Title: Victorian Seduction
Author: Athena
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Date in Calendar: 7 December 2011
Fandom: Warehouse 13/Sanctuary Crossover
Pairing: Helena G. Wells/Dr. Helen Magnus
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 9,743
Spoilers: Season 2 of Warehouse 13 and all seasons of Sanctuary
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Author's Notes:


Victorian Seduction

Part 1

London, December 1885

Helen Magnus sipped her drink while staring into the dancing flames. A book lay open in her lap, but she had long since forgotten about the story she had been reading. Something else was consuming her thoughts this dark winter evening. Actually it was more of a someone, than something. A woman with eyes as dark as the night over the Tozeur Oasis, and hair as soft as silk, sliding through her fingers, teasing, promising, agonizing in its allure. Helen sighed in frustration and snapped the book shut. She put it away on the table next to her and walked closer to the fireplace. She rested a hand on the mantle looking into the flames, searching for an answer to her question.

“Madam,” the butler said softly behind her.

“Yes Jameson,” she mumbled and turned to face him.

“Your guest has arrived.”

“Very well. Please show her in,” she said a little curtly and nodded at him. “Thank you.”

“Certainly madam,” he said and bowed his head a little.

Helen closed her eyes and put the drink down. She smiled as she heard someone enter.


“Good evening, Helena,” Helen said and smiled at the young woman standing in the middle of the room. She crossed the space and kissed her cheeks in greeting.

“As beautiful and gracious as ever,” Helena said and smiled at her.

“Helena Wells,” Helen said and laughed. “Ever a gentlewoman.”

Helena bowed graciously with her arm crossed in front of her. She was dressed in a man’s suit, complete with a vest and cravat. Her dark hair fell in soft waves over her shoulders making it unmistakable that she was a woman.

“Please sit,” Helen said and gestured for Helena to sit down across from her by the fireplace.

Helena offered Helen her arm. Helen smiled at her and put her hand on top of Helena’s.

“Thank you darling,” she said as she sat down.

Helena bowed her head in an acknowledgment. She sat down and elegantly crossed her legs, smiling at Helen.

“It pleases me immensely to finally have you all to myself Helen,” Helena said, a playful smile on her lips.

“It is hard to find the opportunity for any quality conversation with other people around,” Helen agreed. “You are ever so popular these days my dear. You have indeed taken London by storm.”

Helena laughed. She made a little flicking gesture with her wrist. Even if the gesture was supposed to be humble and contradict Helen’s praise, there was no doubt that Helena Wells did not make any excuses for her behavior, popular or not.

“It is you who are the center of attention, dearest Helen,” Helena objected. “When I do not see you surrounded by your four suitors, it is always some other person of influence who desires your opinion on some urgent matter at hand,” she said and looked Helen straight in the eyes. “Or, your attention is preoccupied by a slender arm around your waist, or an exposed delicate calf; perhaps a slender neck bowed in an elegant curve to greet you, begging for your fingertips to brush silken hair away from it,” Helena whispered.

“You should be writing Helena,” Helen said with a chuckle. “I would venture a guess that you would be even better at it than your dear brother.”

Helena stilled for a moment and her smile disappeared. She sighed and then smiled at Helen.

“Perhaps, but that is not my fate.”

“A shame really darling,” Helen said and smiled at her. “I remember that you were quite good at it as a child. I still have the poem you wrote for me when you were eleven.” Helena laughed out loud. She shook her head and looked at Helen, her eyes twinkling with mirth.

“I loved you then too Helen,” she teased. “My first attempt to win a beautiful woman’s heart.”

Helen chuckled and tilted her head.

“Helena Grace Wells, ever persistent.”

“Always when the prize is worthy of such behavior.”

“Well, shall we continue this conversation over dinner?”

“That sounds absolutely wonderful, my dearest Helen,” Helena said and rose gracefully. She again offered Helen her arm to escort her to the dining room.

***   ***   ***

“Helen, you spoil me,” Helena said with a chuckle.

“Always, darling,” Helen smiled at her. “It has been far too long since we had the opportunity to share a meal with uninterrupted conversation.”

Helena nodded. She neatly put the silverware down on her plate and dabbed her lips with the napkin before looking at Helen again.

“I still vividly remember the first time that you dined with me; in the nursery when I was nine.”

“You were delightful company, Helena. Far more intelligent and entertaining than your father,” she said and winked at Helena.

Helena’s cheeks changed color and she laughed, slightly embarrassed.

“I couldn’t believe that you would choose to dine with me instead of my parents. It had never happened to me before.”

“I know, darling. But you were hurting that night and you needed me.”

“I did,” Helena said softly. She sighed and looked at Helen. “I fell in love with you that night.”

Helen smiled at her and put her hand on top of Helena’s.

“Helena, you are so young. You have so many wonderful things ahead of you, so many wondrous things that you will do and accomplish.”

“They will mean nothing without you, Helen,” Helena whispered.

“You are persistent, aren’t you, darling?” Helen said with a chuckle.

“Because I speak from my heart.”

“I am too old for you, Helena,” Helen objected softly.

“That is a bloody lie, and you know it,” Helena said heatedly.

“Helena!” Helen said shocked, but then laughed.

“I love you, Helen,” Helena said seriously.

“I know, dearest, and I love you too, but that does not mean that we should be involved romantically,” Helen tried to explain.

“Helen, I am nineteen years old, not nine,” Helena said with a chuckle.

“I know that,” Helen huffed. “It just feels wrong.”

“I know that you have had more adventurous and experienced lovers, and I do not know if I have much to offer you, more than my love,” Helena said softly. “But I give you my heart freely, and I will cherish you every day.”

Helen smiled at her and nodded. She pushed her chair back and Helena jumped to her feet. She offered Helen her arm and they left the dining room. Helen steered her back to the sitting room as they conversed quietly.

Helena ran her fingers over the keys on the grand piano as she watched Helen pour their drinks.

“Helena dear, will you play something for me?”

“Of course, darling.”

Helena’s fingers danced over the keys as she warmed up. She took a sip of the cognac Helen handed her and then put the glass down on the side. She smiled at Helen who was again seated in her favorite chair cradling a snifter in her hands.

