Title: Home Run, Part 2
Author: Shatterpath
Feedback address: shatterpath@shatterstorm.net
Date in Calendar: 22 December 2015
Fandom: Agent Carter
Pairing: Peggy Carter/Angie Martinelli
Rating: R
Word Count: 5261
Summary: After some sleep, the ladies continue to get to know one another in the best ways.
Sequel to: Home Run
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Author’s Disclaimer: "Agent Carter," Marvel Cinematic Universe, the characters, and situations depicted are the property of Marvel Studios, Marvel Television, and ABC Studios. This piece of fan fiction was created for entertainment not monetary purposes. Previously unrecognized characters and places, and this story, are copyrighted to the author. Any similarity to real persons, living or dead, is coincidental and not intended by the author. This site is in no way affiliated with "Agent Carter," Marvel Cinematic Universe, Marvel Studios, ABC, or any representatives of the actors.

Author's Notes: Ages ago, I wrote a scene, because a guy friend of mine told me I couldn't write a raunchy love scene just for the sake of writing it. To prove him wrong, I wrote a long, drawn out love scene that ended up being made defunct by its larger story being, well, a tad silly. That said, the scene was so good, I retweaked it for another couple. I did this EIGHT times, believe it or not, until it went from 5k to 13k and became its own entity, a whole story. That was the saga of 'The Infamous Love Scene' between 1999 through 2004, and I haven't touched it since (I've never posted most of the versions, but I might remedy that, despite the similarities between them.) I've wanted to redo it, but never found a really good match, nor a good hook into a larger frame to place the characters and story into. Let's see if we can remedy that, shall we?

IMPORTANT: This takes place inside of a larger saga and you'll be confused if you skip this bit! Peggy and Steve got together early on, she ended up pregnant by accident, they got married and Grace is born later in New York. Only a couple months later, Steve's plane goes down and everyone thinks he's lost. When Grace is a year old, the Carter ladies meet Angie at the automat and they all hit it off famously; so much so that Peggy hires her as nanny. As time goes by, the subtext starts getting thick the events of 'Agent Carter, season One' takes place and shortly thereafter Steve is found, but remains in a coma for months. During all this upheaval, things are emotionally up in the air, not settling even once Steve wakes. There's lots of confusing subtext and confusion and this tale will become a triad down the line. For now, the ladies need to get to know one another in the biblical sense just to get that awkwardness out of their system.

This is a continuation of the first half of Home Run. This picks up the next morning.

In time familiar darkness gave way to unfamiliar warmth. They were twined around one another like sleeping puppies and the bedding looked as though one of Peggy's fictional tornados had blown through. Happily sated to the point of feeling a bit feeble-minded, Peggy surveyed the damage with a lazy grin. Half beneath her and half wrapped around her; Angie's breathing was gentle and even with sleep. What a night! She was sore but not unpleasantly so; they could pick up where they had left off and be no worse for the wear.

As much as she would regret the endless emotional dancing about they had done, she couldn't deny the wait had been worth it. Moving carefully, Peggy propped herself onto her elbow and looked at Angie's sleeping face. It was always a bit odd to see her so still and relaxed, the animated high energy swept away by slumber.

"Angelica," she whispered, savoring the sound of the name on her tongue. There was barely a twitch of reaction in the wiry body, so Peggy continued to murmur the name between tiny kisses at throat, jaw, and clavicle. Finally Angie woke with a moan and looked around blearily. "Good morning, my love."

"Peg..." The name was halfway out when recognition swept across Angie's face. Drowsy with sleep, sex and sensation, she lit up with delight and her sensitive hands carefully felt their way along Peggy's back. "Then I didn't dream all this?"

"No, darling," she whispered and returned the sudden, full-bodied embrace fully.

"I’m really, really glad to hear that."

"That makes two of us."

Lips dancing over Peggy's cheek, Angie met her lover halfway for a deep, soulful kiss. Even as Angie's hands turned caressing, Peggy regretfully pulled away. "Before we carry on any further into the baseball season," the wry, accented words made Angie giggle, "how do you feel?"

"What? Oh, right, fingernails, Missus Claws. A little stiff and sore, that's all. Aside from that, I feel great."

"Me too. Where do you hurt?"

