Title: The Wrong Girl For the Right Reasons: Chapter 4
Author: Shatterpath
Feedback address: shatterpath@shatterstorm.net
Date in Calendar: 19 December 2016
Fandom: Supergirl
Pairing: Alex Danvers and Lena Luthor. Because sometimes ya just gotta go with a rarepair!
Rating: PG thru R
Word Count: 2692 & counting
Fic Summary: Lena's unexpected friendship with Kara led to also getting Alex, of course. Only, it turns out that Alex and Lena can be something unique for the other as they get to know themselves and one another.
Chapter Summary: It was a deliberate show of femininity, the soft fabric falling over her hollows and curves, the contrast of the summer-leaf green to pale skin and dark hair.
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The long leg of road between Ventura and Santa Barbara was a delicious torment. The coastal road twisted along the contours of the mountains where they dropped into the ocean, affording breathtaking views and excellent riding. It was also a ferocious tease to both women. Between the vibration of the bike, their body closeness and the promise of their destination, they were getting wound up and anxious. There were several stops to admire the natural scenery and stretch the legs, but they grew shorter and shorter. While driving, Lena forced herself not to touch, to keep her hands soft and quiescent against Alex so as not to distract. Even if she really, really wanted to stroke the flat, strong muscles that flexed against her sensitive fingers and palms. Alex, for her part, did her best not to be obsessed with the warmth and softness against her back and hips.

It was a long drive. A pleasant one to be sure, but a long one, Santa Barbara teasing them from its distant headland. When it at last the land flattened out, Alex decided to do the same as a bunch of the motorcycle pack they had randomly fallen in with, and pulled over in Carpinteria.

"We need fuel anyway," she half-yelled through the helmet and Lena nodded.

They were not the only ones who had taken an early out to enjoy the sights and would have to wait for a fuel pump, so Lena dexterously slithered off of her high perch. Besides, it gave her a chance to press all over Alex without making it look like a PDA, so bonus there.

"No problem, I need to make a call anyway."

Leaving her helmet clipped to the carry strap of one of the saddlebags, Lena strutted away, perfectly aware the variety of eyes on her.
(Author's note: Not making this up, Sheena Easton's 'Strut' started playing here. I love shuffle!)

By the time Alex had fueled up and spent some time making nice with the weekend warriors and gear-heads, Lena wandered back with a feline smile and slipped into her helmet before Alex could introduce her. She had no desire to be recognized, to be reminded of her real life, left behind on the other side of the mountain range they had crossed.

"We're set, babe," Lena told her through the half-open faceplate as she clipped on the chin strap and climbed back up to her perch. "Head for the Sandpiper Golf Club on the far side of town. We're next door."

Alex was nodding as she checked the fuel cap and took her own seat, snuggling back into Lena, making them both catch their breath.

Congestion was only just starting to clog up Santa Barbara a bit, but they were able to cruise through until civilization began falling away. At the last freeway exit before the land once again became a ribbon of asphalt through the wild mountains, they exited and made their way to a sprawling village of red-roofed buildings. It lorded over the squat cliff at the threshold of the mighty Pacific Ocean, the Channel Islands humpy purple-grey masses in the distance. Palm trees stood sentinel over the blindingly white buildings and the neat, green landscaping that spilled out in defiance of the brown land around them. Even at a glance it was a hell of a place and Alex boggled at the resort that reminded her somewhat of the condo complex left behind in National City.

"What is this place?" she marveled as they found a place to park and climb off the bike.

"Home overnight, although I'm paying for two nights, just in case," Lena replied with the offhanded ease of the very wealthy. They each took a saddlebag, Alex also unclipping the tank bag to bring along. Past the meticulously xeriscaped planting beds meant for the dry, salty climate, they entered a lush check in area. While Alex looked around, Lena immediately went to the desk, quickly completing the paperwork before looking around, unable to spot her companion. On a whim, she wandered towards the nearby ocean, finding Alex silhouetted against the blue of water and sky.

"Beautiful view," she called out and made Alex jump and look over, smiling shyly. "And the ocean is nice too."

"Flatterer. Are we really staying here?"

"Yep. You brought us here in style and now I'll put us up in style. Our room won't be ready for another hour or so, but I don't think we'll have any trouble occupying ourselves. What's on your mind?"

"Did you know that I used to surf?"

Lena leaned on the railing beside them to take in the soft smile on Alex's face. "I didn't, but I'm not surprised. You're the physical sort. I'll bet this place has some equipment you could borrow."

