Title: At Last
Author: Layla Aaron
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Date in Calendar: 22 December 2012
Fandom: Rizzoli & Isles
Pairing: Jane Rizzoli/Maura Isles
Rating: FRM/Mature
Word Count: 2,936
Summary: Jane and Maura dance around their love for one another until they can't any longer.
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Author's Notes: Inspired by several viewings of "Remember Me" 2x10.

Maura stared at Jane. The events of the fateful day flashing through her mind over and over. Her gut clenched every time she recalled the moment Jane pulled the trigger and fell to the ground. She drew in a shaky breath and reached for Jane's hand.

She'd been by Jane's side every moment she could. In the evening after work, on the weekends, on her days off, even overnight – she never easily left Jane's side and only when she had other obligations. The sight of Jane with tubes coming out of her, lying motionless in her hospital bed, elicited a fresh set of tears. She remembered sitting by Angela Rizzoli, holding her hand as the woman fretted over her son and daughter, both in surgery from gunshot wounds.

Maura rubbed her thumb over the back of Jane's hand. "Oh, Jane," she sighed. She closed her eyes and heard Jane's screams, saw the sight of Jane falling to the ground, the blood seeping out of her. A tear slid down her cheek. She wanted…no, she needed Jane to open her eyes and speak to her. She needed to know Jane was going to be okay.

She kept seeing the implicit trust in Jane's eyes when she begged Maura to take care of Frankie. Jane had trusted her to save her brother's life. That trust meant so much to Maura, just as Jane did.

Maura rested her cheek on their hands, let out a heavy sigh. If only Jane would awaken. If only she would open her eyes and look at me. Then I would confess my love to her. I would stop playing these waiting games.

She ignored the pain of sitting in this awkward position, kept her cheek pressed against their hands. Still fervently hoping for Jane to wake up and say something, anything.


She recognized Angela Rizzoli's voice, but didn't lift her head.

Angela touched Maura's shoulder, gently rubbing her back. "Why don't you go home and get some decent sleep? I know Jane would want you to be well-rested."

"I can't, Angela," Maura whispered. "What if she wakes up and I'm not here?"

"Maura, sweetheart, I'll be the first to tell her about you sitting vigil, waiting for her to wake up." Angela stroked Maura's hair.

"Maura?" Jane's hoarse whisper could barely be heard above the machines. "Ma?"

Maura lifted her head and stared at Jane. All the words she wanted to say, her confession of love seemed to stick in her throat. She could barely muster a smile, much less speak. "Jane?" Her voice came out in a squeak.


Jane stared at Maura over Korsak's shoulder, his comfort a much needed balm for her shattered nerves. Her best friend appeared dazed, still feeling the effects of being stunned by the taser Hoyt used on her. Hoyt lay dead on the floor, the scalpel sticking out of his chest from where Jane plunged it in while declaring her victory. It wasn't enough that this man had haunted her dreams for years, but he had threatened her, declared he planned to take both Maura and Jane with him as he died. Fighting to save Maura's life gave Jane the added strength she needed to overcome both the guard and Hoyt. Finally, that man was dead; never to torment Jane or anyone she loved again.

She continued staring at Maura, grateful to Frost for helping the other woman while Korsak assisted her. As much as she wanted to go to Maura to comfort her, Jane was still too unstable from what she'd done, from this latest near-death experience with Hoyt. Her body trembled as shock settled in, and she sobbed, burying her face in Korsak's suit. His arms tightened around him, and she knew his embrace was the only thing keeping her from sinking to the floor.

Of her three up close and personal encounters with Hoyt, Vince Korsak had been there twice to help comfort her. Her flashbacks to the first encounter, the time Hoyt had pinned her hands to the floor with scalpels, still haunted her. Just days earlier, when she'd discovered Hoyt was in the infirmary, she'd flashed back to that encounter the moment she realized he was in one of the other beds.

This was not how she'd planned to spend her birthday. This was not the lead-in she wanted to the romantic evening she had planned. Tonight was to have been special for Maura and her, even if Maura didn't know it. Of course, what Jane had planned would come after the certain-to-be disastrous "surprise" party her mom was arranging at The Dirty Robber.

As much as she dreaded it, Jane was grateful for the distraction the party would provide. At least, Maura and she were still alive. In her case, she was alive to dread it, something for which she would be thankful for the rest of her life. Being alive, even at a surprise party, beat the option she'd just escaped. Her gaze went to Maura again.

Later that evening, disappointment filled her as she realized her plans for the evening would likely not happen. Between the trip to the ER to have her wounds tended, the wasted trip to The Dirty Robber where she found an empty bar, and the surprise party at her own apartment, it was all too much. She was suffering from sensory overload from all of the day's events. As she watched Maura, she began wishing the people in her apartment would simply disappear. She wanted time alone with her, but her friends and family seemed determined to stay.


