

The raw ache in her voice made Lena hurt with sympathy.

"I'm not going to say something inane like 'her loss' to you, that's not fair," Lena said just as quietly and something occurred to her then, a clearing of her throat bringing Alex's refocusing attention. "So, I haven't been fair to you either."

"How's that?"

There was no mistaking the thread of wariness in the tone, and Lena reminded herself that this was a federal agent and she best tread carefully.

"Nothing so terrible. It's just… I've never said your name."

Alex was completely taken off guard by the strange confession and Lena plowed ahead, her gaze on her restless fingers where they played with the vape machine.

"It hits close to home and that's not fair to you."

A big part of Alex wanted to laugh then, a release of pressure from the sudden absurdity of all of this. It had honestly never occurred to her to be offended at the similarity of her own name to Lena's madman of a brother. Of course she was hurting, Lex was her brother. Alex couldn't imagine how she would feel if Kara went truly bad. The red kryptonite had been a horrifying glimpse that left scars.

Twisting in her chair, Alex reached out to coax Lena's chin around.

"Look me in the eye," she said somberly and waited for Lena to do just that. "Say it just once, to acknowledge it. Then you can keep calling me Tiger, because I've gotten sorta fond of that name."

A tremulous grin turned up the corners of Lena's mouth and she nodded.


The heavy whisper was enough to draw them close again, something newer and deeper in the kiss. Setting aside the weight of their unexpectedly serious conversation, they concentrated on the heat once more rising between them.

"Come back to bed," Alex murmured against Lena's lips. "Let me take a shot at warming you up."

"Sweet talker. I'm all yours."

Leaving behind the vape, Lena took Alex's offered hand and followed her inside. They locked up and drew the curtains before turning up the fireplace and tossing aside the bathrobes.

"Can I… turn on the bed lamp?" Alex asked shyly. "I'd really like to get a better look at this camisole."

"Of course you can. I wore it specifically for you."

"I'd hoped so."

In the warm yellow light from the lower-wattage bulb, Alex let her eyes rake over Lena's curves where they were obscured and highlighted both. Tossing her hair over her shoulder, Lena stepped in close, their bodies not quite brushing. A skittish ripple shot though Alex's body when she rested both hands lightly on the curves of Lena's hips.

"I almost wore red."

"No, this brings out your eyes."

It was a sweet sentiment and made Lena smile. Giving Alex a little jostle, she coaxed at her, adding in a bit of bedroom eyes for effect. "Go on, gorgeous. Touch. Start gentle and I guarantee I'll enjoy it."

Taking the quiet encouragement to heart, Alex nodded jerkily and reached up to draw the back of her fingers over the bare skin of Lena's upper arm. Even the innocent touch raised the tiny, fine hairs there, a twitch running through her. That wandering hand drifted from elbow to waist, smoothing over the hidden curves to her back, feeling the discrete bands of ribs beneath. When her hand splayed open against the flat of shoulder blade, Lena took the invitation to step forward and press them together, breasts, bellies and thighs touching.

"Fu--ck," Alex stuttered brokenly, stunned by how different this closeness felt, how intent changed everything. She had hugged women many times over the years, and it had never felt like this, not until Maggie and now, this unexpected friend.

Pleased with the reception, Lena rubbed her nose over the straining tendons in Alex's neck, her breath hot over flushed skin. When Alex's hands wandered more boldly over her arms and back, Lena offered incentive and reward in soft, nipping kisses along her neck, nosing under the darkly red hair to include the sensitive shell of her ear.

She saved the flash of teeth until those calloused hands crept down to the upper curve of her ass.

Yelping at the little bite behind her ear, Alex jerked her head and Lena laughed with delight before giving her a shove to sit on the bed with a bounce. Leaning over, she cupped Alex's jaw to kiss her thoroughly, putting some real lust into the slide of lips and tongue. When she finally straightened up, she kept her hands there, stroking thumbs over the round cheekbones and at the edges of those soft lower eyelids. "You have gorgeous eyes. Has anyone ever told you that? So deep and expressive."

The soft compliment wiped away the bamboozled look and brought up a shy flush. It was endearing, but even more so was Alex leaning forward to press her forehead to Lena's sternum. Having wanted the opportunity anyway, Lena simply slid her hands into the flyaway strands of dark russet hair, caressing the curve of scalp and neck.

