Title: Coming Home – an installment of the Puss Comes to Town series
Author: Layla Aaron
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Date in Calendar: 15 December 2012
Fandom: The Good Wife/Once Upon a Time
Pairing: Kalinda Sharma/Alicia Florrick; Kalinda Sharma/Ruby Lucas
Rating: FRAO/Adults Only
Word Count: 5,363
Summary: Picking up where the Season 4 winter finale of The Good Wife left off, Kalinda leaves Chicago at the urging of a friend from her past. She ends up in Storybrooke.
Spoilers/Warnings: Spoilers through The Good Wife 4x10 "Battle of the Proxies"
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Author's Notes: This is what would follow the Season 4 winter finale, if I had my druthers. Kalinda would make the perfect Puss in Boots in Storybrooke. The snowball fight was inspired by Annie Lennox's version of "Winter Wonderland."

Once upon a time…

Kalinda stifled a sigh as she scribbled the words on her notepad. In her head, she continued the story: Once upon a time, there was a man named Nick. He seduced a young innocent, convinced her that his life would be incomplete without her, swept her off her feet, then married her in a large, grandiose affair. From the first night of the married life together, he… She let the train of thought trail off. She'd lived the life and knew how it ended. Unlike the Disney version of fairy tales, it was not the happily ever after everyone was taught to expect. It was more like unhappily ever after.

In her mind, she quickly replayed the events from a few nights earlier. She'd waited alone in the empty office, knowing he would not be able to resist the challenge she'd thrown down to his henchman. Her heart had pounded in her chest, while her hands, stuffed in the pockets of her blood red jacket, began to sweat. When he'd arrived, she'd told him he was leaving and offered half of the $20,000 she'd taken years earlier in an effort to get him across the border.

He'd called her on her words, challenging her and asking for her "Plan B." Little did he know she had excellent connections in getting rid of obstacles, especially if said obstacle offered competition to a certain jailed drug kingpin. Her "Plan B" was one Lemond Bishop. She'd called his lieutenant, informed the man of this new competition, giving the lieutenant names and addresses, all the information he needed to find Nick's operation. By setting Bishop's crew on Nick, she'd ensured that her fingerprints were nowhere to be found.

She'd seen to her own safety, as well as that of Alicia and her kids, but that did nothing to absolve the sense of guilt Kalinda felt for putting the other woman in danger to begin with. Since she'd stopped paying close attention to what was being said in the meeting several minutes earlier, she almost missed the request Diane Lockhart made of her. She stared at the words she'd written then sighed.

Someone cleared their throat. Then Diane asked, "Kalinda, can you take care of researching her banking history?"

Kalinda looked up and blinked a few times. "I'm sorry, who am I researching?"

Diane gave her a sharp look then said, "The defendant."

"Right." Kalinda nodded and rose from her chair.

"And Kalinda?"

Kalinda paused in the doorway of the conference room, glanced over her shoulder. "Yes?"

"Whatever, or whoever, has you distracted from your work needs to stop. We need your full attention."

Kalinda nodded. "Yes, Diane." She strode down the hall, found an empty meeting room, and set up her laptop. When she opened her notepad, her gaze fell on the words she scribbled earlier, and she let out a derisive snort. She knew better than most people, even the attorneys surrounding her, that life rarely offered happily-ever-afters on silver platters. She ripped the paper out and balled it up, tossing it into the nearest trash can.

For the next few hours, she focused on finding the information Diane needed, barely looking up from the monitor. Determined to regain her standing in the good graces of Diane, she refused to let anything or anyone distract her from doing her job. She'd be damned if she'd let Nick get in the way of her job any more than he already had. After she'd typed up a report for Diane, citing her sources so Diane could determine how to use the information, she dropped the papers off with Diane's assistant. As she walked toward the elevator banks, one of the receptionists called out to her.

"Kalinda?" The woman held out an envelope. "Someone dropped this off for you."

