Title: The Touch of a Stranger
Author: Layla Aaron
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Date in Calendar: 24 December 2013
Fandom: Once Upon a Time
Pairing: Emma Swan/Regina Mills
Rating: FRAO/Adults Only
Word Count: 1,254
Summary: An intense moment of passion leaves Emma confused with half memories of another life.
Spoilers/Warnings: Spoilers for Once Upon a Time Season 3, Episode 11 "Going Home"
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"Emma." A woman's voice, sultry and seductive, murmured her name near her ear. "Emma, look at me," the voice commanded softly.

Emma Swan opened her eyes and stared at the face hovering near hers. The woman leaning over her was beautiful. More beautiful than anyone she recalled, but she had no recollection of this particular woman. And yet they were face-to-face...and naked.

She watched the other woman's face draw closer to hers, closing her eyes a nanosecond before the other woman's mouth met hers for a passionate kiss. The intensity of the moment left Emma confused but aroused. She opened her eyes when the kiss broke then moaned when the dark-haired woman's hand cupped her right breast while ruby red lips encircled her left nipple.

"Oh, how I've missed you, my sweet swanling," the woman whispered against the inner curve of her breast. "So sensual, so responsive to my touch and my kiss. The last few months have been hell without you."

Oh fuck! Emma didn't know how to respond, nor did she think she actually could put together even a semi-coherent response at the given moment. Teeth nipped at the inner and outer curves of her breasts. When the woman sucked her nipple into her mouth then sank her teeth into the sensitive tissue, Emma squeezed her eyes shut, arched off the bed with a sharp gasp. "Oh fuck," she groaned, this time aloud for her mystery lover to hear.

The stranger's throaty chuckle went straight to her core. "Not yet, my dear, but soon. Very soon."

Emma forced her eyes open, her hands twisting in the cool sheets of her bed. She watched the woman leave a trail of kisses from her breasts to her navel. The occasional nip of teeth elicited whimpers from Emma. She might not know this woman, but the stranger definitely knew her.

The woman nudged Emma's legs apart and settled between them with her hands resting on Emma's inner thighs. "I love to watch you, Emma. With your hair tousled, your skin dewy from perspiration, your pussy wet and ready for my touch."

At this moment, breathing took more effort than usual. The touch of the stranger's hands on her thighs, the sensations heightened by the deftness with which the woman aroused her. Emma mentally urged the other woman to touch her clit, wished for that intimate touch of the woman's mouth on her. And still her mystery lover teased her, trailing kisses around her navel before moving closer to Emma's pussy.

The woman touched Emma, her thumb first pressing then rubbing her clit. Emma spread her legs open further, untangling one hand to stroke the dark hair of the woman leaving her breathless with sensual torture. "Please," Emma begged.

"Please what?" the woman teased.

"Eat me, make me come," Emma whispered.

"Say my name," the woman ordered in a whisper.

Staring at the dark-haired woman, Emma wanted to cry out in frustration. She didn't know this woman, couldn't recall ever seeing her before, not even as a stranger in the crowd. But for some reason this stranger knew her name and knew her intimately enough to know how she liked her foreplay. Emma closed her eyes, thought for a moment. The commands, the hint of arrogance, the confidence of the woman reminded her of a queen. She said the first name she could think of associated with queens "Regina, please."

Emma opened her eyes and met the gaze of the woman between her legs. She reached out to stroke the woman's cheek and repeated her plea. "Regina, please. I need to feel your mouth on me."

"There are some things that just can't be forgotten, aren't there?" The woman asked.

Swallowing, still hoping she'd picked the right name, Emma nodded. She might not remember the woman, but something about this felt right and comfortable. It was almost as if she knew yet didn't know the woman. It confused the hell out of her, but she didn't want her confusion to come between them. She could ask questions later; right now, she wanted to focus on what her mystery lover was doing to her.

All coherent thought left her mind when Regina sucked Emma's clit between her lips. Emma tangled her fingers in the other woman's dark curls while tilting her pelvis toward the woman's face. Regina alternated between sucking on Emma's clit and flicking it with the end of her tongue. Emma arched off the bed when Regina did what Emma could best call giving a French kiss to her clit. She wasn't sure what her lover was doing to her but it felt good, damn good.

Regina eased two fingers into Emma's pussy, and Emma let out a guttural moan. The combined pleasure of Regina's mouth and tongue teasing her clit and Regina's fingers thrusting in and out of her pussy quickly brought Emma to her climax. Her lover took her to the peak of her orgasm then brought her back down, but that didn't seem to be enough for the other woman.

"Regina," Emma cried out. She dropped her head to her pillow, twisted her hands in her sheets, and closed her eyes. Letting go of everything other than the pleasure Regina brought her, from the slow build-up to the rush of pleasure to the peak then back down to the slow ebb of sensations at its finale, Emma savored every moment of her second orgasm.

Emma opened her eyes to find Regina smiling down at her. She unclenched her fingers and cupped the other woman's face, pulling her close for a kiss. Emma tasted herself on Regina's lips, thrust her tongue into her mouth and claimed a deeply passionate kiss. She broke the kiss, and breathing hard, asked, "Who are you?"

Regina smiled at her, stroked her fingertips down Emma's cheek. "My sweet swanling, it breaks my heart to think you really don't remember me." She pressed a quick kiss to Emma's mouth. "Your mind may not remember me, but your body does."

"If you know my body so well, then I want to remember you. But I, I can't." Emma balled one fist and pounded it on her mattress. "Why can't I remember you when you so obviously know who the fuck I am?"

The wry smile on Regina's face twisted Emma's heart. Regina shook her head then murmured, "It was part of the price I paid for the curse. As much as I want to change what has happened, I can't." She leaned in to kiss Emma again. "But I can find you here," she whispered against Emma's lips before she disappeared.


Emma sat up in her bed and stared at the familiar setting of her bedroom. She noted her tangled sheets and the soft sheen of perspiration on her chest. She pressed her hand between her legs and found the evidence of her arousal. Emma couldn't remember the last time she'd had a wet dream, but this one had been one hell of a wet dream. So realistic that Emma could swear she still felt the last vestiges of her orgasms from her mystery lover.

Not ready to let go of her dream and her dream lover, Emma flopped back on the bed and pressed her fingers over and around her clit. When the pleasure finally overtook her, her orgasm was more subtle and muted than the ones from her dream, but she felt satisfied nonetheless. As the sensations subsided, she whispered the name of her dream lover "Regina."