"You fussin', English?" Angie chortled in delight and Peggy huffed in affectionate exasperation.

"I do recall becoming rather… tellingly romantic with you last night. That would naturally include being concerned for your well-being."

"Aww, you say the sweetest things, chatterbox. I love ya too."

"Incorrigible brat."

Peggy's efforts at trying to look serious were a miserable failure and Angie giggled and soaked up the adoring way the Englishwoman looked at her. With a great, melodramatic heave of air, Angie gave in, but with her customary sass.

"Fine, you win. My shoulder blades and thighs."

Embarrassed color flooded Peggy's face and Angie's delight deepened.

"I like you all wildcat, Pegs, your control stripped away. It's sexy."

The flush deepened, those beautiful brown eyes sliding away for a moment before Peggy ducked down to kiss away Angie's smile for long moments. But the moment was interrupted by their mutual discomfort, a storm of girlish giggling replacing kisses.

"I know that squirming," Angie teased. "Go empty out, moo cow. You're leakin' all over me."

"Hilarious," Peggy deadpanned but nonetheless sat up to do just that. "Don't quit your day job."

Laughing outright, Angie was relieved to roll onto her side and get off the raw stripes she could clearly feel on her back. Watching Peggy stand and stretch like a big cat was a nice bonus, her curvaceous, powerful form a feast for the eyes.

"You look very smug."

Angie's grin turned dirty. "Well, yeah."

Glancing over her shoulder, Peggy was going to say something, but paused as the dim light through the curtains caught the raw marks on Angie's shoulder. Immediately sitting back on the bed, she ignored the smaller woman's sound of inquiry and gently pressed her to lay fully on her belly. Parallel scratches ran like primitive body art from her neck to the lower curve of her shoulder blades.

"Oh, Angie, my darling, I'm sorry about this," Peggy said softly, ghosting her fingers along the unblemished skin alongside the marks. "I'd quite forgotten about this particular bedroom habit."

Another storm of giggling was both unexpected and completely in character for Angie. "Wildcat," she mumbled and jumped at the swat on the fanny she got.

"Why don't you go climb into the tub and soak for awhile? Warm as you can comfortably stand it. I'll see if Steve packed a first aid kit."

"It ain't a war wound!"

A sharp glare subdued even Angie's sass.

"Okay, okay, I'm goin'."

In defiance of her pleasantly aching muscles and the sore stripes on her back, Angie leapt up and made Peggy laugh with a spinning hug that nearly toppled them to the furry rug before the fire. They were lost in dawdling kisses, bodies intertwined, until both shivered in the cabin's cool air. That was enough for Angie sent Peggy off with a playful shove.

"Go on, you. If you start the tap on your way over, that'd be great. I'll get this stoked up and go soak."

Unable to resist, Peggy stepped in close for one last hard kiss before obeying. Water rushed into the tub with a twist of the plumbing knobs and she retreated to the watercloset to take care of her business in privacy. Not that there was much need for privacy any longer! She was tender from their lovemaking, but cleaned up and went to the sink to empty out her milk-heavy breasts. It was both a euphoric gift to have a bit of time away from her demanding little offspring and also weighed heavily on her heart to not have the adorable little monster underfoot and at the breast when they were together. But some time alone with her Daddy would do them both so much good.

Thinking of Steve felt so odd, standing there looking at her naked, sex-flushed self in the silvered glass of the mirror. This step forward, her reclaiming her sexual self, had already begun to lift a dragging weight on her heart. Somehow, the three of them would work all of this out! Faith, love and hard work would see them through. Mentally bolstered, Peggy nodded decisively at her reflection and soaked a flannel to mop herself off with in lieu of an actual bath. There would be time enough to do that later.

Right now, she had a naked, sore Angie whom she had clawed like some sort of wild beast in the throes of passion. The memory brought on a loving smile and a rush of hormones. Prodded into action, Peggy brought the flannel with her and slipped back into the room, grinning at Angie apparently dozing against the edge of the big tub. She'd found a scarf and twisted her long hair up inside the silky fabric to keep it dry. She looked relaxed and glamorous and unbearably sexy.

It took real effort for Peggy to turn away and glance into the nearly empty box Steve had packed. No first aid kit. She would have to give her soldier a hard time later, for that particular oversight.