Kalinda smiled, took the envelope. "Thanks." She tore the envelope open and pulled out a postcard. Her heart stopped as she read the words – Tigress, time to go home. - A. She looked up, glancing about frantically. "Do you know who delivered this?" she asked the receptionist.

The woman shook her head. "No, it wasn't anyone I recognized from our usual courier service."

"How long ago was this delivered?"

"Not more than a few minutes ago." The other woman gazed at her. "Is everything okay, Kalinda?"

Kalinda nodded. "Yes, thank you." She waved the postcard. "This surprised me."

"I hope it was a pleasant surprise." The receptionist smiled.

Kalinda returned the smile. "It definitely was a surprise." She punched the elevator button and waited, tapping her toes and staring at the postcard. She knew of only one person who knew her true identity, and she hadn't seen August in ages. She flipped the postcard over and gazed at the picture. "Storybrooke," she murmured to herself, absently stepping into the elevator car.

She reached the parking garage and glanced around, hoping to catch sight of the person she assumed left the card for her. The sound of a motorcycle caught her attention, and she turned in time to see the motorcycle coming toward her. It slowed, and the rider saluted her before speeding up.

Kalinda stared down at the postcard she held. She considered the recent events and realized this offered her the perfect escape. She spun around, rode the elevator back up to the offices of Lockhart/Gardner. Before she left Chicago, she had one last item to take care of – Alicia. Kalinda turned a corner and headed toward the office Alicia shared with Cary. The subject of her thoughts stepped out of a conference room and strode toward Kalinda.

The investigator stopped and waited for the other woman to reach her. Alicia smiled. For the first time since the crap went down with Blake, Kalinda felt at ease with Alicia. The air might not have been completely cleared yet, but Kalinda's decision to leave gave her a sense of calm.

Alicia stopped in front of Kalinda, tilted her head and furrowed her brows. "Kalinda? Is everything okay?"

Kalinda nodded. "Yes, I need to…I just wanted to reassure you that you and your kids are safe from Nick."

"You mentioned that the other night." Alicia reached out and placed a hand on Kalinda's arm. "What is it?"

Kalinda stared for several seconds at the hand on her arm then glanced up at the other woman. Everything she'd done with Nick had been out of her unrequited love for this woman. After today, she would never see Alicia again – she knew once she reached the Storybrooke mentioned on the postcard that she would never return. She placed her hands on Alicia's cheeks, stretched up, then covered the other woman's mouth with her own.

At first, Alicia remained still, doing nothing. Then she dropped the papers she held and slid her arms around Kalinda. Alicia's response elicited tears from Kalinda. The drops rolled silently down her cheeks as the kiss deepened. She ignored the shocked gasps around them. Kalinda didn't care that people might be staring at them. She knew Alicia could withstand the scandal, and that once she left Chicago, it wouldn't matter if everyone put the blame on Kalinda.

Kalinda pulled back and stared into Alicia's eyes. "I would have killed him if he'd hurt you," she whispered. "But I know that won't happen now."

"Kalinda, what have you done?"

"Nothing illegal, just something devious and underhanded, but I know he won't be back." Kalinda swallowed. "I've got to go, Alicia."

The other woman gave a quick nod then surprised Kalinda by giving her a quick kiss.

Before she broke down completely, Kalinda strode to the elevator bank and punched the down button. She did not want anyone at the firm to see her tears. Once in her SUV, she drove to her apartment. She cried quietly while she grabbed the money she'd taken from Nick years ago and packed what few belongings she cared to take with her.

In less than thirty minutes, Kalinda had everything packed and loaded in her car. She fingered the talisman hanging from her neck. "I know I don't belong here. Take me to where I belong." She closed her eyes and murmured the words a second time, her voice huskier. "I know I don't belong here. Take me to the place where I belong. No matter how far, no matter how long it takes, take me to the place I must find. Take me home again."

Kalinda opened her eyes, turned the key, and started the engine. She pulled away from the curb without so much as a glance backward. Chicago was no longer her home, no longer the place where she belonged. Once she reached the city limits and no longer needed to focus on weaving in and out of traffic, Kalinda once again fingered the talisman and allowed the magic to flow through her to guide the car.


