Title: 12 Days of Christmas - Day 10
Author: Shatterpath
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Date in Calendar: 17 December 2013
Fandom: Once Upon a Time
Pairing: Emma and Regina, eventually.
Rating: soft PG. Barely!
Date Written: December 2013
Word Count: still a work in progress!
Summary: (sing it with me now) For the Twelve Days of Christmas, my OUaT author gave to me...
Warnings: nope
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Author's Notes: I enjoyed the challenge of using the famous Christmas song for this! It took some finagling to get the verse titles right-- not to mention come up with an fic idea for a few of them-- but I enjoyed myself writing this. It was written just before the half-season finale, so keep that in mind. Much of my story will contradict the final ep.

Beta: ariestess

10 Fairies Flying

"This is silly," Regina groused, but her concentration never wavered. Emma merely grinned, caught up in the happy energy that flowed as freely as Astrid's giggles. Levitation was just another skill, another focus of the power that resided in the two women and their lone contemporary, who wisely stayed away. Astrid had wistfully watched them practice one day with random objects, thinking she was unobserved, but the girl was anything but discrete. Emma could picture the illustration of Nova and Dreamy's story, see that look superimposed over Astrid's serious clothing and mundane appearance. That had led to not just learning to manage the woman's mass, but mimicking the movements of flight. It was an excellent use of power and control both, a very real life in their hands forcing concentration.

Even when the other nun/fairies had unexpectedly found them, neither spellcaster broke, and the gaggle froze at Emma's imperiously raised hand. Regina smirked with an edge not quite like bared teeth and twisted their human guinea pig into a barrel roll that made her shriek and laugh in sheer delight. They weren't exactly hiding, only a short walk away from the nunnery, and knew that one day they'd have an audience. One more skill to master, one more distraction to deal with and not fumble the power they wielded to keep Astrid safe.

Graceful as a leaf, the girl came to rest on her feet before them, face wet with tears and startled both by throwing her arms around their necks to squeeze choking tight.

"Thank you so much! Oh how I've missed that! What a delight!"

Leaving behind a very startled and slightly flustered Emma and Regina standing shoulder to shoulder, she raced off towards the others, babbling happily about her experience. Neither of the spellcasters missed the hunger of something intrinsic lost to the fairies when they were made mundane nuns.

"Totally silly," Emma mused to herself, both thoughtful and faintly amused. Regina made no further comment but Emma had long learned that sometimes her silences spoke more than words.