Another birthday rolled around, and the nightmares still persisted. Jane opened her eyes, stared at her ceiling for several seconds before lifting her hands to gaze at the scars. Some days it seemed these constant reminders of Hoyt bothered her more than on others. She suspected today would be one of those days, and she let out a heavy sigh before dropping her hands to rest on her stomach. Rolling to her side, she moved to sit on the edge of her bed.

In the year since her last birthday, Jane had come no closer to admitting her love to Maura. There had been moments where they'd flirted without being obvious, but never going beyond a certain point. They'd also shared moments of comfort but nothing ever moved them to so much as a kiss, much less declarations of love.

Jane let out a heavy sigh. Her hands clasped together between her knees, she dropped her head. She recalled telling Maura she hated her birthdays because none of them turned out the way she imagined. Last year had been no exception. The one wish that did come true had not been without a price. Although he was dead, Hoyt still haunted her nightmares. Almost all of them revolved around him hurting Maura, his turning the taser on her and cutting her neck. Even a year later, the memory of the sight of Maura's blood trailing down her neck still caused Jane's stomach to churn.

She pushed herself off the bed and made her way to her closet. Selecting a suit, Jane opted for a silk button-down shirt in place of her usual t-shirt. She wondered if Maura would notice. They had plans to go out after work, this year, to some new upscale bar Maura wanted to visit.

As she dressed, Jane added a few extra touches here and there. The darker but not too dark lipstick that accentuated her lips. The use of a moss green eyeliner in addition to the mascara that accentuated her eyes. Just a few things to draw Maura's attention. Would she notice the extra effort I put into my appearance? Would she notice that my shirt is the color of her favorite Merlot?


The thumping in her head began to match the thumping bass of the music. For Maura's sake, Jane sipped her beer and put up with it. Maura seemed to be enjoying herself, so Jane was willing to make the sacrifice.

Jane even let Maura drag her out on the dance floor. Admittedly, there were a few perks to that venture, like watching Maura move to the music and the fine sheen of perspiration that covered the other woman's face. She wondered if Maura would perspire like that in the heat of passion. If everything went even remotely to plan, then Jane might find out in the near future. Come hell or high water, Jane intended to open up to Maura and tell her she loved her. Tonight was the night.

At some point during their dancing, Jane began to enjoy herself. Perhaps it was due to Maura bouncing to the music. Perhaps it was due to the jostling that put her flush against Maura. Perhaps it was just time with Maura, even if they weren't alone. Perhaps it was all the smiles and grins on Maura's face. She didn't try to figure it out; she just went with the flow and enjoyed herself.

After several songs, Maura grabbed Jane's hand and led her back to the bar. Just as she was sliding onto a stool, a man placed his hand on Maura's ass, groping her. "Hey hot stuff! You and your girlfriend look like you need some company," the man spoke in a slurred voice. He leaned over in an obvious attempt to look down Maura's dress.

In a flash Jane had his arm twisted behind his back, pushed him to a kneeling position. "That's no way to treat a woman, asshole!" Jane growled in his ear. "Apologize for your disrespectful behavior. Now!"

"No fucking way, bitch!"

Jane twisted his arm harder, causing him to howl in pain. A small crowd began to gather around them. Most of the women murmured support for Jane and demanding the man apologize. Most of the men offered support for Jane, but most seemed to hang back as if they were intimidated by her strength.

"I said, apologize. It's not a suggestion, asshole; it's an order. Now!"

The man looked up at Maura then muttered, "Sorry," then ducked his head.

Jane gave his arm another twist. "That's not an apology." By this time, the DJ had turned off the music and everyone could hear what was going on between Jane and the stranger.

The man grunted and lifted his head. "I'm sorry I grabbed your ass. I couldn't help myself, it's so fine."

Jane grabbed a handful of the man's hair. "That's almost as pitiful as your first apology. You've got one last chance."

He growled and struggled against Jane's hold on him. She forced him to look at Maura. "I'm sorry I was disrespectful," he said.

Jane released her hold on him and stepped back. Several patrons of the club began to applaud, and a few whistled in appreciation. Jane waved off the attention and focused on Maura. The other woman moved closer to Jane and took her hand.

"Let's get out of here." Maura stood on her tiptoes and spoke into Jane's ear.

Jane nodded and let Maura lead the way out of the club, their hands still clasped.

Once outside the club, Maura turned to face her. "Where to now?"

"My place?" Jane replied. She thought of the candles and the bottle of wine she had waiting at home. She hoped Maura wouldn't find it too corny or cheesy.

Maura nodded.


Maura kept casting sidelong glances in Jane's direction while the other woman drove. She recalled Jane's actions in the club. She couldn't think of a time when anyone so adamantly defended her honor. The sight of Jane forcing that man to kneel and apologize to her left her feeling somewhat aroused. She pressed her legs together, clenching her hands in fists in her lap. Many studies show that only someone who loves another went to such extremes to defend them. Dare she hope that Jane felt the same way she did?