Settling on the edge of the tub, Peggy ignored the chilly bite of the porcelain coated iron and watched her dozing lover. With both arms hooked onto the rim of the bath, Angie was able to be safe and very relaxed, her breathing quiet and even.

"Ya done starin' there, English?"

Startled, Peggy yanked her hand back where she'd been reaching out to brush a stray wisp of hair away from Angie's cheek. Those sea-colored eyes slit open in time to the slow, sassy grin.

"You sneak."

Cackling with laughter, Angie soaked up the dry pout on her lover's face.

"Pegs, you can be very quiet, no one is gonna argue that, but you ogle with an intensity that is almost audible. Come join me."

With a slosh of warm water, Angie slid her body forward and Peggy didn't hesitate to climb in and let the smaller woman snuggle back between her legs. "Don't lean back yet, Darling. Let me scrub these a bit."

There was something so soothing and sensual in running the warm, sodden cloth over the planes of Angie's back and shoulders. She was seized by memories suddenly. Of stolen moments of peace with Steve like this, their naked skins close, the intimacy of bathing bonding their bodies and souls. It still felt so strange and dangerous, to be so torn between them… and yet… to have all three of them be so closely bonded. The words of love and promise uttered by her loved ones calmed Peggy and she leaned in to press an adoring kiss to the base of Angie's neck.

Words seemed superfluous in that moment.

For a time, they simply lazed there in the tub, Angie sprawled back into Peggy's curves. Lazy kisses were traded as the water cooled and the fire warmed the air.

"There's a perfectly nice bed right over there," Angie murmured, not letting up where she'd half twisted around to get a better shot at kissing that ridiculously sexy mouth.

"There is," Peggy replied every bit as softly, her smile enticing in the midst of their caressing lips.

In a sudden riot of motion, Angie sloshed the water in the tub alarmingly as she struggled to her feet, stretching luxuriously as water ran in rivulets down her skin. Peggy traced a finger along the small of her back between the twin sets of furrows.

"I still can't believe I did this. Clawing at you like some sort of Neanderthal."

Grinning wickedly over her shoulder, Angie sassed, "If you were half as turned on as I was, I can believe it. Just markin' your territory, huh?"

Peggy's dry look spoke volumes.

"You're going to have a miserable time getting into your underthings."

"Then it's a good thing I don't have to worry about clothes for awhile yet!"

While toweling off, Angie wandered over the kitchenette, still unselfconsciously naked. Peggy was perfectly content to lay back and watch for the moment. It earned her a hot, playful glance of a smile that was a snapshot of all the things she adored in this woman.

When it became apparent that a snack was being prepared, Peggy lethargically roused herself from the bath and dawdled over drying herself. Angie stole glances and giggled breathlessly at the slow kisses Peggy sprinkled over her shoulders and vulnerable base of her neck.

"Don't take too long, Darling," Peggy husked and sashayed away with a last caress over the sleek curve of Angie's hip and rear.

Angie wisely set aside the knife at that point, before she sliced off a finger in her distraction.

After barely remembering enjoying getting to know the fine bed before, Peggy tossed aside her towel and sprawled out to enjoy the feeling of being relaxed and warm with anticipation.

"Gonna fall asleep on me again there, Pegs?"

Grinning and flushing lightly in embarrassment, Peggy opened her eyes to drink in Angie's open expression.

"Oh, it worked out in the end, didn't it?"

That brought up a slow, sexy flush over Angie's pale skin while Peggy watched in delight. "Yeah, yeah it did. Here, hold this."

Obediently balancing the plate, Peggy watched her lover boldly straddle her hips and settle in. Her color was still high with lust, embarrassment and need. It almost made her forgo the plate of food. The growl of their hungry bellies ensured the sentiment remained an 'almost'.

Half with nerves and half with the restless energy as much a part of her as her cells, Angie rambled on about the lovely fruit and five variants of pork packed for them. "Including that weird back bacon you like, Miss English. Dunno how you people call that stuff bacon anyway."

It was an old joke between them and warmed Peggy completely.

"Oh, and your pancetta is?"

"Don't you start with me!"