Helena took a deep breath and began playing. She played like she had never played before. She put her entire soul into the music. Her fingers flew across the keys and she played from her heart for Helen, trying to convey her love. At some point she closed her eyes to focus.

Helen watched Helena play. In the beginning Helena’s eyes met hers now and then and she could almost feel Helena looking into her soul. When Helena closed her eyes she watched her more closely as she let herself getting immersed in the beautiful music. She realized that Helena was trying to communicate her feelings through the music. Helen sighed softly and sipped her drink, feeling the strong liquor burn on her tongue before she swallowed. Her mind made up, Helen slowly got up. She walked over to the piano and rested her hand on its side, watching the keys move inside for a moment before studying the beautiful woman playing. When Helena finally finished and rested her hands on the keys Helen sat down next to her on the bench. Helena opened her eyes and smiled at her. Without a word Helen leaned in and kissed her.

Part 2

Helena trembled a little when Helen took her hands and pulled her closer. They were standing facing each other in Helen’s bedroom. She smiled at Helen.

“You are so beautiful Helen,” she whispered and caressed Helen’s cheek.

“Thank you darling. You are stunning, my sweet one,” Helen said and kissed her softly. “Is this what you want?”

Helena nodded. She looked Helen in the eyes and saw the calm reassuring love in Helen’s clear blue eyes.

“Yes Helen. You are the one I want.”

Helen smiled and gently pushed Helena’s jacket off her shoulders and it fell to the floor. The vest followed before she could pull Helena’s shirt free from the pants. Helen smiled at Helena as she slipped her hands underneath to caress Helena’s sides. Helena trembled a little.

“Easy, darling,” Helen soothed. “I’m not going to hurt you. You are safe with me Helena.”

“I know,” Helena whispered. “I just fear that you will find me inadequate, as I don’t know much about matters of intimacy,” she mumbled and closed her eyes.

Helen kissed her and caressed Helena’s cheek, pushing her hair behind her ear.

“My sweet darling, don’t you worry. Everything will be revealed.”

Helena smiled and nodded. She looked at Helen and cupped her cheeks. She leaned closer and kissed her. She marveled at how soft Helen’s lips were and how she could not get enough of Helen’s mouth. She gasped against Helen’s lips when she felt Helen cup her breasts.

“You are beautiful,” Helen whispered as she took a step back to look at Helena’s exposed chest. She ran her fingers over Helena’s breasts and nipples.

“Oh Lord,” Helena whimpered.

“Help me out of my dress, Helena,” Helen said against her lips.

Helena worked like a mad woman loosening the ties on Helen’s bodice. She all but tore the corset off of her body. Not until Helen was only dressed in her chemise and slip did she slow down. Her hands trembled slightly when she grabbed the hem of the undershirt and pulled it up and over Helen’s head. She tossed it on the floor and stared at Helen’s chest.

“Stunning,” she mumbled. She looked up when she heard Helen chuckle. She grinned sheepishly. “Touch me,” Helen whispered.

Helena tentatively ran her hands over Helen’s stomach and moved them upwards until she brushed the underside of Helen’s breasts.

“You’re so soft, Helen,” she whispered amazed.

She cupped Helen’s breasts and leaned down and pressed her face between them. She pulled back and grinned at Helen when she heard her laugh.

“You are delightful, Helena,” she said and smiled at her. “How I adore you.”

Helena wrapped her arms around Helen’s slender waist and pulled her against her until their breasts touched. She sighed softly as Helen’s body pressed against hers. Helen caressed her hair and kissed her. She pushed the shirt off of Helena’s shoulders and it landed on the floor with the remaining items. She reached between them to open the clasp on Helena’s pants. A moment later they pooled around Helena’s feet. Helena eagerly stepped out of them.

Helen laughed when Helena knelt by her feet to remove her boots. She shivered when Helena kissed the inside of her knee before reaching up to find the garter belt. Her nimble fingers quickly released Helen’s stockings and slowly pushed them down Helen’s slender legs.

“Oh, darling,” Helen whispered and steadied herself by grabbing Helena’s shoulders.

Helena quickly removed her own boots and socks before standing up again. She watched Helen push her slip over her hips and finally she was naked except for a black garter belt. Helena gasped.

“You are beautiful,” she whispered.

Helen chuckled and stepped closer. She wrapped her arms around Helena’s waist and kissed her. She slipped her hands inside Helena’s underwear and pushed them down her legs. Helena stepped out of them. Helen took her hands and pulled her closer to the fire.

“You are amazingly beautiful Helena,” she whispered. “You are like the Goddess Aphrodite when she rose out of the Aegean Sea; pure and innocent, but with the power to bring down empires.”

Helena laughed a little nervously. She bowed her head and her hair fell over her chest caressing her breasts. Helen cupped her chin and made her look at her. She kissed her softly, trying to ease Helena’s nervousness.

“No reason to be shy darling. I will show you everything.”

“I fear that my lack of knowledge of these things will make me fail you,” Helena whispered. She had tears in her eyes.

“Hush darling,” Helen said and caressed her cheek. “You don’t need to know anything. I have knowledge enough for the both of us. Let me show you the wonders.”

Helena nodded and followed Helen to the bed. She allowed Helen to ease her down and she moved until she was stretched out in the middle of Helen’s large four poster bed. She watched Helen remove her garter belt before joining her in bed. Helena smiled at her when Helen’s soft body pushed against her side. She ran her hand over Helen’s hip and up her side to rest it in the small of Helen’s back.

Helen kissed her and gently caressed Helena’s cheek. She smiled at her as Helena looked at her.

“I promise you dearest Helena that I will not hurt you in any way. I intend to show you the true delights of loving a woman,” she said with a smile.

Helena nodded silently, but her hand tensed a little on Helen’s back. Helen ran her hand down Helena’s arm to settle on her hip. Slowly she pulled Helena to her.

“Sweet one, the wonders of loving a woman are beyond what words can describe.”

Helena chuckled and bit her lip.

“Perhaps I will take that as a challenge?”

Helen laughed. She cupped Helena’s cheek and looked into her dark eyes for a moment.

“You are such a passionate young woman Helena. I cannot wait to discover this with you.”

Helena whimpered softly when Helen pushed her leg between hers and pulled her against her.

