Title: A Weekend in the Woods
Author: Elfcat255
Feedback address: elfcat255@aol.com
Date in Calendar: 15 December 2007
Fandom: Stargate SG-1
Pairing: Sam/Janet
Rating: R
Word Count: 3262
Summary: A weekend getaway for the couple....
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Disclaimer: All publicly recognizable characters and places are the property of MGM, World Gekko Corp and Double Secret Productions. This piece of fan fiction was created for entertainment not monetary purposes and no infringement on copyrights or trademarks was intended. Previously unrecognized characters and places, and this story, are copyrighted to the author. Any similarity to real persons, living or dead, is coincidental and not intended by the author.


The blonde stopped in her tracks when her name was called, turning around she couldn't help but grin at the sight of her girlfriend trying to catch up with her on the slight incline.

"What's the matter...not used to walking uphill?" she asked as the shorter woman grew closer.

Janet stopped next to the taller woman then rested hands on her knees as she bent over slightly and looked up to see the crooked grin on Sam's face, with a huff of breath she blew a strand of auburn hair out of her eyes and replied, "No, but there's a difference between a leisurely hike in the woods and forced march. You could slow down some to enjoy the day Samantha."

Now that the doctor had caught up Sam could see that her breathing was elevated and her face was flushed, "Crap! Janet, I'm so sorry...I'm just used to following the guys or having them keep up with me I didn't even realize I was moving that fast." Sam said this while removing her backpack and pulling out a water bottle which she held out to her girlfriend.

Taking the bottle Janet opened it and took a long drink then with a shake of her head she replied, "Don't worry about it, Sam...you're just giving me quite a work out trying to keep up with those long legs of yours." Passing the bottle back to the blonde woman Janet asked, "But how about I lead for awhile?"

"Sure, Janet...you set the pace. It's not much further to the spot I want to make camp," Sam told her a she pulled the backpack up on her shoulders once more.

Janet laughed as she shifted the pack on her back and walked past Sam, playfully poking her in the ribs as she did, "Just you try not to step on my heels, Stretch."

With a grin Sam replied, "Yes, Ma'am."

Waving the doctor to move on ahead and take point, she couldn't help but watch Janet's backside as she walked up the incline. 'Down girl,' she thought as she allowed the doctor to put some distance between them. With a soft chuckle she continued after the smaller woman, letting her set their pace.


As the couple continued along the trail, Sam would glance ahead of her, watching Janet as she surveyed her surroundings. The blonde still couldn't believe the diminutive but tough as nails doctor was her girlfriend. The two women had now been together for little over a month, but between work and having a growing daughter in the house, there hadn't been much alone time. Seeing that Sam spent her downtime at Janet's that automatically made her involved in Cassie's upbringing.

They had both agreed to take things slow in the new relationship and other than a few heated make-out sessions on the couch, things hadn't moved forward in the sex department. That was until this weekend...Sam had talked Daniel into keeping Cassie and the two women now were on their way to a secluded clearing high in the mountains...no child...no work...no interruptions but what they came up with.

Looking up from the path, Sam noticed a familiar landmark and called out to the doctor who had put some distance between them on the trail. "Janet! Take a right at that big tree!"

The doctor stopped and turned to face the approaching blonde. "That one?" she asked pointing at a nearby tree.

Sam nodded and replied, "Yup, just a few more minutes and we'll be there."

Janet waited for Sam to catch up with her and the couple turned onto a wider path. Walking side by side they continued onwards until they came to what appeared to be a dead end. "Now what?" asked Janet.

With a crooked grin on her face as she looked at the shorter woman Sam began pushing her way through the overgrowth that blocked the path. "Why do you think no one knows about this place but me?" she remarked, holding up limbs for Janet to pass underneath.

"I guess that's what makes it your secret place then but I still....," Janet paused in her observation as she stepped out into the clearing on the other side of the blockage. "Oh my," she said in awe.

It was a perfect circle of low grass in an otherwise thickly forested area. A small lean-to had been constructed along with a ring of stones for a campfire. The doctor glanced upwards to where the crowns of the surrounding trees shaded the clearing, causing rays of sunshine to hit the ground in a dappled effect. She could hear the nearby sound of running water, a sure sign of one of Colorado's famed mountain springs. Turning around, she looked up into Sam's grinning face. "This is beautiful, Sam," she remarked.

"I knew you'd like it," Sam returned as she moved past Janet and towards the lean-to. "I'll get camp set up while you just relax. Look around some if you want. The trail behind the lean-to circles and leads back to the clearing," she told the doctor.

"Are you sure you don't need my help?" Janet asked, walking up to Sam.

"Nope, just give me your pack and I'll do the rest," Sam assured her.

Removing the backpack from her shoulders, Janet set it on the ground next to the blonde's and watched as Sam knelt to begin pulling equipment out. The blonde looked up to find Janet still standing near her and made a shooing motion with her hands. "Go, explore. I'll be fine," she ordered.

Crossing her arms and giving the blonde one of her best stares Janet locked brown eyes with blue, which never wavered. "Fine, be that way," the doctor remarked and turned away from her girlfriend. She took a few seconds to decide and then took off in the direction she'd heard the running water.