A few inquiries to the staff had Alex happily kitted up and trotting towards the beach while Lena kicked off her boots and found a comfortable table to hang out at. The glorious fall day was no hardship, the glass of wine brought to her was delicious and the wifi was excellent. She was pleased when the same fellow that had checked her in came looking for her, keycards in hand, and offered her a ride to the building that would be home for a night or two. She made certain to ensure that he would keep an eye out for Alex and then explored her temporary home.

Out on the water, Alex soaked up the pleasure of the water, the heave of waves beneath her before they broke and turned to churning white water. The conditions weren't fabulous, but she didn't mind. It had been so long since she'd been able to indulge in the pleasure of just being out on the water, that she was fine mostly just sitting out on her borrowed board.

Still, a few decent waves came in irregularly and she grabbed them, letting their energy carry her towards the beach before paddling out again. But eventually she startled at the sun sinking towards the horizon and her stomach growling at her. It was time to go face her virginal fears and the stunning woman who had come along for this ride as partner and friend with benefits.

Alex let the next decent wave carry her close to shore, wading out to shake herself off and head back up the trail towards the resort. It was a ridiculously beautiful place, the whitewashed buildings with their red clay roofs against the dry brown mountains beyond looked every inch the Mediterranean villa.

"Have fun?"

Startled by Lena's voice, raised a bit to carry, Alex looked around, finally spotting her on a nearby balcony.

"Well, hi there. You look comfy."

In truth, Lena looked like relaxed royalty where she lounged in a bulky white robe, feet bare and her hair loose. Indolent as a cat, she stood and Alex caught a flash of rich green at the opening of the robe.

"Very. Come around to the other side and I'll let you in."

Wearing a coy grin, Lena met Alex at the door with a thick white towel and a glass of red wine.

"You look parched. Hungry?"

Taking a healthy gulp of the wine, Alex marveled at the quality. "Wow, this is delicious. And yes, I'm starving."

That lip bite should come with a warning.

It was so tempting to go after that trapped bit of supple flesh, but Alex hesitated. Then again, there would be no rejection this time, so she leaned in and was met halfway. Underneath the good wine, Lena's taste overtook the funk of the ocean lodged in her mouth and nose.

"Mmmm, that's nice," Lena purred as she pulled away, tweaking Alex's chin. "We'll continue that conversation soon, but dinner first. Then, the shower here is fantastic."

Taking the wine glass back, she sashayed back into the suite while Alex rubbed the towel over her wet hair and the sodden wetsuit. Using it to knock off the worst of the sand was the final step before she stepped inside, leaving the surfboard leaning against the closet doors in the entryway. The big terra cotta tiles were cool against her bare feet as she approached the elegant little seating area with the open balcony doors beyond. The décor was neutrals and white and blue to keep with the Mediterranean theme, including the hulking mass of the king sized bed.

Lena strode out of a nearby doorway to hand over a large menu, distracting Alex from the reality of the omnipresent bed.

"The steakhouse here has quite the glowing reputation. Me? I'm going for the kobe beef followed up with something decadently chocolate. I'm in the mood for some spoiling."

For a long moment, Alex forgot about the menu in her hands, utterly distracted by the verdant silk showing at Lena's sternum. She startled when a crooked finger tapped under her chin, bringing her gaze up to meet green eyes.

"Later, good-lookin'. Dinner and the sunset for starters. And while the salty sea is an interesting flavor and smell, yours is better."

If her stomach weren't growling and she didn't stink of the Pacific, Alex would have chased that smirk, but forced herself to chose something from the fancy menu. Lena nodded over the choices and shooed her off to call room service.

The bathroom was a compact by sumptuous affair with a big jetted tub and a nicely appointed shower. Her saddlebag was already awaiting her beside a stack of fluffy towels and a neatly folded robe that was a match to the one her companion was wearing.

"First things first, Alex," she muttered to herself and set about with the simple task of getting clean.


Despite the cooling breeze, Lena left the terrace doors open and lazed about while her companion cleaned up. She idly thought about brushing out her long mane but running her fingers through the mass revealed too much moisture lingering. No matter, she was in no hurry for anything this night.

The food arrived with a promptness that pleased her, the attractive pair of employees briskly set up a table and chairs on the terrace. In a matter of moments the table was elegantly dressed, silver domes set out, wine uncorked and set out to breathe a bit. When Lena assured them that attendance would not be necessary, they whisked out with just as much efficiency, not even leaving time for a tip.

Alex gawked when she padded out in her robe and on quiet, bare feet.