“Just relax Helena. Let it happen. There will be time for questions and talking later, right now just accept my love.”

“Yes,” Helena whispered. Her hand on Helen’s back trembled a little. She moved it slowly up and down Helen’s back. She raised an eyebrow when Helen pushed her down on her back.

“I love your touch Helena; let me show you how much.”

Helena took a deep breath and nodded.

Helen caressed her stomach and ran her hand over Helena’s hip and down her thigh. She kept her caress light, to make Helena relax.

“I know that you’ve heard the stories Helena, but trust me, loving a woman does not involve any pain.”

Helena nodded, even though she was not completely sure that Helen spoke the truth.

“There might be a slight discomfort when I enter you the first time, but that is all,” Helen said softly. She caressed Helena’s cheek.

“Do not worry Helen,” Helena said and touched her cheek. “I trust you. I always have.”

Helen kissed her; she brushed her lips against Helena’s in a slow seduction of her mouth. Helena’s fingers tangled in Helen’s hair as she tried to bring their lips closer. Helen ran her tongue over Helena’s lower lip and gently eased her lips apart. Helena gasped at the intensity of the touch and Helen took the opportunity to slip her tongue between Helena’s lips. Helena whimpered and pushed against her. Helen stroked her tongue against Helena’s, marveling in how delicious Helena’s mouth was.

Helen had always enjoyed kissing her partners, but not everyone was as pleasant to kiss as Helena. Helena’s breath was sweet and her lips full and soft. Helen felt like she could spend a lifetime kissing her. She slowly moved her hand higher and cupped Helena’s left breast, lightly brushing her thumb over the nipple. Helena pushed against her hand. She teased the nipple for a moment longer, feeling it change under her touch. When she closed her lips around it Helena whimpered softly.


Helen smiled at her and touched her lips.

“Hush darling, it’s all right. The feeling is intense, but it is how it is meant to be.”

Helena nodded. She could feel a new hot sensation between her legs and it made her slightly embarrassed. She pressed her thighs together, hoping that Helen would not notice. A soft chuckle made her blush when she realized that Helen knew. Her eyebrows furrowed in embarrassment and she looked away. Helen’s insistent finger under her chin forced her to look up at her.

“It’s supposed to happen,” she whispered and kissed her. “Your body is reacting to my touch, as is mine to yours.”

Helena ran her fingertips down Helen’s chest, lightly brushing them over Helen’s breasts and down her stomach. She hesitated a little when she felt Helen’s pubic hair but ran her hand over it and down her thigh. Helen sighed and took her hand.

“Your touch is exquisite Helena. I can’t wait to experience it fully,” she said and kissed Helena’s palm.

“You are so beautiful Helen,” Helena whispered. “I feel like I am bursting with this need to touch and kiss your body.”

Helen smiled and interlaced their fingers. She nudged Helena’s legs apart with her knee and pushed against her. She could feel Helena’s essence coat her thigh. She smiled at Helena as she moved against her. Helena gasped and her cheeks flushed. Helen chuckled softly.

“Helena my sweet, you make me delirious with need.”

Helena giggled and bit her lip, her cheeks still flushed. Helen cupped her breast again and teased the nipple. She bowed her head and licked the other one. Helena sighed softly. She touched a lock of Helen’s hair that cascaded over her chest.

“You make me feel worshipped,” Helena whispered.

Helena sighed and closed her eyes as Helen licked and sucked on her nipples. She trembled and made a little mewling noise when Helen rolled the nipple between her fingers. She felt her cheeks get warm again when her hips pushed up against Helen’s thigh. Helena felt like she was losing control and it scared her a little. She whimpered and tossed her head to the side.

Helen ran her hand down over Helena’s stomach and gently cupped her sex. She teased the soft folds open and slowly stroked Helena.

“God!” Helena gasped and her eyes popped open.

“Does it feel good?” Helen asked with a teasing smile.

Helena nodded and took a deep breath. She whimpered when Helen stroked her clit with her thumb.

“Incredible,” she whispered.

“A woman has so many secrets,” Helen whispered as she placed hot wet kisses down Helena’s stomach. She licked a sensitive spot right above Helena’s hip bone that made Helena whimper. “To discover them is magical.”

Helen pushed gently on Helena’s left knee, opening her further. She gazed down at her sex, her pink folds open and covered with glistening evidence of Helena’s arousal.

“You are so beautiful, my sweet.”

Helen kissed the inside of Helena’s thigh as she eased her legs further apart. Inching closer to Helena’s center, leaving a trail of kisses behind; she finally tasted her. Helena cried out softly and her head shot off the pillow.

“Helen?” she said alarmed. “What are you doing?”

Helen chuckled and rested her cheek on Helena’s thigh. She stroked the other one in a gentle, calming caress.

“I am making love to a beautiful woman.”

“But…” Helena blushed. “Can it be sanitary? To use your mouth…” she whispered embarrassed.

Helen smiled at her. She kissed the soft thigh under her cheek before answering.

“I can tell that you have bathed my sweet one. You are a healthy young woman, so there’s no need to worry. To love a woman with your mouth is one of the most wonderful things both to give, and receive. Enjoy it, dearest one; I can assure you that it will feel good.”

“It did,” Helena whispered. “Almost too good.”

“Don’t be afraid. The feeling is intense, but you will get used to it, and welcome it. Just open up to it,” Helen said and smiled at her.

Helena nodded silently. She watched Helen move and softly kiss her sex. She whimpered and fought to keep her eyes open. She wanted to watch and see what she was doing. When she saw the pink tip of Helen’s tongue she held her breath. Her eyes fluttered shut and she pushed up against her when Helen gently stroked her clit.

“Mmm…” Helena whimpered and her hands balled into fists. She could feel Helen’s tongue stroking her, circling her entrance and then licking her softly. It felt so good she never wanted it to stop. Then Helen closed her lips around her clit and sucked gently. Helena cried out and grabbed the sheet.

“Helen,” she whimpered softly.

Helen took Helena’s hand and interlaced their fingers. Her other hand, wrapped around Helena’s right leg, gently stroked her stomach. She could feel Helena getting close and she debated with herself whether to stop or not. She moved and pushed Helena’s legs up further, licking a little harder. As expected Helena cried out and tossed her head from side to side. Helen felt Helena’s fingers in her hair, pulling her against her. She slowly eased away from Helena.