After three days of driving, Kalinda was ready to stop. When her SUV started slowing down, she began to pay more attention to her surroundings. She shivered when she crossed the line into Storybrooke. This was it. This was the place where she belonged, at least for now. She felt the same way when she'd run away from Nick and moved to Chicago. She felt a similar sense of rightness when she changed her name and became Kalinda Sharma. Perhaps now she would find answers to some of her questions. She heaved a sigh of relief when the car came to a stop midway down what seemed to be the main street through the town. Pulling to the curb, she parked and stopped the engine. Secure in her SUV, she glanced around, taking note of her surroundings and searching for any sign of why this place might be where she belonged. Cautiously, she exited the car and locked it.

Hands stuffed in the pockets of her leather jacket, Kalinda walked down the main thoroughfare of Storybrooke. She noted each of the shops and watched the people inside. Even in this unfamiliar place, she knew the various people. Her heart jumped when she looked inside the window of a salon/spa and saw her father and mother. In slow motion, she crossed the street and paused outside the storefront. She lifted her hand and grabbed the door handle only to drop her hand to her side. She repeated this three times before finally opening the door and stepping inside.

Childhood memories came rushing back as she saw their familiar faces. A sharp pain rapidly followed as she reluctantly accepted that they did not recognize her. To her parents and her siblings, she was nothing more than a new customer.

Her father greeted her with a warm smile, a twinkle in his eye, and called out, "Welcome to Shalimar Salon and Spa! What may we do for you today?"

Kalinda choked back her tears, clearing her throat, then replied, "I just wanted to see what services you offered." She let her gaze move from her father to her mother to her brother before finally resting on her sister. They looked happy and well. She hoped that meant only she had suffered for being separated from them and the Enchanted Forest. For a brief moment, she wondered what her life might be like if she'd never let her curiosity get the best of her. Curiosity might not have killed this cat, but it certainly had come close several times.

Her father stepped from behind the counter and offered her a pamphlet. Nothing about him had changed. The crinkles around his eyes were no deeper; the gray in his hair still isolated to the hint at his temples. Other than that bit of gray, his hair remained the same shiny black she remembered from her childhood. She wondered if it still smelled of the oil he used to give it that shine. A quick glance at her mother revealed the other woman had not aged either. Her hair was shot through with the occasional gray hair and her face bore only a few wrinkles, just as they had when she'd left. The past twenty-eight years had taken little toll on her parents, while she herself had aged. Her siblings even appeared to look the same age as when she left. She took the pamphlet and dropped her gaze, feigning interest in what they had to offer, while trying to decipher this new puzzle.

She smothered a smile as she eavesdropped on the whispered conversation her parents held. One thing had not changed - they still sought to arrange marriages for their children. They'd begun scoping out the eligible sons of good families the day she took her first step. Now they seemed to have their eyes set on her as a potential bride.

"She's perfect for Rajesh," her father said. "Pretty, intelligent, and available.

"She's a stranger, Akshay. How can you be sure of all this?" her mother replied.

"Look at her, Gita. She's a beautiful woman and would give us lovely grandchildren to dote on," her father countered, in a stage whisper.

Kalinda pressed her lips together, barely managing to suppress her laughter. The situation was funny by the very nature of its weirdness. In another city, under different circumstances, she would be completely unnerved by this. Instead, she covered her sorrow at their lack of recognition by laughing. It would be easier to explain that crying.

"If you say one word to her, ask her if she is single, or do anything to attempt such silliness, I will burn your bhatura for the next week," her mother hissed at her father.

Kalinda made a strangled noise at the threat. Her father's adoration for his bread evidently carried through to Storybrooke. Only her mother would make such a threat to her father. She decided to intervene before her mother threatened to cut off his supply of lassi, the one thing her father adored more than his bhatura. Looking up, she placed the pamphlet on the counter. "Thank you. I'll be in town for a while, so I'll be sure to come back and enjoy a day of pampering."