They bantered while Angie fed them both bits of fruit and tomatoes and cold chicken and bacon and salty, hard cheese. That was fine with Peggy for it left her hands to stroke over every inch of Angie's lean frame she could reach. Listening to the rambling voice grow more and more distracted was heady.

When she dipped both thumbs into the baby-soft groove where thigh met groin, the flow of words stuttered out completely. Setting aside the plate with a clatter, Angie leaned over to brace herself on her hands and moaned pitifully. It felt so good, but she was sensitive and nearly jumped like a startled cat when a single calloused finger trailed over her clitty.

"My poor love. Let's try something different, shall we? Come up here and let me take care of you."

There was no mistaking the gleam in her eye and the intent of her hands where they pressed against the inside of Angie's spread thighs. A thrill of terrorized anticipation flash-fired across Angie's nerves, but resisting the promise never passed through her mind. Inching up the glorious expanse of Peggy's powerful, feminine body towards those burning eyes…

Peggy for her part drank in the sight of her lover slithering shyly up her torso, unbearably aroused and humbled by the trust given her. With a bit of maneuvering, she slipped strong arms beneath Angie's thighs, coaxing her closer and closer.

"Peg... I…"

"Darling, I won't pressure you if you really have no desire to try this, but I have to confess that I would really enjoy the attempt. To discover more of the different tastes and textures of you."

Nervous, but too turned on to resist the thrum of sensual promise in that soft, low voice, Angie grabbed the headboard in a deathgrip and closed her eyes against the burn of nerves hot beneath her skin. "Sweet-talker," she murmured tightly, not really in the mood to talk, but unable to not at least make an attempt to get the last word in.

Humming some sort of wordless reply, Peggy gave a prod that nearly made Angie leap off the bed, but held on tight to one thigh. The other hand slid into the warm space between their bodies, tenderly combing back the tangled brown hairs. For a selfish and self-indulgent moment, she studied the sensual tableau, memorizing the color and texture of her rich flesh.

"Beautiful," Peggy whispered thickly and Angie visibly shuddered, making a high-pitched mouse noise that would have been hysterical under different circumstances. Shafting to wrap both arms around her thighs and stroke her flat belly, Peggy spoke softly once more. "Hold on tight, darling."

There was certainly a touch of smugness to the warning, of promise and need and bravado. No, neither of them had a clue what they were doing, but this was territory explored now. Peggy was merely using a different map. Angie tasted raw and primal, a feast for the senses. The sensitive flesh was impossibly soft against her exploring tongue, with tense thighs were powerful contrast. Humming happily, addicted to the intimate act in an instant, Peggy burrowed in, suckling lightly at Angie's clit before twirling her tongue around it like a boiled candy. A desperate hand grabbed her crown, flexing rhythmically into her hair as though Angie were torn between pulling her in and making an escape.

And the sounds she made; lusty, terrified, animalistic. Those Peggy would never forget.

Half suffocated by the act, Peggy gave in to the temptation of the wetness smeared all over her chin, ducking lower for a first-hand taste, deepening her addition to pleasuring this woman. She ignored the stifling heat and close quarters, the agitated dance of Angie's strong body and kept at her task, suckling and gently nipping with her swollen lips at everything that made her lover sing like that.

It coiled tight, that hard, wrenching pleasure they both knew now, written in every line of Angie's body and every sound she made. It was going to be so good, her body tense and her grip tight.


Then a knock echoed up through the little cabin.

It was so wrong, so unfair that Angie moaned in protest even as she awkwardly shifted her weight, muscles too tense to respond smoothly. She'd was so close! That hot, hard pressure of orgasm had her fingertips tingling, the release as inevitable as death and taxes.

And then this.

"Oh my poor darling. Hold that thought."

Peggy was up and wrapped in the damp towel with admirable speed, padding over to the door to retrieve her gun from her purse. Angie knew she should be alarmed, but she just couldn't find it in herself.


"It's Tank."

Hearing no duress in the proprietor's voice save annoyance, Peggy opened the door a crack and peered out. The big woman rambled on about inconveniences and apologies and a road being partially washed out, possibly delaying their leaving the facility safely for a couple of days. Peggy heard her own voice ask if they were safe and hearing a reassurance, but her mind was back in the warm bed, not in the drafty doorway.

At least the discretion of their host encompassed her only looking wry and not commenting on what was surely stamped all over Peggy's face.

