Title: 12 Days of Christmas - Day 2
Author: Shatterpath
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Date in Calendar: 25 December 2013
Fandom: Once Upon a Time
Pairing: Emma and Regina, eventually.
Rating: soft PG. Barely!
Date Written: December 2013
Word Count: still a work in progress!
Summary: (sing it with me now) For the Twelve Days of Christmas, my OUaT author gave to me...
Warnings: nope
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Author's Notes: I enjoyed the challenge of using the famous Christmas song for this! It took some finagling to get the verse titles right-- not to mention come up with an fic idea for a few of them-- but I enjoyed myself writing this. It was written just before the half-season finale, so keep that in mind. Much of my story will contradict the final ep.

Beta: ariestess

2 Feuding/Kissing Moms

"You're late."

With practice Emma had learned many of Regina's subtle cues and the woman wasn't as irritated as her voice would indicate. She was worried. Even as Emma stepped over the threshold into the big white house, Regina's sensitive hands fretted over Henry, passed out cold on Emma's back.

"Yeah, sorry about that. The rest of the clan was feeling clingy."

There was a resigned affection in Emma's voice and she smiled warmly as Regina leaned in, almost pressed to her lanky frame, to press a lingering kiss to Henry's forehead. She stroked the messy dark hair, her curvy frame warm and appealing and not just because Emma was damp and chilly. The blonde forced herself not to startle when Regina cupped her chin and settled her lips at the corner of Emma's mouth. That caressing hand stroked her cheekbone, the thumb on her lower lip a warming intimacy.

"Thank you for bringing him home... here."

Not wanting the awkwardness or a resurgence of the possessiveness that had characterized so much of their journey together, Emma smiled warmly.

"No, you're right. This is home."

It was a loaded comment and spoken with a conviction that pleased both women. Still bearing Henry's deadweight, Emma took to the stairs first and was followed up where the women could carefully remove his jacket and put the boy in his bed. Sprawled out carelessly, he looked much younger, worry bled away from his face. Emma removed his shoes and gathered up the bedding to throw over him, but paused at the sweetness of Regina leaning over him, lips pressed to his forehead, stroking his cheeks with adoration in every gesture.

And how the once-evil woman had done exactly the same with her.

Emma's smooch to the warm forehead was much more perfunctory and the mothers slunk out to let him sleep in peace.

"Would you like a drink?"

"God yes."

Smiling at the urgency in Emma's voice, Regina led the way to the kitchen. It took a few long moments for Emma to join her, the blonde's expression wryly amused. "Is this stuff all over the house or am I seeing things?"

A raised finger indicated the spring of familiar mistletoe over the kitchen doorway, making Regina smile in faint embarrassment. "Yes, that."

"Is he setting us up?"

Both seemed faintly startled at the tease, Regina's eyes drawn above where Emma lounged negligently against the door always left standing open to the kitchen.

"I have no idea. He put the bundles everywhere. He hasn't been so interactive and clingy since he was very small."

The sweet sentiment deepened Emma's smile, accepting the glass of white wine offered as Regina strode over.

"Shame to waste all that hard work."

Really, Emma had no edit button and could not even blame alcohol as this was the first sip of the stuff she'd indulged in, knowing she would need to get the boy home. There was an old tension suddenly, cool between them, but the inevitability of it all was far stronger. The first real kiss between them was a meeting of halfway, a brush of soft lips and warm breath that slowly warmed until cold glasses were set on the nearby small table so that hands could touch freely.

Suffused with a delightful heat, Regina was reluctant to give up the drugging kisses, raising up on her tiptoes to follow Emma's retreating mouth before opening her eyes and dropping back to her slippered feet. Clearing her throat, Emma spoke softly, her voice cracking with emotion.

"Remind me to thank the kid for all the sexy little weeds."

Their combined giggling was a catalyst and a bonding of its own.