“No!” Helena whimpered and her head shot up again. She looked wild-eyed at Helen.

Helen moved up and took Helena in her arms. She kissed her softly, letting her taste herself on Helen’s lips.

“It’s not over yet my sweet one,” she said. “Trust me. Can you do that?”

Helena nodded. She wrapped her arm around Helen’s slender waist and pulled her closer.

“My body felt like it was burning up with need,” she whispered.

“You were close, my darling,” Helen said and kissed her again.

“It is an interesting taste,” Helena mumbled.

“Your essence?” Helen said and chuckled. “Your taste is exquisite Helena.”

Helena blushed and looked away. Helen made her look at her.

“Do not be shy,” she said and brushed her lips against Helena’s again. “Not everyone care for the taste of a woman. I do not understand why. I think it is the most amazing experience. So very few are allowed. It is like tasting the forbidden nectar of the Gods.”

Helena giggled. She ran her finger along Helen’s lips.

“You say the sweetest things Helen,” she said and laughed.

Helen smiled. She sat up and helped Helena sit up. Helena looked at her, curious as to what she was doing.

“Face the headboard, darling,” Helen said and guided Helena’s hands.

Helen moved so she was behind Helena, and pressed against her. She caressed Helena’s breasts, gently tweaking the nipples. Helena whimpered and grabbed on to the headboard.

“I’ve always favored this position,” Helen purred in her ear. “From here I can touch you in so many ways, your breasts, your stomach, your beautiful behind,” Helen whispered as her hands moved over Helena’s body in a slow seduction. “Your sex,” she murmured and slowly stroked Helena.

“Oh God,” Helena whimpered and her legs trembled.

“Do you feel how different my touch feels like this?” Helen said and kissed Helena’s shoulder.

“Yes,” Helena whimpered.

“Your clitoris is more exposed like this,” Helen mumbled and stroked it softly. “If I keep touching you like this you will spend in minutes,” she mumbled.

“Please Helen,” Helena whispered.

“Of course this position would also allow me to enter you from behind and prolong the experience.” She removed her hand and wrapped her arms around Helena gently grinding herself against Helena’s buttocks.

“But,” Helena whispered a little out of breath. “You are a woman. How could you enter me?”

Helen chuckled and ran her hand down over Helena’s buttocks. She gently pressed her fingers against Helena’s opening. Helena flinched a little at the surprise.

“With my fingers my sweet, or perhaps with a phallus. All in good time,” she purred.

Helen kissed and licked Helena’s back leaving a wet trail down her spine. Finally she lay down on her back and smiled up at Helena. She caressed her buttocks and grabbed her hips.

“Come closer,” she whispered.

Helena looked Helen in the eyes as she slowly lowered herself. The sight of Helen between her legs, and the feel of her tongue stroking her in the most intimate of ways made her head spin. She whimpered and held on to the headboard as her legs started to shake.

Helen caressed Helena’s buttocks and pulled her against her mouth. She teased Helena’s clit with soft strokes and gentle kisses. Finally she sucked it into her mouth and stroked it fast. She could feel Helena tense and knew that she was close.

“Oh God! Helen!” Helena cried out as she came. Her legs closed around Helen’s head and she shook as the orgasm tore through her innocent mind and body in its powerful torment. Finally she relaxed with a deep gasp and hung her head, her long hair framing her face.

Helen caressed Helena’s thighs and eased out from underneath her. She gently pried Helena’s hands free from the headboard and gathered her in her arms. She kissed her cheek and just held her as Helena’s breathing slowed down and she finally looked at Helen. Helen smiled at her.

“How do you feel?” she asked and caressed Helena’s cheek.

“Wonderful,” Helena said and laughed.

“I am so glad to hear that,” Helen said and laughed.

Helena kissed her. She smiled when she now recognized the flavor on Helen’s lips. She licked Helen’s lower lip and giggled.

“I believe I really do like to taste myself on your lips Helen,” she said and grinned.

Helen laughed and pulled her closer. She kissed Helena and sucked her lower lip into her mouth. Her hand slipped between Helena’s thighs and she stroked her gently.

“Unlike a man, a woman’s body is not spent for long,” she mumbled against Helena’s lips. “But she can be very sensitive to touch.”

“So good,” Helena whimpered.

“Lie down on your back Helena, and pull up your left knee,” Helen whispered.

Helena eagerly rolled over and put her hand behind her knee, pulling her leg up until her knee almost touched her breast. She sighed and smiled as Helen stroked her. When Helen touched her clit a little harder she gasped and bit her lip.

“Right there?” Helen purred.

“Yes,” Helena whimpered softly.

Helen stroked faster over Helena’s slick center and within seconds she sent her over again. This time Helena was louder. Helen was prepared for her intense release and her leg, curled around Helena’s right leg, held her young lover in place as Helen watched her release. When Helena finally relaxed she gently caressed her hair away from her face and turned Helena’s head her way. She kissed her softly.

“So beautiful,” she whispered. She stroked Helena’s hair feeling her tremble now and then as a few aftershocks rippled through Helena.

“Helen, that was so powerful it almost hurt,” Helena whispered.

Helen smiled and caressed her cheek.

“I know,” she whispered.

Part 3

Helena grinned and chewed on her lip. She twirled a lock of Helen’s hair around her finger.

“How do you know what I need? What I want?” Helena asked I awe. “I mean, I didn’t even know.”

“Not yet my sweet, but you will learn to read your body’s signals and ask for my touch,” she explained. “If you had not been ready to handle my touch so soon again, your body would have told me. You would have felt irritation instead of pleasure, my sweet one.”

Helena smiled and rolled on top of Helen. She kissed her, tasting Helen’s lips.

“Your mouth is so pretty,” she said in wonder. “It feels like our lips were made to fit together. Every time I kiss you, I just want more.”

Helen wrapped her arms around Helena hugging her close. Helena’s leg slipped between Helen’s as Helen moved a little under her. Helena blushed when she felt Helen’s soft sex touch her thigh.

“I can feel your essence,” she whispered.