"Sorry again to interrupt your stay, ladies. You take care now."

Under different circumstances, Peggy would have been appalled at her lack of manners, making some acknowledging sound and nearly slamming the door in her haste to get back to Angie.

Angie, who had rolled over onto her belly and who's body writhed in tell-tale agitation, slender fingers working between her thighs.

Not wanting to interrupt her arousal yet again, Peggy sat down quietly and pressed a loving kiss between her shoulder blades and smoothed a hand over Angie's back and buttocks. The livid scrapes didn't look so angry now, the color and swelling faded somewhat from the bath.

Shuddering and moaning in that almost pitiful, pained way, Angie's arousal peaked out to a hard orgasm, sweat breaking out over her skin. Continuing to pet her and press kisses over neck and shoulders, Peggy soothed her down to relax into the mattress.

"Gotta say, I liked your way better."

Chuckling warmly, Peggy soaked up the cheekiness of her lover. "Yes, well I'm not happy to have been deprived of the experience myself. I still can't believe I did this," she mused distractedly, remorseful at damaging Angie's fine skin.

"If you were half as turned on as I was, I can."

Squirming away onto her side, Angie reached up to bossily yank Peggy down for a hard, tonsil-scrubbing kiss, sloppy, wet and deep.

"I taste good on you," she murmured playfully into the kisses, relishing the fall of damp, dark hair around them even as she tried to ignore the discomfort of the blasted scratches. And now I'm all fulla curiosity. So, I'm thinkin' you need to sprawl out here on your back and let me have my way with you."

"Bossy," Peggy teased back, but made no move to contradict her standing orders. They shifted around with some giggling and fell back together with the new ease in their bodies, together.

"You like it," Angie taunted as she settled herself across Peggy's hips to look smug and cocky. It was as adorable as always and Peggy fell in love all over again.

"You do amuse yourself ordering the whole family around."

Drawing herself into a fist-on-hips pose worthy of Peter Pan, Angie looked like she was about to start crowing like a rooster. Tickling fingers broke her down, falling into more of the drugging hugs and kisses. Eventually, Angie half sat up, gathering Peggy's hands up to press kisses over her knuckles and fingers.

"So, I appreciate you trimming your claws for me, sexy lady, but ya gotta keep them to yourself for a bit, 'kay?"

The sexy flush warming Peggy's skin deepened with lingering embarrassment. "Is that an order?"

"Damn right it's an order, smartass."

"Well then for you, anything."

"Atta girl," Angie murmured adoringly as she slowly chased that sexy flush downward. She drank up the rasp of breath through the ridges of windpipe, licked into the cute dimple at the base of Peggy's throat, mouthed the hard plate of sternum, gently fondled the heavy, sensitive breasts. "So beautiful. So warm. I like you uninhibited. Love ya so much, Pegs."

"Oh darling…"

Peggy had fascinated Angie from the day they met and that had never waned. That included the older woman as a physical entity, the misleading softness, her womanly curves perfect camouflage to her strength and quickness. With sensitive lips, Angie kissed down Peggy's body, relishing the play of musculature beneath the thin layer of softness, the pregnancy scars beside other, more dangerous ones.

"You taste good."

Utterly distracted now by the sensual burn growing into a wildfire, Peggy made no response, forcing herself to grab the pillow in hard fists so that she could pull and scratch to her heart's content. The sensations were so different. Angie's smooth face and delicate little nose, the tickle of her long hair like nothing Peggy had felt before. The playful swirl of tongue in her navel made Peggy wheeze out a sound that could be distress under different circumstances. Open-mouthed, Angie chased the sound, feeling Peggy shudder at the pinprick of her unusually sharp canines, arching and writing. Apparently the biting thing might go both ways. Good to know.

Humming happily, Angie mouthed at the rippling muscles drawn tight, lightly raking those teeth here and there to keep Peggy strung tight amidst kisses and licks.

"That's fun," Angie hummed, a thread of smugness in her tone. Oh, she did like having this powerhouse at her mercy!

Nuzzling against the dark ringlets, she took in the feel and smell, curious and nervous about this new step forward. A brush of her fingertips assured her that Peggy was hot and wet, jumping and squeaking with the caress.

