Title: Oreos
Author: A. Magiluna Stormwriter
Feedback address: stormwriter@shatterstorm.net
Date in Calendar:
Fandom: 15 December 2009
Pairing: Sam/Art/Janet
Rating: R [language]
Word Count: 1021
Date Written: 6-7 October 2009
Written for: ct
Prompt: oreos
Series: Light, Water, Muses
Book: Reverberations
Summary: Who knew that an innocent piece of Sam's childhood would turn into a sexual turn on.
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Author's Disclaimer: All original characters belong to ShatterStorm Productions and are the creations of A. Magiluna Stormwriter and Shatterpath. They also belong in the Light, Water, Muses universe, tho’ this is a standalone within the whole of that universe.

Author's Notes: Honestly? I had no clue that this was going to come out when I sat down to write this story. And to be completely honest, I never really know what's going to come out when this particular triad starts getting chatty. They're such an insular unit and so complete, it's sometimes hard to write something new for them. Thankfully, I got this out of them.

Beta: tarnishandtears

By A. Magiluna Stormwriter

I never thought something so innocent, so integral to my childhood could become something so… dirty and delicious.

And it wasn't until Dace started teasing me that the connection really sunk in. They were an occasional treat as a kid, usually when I spent the night with a friend. Why would we eat them at home when we had Mom's cookies, fresh from the oven practically on a daily basis?

After she died, I wanted nothing to do with cookies of any kind. My last batch was baked the day she died, and every single one of them went into the trash, untasted. It wasn't until I was at the academy that I started even thinking about cookies of any kind, and I usually went for the heavily processed crap, because it was so different from my memories.

I think it was Cassie that got me to start baking again. Mom always said that cookies, the good homemade ones, were a good thing for a growing child. In a way, making Mom's old recipes for her, and the rest of our communal brood, made me feel closer to her. It probably sounds crazy, but it's the truth.

It wasn't until Dace came out for the big Name Day shindig that I even made the connection. No, maybe it was that Thanksgiving, when my libido finally decided to surface again after the agony that was my pregnancy with Elana.

We'd been toying with the idea of letting Dace have a shot at me. I'll be the first person to admit that I'm not the fast and loose type, and I hardly think anyone would disagree with me. But there's something so titillating about Dace. I think it has something to do with her Sentinel abilities, although Karen comes pretty close when she lets Bane out to play. I just don't think I could ever honestly go there with Karen. We have too much history, attraction or not.

But the memory of Dace teasing me about being the sweet creamy filling sandwiched between my two darker, smaller lovers had my libido skyrocketing in ways it hadn't in a long, long time. The fact that she sat there, lewdly licking the filling from the Oreos, while the four of us tried to hash out the details of our little play date was both distracting and entirely effective.

And unless I'm mistaken, she even had Janet a little turned on by that whole display. And Janet is nothing if not completely committed to just me and Art. She indulges us in our more outlandish playful fantasies, but has no desire to venture out into experimentation with anyone else.

Is it wrong to think of Janet as having a very healthy kinky streak without ever going beyond the normally vanilla sex the three of us have? Don't get me wrong. She gets aroused by the little role-playing games that Art and I play, particularly once the sex is started. But other than the night we jumped Art in our full dress blues, Jan's never really been the kind of person to participate in such elaborate setups. She just doesn't seem to need the added allure of the fantasy to get her engine revving in high gear.

So color me shocked when she ended up detailing out the bulk of the rules for my little scene with Dace. Okay, it wasn't little, not for me. And just the thought of Janet knowing what illicit things we were doing made it that much more intense. But Janet is very protective of her family members, so I guess I shouldn't really be surprised that she was so involved in making sure I'd be safe and happy.

She certainly didn't complain when we finally found our way to our bedroom, exhausted and high on endorphins. Art was pretty useless and dropped off into a deep sleep pretty quickly. Who can blame her? She wasn't expecting to get laid and suddenly, thanks to me, Dace knew exactly where and how to touch her to make my strong, silent lover cry out like a howling dog.

Despite my own exhaustion, I regaled Janet with all of our exploits, finally taking pity on her and settling in for a nice snack. Art never even twitched a muscle, despite how energetic Janet and I ended up getting.

It wasn't until Christmas that I began to see just how much Dace's comment had affected Janet. Suddenly, she was eating those damned cookies all the time. Slowly licking the creamy filling away, savoring the flavor, before eating just one of the wafers. The other wafer would end up in a glass of milk, reduced to a mushy, chunky shake that she'd gulp down almost guiltily.

At first, it seemed vaguely random when this would happen, though I did notice a spike in occurrences whenever Dace was around. And then one night, it hit me. It was our last night in the bedroom we called home in Colorado Springs. She'd been distracted by the move preparations, and not all that amorous, until that last night. Art and I came in, after one last check on the kids and the dogs, to find Janet regally reclined in bed, naked as the day she'd been born, and licking away at two Oreos at a time.

Only once we'd fucked her until near exhaustion did she finally admit why she craved Oreos and ate them the way she did.

Licking the creamy filling? Easy to guess, not to mention making me horny as hell again. Eating just the one wafer? Her version of nibbling and sucking on Art. The final wafer in the milk was what surprised me. She admitted to the guilty pleasure of tasting her own arousal on our lips.

Suffice it to say, I have a new appreciation for Oreo cookies. Yes, Karen has figured it out, and teases us mercilessly. Yes, it gets me hotter than hell just to hear the crinkling of that package being opened. And yes, it reminds me on a regular basis what I mean to and can do for my lovers.