Title: Flowerdeep Fields
Author: Shatterpath
Feedback address: shatterpath@shatterstorm.net
Date in Calendar: 26 December 2009
Fandom: CSI: Miami / NCIS / LWM
Pairing: Natalia Boa Vista/Ziva David/Calleigh Duquesne/Abby Sciuto
Rating: R
Word Count: 1225
Summary: An unseasonable winter day in Miami has our girls in rare form.
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Author's Notes: I started this for the Sappho Fragments Challenge 2009, but could never finish it. My other OT4 piece was so successful that this one just finished itself.

Sapphic Fragment used:
surpasses all the stars. And her light
            stretches over salt sea
                       equally and flowerdeep fields.

Beta: ariestess

++ Natalia ++


Some days, it still feels… disjointed somehow, like reading ancient poetry, poorly translated. You can almost feel the missing passages, the words lost to time, only the partial sentiment left behind.

We've been adapting for weeks, building a life away from the safety of the Sentinel compound in Las Vegas. My home seems impossibly different now, seeing it through her eyes.


My soul, my heart, my mate… and still so much a stranger.

While I languish in the unseasonable heat, she moves to some silent, sinuous beat at the edge of the Atlantic Ocean. Like a dance, she is sleek, glorious, deliberate movement. Unlike a dance, there is deadliness in her movements.

How I adore watching her.

In time, Ziva has grown to be able to ignore the effect of my hungry eyes and go about her body's routine. Though, sometimes, she allows my needy gaze to lead a natural progression of events, leaving my skin to heat with memory. Something sly and knowing dances at the corner of Ziva's mouth, not quite a smile.

In some impossibly graceful physical contortion, she looks like a resting crane or something, and Ziva pauses there like a statue for a long time. Only then does she relax, looking over the water serenely, as though giving thanks.

Then, she makes me giggle by striding over with intent to pounce on me with sloppy kisses.

++ Calleigh ++

Abby makes me giggle helplessly, flouncing about the stubborn wildflowers that winter has not beaten into submission, dressed as she is always dressed. Silvery boot bling a-chiming, she gallivants about like a hyper child… or a horse with a burr. The unseasonably warm winter has the coast looking more like autumn than winter and luckily for us, few people have taken advantage of the warmth.

"Here, Belle," Abby enthuses and showers me with tiny white blossoms that cover the grasslands that separate the runty forest from the ocean. Again, I am giggling, gathering up the flowers to carefully weave them into fragrant chains. For whatever reason, Abby is fascinated with the skill, much to my enormous amusement.

Besides, with our pack of four, 'daisy chain' has a whole new meaning…

The dirty thoughts stay locked in my head for now, since we're out in public, and the temperature is dropping as the sun retreats for the day. Abby's lusty smirk informs me that my expression has betrayed me, which means we need to get this marvelous and impulsive little day trip back to our place and pronto!

Right on cue, a grinning and sandy Nat and Ziva stumble over the sand dunes, hand in hand to imperiously gather up a laughingly protesting Abby and me.

"But there are more flowers," Abby mock-whines with a grin, recognizing, as I do, the wild edge to the wolfish grins they sport. In fact, it appears that the desperation on my face is just a little bit sharper than Abby's, as I get dragged bodily into the retrofitted rear of the hearse that doubles as our family car. With Nat against my back, hands wandering expertly over my tingling flesh, and Ziva hot and eager behind my teeth, none of us care what the car once was… or that we aren't wearing seatbelts.

Ah, how quickly we forget responsibility and ideals when just plain wet and horny.

My lovers have me howling like a bitch in heat before we've left the parking lot, Abby echoing my lusty cries in a laughing cartoon voice.

++ Abby ++

It is an endless source of affectionate amusement at how vocal Calleigh has grown with familiarity at being lovers with the whole lot of us. Whether one on one or the focus of our combined lust, she's the screamer of the bunch. Cool as a cucumber and as warm and sweet as southern peach, her honey can flow thick and fast when we get at her!

With Calleigh panting and whining her way down from Mount Lusty, Ziva growls and Nat squeals like a b-rate horror queen and they giggle and laugh their way to more sexy sounds. All I get is the occasional flash of skin and hair in the rearview mirror, but the symphony of sounds is hella good foreplay for me!

All is relatively quiet as I back the hearse into the driveway of what was once Natalia's lonely bungalow amidst Miami's well-off and beautiful. Still pulling her clothes into some semblance of order, Cal's out first, wobbly-kneed even in bare feet, and I have to chuckle and wrap her in a big hug.

"Come on, you hussies," I call out to Sentinel and Guide. "You'll scandalize the neighbors." With much giggling and stuffing scanty articles of clothing in purses and pockets, we manage to get in the house where I playfully swat away their advances. "No. I need rations to keep up with you nuts. Go shower and I'll get dinner together."

Still high with giggles and the quickies in the car, the three of them wander off toward the master bedroom while I shake my head affectionately. Let them sober up, so to speak, and I'll happily let them jump me. In the meantime, I wasn't exaggerating that I'm starved!

The kitchen, ironically, has become primarily my domain. It's odd, really, as I have never been into the intricacies of food. Until I came here, where this homey space soothes me and makes me creative.

And there is something satisfying and erotic about providing such a visceral need to my brave warriors.

++ Ziva ++

It has been a good day, even among a long sequence of good days. With the gorgeous weather to match my company and not a thought of our work lives marring the sweetness, day has rolled into peaceful night.

We are sated with good food and a touch of excellent wine. This unexpected gift of Abby's talent in the kitchen will have all of us fat and happy before too long.

Faint sounds of pleasure from the house make me smirk. No, there will be no fat to our happy. We are too active!

Well, usually anyway. Right now, I have no desire whatsoever to leave the overstuffed lounge chair beside the pool, bigger than some beds. Particularly with the enticing vision of my naked Natalia rising sinuously from the rippling surface of the agitated water. On a purely carnal level, there is no creature alive as physically beautiful as this woman, despite my biased opinion. The fact that she is so much more than that obvious beauty is all the more amazing.

Backlit by the illuminated water and the ambient glow of the backyard lights, she is like a primitive goddess, water like twinkling rivulets of diamonds on her flawless skin. Knowing the possessive heat of my gaze, Natalia preens and poses to entice me as she retrieves her towel and pats away much of the glistening water. When she shivers, detracting from the sensual display, I chuckle throatily and call out to her softly, seductively.

"Come to me, Carina (my love)."

With smiles and caresses, we snuggle beneath my blanket, our naked bodies heating as we murmur and caress there below the twinkling stars.