Her heart pounded, her pulse raced, and she longed to feel the rush of oxytocin following an orgasm, specifically one shared with Jane. She was tired of playing the games, of dancing around her feelings for the other woman. Smiling to herself, she formulated a plan.

Once inside Jane's apartment, Maura waited until Jane had shut the door and turned around. Then she pressed herself against the other woman and slid her hands into Jane's hair.

"Maura?" Jane whispered.

Maura swallowed then took a deep breath. "Jane," she murmured. "I…there's something I have wanted to tell you for quite some time. I…when we're not together, I find myself thinking of you and…"

"Maura, I love you."

Maura stared but paused only a moment before claiming Jane's mouth in a long kiss. Their tongues slid together as the kiss deepened. Jane's hands moved around her waist then down to rest at the small of Maura's back.

Maura broke the kiss then tilted her head back to look at Jane. "Really?"

Jane smiled, nodded. "Really. I had plans to tell you last year on my birthday, but we both know what happened."

Maura cupped Jane's cheek, smiled when Jane turns her face and places a kiss in her palm. "I love you, too. I've known since…" She trailed off, not wanting to spoil the moment by recalling the day Jane shot herself to take down the dirty cop who used her as a human shield.

"You sat with me, stayed at the hospital with me any and every time you could." Jane nuzzled Maura's temple.

"How did you know?"

"Ma told me. She told me how much she appreciated you being there. It took some of the pressure off her trying to be in two places at once, she said. But I think she knew it was more than that."

Maura placed soft kisses along Jane's jaw line. "I couldn't bear the thought of you waking up in the hospital without me there by your side."

Jane slid her hand from around Maura's waist, cupped the other woman's cheek, then claimed her mouth in a kiss. She moaned when Maura's fingers began unbuttoning her shirt. Maura teased the tops of her breasts with her fingertips, and Jane broke the kiss. "Oh God, Maura, that's…" She whimpered when Maura pinched her nipples.

Maura stepped back and grabbed Jane's hand, dragging her into the bedroom. She pushed Jane's jacket and shirt down her arms, dropping them to the floor. Then she unbuttoned and unzipped Jane's pants, sliding her hand into Jane's panties until her fingers found her clit.

"Maura," Jane moaned.

She watched Jane as she began rubbing her clit. Right now, she wanted more than ever to see Jane's face when she climaxed. She varied the pressure of her caresses and left kisses and nibbles on areas of Jane's breasts left exposed by her bra. When Jane's fingers dug into her shoulders, Maura tilted her head back and watched the other woman's face.

Jane sank her teeth into her bottom lip then let out a whimper. She swayed; her knees buckling and she started to sink to the floor. Maura slipped her free arm around Jane's waist and kept her upright. She used her fingers to take Jane to the peak of her orgasm then bring her down. She savored the sights and sounds of Jane's orgasm, feeling a rush of arousal at what she'd accomplished.

Maura kissed Jane, pressing her mouth to Jane's in a soft, tender kiss before easing the other woman onto the bed. She watched Jane for several seconds, noting the flush of Jane's cheeks and the rise and fall of her chest as she caught her breath. Then she knelt at Jane's feet and slipped off her boots. She stood and worked Jane's slacks and panties off her. The sight of Jane wearing only her bra took Maura's breath away and she settled on the bed next to Jane.

Jane turned her head and smiled at Maura. "Wow," she muttered. "That was…" She grinned. "That was definitely a surprise birthday gift."

Maura laughed. "Does that mean I can stay and give you three, maybe four more?"

Jane nodded. She reached over and brushed Maura's hair back off her face. "Just knowing you feel the same way is gift enough for me." She let out a sigh. "Even if it took us forever to get here."

"I'm glad you feel that way, Jane. I wanted to tell you sooner, but life got in the way, people slipped between us, and there never seemed to be a good time to talk about this."

Jane nodded again. "I know, but we've come clean. At long last, we have admitted our feelings."

Maura smiled at her then slid off the bed. She began a slow strip, her gaze never leaving Jane's while she did. She paused once she stood in just her panties and bra.

"Come here, Maura," Jane ordered in a soft tone.

Maura joined Jane on the bed, cuddling next to her. She stroked her hand over Jane's stomach. A smile crossed her face at the way Jane's muscles jumped under her caress. "Let me chase away the nightmares, Jane."


Jane awoke, her arm draped across Maura's waist. She blinked several times then slowly smiled. No nightmares. Maura had chased away the nightmares, and Jane had been able to sleep through the night without the horrific images disturbing her rest. She watched Maura sleep and felt an amazing calm settle inside her. Cuddling closer to Maura, she let herself drift back to sleep next to the woman she loved.