“Pleasuring you is very arousing,” Helen explained.

“May I touch you?”

“Of course, darling,” Helen said and smiled at her.

Helena slipped off of Helen and ran her hand over Helen’s chest. She trailed her fingertips over Helen’s shoulders, and her collarbones, listening and noting every little sigh and smile. She brushed her fingers over Helen’s nipples and Helen sighed again. She cupped the breast and brushed her thumb over the nipple like Helen had done to her.

“That feels very good,” Helen purred.

Helena sat up and cupped both of Helen’s breasts in her hands, kneading them gently. When she noticed Helen squirming and moving against her hands she got bolder and twirled the nipples, pulling gently on them and then pinching a little. She repeated her touch increasing the pressure a little. Helen opened her eyes and stilled her hands.

“Easy dearest,” she said softly. “I am not yet aroused enough for that intense touch.”

“I’m sorry,” Helena said and started to remove her hands.

Helen grabbed her wrists and held her hands in place on her breasts.

“It’s all right Helena. You are learning. You didn’t hurt me, and believe me, there are times when I want to be touched even harder than that. You will learn to tell by how my body reacts to you. Right now however, I need a softer touch,” she said and caressed Helena’s cheek. “Why don’t you use your mouth?”

Helena nodded. She was still mortified at having touched Helen in a way that caused her discomfort. Pushing her own feelings aside she focused on Helen’s. She cupped Helen’s right breast and pushed it closer. She licked the nipple, gauging Helen’s reaction. A deep sigh told her that Helen had enjoyed it. She closed her lips and sucked gently.

“Oh Helena,” Helen whispered and caressed her hair. “That feels wonderful. Keep doing that and increase the pressure just a little.”

Helena ran her tongue over Helen’s nipples in an endless caress, now and then sucking the nipple into her mouth. Helen’s little sounds became more insistent as Helena teased the nipples. She could feel them change against her lips and it was an amazing experience. She had never really thought that much about how to touch a woman’s breasts, only that she wanted to. She was half sprawled across Helen’s body, her breast rubbing against Helen’s stomach. She moved a little and ran her fingertips up and down Helen’s side. She felt the muscles ripple when she touched a certain spot and caressed it in slow, teasing circles.

“Helena, please,” Helen whimpered and took Helena’s hand. She pushed it down and wrapped it around her sex.

Helena raised her head and looked down to where her hand was touching Helen’s sex. She moved her fingers in a slow caress, dragging them through Helen’s soft pubic hair and then down again. She ran a teasing finger along the middle, feeling evidence of Helen’s arousal coating her finger.

“Don’t tease darling,” Helen said with a chuckle.

Helena smirked at her and dipped deeper. Not sure exactly of how Helen wanted her to touch her she just moved her fingers around, feeling the different texture of her sex.

“You’re so soft Helen,” she whispered.

Helen chuckled and nodded. She opened her eyes and looked at Helena as she covered Helena’s hand, guiding her.

“Slow and steady darling, not too hard,” she whispered. “Dip down and make sure your fingers are wet before you touch the clitoris.” Helena nodded and swallowed. She continued stroking Helen and after a moment Helen let go of her hand. Helena touched Helen’s breast and rubbed the nipple, pulling gently at it.

”Yes darling, that’s very good,” Helen mumbled and moaned softly.

Pleased with herself Helena increased her stroking of Helen’s sex. It made Helen whimper and she grinned. Then Helen’s hand was back covering hers. Thinking that she had done something wrong she stilled her movement.

“No, don’t stop,” Helen said and smiled. “I want you to touch me inside,” she said huskily and guided two of Helena’s fingers inside as she pushed up to meet Helena’s hand.

Helena gasped as her fingers sank inside Helen’s soft entrance. She quickly understood the slow stroking Helen desired and eased her fingers in and out. She moved closer and pulled a little on Helen’s leg to be able to see what she was doing. Not pleased with the result she pulled out of Helen.

“What’s wrong?” Helen asked and grabbed her hand.

“Nothing, dearest,” Helena said and smiled at her. “I just want to be able to see what I’m doing.”

Helen chuckled and nodded. She raised her knee and opened herself to Helena. Helena kneeled between Helen’s legs and put her hands on her thighs. She gazed up at Helen.

“You are so beautiful,” she whispered.

Helen smiled at her. Her blond locks covered the pillow under her head and the light from the fire cast a golden glow over her body. Her rosy little nipples teased Helena to touch them. Helena brushed her fingers over them and then looked down at Helen’s sex. The pubic hair was darker than Helen’s hair, but still much paler than Helena’s own. She could see Helen’s pink sex open up as Helen moved her legs.

“Please touch me darling,” Helen whispered.

Helena gently brushed her fingers over Helen’s sex. She carefully peeled her open and gazed down at her.

“Put your fingers inside again,” Helen begged.

Helena tried to figure out what to do when Helen took her hand and slowly pushed her fingers back inside. She smiled as she watched her fingers sink inside Helen with ease.

“Amazing,” she whispered.

“Use your thumb to stroke the clitoris,” Helen mumbled and pulled her finger until Helena was touching her clit.

Helena moved her thumb in small circles over Helen’s clit watching her face and noticing Helen breathe faster. She dipped down and gathered some more of Helen’s juices to make her finger slide easier. Leaning down she could smell Helen’s musky scent much stronger. It was quite nice, she thought. Curious, she tentatively swept her tongue over Helen’s clit.

“Oh God, Helena,” Helen whimpered and grabbed Helena’s hair, pushing up at her mouth.

Helena grinned and licked her lips. Helen’s taste was different from her own, but she found it pleasant. She licked the clit again and was rewarded by a soft moan. When she moved she ended up twisting her fingers as she pushed them back inside Helen causing a deep moan from Helen. The discovery made her repeat the move and Helen sighed and pushed against her.

“Yes,” she whispered. “Very good.”

Helena grinned and kept moving her hand and her fingers, trying to figure out what brought Helen the most pleasure. She licked her clit and circled it with her tongue. When she flicked a little harder against it Helen cried out softly and tightened her hold on her hair. Helena used her other hand to pull Helen’s folds apart a little more to give her better access. As her lips closed around Helen’s clit she sucked gently while pressing her tongue against the clit.