"Angie, please…"

"Well, ain't gonna keep a lady waiting."

She couldn't resist a last nip at the drum-tight tendon at the inside top of Peggy's thigh, the skin there so thin and soft. Nearly got herself bucked off the bed for her troubles, but it was worth it. For a moment, Peggy seemed conflicted, knees barely giving Angie space between, but she relaxed with gentle petting over the pelt of her dark pubes

"You're pretty as a painting, Pegs," Angie breathed reverently as she stared in fascination at the tender rosy folds on display. The intoxicating scent and glittering moisture teased unmercifully, a whole new experience than just touch. With gentle thumbs, Angie pushed back the fleshy lips and took a steadying breath. Sure, she was nervous and barely had a clue, but when had that ever stopped her?

"Let me know if you like what I'm doing."

Straining for any contact, Peggy's death grip made the cotton rasp for mercy, all sense of decorum burned away by the heat in her body.

"Yes! Oh, fuck, please!"

The cussing nearly startled Angie, but she swallowed down the amusement and focused. Like any good audition for a part, she paid attention to her audience, noting how the brush of her breath made Peggy jump and squirm, how the experimental kitten lick over the reddened clitty earned a high-pitched sound that was nearly a squeal.

Warm, spicy, musky and sweet, there were no words to describe the exhilarating taste. Gathering up the sultry moisture, Angie moaned and was rewarded with the same sound. Every dip and swell was explored thoroughly until Peggy was begging incoherently for mercy. Like an implosion, the energy gathered along her strong body and Angie clung to her shaking thighs for dear life.

Trembling along every nerve, tendon and muscle, it waited for some signal, some outlet for release. Wanting to know her lover utterly, Angie slowed the stroking of her curious tongue and felt the shape of the focal point of her lover's pleasure. The tiny glands were like delicate wings, so coy and alluring as they flirted with her gentle tongue. Scorching energy coiled tighter and tighter and then suddenly shattered with Peggy's cry of wanton release.

It was all Angie could do to ride out the thrashing climax. Every bruise and pulled hair would be well worth it. With a fond, almost chaste kiss to those delicate glands, Angie climbed up Peggy's body to grin down at her. "Better?"

For long moments, Peggy could only pant as though she'd been running for her life, body loose and relaxed, shuddering gently. Finally, she hummed wordlessly, amusing Angie with the lazy sensuousness. So gentle kisses were dispensed and, like a fairy tale princess, Peggy stirred back to life.

There was a new level of feeling here, the bond had deepened and strengthened in the vulnerability of the new openness between them. Angie chuckled breathlessly when Peggy ran her tongue inquisitively along her lips and teeth. All she could remember was that kiss in other sensitive areas of her body and she shivered with anticipation. Eventually, they allowed a small space between them so their eyes could meet. An altogether sexy grin played over Peggy's face and Angie fell in love all over again.

"I like how I taste like on you."

Blushing furiously, Angie dropped down to snuggle, soaking up their mingled nudity.

"Me too."

In an explosion of playful good humor, Peggy grabbed Angie to tickle at her, rolling their cuddling bodies to the side. Squealing in laughing protest, Angie carried on in encouragement, drinking up more kisses. Her giggling took a breathless pitch as Peggy proceeded to lick her face clean. That turned into laughter and an impromptu wrestling match. Soon Angie was pinned by Peggy's superior size and strength and gave in willingly.

"Now that you have me, agent..." Angie purred softly with a teasing grin on her face and Peggy caught her breath unsteadily as she writhed sensuously beneath her. "What are you going to do with me?"

Something sexy and promising glittered in Peggy's bright eyes. "Okay cheeky minx, two can play this game. I wanted a chance to do a more detailed analysis of you anyway."

"Oh really?"

Ignoring the taunt, Peggy gathered both of Angie's wrists in one powerful hand and held them just above her head. Vibrant brown eyes intent on their task, Peggy did indeed begin to trace every line and arch of Angie's face. Mouth and hand gently explored the curves of cheek and nose, the delicate surface of trembling eyelids. It was relaxing, sexy and so very loving. Angie adored it, drank up the attention, basked in it. When she tried to steal a kiss, Peggy flashed her best 'serious federal agent' look.