Hurrying out the door before her parents or siblings could reply, she picked up her pace and hurried down the sidewalk. No longer interested in seeing all the people, she ducked her head and shoved her hands in her pockets. Her family's lack of recognition bothered her more than she wanted to admit. So did the apparent lack of aging on the part of her parents and her older siblings. How had this happened? How was it possible they looked exactly as they had twenty-eight years ago but she had aged and was now older than her siblings? The incongruity of it made her head ache.

"Pongo!" a female voice cried out. "Pongo, get back here."

Kalinda looked up then sucked in a sharp breath when she saw a woman she knew running toward her. She physically jumped when the dog the woman was chasing ran up to her and nosed her hip.

"Pongo," the dark-haired woman called out again. She ran over to Kalinda and grabbed Pongo's collar. "I'm so sorry. I'm walking him for a friend, and he gets excited easily and runs off before I get my bearings."

Kalinda forced a smile. "It's okay. Dogs will be dogs." She might not be fond of canines in their animal form, but the same could not be said of the woman in front of her. Kalinda knew the history of this woman, knew what she was capable of being and doing. This knowledge didn't rattle Kalinda. She also knew her own capabilities.

"This is true." The woman smiled. "You're new here, aren't you? Are you visiting or do you plan to stay awhile?"

"I'm not sure yet. I guess I'll see how things go." Smiling again, a genuine one this time, Kalinda extended her hand. "Kalinda Sharma."

"Ruby Lucas," the other woman replied, taking her hand. "It's a pleasure to meet you."

Kalinda stroked her thumb over the back of Ruby's hand. "Perhaps you could suggest a place where I could get a room?"

Ruby blushed. She withdrew her hand to help control Pongo when he seemed intent on running again. "Um, my granny and I have a bed and breakfast."

"I'd like that," Kalinda replied. The struggle between lupine and canine amused her and she let out a soft laugh. "He seems rather anxious to get somewhere."

Ruby nodded. "I need to get him back to Archie. It's supper time." She gave Kalinda a quick onceover. "Walk with me, then I'll take you back to Granny's."

Kalinda nodded and fell in step with the taller woman, matching her longer stride with ease.


Kalinda awoke and stretched, one of those long, languorous full-bodied stretches that cats do innately. She sat up in the bed and stared out the window. A smile covered her face. She threw back the covers and ambled over to the window. Large fluffy snowflakes fell from the sky. She pressed her hand to the window, absorbed the cold through her palm, while admiring the first snow she'd seen since leaving Chicago. This snow seemed whiter and brighter than what fell in Chicago, or perhaps it just seemed that way because Kalinda felt cleaner and brighter since she'd left Chicago.

A flash of red caught her attention, and she watched Ruby dance around in the snow. Ruby's red beret stood out against the white background. Kalinda couldn't help but smile at the sight of the wolf dancing around in the snow, her head tossed back while she attempted to catch snowflakes on her tongue. Kalinda waved back when Ruby waved. She lifted the window and leaned out, a smile on her face. "You're going to get wet," she called out to the other woman, who was grabbing handfuls of snow and tossing them into the air over her head.

"Maybe, but it's fun." Ruby gestured for Kalinda to join her. "Come on, let's have a snowball fight."

Kalinda smiled at the other woman then nodded. She ducked back into the room, shut the window, and threw on a pair of jeans and sweater. Grabbing a scarf and a quilted coat, she quickly dashed down the stairs and out into the snow. Once outside, she held her arms out and spun in the snow. She tilted her head back and laughed as flakes covered her face. She didn't mind the wet of the snow, enjoyed the feel of the bits of iciness on her face.

A grunt escaped her when a snowball hit her in the back of the head. She reached up to brush away the snow then whirled to face her attacker. Ruby grinned at her.

"Oh, it's on," growled Kalinda, bending at the waist and forming a snowball. When she straightened, Kalinda saw no sign of Ruby. Instead of going into stalk mode, Kalinda hurried to hide behind a bush and begin creating her arsenal. She peeked around the bush, saw a flash of red, and took aim. A giggle escaped when she heard a grunt.