“Oh God!” Helen cried out and her hips shot off the bed.

Helena stilled her hand inside Helen and focused on her clit. Helen was moving under her making it a bit more difficult, but she was determined to make her feel as wonderful as Helen had made her feel earlier.

“I’m very close,” Helen whimpered.

Helena moved her fingers inside and stroked the clit with the tip of her tongue. A moment later Helen’s hips shot off the bed again and her hands in Helena’s hair tightened until it was almost painful. Helena sucked harder and swept her tongue over Helen’s clit all while watching her face. Helen’s eyes were closed and she whimpered through her release. Finally she relaxed and gently pushed Helena’s mouth away from her sex.

“No more,” she whispered.

Helena grinned and slipped her fingers out of Helen, feeling her shiver at the loss. She ran her tongue around Helen’s opening, tasting her. Their eyes met as Helen opened her eyes. She caressed Helena’s cheek and smiled at her. Helena swept her tongue over Helen’s folds and Helen gasped. Her hand slipped into Helena’s hair again and she cupped the back of her head as she guided her back to her clitoris.

Helena flicked her tongue over Helen’s clit. Using two fingers she squeezed it from the sides while flicking her tongue over it. Helen sobbed as she came again bringing Helena’s mouth closer to her.

“Please, I cannot handle more,” she finally whimpered.

Helena removed her mouth and smiled at Helen.

“Come here darling,” Helen said and laughed.

Helena crawled up and stretched out next to Helen. Helen hugged her and kissed her. Noticing the traces of their lovemaking on Helena’s face she grabbed the sheet and wiped her smiling mouth.

“Was it all right?” Helena asked a little shyly.

“Oh darling, you were perfect,” Helen said and kissed her.

Helena laughed and her eyes twinkled. She kissed Helen, pressing against her. Helen caressed her back and gently cupped her buttocks bringing them closer together.

“I don’t know why, but I really enjoy it when you touch me like that,” Helena confessed.

Helen stroked her buttocks gently pulling them apart, kneading them while watching Helena’s face. She noticed Helena biting her lip, and gently touched a finger to Helena’s little opening. Helena jumped and stared at Helen.

“You liked that,” Helen teased her.

Helena looked at her trying to figure out how to answer. Then Helen touched her again, this time rubbing a bit more insistently, circling the opening. Helena whimpered and pushed against her finger.

“I am glad that I discovered this,” Helen said with a chuckle.

“Helen?” Helena whispered. “Why would you want to touch me there?”

“Because it gives you pleasure, sweet one,” Helen said and smiled at her. “Many women, and men, find this touch delightful.”

Helen eased Helena down next to her and held her close. She kissed her softly and caressed her cheek.

“When a man and a woman have intercourse, the man enters her the way you did with me,” Helen explained. “However, if a woman is afraid of getting pregnant, or perhaps wants to preserve her virginity, it is possible for him to enter her rear instead.”

“What?” Helena said shocked.

“It can be quite pleasant actually,” Helen said and smiled at her. “But you have to be very careful, and you need to prepare her, or it will hurt.” Helena frowned, clearly confused. “You felt how easy it was to enter me. That was because I was ready, and aroused. Your backside does not work the same way darling, so you need to add the wetness some other way.”

“How?” Helena asked confused.

“Turn over on your back, sweet one.”

Helena rolled over. She watched as Helen pushed her knees up. Helen caressed her and she sighed and smiled. A moment later she felt Helen move her fingers further down and rub against her rear again. It felt different, slick and wet.

“I used your own juices,” Helen explained. She circled and rubbed, slowly adding more pressure until her finger finally was granted entrance.

“God!” Helena hissed and trembled.

“Are you all right?” Helen asked and touched her leg.

Helena nodded. Helen slowly moved her finger, not entering Helena with more than the tip of her finger. Finally she removed her hand and lowered Helena’s legs.

“I have so much to learn,” Helena mumbled.

“And I am very much looking forward to discovering these things with you,” Helen said and smiled at her.

Helena sat up, draping her legs over Helen’s thighs. She moved until she was almost sitting on Helen’s lap.

“I just wished that I knew more, that I could be better…”

Helen cut her off with a gentle finger on her lips.

“Helena, you will learn all the mysteries in time. It gives me a lot of pleasure to discover them with you. Your touch and your amazement as you learn each new caress, or experience a certain touch, is magical to me too.”

Helena sniffled and hid her face against Helen’s neck. Helen just held her and caressed her back.

“Darling Helena,” Helen whispered and stroked her hair. “You have held a special place in my heart since the day I first met you, and now…” she kissed her temple affectionately. “We are about to become so much more.”

Helena looked up at her and smiled. She cupped Helen’s cheek.

“I love you, Helen,” she whispered.

“And I love you, dearest one.”

Helen eased Helena down and pulled the down duvet over them, tucking it around Helena making her laugh.

“Just like when I was ten years old and I was scared of the monsters and you let me sleep with you.”

“Maybe not exactly like that,” Helen said and grinned at her.

Helena laughed and shook her head. She kissed Helen once and snuggled in next to her.

“So much more,” she mumbled as she drifted off to sleep.

Helen smiled and caressed Helena’s hair as she watched her sleep. Helena’s long eyelashes were dark against her pale cheeks. Helen caressed Helena’s high cheekbone and traced her jaw line. She brushed her lips against Helena’s full lips and settled in. When she wrapped her arm around Helena she felt her snuggled closer and she smiled as sleep blurred her consciousness. 

Part 4

Helena woke with a start. She panicked for a moment when she did not recognize the room. Then she felt Helen’s arm around her tighten its grip and she remembered. She snuggled closer only to jump when she heard the door open and the maid come in. She quickly pulled the sheet over her head overcome with embarrassment at being naked in bed with Helen.

“Good morning madam,” the young woman said cheerfully as she put down the tray with Helen’s morning tea. “We got snow over night. The streets are all white. It’s quite something, ma’am.”

“Good morning Sarah,” Helen said and smiled at her. She noticed the second tea cup on the tray and smiled. Few things went unnoticed, she mused. She turned to Helena and chuckled. She pulled at the sheet. “What are you doing hiding under there?” she asked amused.

