Title: Naughty or Nice
Author: Geekgrrllurking
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Date in Calendar: 12 December 2009
Fandom: Guiding Light
Pairing: Olivia/Natalia
Rating: PG
Word Count: 1500
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Author's Notes: Written for the Dead of Winter 2009 Femslash Advent Calendar. Thanks again for letting me play! This is part of my Wither Thou Goest universe, so there is no Frankenspawn and Rafe is still in jail.

Beta: Thank you as always to the lovely Ms_Josephine

The Mayor's "Deck the City Halls" Winter Ball was one of the highlights of the Springfield social season. It was one of the few times during the year that the warring political factions at city hall put down their backstabbing knives and mingled happily together in the spirit of the season. It was the time of the year when Springfield's most influential and wealthy citizens gathered and toasted each other. The black-tie affair was a highly sought after ticket, and considered by all to be an honour to be invited.

Olivia Spencer didn't want to go. In fact, she had been downright surly for the last couple of days just thinking about having to attend the boring event. If Doris Wolfe, the mayor herself, hadn't handed her the invitation, threatening bodily harm if she bailed, again, then there would have been no way she would have gone. At least, not without Natalia Rivera on her arm anyway.

Natalia was stuck in Chicago for the next few weeks, overseeing the renovation and work on their new hotel. Olivia knew that her lover was needed on site, and the added bonus of being able to spend time with her recently reconciled family was important. Still though, Olivia missed her calming presence by her side.

Olivia stood in the festively decorated ballroom, sleek and elegant with her hair up, draped in a form-fitting black, strapless designer gown with a tasteful display of diamonds, looking lost and alone among Springfield's elite. She checked her watch again, desperately plotting how to make a graceful escape without Doris throwing a holy fit later. Sighing she slipped her BlackBerry out of her clutch purse and checked for messages. There was still nothing from Natalia.

Olivia was starting to worry. Usually by now she'd have heard something from her partner. Natalia would be settling down in her hotel suite and they would be texting each other while watching their favourite shows on television. It was almost like being together in the same room. Almost. Olivia sighed again and wondered where the waiter with the martini's had disappeared to.

"So, have you been naughty, or nice?" A familiar voice tickled warm against Olivia's bare shoulder, low and seductive. Olivia gasped, pleasantly surprised. She'd know that voice anywhere.

"What do you think?" Turning, Olivia took in the stunning curves of her lover. Natalia was resplendent in a flowing, blood-red gown that she had never seen on her before, her long dark hair curling loosely around her shoulders, a simple strand of pearls around her neck. Olivia felt a familiar rush of desire flow through her, but there was also the sting of tears and an almost overwhelming wave of joy from seeing her partner standing there in front of her. "Speaking of naughty, aren't you supposed to be in Chi--"

Natalia smiled mischievously, obviously pleased with surprising her lover, and placed a long finger over the full lips, effectively silencing the woman. The little kiss to her fingertip only made her smile wider.

"When Keira set up my meeting with the contractors this weekend, I don't think she even looked at the calendar. Not only was the ball tonight, but it's Hanukkah. So I called Bernie, told him to go spend time with his family and rescheduled for Monday instead. Happily, that meant I could spend time with my family too this weekend." Natalia murmured softly their eyes locking. "I missed you, querida."

At the moment she wanted nothing more than to be wrapped in Olivia's loving embrace at home, but Natalia realized that she could do the next best thing, if she dared. Her lover was standing there, staring at her like she was ready to devour her. Why was she even hesitating? Making her decision, she slowly moved her hand to slide it down along Olivia's arm, tangling their fingers together.

"Come and dance with me?" Natalia squeezed her partner's hand and waited.

Surprised again, Olivia swallowed hard and blinked. Who was this confident, compassionate business woman standing before her, asking her to dance in front of this huge crowd of people? If Natalia was ready to make a grand gesture, than she would gladly follow wherever her lover led.

"I thought you'd never ask." Olivia smiled, and together they made their way through the milling party crowd, to the small dance floor.

As Springfield's most popular, and only, lesbian power couple they had been invited to many events this year, once the word had gotten out that they were together. Part of it was curiosity to some degree, and Olivia could understand that. The other part of it came down to plain, old fashioned friendship. It was heartening that so many of their friends and co-workers were supportive, embracing their relationship and just treating them like normal.

However, as a couple they had never really been blatantly in your face about their relationship either, holding hands about as risqué as it got. Olivia knew that dancing together now, at such a big social event would be taking it to the next level of acceptance for a lot of people. And maybe it was time.

Natalia turned and smiled softly, squeezing her hand gently again. Olivia lifted her chin and smiled back. Who the hell cares what Springfield thinks, her sexy girlfriend wanted to dance.

Doris turned in time to see the gorgeous duo step onto the small dance floor together, joining the few couples already there. She elbowed Blake Marler smiled widely at the sight. Across the room, Josh and Billy Lewis grinned at each other and Reva Shayne paused mid-sentence while telling her latest story about her son, as they watched Natalia slide her hands up along Olivia's bare arms to lock around her partner's neck, absently twisting soft strands that had fallen loose from the upswept hair. And tucked away near the buffet table, Father Ray looked up from the hors d'oeuvres tray, and shook his head, a little shocked as Olivia's hands wrapped around Natalia's tiny waist, pulling her closer as they started to sway to "I'll Be Home for Christmas".

"I love this song," Natalia breathed against Olivia's creamy bare shoulder, glancing up shyly into the intense green eyes staring back at her. While she felt the eyes of the entire room watching them, Olivia only had eyes for her. The rest of the room seemed to fade away, and she got lost in the motion of her lover's body against her.

"I love you," Olivia said tenderly, the velvety layers to her voice saying so much more. "I'm so glad you're here."

"There's no where else I'd rather be." Natalia looked down and then back up, ignoring everything around them except the woman in her arms. Too soon the song ended, and they simply swayed together to the beat of their hearts, waiting for the next one to start. Taking a moment to glance around the dance floor, she noticed that they were surrounded by many of their friends, all of them chatting and dancing like normal. And they were simply a part of that now. Normal.

Natalia snuggled closer to Olivia, breathing in her scent, enjoying the moment. She could hear Olivia humming along to "I'm Dreaming of a White Christmas" softly in her ear. They had come such a long way this year to arrive at this moment. It was perfect.

One more dance, turned into several, until eventually they made their way off the dance floor. As they tried to make their move to leave the party, they ended up mingling and circulating together, holding hands the whole time. Finally they ducked into a more secluded corner, near the cloakroom. No longer able to resist, Olivia pressed the tempting brunette against the door frame and shifted closer, nuzzling along her jaw line.

"So I checked it twice, and you're definitely on the naughty list this year, missy." Olivia murmured into a delicate ear, enjoying the shiver it caused in the younger woman.

"Thank God," Natalia shuddered as Olivia licked and nibbled along her sensitive earlobe, playing with the earring. "Do you know how long I've been trying to get on that list?" She felt Olivia smirk against her skin. Tilting her head back to give her exploring lover better access, she looked up and smiled, and gently tugged her partner's head back.

"What's wrong?" Olivia pouted before becoming distracted, sending a fingertip tickling along tantalizing flesh, slowly tracing the dipping cleavage of Natalia's dress.

"Do you see what I see?" Natalia whispered, her traitorous body reacting to the touch of her lover. They really needed to go home; she didn't know how much more of this teasing she could take. Natalia pointed up over their heads, at the tiny sprig of mistletoe hanging innocently on the door frame. Olivia raised an eyebrow and smiled, before slowly dipping her head to close the scant distance between them.

"Well, I guess there really is a Santa Claus after all…"