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The Rules

  1. The Voting Categories
    • 3 Favorite Entries of Group One
    • 3 Favorite Entries of Group Two
    • 3 Favorite Entries of Group Three
    • 3 Favorite Entries of Group Four
    • 3 Favorite Participants Overall
  2. The category of Favorite Entry Overall will be determined by the results of the Favorite Stories for each group.
  3. Because we are allowing for 3 entries in each of the voting categories, we'll not be allowing for any additional entries to be "written in" in the additional comments section.

    The points breakdown is as follows:

    1 = 3 pts 2 = 2 pts 3 = 1 pts

  4. Please Note: Your name/LJ name and email address are MANDATORY. Any entries without this information will be considered invalid and not count toward the final tallies. Period.
  5. Voting will be open from 2 January 2010 until 11:59pm PDT on 5 8 January 2010. Any votes received after this deadline will not count.

The Awards

We want to note that 17 people voted this time around.

Group One Entries

Entry Place Total
One Year Later by A. Magiluna Stormwriter 5 8
Lighting the Darkness of Winter by Merfilly 7 4
From Desert to Sea by Shatterpath 2 17
Of Ignorance and Bliss by Lil 1 23
Towards the Light by Celievamp 3 16
The Fleeting Nature of Truth by Jaina 4 12
A Midnight Engagement by Hollie 5 8
A Lot Like Vegas by Lil 6 7

Group Two Entries

Entry Place Total
Alone by A. Magiluna Stormwriter 7 3
Her Songbird by layla_aaron 6 4
Naughty or Nice by Geekgrrllurking 3 15
Patrol by carpesomediem 4 12
Blame It On Huang by LizzieV 2 17
Oreos by A. Magiluna Stormwriter 1 24
Missteps and Counterbalances by Lil 3 15
Nocturnal Confessions by Ceridwyn2 w/ artwork by sHaYcH 5 8

Group Three Entries

Entry Place Total
Reborn by A. Magiluna Stormwriter 6 7
The Woman and The Warrior by Annette 2 18
Breaking and Entering by Cj 4 10
Solstice 06 by Shatterpath 5 8
In Her Arms by Celievamp 3 12
Come What May: An NCIS Christmas Carol by Jaina 1 26
Summer in California by Cj 8 4
Snapshots by wingsfan 7 6
Goodbye is for the Birds by sHaYcH 3 12

Group Four Entries

Entry Place Total
A Kindred Spirit: The Journey Begins by layla_aaron 7 3
Compromise by A. Magiluna Stormwriter 2 18
The Set-Up by Lil 6 4
Flowerdeep Fields by Shatterpath 1 19
Not For Us by carpesomediem 6 4
untitled by Tristian Makhai 3 13
For Thy Sweet Love Remembered... by romansilence 5 8
Christmas Cookies by Caitrin Torres 2 18
Confession by A. Magiluna Stormwriter 4 10

Favorite Participant Overall

Entry Place Total
A. Magiluna Stormwriter 4 10
Merfilly 9 0
Shatterpath 2 15
Lil 1 21
Celievamp 3 11
Jaina 2 15
Hollie 6 3
layla_aaron 7 2
Geekgrrllurking 6 3
carpesomediem 9 0
LizzieV 9 0
Ceridwyn2 9 0
Annette 7 2
Cj 8 1
wingsfan 9 0
sHaYcH 5 5
Tristian Makhai 6 3
romansilence 5 5
Caitrin Torres 6 3

Favorite Entry Overall

Note: This award was based on the overall point totals of all the entries in groups 1, 2, & 3.

Entry Place Total
Come What May: An NCIS Christmas Carol by Jaina 1 26
Oreos by A. Magiluna Stormwriter 2 24
Of Ignorance and Bliss by Lil 3 23

Specialty Awards

Shatterstorm Award :: The "Left My Heart" series by Lil

Shatterpath says: Lil's Cabot saga.. AJ will cover the basics more eloquently than I, but suffice to say that it was far more than expected and I really loved it. "Of Ignorance and Bliss" is hands down, my favorite. Probably the best 'what happened to Alex while in Witness Protection' and the ending just broke my heart. Cindy was portrayed just bang fuckin' on, curious, smart and oh so sweet.

Stormwriter says: I knew this whole series was coming. In fact, I'm quite sure I encouraged it at some point. And yet, the poignancy of "Of Ignorance and Bliss" in particular still gets to me. Totally in character and totally captivating. I would have loved to see something like this actually happen, if only because of the depth of the characters. I do believe this is one of the absolute best pieces you've ever written, my friend... And really? The scope of the whole series, both utilizing and discarding the canon in both series to create this intriguing little AU, was brilliant. I don't think I would have thought of this particularly crossover, but while reading it, it made sense.

Shatterpath Award :: Toward the Ligh by Celievamp

It's been awhile since I've given out my personal kudos to someone for the traditional reason; a genre that you, the author, sells to me believable, despite my complete cluelessness. I have to say that you did indeed sell me on this tale even wihout my knowing details about Magnus' universe. I enjoyed it and really felt the layers of emotion.

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