“We’re not alone,” Helena hissed.

Helen chuckled and glanced at the maid who pretended like everything was normal, going through her regular morning routine refilling the pitcher with warm water for Helen to wash herself, and stoking the fire until it was roaring again. She put out Helen’s robe after gathering their clothes off the floor. Finally she smiled and left.

Helen pulled the sheet off of Helena and laughed.

“Sarah is not bothered by seeing you,” she said.

“Well, I’m not used to having just anyone see me naked,” Helena mumbled.

Helen chuckled and kissed her cheek before jumping out of bed. She quickly crossed the floor until she reached the tray with the tea. She filled their cups and returned to the bed. Helena grinned at her as she handed her her tea.

“You are stunning, Helen,” she said and blushed.

“Helena darling, after what we shared last night, now is not the time to start blushing,” Helen teased her. Then she got serious. She lowered her tea cup and looked Helena in the eyes. “Unless of course you have regrets,” she said softly.

“No regrets whatsoever, dearest Helen,” Helena said and laughed. She sipped her tea and sighed happily.

“I am so very pleased to hear that,” Helen said and smiled at her.

They enjoyed their tea in comfortable silence. Finally Helen took Helena’s cup from her and put it down next to hers on the night stand. She wrapped her arms around Helena and kissed her softly.

“Helena,” she said seriously and cupped Helena’s cheek. “Last night I was very careful when I made love to you.”

“I don’t understand,” Helena said confused.

“You are still technically a virgin, sweet one, and you will remain so as long as I do not touch you inside,” Helen explained.

“Oh,” Helena whispered and blushed. She tried to turn her face away, but Helen made her meet her eyes.

“I need to know your feelings about that,” Helen said softly. “If you’re not ready to make that decision, we do not need to discuss it further now.”

“I cannot think of anyone I would rather experience it with than you, Helen,” she whispered.

“You do know that I don’t want to hurt you. Unfortunately there often is some pain involved. I will try to be gentle darling,” Helen said and caressed her cheek.

“I know,” Helena whispered, suddenly feeling worried again. After all, she had heard the stories.

“Helena, please look at me,” Helen said. She caressed Helena’s cheek and chin. “It is not that bad. I promise you.”

Helena smiled weakly and nodded.

“I trust you Helen,” she whispered. “I know it will be worth it.”

“I can assure you that it will, my sweet one,” Helen said and kissed her.

Helen caressed Helena as she deepened the kiss. Soon Helena was squirming against her hand. She hooked Helena’s right leg over her hip and slowly stroked her.

“Oh Helen, that feels so good,” Helena whispered and smiled at her.

Helen smiled and kissed her, teasing her with her tongue. Helena giggled and Helen grabbed her lower lip with her teeth pulling gently. Helena sighed and pushed up against her hand. Helen stroked her in longer and longer strokes, circling her opening each time. Finally she kissed Helena as she pushed her finger through the barrier. Helena cried out softly into her mouth and whimpered as she added a second finger and pushed through again. Helen stilled her hand and brushed her lips over Helena’s.

“That’s all sweet one,” she whispered. “All that remains is the feel of pleasure.”

Helena nodded silently. She could still feel a sting where Helen’s fingers connected with her body. She winced a little as Helen moved her fingers.

Helen kissed her softly and slowly caressed her clit with her thumb. She could feel Helena starting to relax and enjoy her touch again. She took her right nipple in her mouth and Helena moaned softly. Helen pushed her fingers a little deeper and rubbed against the soft spot she found there.

“Oh God,” Helena whimpered and started to shake.

Helen watched Helena intently while stroking her clit and g-spot. Helena whimpered and moaned softly, clearly enjoying the touch. Helen slowly moved her fingers and pushed them back inside watching for any discomfort on Helena’s part. She seemed to enjoy the feeling, especially when Helen rubbed her g-spot.

“Please Helen, so good,” she mumbled. “Mmm…” she purred.

Helen smiled around the nipple and sucked a little harder while circling her clit. She could feel Helena hug her fingers and pushed a bit harder.

“Oh God!” Helena whimpered and tensed around Helen’s fingers in her release. “Mmm, oh God,” she sobbed.

Helen slipped her fingers free and held her close as Helena calmed down.

“You are beautiful darling,” Helen said and kissed Helena’s cheek.

Helena grinned up at her. She kissed Helen hard on the lips.

“That was so wonderful,” Helena said excitedly.

Helen caressed her cheek and smiled. She kissed Helena softly.

“I envy you,” she whispered. “The discoveries, the endless passion,” she whispered. “I will cherish the time with you dearest.”

Helena frowned. She touched Helen’s cheek.

“What are you talking about Helen? I gave myself to you. I’m yours. Have I done something that displeased you?”

Helen shook her head and smiled at her.

“Never,” she said seriously. “Let’s not speak about the future. Let’s just bask in this glorious moment for I wish to show you how much I adore you.”

Helena giggled and sat up. She ran her hand down Helen’s side and slowly back tracked her movement until she could cup Helen’s breast. She brushed her thumb over the nipple watching Helen’s eyelashes flutter.

“Your touch is delightful,” Helen whispered and covered Helena’s hand.


Present Day, the Sanctuary, Old City

Helen Magnus smiled at the beautiful woman looking up at her. She traced her cheek and jaw line through the glass. Helena’s smile was frozen in time inside the elaborate old-fashioned picture frame. Of all the people from her past, Helena Wells was the one Helen missed the most.

“I am so very, very lucky to have known you,” Helen whispered to Helena’s picture.

Helen had been right; Helena had been a wonderful lover. They had remained together for almost a year before Helen called it off. Helen smiled to herself as she revisited the happy memories. She and Helena had quickly become a favored couple amongst the London intellectuals. Helena had carried herself as if she owned the world, walking into parties with Helen on her arm.

“You were so proud of being with me,” Helen whispered quietly as she smiled sadly. “No one else ever looked at me quite the way you did.”

Helena had been furious when she had broken it off, refusing to accept it. She had sent flowers and presents and called on Helen, but Helen held her ground. It had cost her many tears, but in the end it had been the right thing to do.