For the next half hour or so, the pair of them battled it out with snowballs. Their laughter echoed in the morning air. Ruby surrendered first and flopped in the snow, moving her legs and arms to create a snow angel. Kalinda watched her, a bemused smile on her face, then she joined her in the snow.

After making half a dozen snow angels side by side, Ruby rolled onto her side and stared down at Kalinda. "Was it worth it?" she asked.

Nodding, Kalinda grinned. "I haven't laughed this much since I was nine years old, playing in the snow with my sisters and brother."

"I couldn't resist the temptation to come play in it." Ruby worried her bottom lip with her teeth then tilted her head. "Want some hot chocolate? I use steamed milk and add a touch of cinnamon."

Kalinda met Ruby's gaze, then nodded. She balled her hands into the fists in an attempt to resist the temptation to cradle the wolf's cheeks and pull her closer for a kiss. Something about Ruby's innate sensuality enticed her.

Ruby smiled, pushed herself to a seated position, before rising in a single fluid movement. She made her way to the house.

Sitting up, Kalinda admired the view, the sway of the other woman's hips as she crossed the snow-covered yard. She remembered being a young child and seeing Ruby wandering about the Enchanted Forest in her red cape. As a shifter herself, Kalinda recognized another shifter. Her family had kept their special abilities to themselves, but there were those who knew what they were capable of.

With a heavy sigh, Kalinda shoved thoughts of her family out of her head. She would definitely be thinking about it again later. They never seemed far from her thoughts, mingling with the confusion of why she'd aged but they hadn't. Someday she'd figure out that puzzle but probably not today.

Kalinda got up, brushed the snow off her jeans, made her way inside the house. She sniffed appreciatively at the scent of rich chocolate mixed with a hint of cinnamon. She followed the scent to the kitchen, leaning against the doorjamb with her arms crossed over her chest. "Tell me there's whipped cream," she said.

Ruby glanced over her shoulder and grinned. "Of course. It's not hot chocolate without whipped cream."


Later that night, Kalinda stretched to ease the soreness of her muscles from her earlier romp in the snow with Ruby. Ruby. Beautiful, flirtatious, playful, sexy Ruby. Kalinda wanted a distraction from her thoughts about the aging puzzle, the memories of her time in Chicago, the recollection of that kiss with Alicia. Ruby was completely unlike the women she'd left in Chicago – Alicia, Lana, Dana, Sophia, Donna, others whose names she couldn't recall at that moment. She sighed. Ruby's sweet sensuality combined with her seeming innocence was like catnip for Kalinda.

Kalinda let out a snort. Catnip? Really, Kalinda? She stretched again, sliding her hand under her yoga top to rub her stomach. After one final stretch, she moved onto the bed, sitting at the head with her knees pulled to her chest, indulging in creating fantasies about Ruby. Three raps on her door broke her out of her reverie.


She smiled at the voice of the subject of her thoughts. "Come in, I'm decent."

The "well, damn" muttered at a volume that only certain animals could hear elicited a smile from Kalinda. That little comment left her with some hope that the other woman might be interested in some indoor games. Her smile widened when Ruby walked in, dressed in red plaid pajama pants and a low-cut tank made of thin fabric. Kalinda made an effort not to drool at the sight of the other woman dressed like this.

Ruby stopped a few feet away from the bed, staring down at Kalinda. "I, look, I'm…oh damn it," she muttered.

Kalinda arched a brow. "Problem?"

Ruby drew closer, her gaze never leaving Kalinda. Suddenly, Ruby lifted her top over her head and tossed it on the floor. Then she shimmied out of her pajama pants.

Kalinda let her gaze roam the curves of the other woman. She reached out and rested her palm on Ruby's stomach. "You seem to have an agenda."

Ruby nodded, covered Kalinda's hand with her own and guided it up to cup her breast. She hissed in a breath when Kalinda gave her nipple a tweak.