"No. You’ll have to be patient, darling. You've set the bar high with that glorious seduction and I have been accused of being an overachiever."

"Now who said that?"

"Shall we begin back with my grandmother? Grace's namesake? Apparently it runs in the family."

"We I ain't gonna argue with your gran, nope."


"Yeah Pegs?"

"Do shut up."

"Sure thing."

The giggling dropped into a faintly disappointed moan vibrating up from Angie's chest, teasing Peggy's lips where they rested on the lightly ridged windpipe. Every muscle and tendon beneath the warm skin felt Peggy's gentle touch. There was a particularly intense moment where Angie whined like a dominated animal as Peggy insistently tormented the pulsing line of her vulnerable jugular vein with her mouth. There was something about having those sharp teeth close to where they could so easily take life. Trust relaxed Angie and her small noises became those of desire again. A low growl from Peggy pushed her further towards madness.

The journey continued across the delicate hollow at the base of Angie's throat, a quick nip at a shy clavicle, open-mouthed kisses warming sternum and flat pectoral muscles. Soon Peggy was memorizing the soft curve of breast, but studiously ignored the hardened nipples.

"Please Peggy... I need you..."


She worked her way across the barely hidden corrugated pattern of strong ribs, the firm expanse of belly and abdomen, leaving Angie gasping and groaning. Desire was growing hotter and sharper in Angie's chest and groin. Suddenly Peggy blurred into motion and before Angie could do more than gasp in surprise, she was on her stomach with her wrists trapped firmly in the small of her back.

"Peggy! What…"

Wet, suckling kisses outlined the terrain of Angie's back and shoulders, leaving the small woman writhing and whimpering shamelessly. Eventually, Peggy passed over the imprisoned wrists after placing a careful kiss on each fingertip. Angie was moaning constantly now and desperation was making her sound downright animal-like. Of their own volition, Angie's narrow hips arched up and Peggy took advantage of the unspoken invitation. Having that talented mouth so close to her most powerful need was maddening to Angie. Having her wrists imprisoned and her movements gently restrained was heightening her concentration on the sensations. She could take no active role in Peggy's lovemaking and it turned her on more than she would have thought.

Angie gasped when she felt Peggy burrow into the warm crevice between her buttocks. That teasing tongue firmly stroked the exquisitely sensitive patch of flesh between her aching sex and anus. Angie jerked back into Peggy hard enough to earn a grunt of what could have been surprise or pain. So that tormenting mouth trailed lightly over the skin close, so close to her need and kissed the backs of her taut thighs. A wordless wail of protest shattered the heated air and earned a smile from Peggy. To draw out the torment for just a few more moments, Peggy leaned away to study the wet, swollen folds and sample the intoxicating fragrance.

"Please... please... please..."

There was little doubt in Peggy's mind that Angie was unaware she was begging softly under her breath. Quickly releasing Angie's wrists, Peggy dropped onto her back and wrapped both arms around the trembling thighs. A hoarse cry wrenched itself from Angie as Peggy bodily shifted her onto that waiting mouth. Pleasure roared along her nerves and exploded from her in a broken cry of release. Unmerciful, Peggy continued to suckle the aching focus of Angie's pleasure even as the smaller woman whimpered for mercy or more it was difficult to tell. Again that energy gathered and the intensity of it actually frightened Angie. This woman left her no defenses, no protocols, no rules, no sanity. Like a freed animal, the climax was torn from her with a scream that left her blind, mute and utterly helpless.

Crawling up from between shaking thighs, Peggy gathered her sobbing lover into strong arms. They were both a mess, hair tangled, skin flushed and slicked with sweat and sex. The bed was a disaster, half the bedding on the floor, sheets untucked at two corners.

"Remind me," Angie started to say and had to swallow hard and resituate herself more comfortably, tucking her head under Peggy's chin. "Remind me to thank Steve for this."

The throaty chuckle was a welcome sound, a warm sound not colored with all the recent confusion brought on by his return.

"Yes, I quite agree. Now, I don't know about you, love, but I'm ready for a nap."

"Yeah, I can't complain about this sex and sleep marathon."

Together they laughed and let their bodies melt together however they would. The real world was still far away and they would soak up this time together for all it was worth.

"Love ya, Peggy."

"I love you too, Angie."

And they slept.