"And your hair is so fine. I like it."

"Genetics," Alex murmured against the green silk in an attempt at levity. Not sure what to do with her hands, she ran them over the curves of Lena's thighs.

"Excellent genetics. I'll spare you the embarrassment of complimenting your folks."

Huffing with amusement, Alex rubbed her face into the silk camisole, hyper aware of the unfamiliar press of curves against her cheeks. This was certainly a position she had never been in, an intimacy as foreign as breathing water.

The first real vulnerable sound Lena made was the slide of those curious hands under the silk and over the tender curve of her belly. There was something in the work-roughened calluses barely softened with lotion and care that gave Lena a jolting thrill of arousal. So much of her life was striving for the power of her slick, corporate perfection world, and the reminder of hard work and violence in Alex's hands shook her. She'd never forgotten the adrenaline rush at catching the tail end of the brutal brawl with that assassin before Lena herself had picked up Alex's fallen gun and shot him at the first opportunity.

Over the curve of waist and up the corrugation of ribs those tender, brutal hands wandered, sliding around to the front again, thumbs stroking the divot of navel, the silk whispering against both their skins. Alex relished how Lena trembled under her touch, thrilled that the unexpected hotspot of that hidden belly button earned her a raw moan and a tug at her hair.

"Close your eyes," Lena ordered with her voice gone deeper and rougher. Keeping a hand cupped around Alex's head, she grabbed the front of the camisole and skinned away the silk to toss it blindly away. The fabric had been a semi-familiar sensation to Alex's senses, the living warmth of the woman beneath an unsubtle tease against her nerve endings.

This bareness, the skin to skin press in such an intimate pose, the sheer warmth and softness… it was the best sort of homecoming. Lena tensed pleasantly at the sensual tickle of nose and eyelashes and open mouth breathing hot against her. Strong, slim arms curled around her waist, pulling her in to stand between Alex's knees.

"God, you smell good."

The harsh, sexy note in her voice made Alex sound hungry and not a little dangerous, sending a thrill through the body she was exploring. Blindly, she nuzzled at satiny soft skin and cataloged away reactions in both of their bodies as best she could through the lusty haze.

Alex was not at all used to feeling like this. She was a lifetime of deadening down what she was capable of feeling, a too-recent blow to her awakening sexuality, and so, so many secrets locked up behind her eyes. But the time had come to be more than those things, to become more of herself.

Lena gasped and her fingers clenched in red strands when Alex licked at the xiphoid process, imagining that she could feel the little bone spur at the base of the sternum. With wet lips and humid breath, she traced down the nearly hidden linea alba(*), the groove from sternum to pelvic bone where the abdominal muscles anchored, soaking up how Lena's breath grew more and more labored as she drew near that cute little dimple of navel. Completely enthralled with the reactions she was getting, Alex hunched up and yanked at Lena's thighs so that she could coil her tongue around that sensitive little pucker.

There was nothing feigned about how Lena dropped her head back and groaned. It was a hotspot too few lovers exploited in favor of the more obvious. Thankfully, Alex didn't seem to mind the punishing grip in her hair, now exploding wildly from Lena's clenched fists. When that soft, curious mouth sealed to her skin to suckle and lick in earnest, Lena actually sobbed and her knees shook against the bed. There was some stifled, tremulous sound rumbling in Alex's mouth and throat.

It might have been almost a growl.

"T--Tiger, let up."

With a blast of something like fear, Alex jerked back, but was stopped with that bossy grip to be dragged into a long, wet kiss.

"I need to lie down before my knees give out. Jeezus, are you sure you've never done this before?"

With a little lick to the tip of Alex's nose, Lena retrieved her hands to carelessly strip off the brief shorts and shakily crawl into the huge bed to sprawl out as though dropped from a height. After a moment, she fired her companion a feline glare.

"Well? Get your ass over here. I am far from done with you."

*= The linea alba (Latinwhite line) is a fibrous structure that runs down the midline of the abdomen in humans and other vertebrates. In humans linea alba runs from the xiphoid process to the pubic symphysis. The name means white line and the linea alba is indeed white, being composed mostly of collagen connective tissue.

It is formed by the fusion of the aponeuroses of the abdominal muscles, and it separates the left and right rectus abdominis muscles. In muscular individuals its presence can be seen on the skin, forming the depression between the left and right halves of a "six pack".