Kalinda dropped her hand and moved to sit on the edge of the bed, nudging Ruby to stand between her open legs. She leaned back and stared up at the other woman's face. "Tell me what you want, Ruby."


The stark simplicity of Ruby's reply sent a tingle down Kalinda's spine, and she dropped her gaze. Her self-imposed isolation since she'd arrived in Storybrooke left her somewhat reliant on Ruby and Granny, and she missed the human interaction she'd had at the law firm in Chicago. She didn't want to confuse her desire for human interaction with desire for Ruby.

Ruby sighed. "I shouldn't have disturbed you." She started to step back.

Without looking at her, Kalinda reached out and grabbed Ruby's hand. "Stay," she murmured. She lifted her other hand to stroke the curve of Ruby's hip. "I want you, too." When Ruby rested her palm against Kalinda's cheek, Kalinda leaned into the caress. She then leaned forward and pressed a kiss to Ruby's hipbone. Leaning back to give herself room, Kalinda removed her top.

Ruby sighed again, this one a sound of pleasure.

Kalinda stood, wedged between Ruby and the bed. "I need your help."

"With what?" Ruby furrowed her brows.

"Undressing," Kalinda replied, offering the other woman a mischievous smirk. Before Ruby could make a move, Kalinda slid her hand between Ruby's legs, pressed the heel of her hand against the other woman's labia. She moved her hand back and forth.

Ruby gripped her shoulders, a move that encouraged Kalinda to slip a few fingers between her labia and tease her clit. The other woman drew in a sharp breath then moaned when Kalinda circled her clit with two finger tips. "I, I can't think when you do that," Ruby whispered.

"Ruby, you're not supposed to think; you're just supposed to feel, to enjoy the moment." Kalinda moved her fingers back and forth. She lifted her free hand and tugged Ruby's face to hers for a kiss. She cradled Ruby's cheek in her palm, before claiming Ruby's lips in a quick kiss. Ruby let out a soft moan and grabbed the back of Kalinda's head. The kiss deepened naturally.

"What's that lip gloss you're wearing?" Kalinda asked right after breaking the kiss. She couldn't quite put her finger on the flavor.

"S-s-strawberry F-fields F-forever," Ruby stammered. Another moan escaped her, eliciting a smile from Kalinda.

"Go get it," Kalinda ordered in a soft tone.

"But, it's, it's in my room," Ruby replied, her tone bordering on whiny or frustrated or some combination of both.

"Go get it, Ruby." Kalinda's tone was firmer this time. She pulled her hand away, gazed up at Ruby, then deliberately licked her hand clean.

Ruby moaned then rushed from the room, returning a few seconds later with a tube of lip gloss. She offered it to Kalinda, who sat on the bed naked. "What are you going to do with it?"

"Just watch," Kalinda replied. "And feel." With slow deliberation, Kalinda circled Ruby's nipples with the gloss before capturing the left one between her lips. With the tip of her tongue, she flicked the nipple then sucked it deeper into her mouth.

Ruby clutched at her shoulders, dropped her head back. "Oh gods," she murmured. "That's…" Her words trailed off into a long, keening moan as Kalinda sank her teeth into the sensitive tissue.

Kalinda alternated between gentle nips and extended sucking, savoring the sounds of pleasure from Ruby. She pulled back with a soft pop. "Pinch your nipple, Ruby," she ordered, maintaining the same soft tone as earlier.

Without hesitation, Ruby obeyed, grabbing the wet nipple between her forefinger and thumb. The pressure she exerted made Kalinda smile. Leaning closer to the woman standing by her bed, Kalinda nipped at the other nipple. She then sucked it deep into her mouth, teasing it with her tongue.

Not content with only playing with Ruby's tits, Kalinda slid a hand between her legs again. She nipped harder as she pushed her fingers between Ruby's labia. Without being asked, Ruby widened her stance, offering Kalinda easier access. Kalinda rewarded her by inserting a finger in her pussy. After moving her finger in and out of Ruby a few times, Kalinda added a second finger, smiling against Ruby's breast when the other woman whimpered.