The first time she saw Helena with another woman on her arm it hurt so much Helen almost cried out. She held on to her partner a little tighter. He had looked surprised at her, but she had just smiled at him. She had watched in silence as Helena lavished her attention on the beautiful woman accompanying her. She was petite and blonde. Later that evening Helen discovered that Helena’s partner had amazingly beautiful green eyes. She also noted that she was young. Helen estimated eighteen or nineteen. Helena was very attentive and catered to the young lady’s every need. As she watched the two dance, Helen felt the pain in her heart again, but at the same time she was so proud of Helena and very happy for her.

Helen had seen Helena with both men and women over the years. It always amazed her how Helena could become so submissive at a man’s arm. She always suspected it to be an act. After all, she had played that role many times herself while in public. It never seemed to really bother Helena though, as it often did Helen. Helena seemed to navigate around the little woman concept just fine. Of course, her brilliant mind impressed most people and made them gravitate towards her. Helena Wells would never be invisible in a crowd, even if acting as a submissive woman.

When Helena went missing from several events in a row, Helen became quite concerned. She decided to call on Helena and dropped in unannounced. Helena had been very excited to see her. Helen, even though she felt the same, was surprised and concerned to notice the bulge on Helena’s stomach. She gently put her hand on it and smiled at Helena. She chuckled when she felt movement under her palm. Helena was with child.

“She was the most beautiful baby I’ve ever seen, darling,” Helen said softly to Helena’s picture. “And so very angry when she was born. Definitely your daughter.”

Helen had been the first to hold baby Christina as she pulled the tiny infant free of Helena’s body. She watched her red little face and tuft of dark hair as the girl loudly voiced her anger at the world. She had handed her over to Sophie to wash her before giving her to Helena. As soon as she knew that the child was all right, Helen had turned her attention to Helena. She was worried about her. The hours of being in labor had taken its toll on Helena and she was quietly whimpering in the bed. Helen went to work making sure that Helena would survive the ordeal.

Hours later she had been sitting next to Helena on the bed while Helena nursed the baby. She caressed Helena’s hair and smiled at her, telling her how beautiful they both were and how much she loved them. Helena had cried and she had held her and the baby in her arms. When Helena finally fell asleep she took the baby from her, placing the little girl in the cradle. She stretched out next to Helena, spooning up behind her protectively.

Helen had stayed with Helena for several weeks after the baby was born to make sure that she was healing properly. When she felt that the danger was over she informed Helena that she would be leaving. Helena had cried and asked her to stay. Helen, against better judgment had kissed her, and told her that she would be fine. That’s when Helena told her about Christina’s father and why he would never come back. Realizing Helena’s difficult situation Helen worried about her future.

She had told Helena not to worry and then set off to France in the early fall of 1891 to meet with the young man’s family. Helen had laid out her offer on the table in a way that made it clear she was not up to negotiating her terms. Finally they had agreed and the document was drafted. A few days later she returned to London. Helena had cried when she gave her the papers.

“You’re a widow, Helena. Unless you tell people otherwise, no one will ever know the truth,” Helen said sternly.

“But how?” Helena asked confused. “He didn’t even know that I was pregnant when I left.”

“Just a little sweet talking and finagling of the local church records. As it is now, Helena G. Wells was married to Jean Baptist Moreau ten months ago in a small ceremony only attended by close family.”

“Helen, how can I ever repay you?” Helena asked with tears in her eyes.

Helen smiled and caressed her cheek.

“Raise your daughter well Helena and be kind to those who cross your path who are in your particular situation.”

Helena nodded. She held on to Helen’s hand so tightly.

“Please stay with me Helen,” she whispered. “I still love you.”

“I will always love you, Helena,” Helen said and kissed her softly. “But this is not our time. Your time is with your daughter now.”

“I don’t know if I can do it alone,” Helena whispered.

“You have Sophie, darling. Don’t you worry, everything will work out.”

Helena had cried silently as she left. Helen knew that she needed to let Helena take the next couple of steps on her own, or she would forever regret it. To have Helena become a wife and mother, to domesticate her, would be an injustice to this strong independent woman. Right now Helena was scared and uncertain about the future. Helen would be there for her, but she knew she could not be part of her life like she had in the past. To become lovers again now would make Helena dependent on her, and she never wanted to do that to her.

Months passed by and Helen watched Helena’s strength return. She was writing again and she had even picked up some of her old research. Baby Christina was growing into a beautiful little girl. She smiled and laughed every time Helen held her protectively in her arms talking to her. No one ever knew how painful those moments with Helena’s daughter were for Helen, not even Helena. She had never told Helena about the discovery in her own body just weeks after finding out that Helena was pregnant.

***   ***   ***

Helen had met the Warehouse agents by coincidence one night. She had been chasing an abnormal when she ran into them. After they had secured the creature and the artifact they had spent long hours in the darkness of the night talking and drinking whiskey in Helen’s parlor. They had come to an agreement that later on had turned into a formal one, allowing them to work separately, yet together. It was the Warehouse people Helen contacted on Helena’s behalf. It had taken Helena a lot of convincing, but in the end she had agreed to work with them. Helen had been very concerned when Helena had acted on her own in the start, working as an independent agent. She had talked to them, since she could not talk to Helena about it. In the end Helena had come to trust them, and she officially became an apprentice of Warehouse 12.

“Perhaps I am to blame,” Helen whispered to Helena’s portrait. “Had I never brought you to the Warehouse, you would never have known about the mysterious world of artifacts and abnormals.”

She sighed and leaned back in her seat pondering her actions of so long ago. In the end Helena had disappeared mysteriously. Helen had always suspected that the Warehouse was involved, and that there was more to it than what met the eyes. She had tried for the longest time to find out, until one evening, when she sat alone in her parlor reading – a visitor appeared. The woman, a Mrs. Frederic, had asked Helen politely, but in a tone of voice that told Helen that she was not up to discussing the matter, to stop her investigation into Helena Wells’ disappearance. Helen had understood, and she had agreed. Helena had chosen her own destiny, and Helen was at peace with that thought.

Helen got up and put Helena’s picture back on the mantle. She smiled at her and touched Helena’s beautiful face one last time.

“Happy birthday, my dearest darling,” she whispered softly before turning off the lights as she left the room.