Title: Untying Emma
Author: Layla Aaron
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Date in Calendar: 28 December 2012
Fandom: Once Upon a Time
Pairing: Regina Mills/Emma Swan
Rating: FRAO/Adults Only
Word Count: 2,092
Summary: egina enjoys the spoils of a bound Emma.
Spoilers/Warnings: Kink alert scratching, biting, rope bondage
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Author's Disclaimer: "Once Upon a Time" and the characters depicted are the intellectual property of Adam Horowitz, Edward Kitsis, Kitsis/Horowitz, and ABC Studios. This piece of fan fiction was created for entertainment not monetary purposes. Previously unrecognized characters and places, and this story, are copyrighted to the author. Any similarity to real persons, living or dead, is coincidental and not intended by the author. This site is in no way affiliated with "Once Upon a Time," ABC, or any representatives of the actors.

Author's Notes: This came about from a wee bunny after reading a prompt in ouatkinkmeme Emma entering subspace after a long scene with Regina. Aftercare! It's up to you whether you post the scene, but I definitely wish aftercare was explored more in fics, so I really want that.

The sight of Emma bound left Regina breathless. Tonight she'd used the red and black ropes, creating first a rope bra to accentuate Emma's luscious breasts. Then she'd created a strap-on harness, adding a red-black marbled dildo. Her pulse began to race as she ran her fingertips along Emma's abs to circle her fingers around the phallus jutting from her lover's body.

She watched Emma's expressions as she traced the path of the rope around Emma's breasts and over her hips. Not yet content, Regina nudged Emma back to the bed, then settled her on the bed with a definite motive in mind. With a shorter piece of rope, Regina bound her lover's wrists then looped the rope over the headboard of her sleigh bed. She slowly pulled the rope until Emma's arms were over her head, and the other woman was completely at her mercy.

Once she had Emma bound to her bed, Regina stripped with far less finesse than usual. The sight of Emma covered in rope, a phallus jutting from her groin, aroused Regina more than she expected. She threw each piece of clothing on the floor as she stripped. Naked and aroused, she climbed onto the bed and straddled Emma's waist.

Regina leaned over and kissed Emma. She nipped at the other woman's lower lip then deepened their kiss, thrusting her tongue into Emma's mouth. Emma moaned into the kiss; a sound that elicited a growl from Regina. Regina moved, sliding back until her ass bumped the dildo. She paused, taking a shuddering breath as she imagined riding Emma, fucking herself with the red-black cock.

She wanted this. Hungry to mark her lover, Regina raked her nails the length of Emma's arms. She watched the other woman's fair skin as the trails of pink appeared. Not content with that, she dragged her nails along Emma's arms again, sinking her nails in deeper. She squirmed as the pink turned darker. The accompanying moan from Emma made her wetter.

But she wanted more. She wanted a mark that both of them could see and would know exactly to whom Emma belonged. If anyone else saw it and realized what it meant, so much the better as far as Regina was concerned. Emma was hers. Her lover, her submissive, her rope slut.

Regina shifted, grabbing the phallus and positioning it between her legs. She lowered herself enough to press the tip inside her pussy. "Look at me," she ordered.

Emma complied without a sound. Regina rested her free hand on the pillow by Emma's head. Needing to be filled, she sank down in a rush, thrusting the dildo deep inside her. Regina let out a moan as the phallus stretched her. She dropped her head forward and stared into Emma's eyes, then circled her pelvis.

The moan that came out of Emma encouraged Regina to begin riding the dildo, thrusting it in and out of her own body. Although she knew Emma felt some pleasure from the movement, in this given moment all she cared about was her own pleasure. She would take care of Emma later; right now was just for her.

She leaned down, pressed her mouth to Emma's nipple. Then she moved her mouth until her lips touched the fleshing part of Emma's breast. She drew in several deep breaths. Giving no warning to Emma, she sank her teeth into the fleshy part of Emma's breast. She sank her teeth in deeper and deeper, gripping the tender flesh between her teeth. Faster and faster she rode the dildo.

Regina gave a shake of her head, and Emma let out a shriek. She shook her head again, this time eliciting a throaty moan from her lover. Several seconds later, she knew she had left the mark she wished on her lover. She opened her mouth, savoring the sound of Emma's sharp gasp, knowing the other woman felt more pain now than when she was biting her. Regina ran the tip of her tongue along the marks left behind by her teeth.

She paused moving long enough to look at the imprints of her teeth. How quickly would Emma's skin bruise? How soon would her wish to mark her lover be fulfilled? They'd find out soon enough, but Regina expected these bites would give her what she wanted and needed. Her mark of possession on Emma.

Regina kissed the site of the bite. Then she slid a hand between her body and Emma's, finding her clit with her fingertips. She rubbed her clit while riding the dildo.

"Please, Regina," Emma pleaded.

Regina stared at Emma. "Please what?"

"Please come. Let me watch you," the other woman whimpered.

Determined to give Emma what she wanted, Regina became frenzied in her movements. Her climax started and she threw back her head, growling her lover's name. The pleasure coursed through her, starting small then building to a resounding finale. Controlling her own orgasm, Regina used her fingers to take herself higher until she reached a point of sensory overload. She eased herself down before collapsing on top of Emma.

Pushing herself up on her hands, Regina stared down at Emma. She gave the other woman a quick kiss. Then she glanced at the other woman's breast and smiled. With her fingertip she traced the pattern of her teeth. "You're mine, Emma," she whispered. "This marks you as mine."

"Yes, my Queen," Emma murmured.

As much as she needed her own pleasure earlier, Regina now needed to give pleasure to her lover. She needed to hear the sounds of Emma's climax, needed to witness the other woman reaching her peak of pleasure.