Kalinda set a rhythm of sucking Ruby's nipple and thrusting her fingers in and out of the other woman. When Ruby swayed, gripped Kalinda's shoulder with her free hand, Kalinda wrapped an arm around her waist to keep her upright.

Ruby's scent, along with her whimpers, encouraged Kalinda to continue her ministrations. The other woman called out her name as she began to shudder and come all over her fingers. Kalinda lifted her gaze to watch Ruby's face, not wishing to miss the sight of her lover's face in orgasm. As Ruby came down from her climax, Kalinda released her nipple and trailed kisses down her abdomen to her pubis. Then she pressed her cheek against Ruby's pubic bone, inhaled deeply, and eased her fingers out of the other woman. The warm, musky scent of Ruby's come on her fingers tempted her, a temptation she couldn't resist, and she leaned back on the bed to savor licking her fingers clean.

She met Ruby's gaze while she slowly eased her fingers one by one in and out of her mouth, then licking the length of her fingers, making sure she didn't miss remnant of the other woman's essence.

"You're like a kitten licking cream," Ruby said, her voice coming out in a hoarse whisper. Ruby first sat on the edge of the bed, then reclined on her side, watching Kalinda intently.

Kalinda let out a throaty chuckle. "Do I now?" she asked before licking between her middle finger and forefinger.

Ruby nodded. "Uh huh." She made a grab for Kalinda's hand and sucked Kalinda's middle finger into her mouth.

Kalinda groaned at the sensation of Ruby sucking on her finger. She clenched her pussy and let out a second groan as Ruby moved to the next finger. When Ruby rested a hand on her thigh, Kalinda let her legs fall open.

Ruby seemed to need no further encouragement and moved to settle between Kalinda's thighs, easing Kalinda's finger from her mouth. At the first tentative sweep of Ruby's tongue against her clit, Kalinda balled on hand in a fist by her side. The second sweep had her reaching for Ruby's hair, tangling her fingers in the other woman's long tresses.

"Damn, Ruby," Kalinda murmured. The other woman sucked then licked then sucked more deeply on her clit, sending Kalinda on a fast spiral to her climax. She wanted to savor the moment a little longer, but Ruby obviously had other ideas. Kalinda sucked in a sharp breath at the sensation of Ruby thrusting three fingers into her pussy while sucking on her clit. The pleasure from Ruby's mouth and fingers temporarily demolished Kalinda's ability to do anything more than lose herself in the sensations. Her body tightened and she quivered.

The intensity of her climax caused her to arch off the bed, crying out Ruby's name as she neared the peak of her orgasm. Pleasure rolled through Kalinda, peaking as Ruby sucked her clit deeper into her mouth and thrust her fingers faster into Kalinda's pussy. Ruby used the flat of her tongue on Kalinda's clit as she eased her fingers out of Kalinda.

Panting for breath, Kalinda opened her eyes and stared at the ceiling. A few seconds later, Ruby flopped beside her. Once she'd caught her breath, Kalinda made a grab for Ruby's hand, rolled to her side, then caught the other woman's gaze. Teasing Ruby by flicking her tongue against her palm, Kalinda then sucked Ruby's fingers into her mouth, swirling her tongue about them, tasting her own essence.

"That's not fair, Kalinda," Ruby moaned.

Kalinda let out a throaty laugh, slipping a finger from between her lips. "This from the woman who straight from appetizers to dessert, skipping the entrée."

Ruby grinned. "I always preferred having dessert first."

"So I see." Kalinda released Ruby's hand and draped herself over the other woman. Leaning toward Ruby's face, Kalinda gave her a deep, hungry kiss. "Wanna know one of my favorite things about fucking women?"

"Hmm?" Ruby murmured against Kalinda's lips.

Kalinda gave her a quick kiss then replied, "They don't need the same recovery period men do."

Ruby's laughter turned to a groan when Kalinda slipped a hand between her legs and circled her clit with her thumb.