The daylight was beginning to fade as Sam finished setting up camp and began dinner. She knelt next to the campfire to check on the foil pouches roasting on top of the wire cooking grate she'd positioned over the low fire. She glanced towards the lean-to which was now draped in mosquito netting; under which there was a comfortable pallet just big enough for two. She stood up from the campfire and looked around the campsite. "Alright, half-pint, where are you?" Sam muttered then chuckled, if she ever called Janet that to her face the doctor would make her regret it.

"What's so funny?" a voice asked from her right.

Sam whirled around to find Janet eyeing her from the edge of the clearing. "Oh, nothing," Sam said quickly and then asked, "Where have you been and why are you wet?"

Janet ran fingers through her still damp hair. "I was hot and sweaty, so I took a dip," she said with a wide smile.

Sam swallowed hard and tried not to let her jaw drop as a mental image of Janet standing nude in a mountain pool, splashing water over her body, flashed in her head. Fingers snapping in front of her made the blonde come back to reality, "Sam, you're drooling," remarked the doctor.

The blonde quickly made to rub her chin and Janet laughed loudly. Sam discovered why when she found no evidence of said drool. "Very funny, Jan," she said.

"I thought so," Janet replied with the tilt of her head and a grin. The doctor glanced around the camp and remarked, "Nice work, sweetie. What's that delicious smell?"

"Oh, it's trout; it's roasting in those packets along with vegetables for dinner," Sam said, pointing towards the fire.

The doctor gave the blonde a sly smile and remarked, "I thought you couldn't cook."

A blush covered Sam's cheeks and she fought not to duck her head but lost as she mumbled, "I can cook...I just never had a reason to, but I do now."

Janet moved closer to her girlfriend and wrapped her arms around the taller woman's waist. Holding her in a loose hug, the doctor looked up and said, "You are amazing. I'm such a lucky woman."

"No, I'm the lucky one. Having you in my life makes it complete," Sam returned.

Janet couldn't reply to that with words, so she did the next best thing. Her hands traveled up from the blonde's waist to cup the back of her neck. Gazing into sincere blue eyes, the doctor let her fingers toy with the short blonde hair at the nape of Sam's neck. Then with a smile, she tugged the taller woman's head down to her level, but before the doctor's full lips touched Sam's, the blonde murmured, "I love you."

Hearing the sentiment, Janet continued with her movement and covered Sam's lips with her own. She felt the blonde's tongue shyly brush against her tongue and deepened the kiss, capturing the questing body part with hers. Sam moved closer, allowing her body to meld to the doctor's as the kiss intensified and the couple became lost in themselves for several minutes, until they both needed fresh oxygen. Breaking apart, they stared at each other, breaths coming in short, soft gasps.

"Wow," Sam said softly, once she could speak.

"Wow is right," replied Janet and she cleared her throat, realizing her voice was pitched deeper slightly.

"Oooo, was that your sexy voice?" Sam quickly joked.

It was Janet's turn to blush, causing Sam to burst out laughing and pull the doctor close in a hug. She heard the smaller woman mumble something and looked down. "What was that?" she asked.

"I said you stink," Janet said, waving a hand in front of her nose and giving Sam a grin. "I think you need a bath," she added.

"I'll take one after dinner," Sam told her. "You can show me where you took yours."

"But it will be dark soon," Janet remarked.

"There's a full moon tonight and we have flashlights," Sam replied and then added. "Or are you afraid to wander around in the dark forest with me?"

This earned her a poke in the ribs from the doctor. "Just you try and keep up with me," Janet said.

"Okay, then," Sam said with a laugh. "Let's eat; the fish should be ready now."

Sam grabbed a nearby tray and used a pair of tongs to pick the foil packets up from their cooking spot. She motioned Janet towards the dining area she'd created from a large flat stump, with dinnerware set on it already and a couple of folding stools.

"If you would take a seat, my dear, I shall serve you," Sam said in a playful tone.

Janet made a big deal of sitting down and spreading a napkin over her lap. She gave the blonde a big grin and Sam chuckled as she placed a packet on the doctor's plate then one on her own. Setting the tray down, she then unwrapped Janet's food and let the succulent baked fish and vegetables spill onto the plate. The doctor leaned over the plate and inhaled the pleasant aroma.

"Mmmm, if this tastes as good as it smells you are so cooking more meals, blondie," Janet joked.

Sitting down opposite the doctor, Sam felt the blush blossom across her face. Janet chuckled and the blonde gave her a confused look. "What?" she asked.

"You, blushing at compliments. It's beautiful but funny because you don't need to. You deserve the majority of the compliments directed at you, Samantha," Janet told her.

Shrugging her shoulders Sam mumbled, "I can't help it; especially when they come from you, Janet."

"Well, we'll have to work on that. Now, let's enjoy this wonderful meal you cooked. We have a swim to take before it gets too late and gets chilly," Janet told her as she picked up her fork.