"Are you romancing me?" she teased, trying to not be overwhelmed with the setting. There was a part of her uncomfortably reminded of manipulating Max Lord for information-- and where had that reptile been lying low lately anyway-- but she pushed away all thoughts of work as best she could. Lena smiled coyly and sipped at her glass before gesturing to the seat opposite her.

"The setting certainly does lean towards that, and with a spectacular sunset on the way to add to it. Seriously though, I told you that I'm perfectly happy to just hang out with you if that's all that comes of this trip. That said, I'm also perfectly willing and eager to send you home wrung out and grinning like an idiot once I have my filthy way with you."

Oh, it was just too much fun to bait the clear hunger in those dark, enigmatic eyes, Alex's expression going slack and hungry for a moment as her hand hung over the dome that covered her dinner. Swallowing hard enough that Lena was surprised she couldn't hear it, Alex shakily finished her action and nodded jerkily.

"Bon appétit."

Conversation was at a minimum while they sated more familiar hungers, though Alex twitched like an electric shock when Lena made a low, sensual noise over the first taste of the artistically arranged strips of beef on her plate. Alex relished the decadent fettuccini with spinach and mushrooms, the delicate scallops perfectly done and a crisp salad so fresh she could almost smell the fields on it.

"I'm going to get spoiled," she murmured and polished off her own glass of the fine red she'd tasted earlier.

"I aim to please," Lena said airily and stood to walk around the table and lean down for another long kiss. They were getting good at it, Alex eagerly losing the nervous noise in her head for long moments, shivering when Lena added stroking fingertips to the underside of her chin. "Come inside and warm up with me?"

Locking up the terrace doors behind her, Alex turned and nearly choked. With a coy look over her shoulder, Lena slowly dropped the robe, revealing a loose tank top style camisole trimmed in lace, a matching pair of little shorts snug to her ass. A slow turn showed the ensemble off to its best advantage and Lena soaked up that hot, open stare.

It was a deliberate show of femininity, the soft fabric falling over her hollows and curves, the contrast of the summer-leaf green to pale skin and dark hair.

"Wow," Alex admired and suddenly, unexpectedly, found herself exhausted, wavering on her feet. Stepping over to wrap her in a hug, Lena noted how Alex leaned into her almost like a child would and she did her best to ignore the tug at her heartstrings. Tightening her grip around that slender, muscled waist, Lena cocked her head to one side and sized up the situation.

"Hey Tiger? Can I make a suggestion?"

"Sure," Alex half-yawned, reaching up a hand to rub at her eyes.

"Come lie down and get some sleep. Just rest and get used to my body being close without the distraction of that bike of yours."

Dark eyes blinked owlishly, confused and disappointed and relieved. "Really?"

"Really. Neither of us are going anywhere for awhile, right?"

"Right. Okay, I'll be back in a few."

With the reprieve bolstering her flagging resources, Alex placed a quick, sloppy kiss on Lena's lips and toddled off to the bathroom to get ready for bed. "Your turn," she murmured when she emerged in a snug burgundy tank top and dark shorts, swapping out with Lena and climbing into the cool, smooth cottons on the huge bed. Already, she could feel the exhaustion pulling her away from her body's wants and confusions, to the succor of sleep. Halfway there, she was jostled by her companion, a smile stealing over her face. Really, Lena had been amazing with her, completely unfazed by all of her rattled nerves. Not wanting to lose the closeness they had already built, Alex forced away hesitation and rolled over to abruptly snuggle into Lena's heat. The throaty chuckle and the press of womanly curves made the effort worth it. Smiling affectionately, Lena settled her hands on the darkly red hair, teasing through loose curls and scratching gently at the scalp beneath.

"'Is nice," she slurred, already fading away, rubbing her cheek against the green silk that lay over Lena's belly. "Thanks, Lee…"

Finding herself more moved by the closeness than she would have expected, Lena continued to pet Alex's hair. This was something not exactly familiar, nor entirely comfortable to her, this easy closeness. Being a Luthor was all hard angles and icy control. Never let a crack show for someone was always waiting to drive in a wedge and shatter the entire empire. Lena had always felt second best; there was no way she was going to be the weak link too.

All the drawn-out foreplay and coaxing kisses were one thing, but this… cuddling was something different. Yet, somehow, Lena relished it, the way Alex's strong, sleek body gradually fell into hers in a loosening sprawl, breath slow and warm over her belly. It was a trust not lightly given and she knew it.

Despite it not being even eight o'clock in the evening, Lena too felt the long day. Gently pressing a wearily grumbling Alex back, she snuggled lower in the bed and let their bodies melt together, Alex's head heavy and welcome on her shoulder.

"G'night, Tiger."