She reached up to release Emma's arms, stroking the length of her limbs and taking care to ensure the comfort of the other woman. Regina kept Emma's wrists bound but trailed the ends of the ropes over Emma's nipples and breasts. She eased into a sitting position, leaning over Emma and teasing her with the tail ends of the rope. Without warning, she gave a flick of the rope, watching as the ends made a sharp contact with the flesh.

Emma jumped then moaned. She squirmed, thrust her breasts toward Regina.

Regina flicked the rope a few more times, smiling at the reaction she elicited from the other woman. She smoothed her palm over Emma's abdomen, eased her hand lower. Pausing from her sensual torture long enough to remove the dildo from the rope harness, Regina resumed teasing her lover with the rope. Alternating between using the ends of rope as a makeshift flogger and using them as a tickle torture device, she knew Emma reveled in this form of torment. She covered Emma's mound with the palm of her hand. When she leaned down and took a deep breath, the musky scent of Emma's arousal made her smile. Her palm glistened with the evidence of the other woman's arousal .

She pressed two fingers together then thrust them in Emma's pussy. Emma bucked and thrust her pelvis against Regina's hand. Regina flicked the rope, catching Emma's nipple with the tips. Then she began moving her fingers in and out of her lover. Occasionally she would pause to tease Emma with the tail ends of the rope.

As she watched Emma, Regina knew when her lover needed more. She added a third finger, stretching Emma's pussy. She focused on pushing Emma to her climax, and she knew the other woman was close. The soft whimpers and moans, the ease with which her fingers slipped in and out of Emma, the rich scene of sex permeating the air just a few more thrusts and she knew Emma would come.

Emma arched her back, shrieked Regina's name, bucking against Regina's hand. Ready to push Emma just a bit beyond her comfort zone, Regina added the fourth finger, twisting her hand then thrusting her fingers into Emma. The other woman shrieked again, followed by a long throaty moan.

Regina smiled to herself, easing her fingers out then thrusting them back into her lover. Controlling her movements, she took Emma to the height of her orgasm then eased her back down until she laid quivering and panting on the bed. As she watched Emma catch her breath, Regina licked her fingers clean. She savored the taste of her lover.



"Could you untie my wrists?"

Regina nodded then released Emma's wrists from the rope. She trailed rope over Emma's lips, her breasts, her stomach, her thighs, and then her pussy. The way Emma squirmed at the touch of the rope against her skin made Regina smile. She'd never known anyone to enjoy rope as much as Emma. Not just the bondage, but also the feel of rope against her skin. It was a sight to behold, and it gave Regina pleasure to give Emma what she wanted.

She waited a few more minutes before she pulled Emma to stand beside the bed. Beginning with the strap-on harness, Regina began to unbind Emma. She noted the other woman's parted lips and stared into Emma's glazed eyes. The younger woman's blissed out smile elicited one from Regina. She enjoyed tying up Emma, because nothing seemed to send Emma flying quite the way rope bondage did. Her own little rope slut. She paused to stroke Emma's hair. The gentle caress earned a happy whimper from Emma.

Regina wrapped her arms around Emma while she still wore the rope bra. She stroked her hands over the rope and bare skin, savoring the contrast in sensations. Gently, slowly, she ran her nails over Emma's exposed skin. The other woman shivered in her embrace, and Regina kissed her temple. These moments left her feeling closer and more bonded with Emma.

Resuming the task of unwrapping Emma, Regina admired the marks where the rope bit into her lover's fair skin. As she continued removing the rope, she would occasionally pet and stroke Emma. Every now and then, the other woman would look up at her, and that blissed-out look left Regina feeling more possessive than she'd ever been of a lover.

She knew Emma really liked the sensation of the rope slide along her skin, so Regina took her time in untying the other woman. Slowly and deliberately, she let the rope slide against Emma's arms, breasts, and abdomen. She couldn't help but smile when Emma shivered as the rope caressed her.

Once she'd fully unbound Emma, Regina curled up next to her, wrapping Emma in her favorite plush throw and stroking the areas of skin not covered by the soft fabric. The purring sounds of contentment coming from Emma brought out Regina's possessive side even more. She tilted Emma's chin up and placed a tender kiss to the other woman's lips. Then she slid her tongue between the other woman's lips and claimed what she considered rightfully hers her lover, her pet, the other half of her heart.

"Thank you, my beautiful Queen," Emma whispered when the kiss ended.

Regina cuddled Emma closer, ran her hands up and down Emma's arms. She stroked her back, trailing fingertips along the length of Emma's spine. "You're very welcome, m'dear." She pressed another quick kiss to Emma's mouth then reached for the glass of water on the nightstand by the bed. Handing the glass to Emma, she watched her drink half the glass in one long sip then take a few smaller sips.

When Emma handed the glass back to her, Regina then grabbed two dark chocolate squares. She unwrapped the chocolate, broke it into pieces, and offered the candy to Emma. While Emma ate the candy, Regina stroked her hair, trailing her fingertips along her cheeks. Regina leaned in to lick a smudge of chocolate from the corner of Emma's mouth.

Cupping Emma's cheek, Regina kissed her temple. "I love to watch you. The moment the rope touches your skin, your lips part, your eyes glaze over, and there's a hint of a blush that creeps over your cheeks," Regina whispered to the other woman. "You're so incredibly beautiful."

"You make me beautiful," Emma replied.

Regina shook her head. "No, love, you're already beautiful. This just accentuates what you've already got." She smiled at Emma, snuggling closer. "Close your eyes. Sleep," she commanded in a hoarse whisper.

She watched the other woman's eyes drift close then squeezed her eyes closed to stem the unbidden flow of tears. Emma's trust in her reduced her to tears because no one else seemed to believe in her the same way. Not even the son they shared.