Sam watched as the doctor sampled her food. It was like Janet was analyzing the flavors the look of concentration on her face was so intense. She began nodding her head and then swallowed. "Oh, yeah, you are cooking more often," she stated. Laughing loudly at the statement, Sam opened her packet and the couple continued to talk as they enjoyed their meal.


Sometime later, the couple finished with the meal. Gathering up the used dinnerware, along with a couple of flashlights, they made their way along one of the paths toward the running water. Janet led the way so she could show Sam the area she'd been at that afternoon. Coming to a stop after a few minutes of following the stream, the doctor made a sweeping motion with her arm and spoke, "Here it is. There's a deep pool just on the other side of those big rocks." She shone the flashlight in the direction mentioned and waited for Sam to say something.

Glancing around, Sam saw that the clearing was pretty well illuminated by the light from the moon, so she turned off her flashlight. Kneeling down next to the edge of the water, remarked, "I think we can do without the extra light once our eyes adjust. Let me clean up the dishes and we'll take a dip in the pool." Not waiting for a reply from the doctor, she began rinsing the dinnerware off. She was intent on her cleaning when suddenly her world went black, because of a piece of clothing tossed over her head. "What tha..." she exclaimed.

Reaching a wet hand up, she pulled the fabric off just as a loud laugh and a splash came from the direction of the pool. Looking at the material in her hand, she recognized Janet's shirt. Glancing up, she spotted the rest of the doctor's clothing a few feet away from her. "Janet?" Sam's voice said loudly.

"Are you coming in?" the doctor's voice said from the shadows, over the soft trill of running water.

"Where are you?" Sam asked.

"Follow the line of stones and you'll see," answered Janet.

Sam quickly shed her clothing and by the light from the moon made her way across the row of stones until she came to several boulders. "Okay, now where?" she asked.

In the shadows along the edge of the pool, the doctor reclined against a flat rock submerged partially underwater. She had a gorgeous view at that moment as the blonde stood, peering into the shadows. "Oh, I don't know. Where you're standing right now is just fine," Janet remarked.

Focusing in on the sound of the doctor's voice, Sam slipped into the pool, submerged her body and immediately exclaimed, "Holy Hannah, that's cold!"

Before she could stand up arms engulfed her shoulders and the weight of Janet's smaller body kept her underwater. "If you stay under for a few minutes, it's not that cold. Besides, would hypothermia be so bad?" the doctor's voice said in her ear.

Twisting around in the smaller woman's grasp, Sam turned to face the doctor. "Seeing that the best cure for that is sharing of body heat...bring it on," Sam replied.

Janet laughed at this reply and splashed Sam with a handful of water. The blonde gave her a wide-eyed look and remarked in a playful tone, "Did you just initiate a splash war with me?"

Holding up her hands, the doctor shook her head and said sweetly, "Who, little ole me?"

Sam didn't even give her a response; she just pounced on the smaller woman. The couple splashed and moved around the pool as each tried to gain the upper hand. Finally, Sam backed the doctor up against the flat rock and Janet held a hand up stopping any more water torture. "Okay, that's it. I give up," she said pushing wet hair out of her eyes.

Moving closer with an evil grin on her face, Sam shook her head briskly, sending a shower of water droplets over the woman before her. "Now I'm finished," the blonde said smugly as she settled down beside the doctor.

Snorting a laugh out, Janet shook her head. "Look at us, all alone for the first time in weeks and what are we doing? Playing like a couple of kids," she remarked.

Reaching a hand out and cupping Janet's face, Sam turned the doctor's head until she faced her. "I can think of other things to do besides play in the water," Sam told her and then quickly added. "That is, if you want to."

Taking the hand holding her chin into her own, Janet smiled at the woman floating next to her. She place Sam's hand over her heart and let the blonde feel the fast rhythm. "That's not all just from a little splash fight. I'm a little on the nervous side as well," Janet told her.

Pulling Janet towards her, Sam engulfed the doctor in her arms and stood them both up. Lowering her head to capture Janet's lips with her own, Sam let her hands slide over the smooth skin of the smaller woman's rear as she pulled the woman closer, their bodies melding together as the two shared a kiss.

Janet's hands had a will of their own, moving across Sam's skin as they kissed. After several minutes the two broke apart and Janet asked, in a breathless voice, "You did make us something to sleep on?"

Sam nodded and replied, "A very comfortable something actually."

Tugging on the taller woman's hand Janet began wading towards the exit from the pool. "Good, I feel like I'm developing a touch of hypothermia, Captain. Let's see if your field medical training is up to par," the doctor commented.

Sam watched as the doctor emerged from the water and rivulets of water ran down the smaller woman's trim form. With a loud swallow Sam replied, "I don't know, Janet, I may be a little rusty. You may have to give me some hands on training."

Pulling Sam towards her as she stood from the water, Janet told her, "Play your cards right and you just might get more hands on than you'll know what to do with. Oh, and grab our clothes." The doctor picked up her flashlight from a spot on the ground and began walking towards camp, totally nude.

Sam quickly snatched up their clothing from the ground and forgoing shoes, rushed after the doctor's lovely but retreating backside. There was a comfortable pallet calling their names, and although she doubted they'd sleep much, it was much better than a cold pool.