Title: Mistletoe Mojo
Author: peridot_lines
Feedback address: peridotlines@gmail.com
Date in Calendar: 3 December 2007
Fandom: CSI
Pairing: Sara/Sofia
Rating: Teen, just to be safe.
Word Count: 1093
Summary: A little magic under a familiar holiday decoration.
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Author's Disclaimer: I don't own these characters or anything to do with CSI, if I did... a lot of different things would be on the screen.

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Note: Thanks to Ardvari for the beta work! Any mistakes from here on in are my own.

Sara stared up at the door frame, an amused smile tugging on her lips.

"Greg? What is that doing here?" she murmured.

Greg sat at the table in the breakroom, his fingers wrapped around a mug of coffee, wisps of steam rising from the steaming liquid. He cast an innocent glance in the direction of the doorway before taking a quick sip.

"What?" he asked.

"The mistletoe, what's it doing there," Sara repeated. "I thought Catherine told you to take it down."

"Well, if you got stuck under there with Hodges, you might say the same thing," Greg answered with a short laugh.

Sara fought an answering giggle as she remembered Catherine's sputtering and enraged expression. While Catherine had run off in search of mouthwash, Hodges had spent the rest of the shift strutting around the lab with an almost triumphant look about him.

Since then, CSIs and lab rats alike had taken to rushing through doorways, especially if there was someone else nearby. No one wanted to risk a repeat performance.

"I'm just hoping that Hodges and Catherine haven't completely destroyed its magic," Greg added.

I'm sure someone will break the Hodge-Willows curse," Sara said.

Sara gave Greg and his mournful tone a skeptical look before she moved towards the coffeemaker. She paused before the machine, trying to gauge how long since the pot had been brewed.

"It's fresh," Greg said, raising his mug.

Sara muttered a low "thank you" as she sighed with relief and poured herself a cup, before grabbing a few packets of sugar.

"You know, we could always break the curse," Greg suggested.

Greg's hopefully expression fell into one of dejection as he listened to Sara's skeptical laughter.

"I don't think we have enough mojo for that Greg," she said.

Sara stirred the sugar into her coffee with a few efficient movements before setting aside the hot beverage, allowing it to cool. She snagged a journal from the table and settled back into her seat to wait for assignments.

A few minutes later Greg and Sara both looked up at the sound of approaching footsteps. They both expected to see Grissom, instead Sofia swaggered in, reaching up to give a playful swat at the mistletoe before walking over to the coffeemaker.

"Sofia," Greg called warmly. "You want to test it out, break the curse of Hodges?"

Greg nodded towards the mistletoe still swaying in the doorway before giving Sofia the same puppy dog expression he had given to Sara. It remained equally ineffective as Sofia chuckled softly before shaking her head. She poured herself a mug of coffee and then dropped into the seat next to Sara's.

"Sorry, I don't think anyone has enough magic to undo that curse," she said.

"Maybe I'm the one lacking the magic in this equation," Greg suggested. "You know, you two-"

A twin chorus of "no Greg" met his ears, bringing about a heavy sigh.

"Fine then, I give up," Greg muttered. "I've got some results to check on, I'll see you guys later."

Sara and Sofia watched him walk out the door, both of them fighting amused smiles.

"I bet he'll go for Wendy next," Sara murmured.

"As long as he doesn't ask Catherine..." Sofia trailed off.

Both women winced at the possible repercussions before they both fell silent. The minutes ticked by as Sara focused on her article, while Sofia silently stirred her coffee.

When Brass walked in, they both looked up, surprised to find him with an impatient and exasperated look on his face.

"Have you two finished with your coffee break?" he asked, "I've been waiting for the last ten minutes."

Sara and Sofia exchanged confused glances before they looked back to Brass, hoping he would explain. He chuckled when things became clear.

"Grissom didn't tell you?" he asked.

Sofia shook her head while Sara rolled her eyes. They both drained their mugs and Sara slid the forensics journal back to the center of the table; their actions already leaving them trailing behind Brass as he hurried back down the hallway.

Sofia paused in the doorway, watching Brass' quickly retreating back, while she waited for Sara. Sara stopped beside Sofia, her eyebrows raised in a silent question.

"I was just waiting for you," Sofia explained.

"Oh, thanks," Sara said.

Sara gave Sofia a small smile of thanks, but her expression quickly morphed into one of anxious worry, before her gaze shot up to the doorway above them. They both stared at the cheery sprig hanging above their heads, before a delicate flush colored both of their faces.

"No one's watching," Sofia said.

Her observations spurred Sara to look down the hallway, realizing that Sofia was right. They could both just walk away like they hadn't been caught under the mistletoe and no one would be the wiser. Considering Sara wasn't known for harboring a lot of Christmas spirit, it would be no loss to her; though she couldn't speak for Sofia.

Sofia's lips twisted into a crooked smirk as she watched Sara consider the situation. Sara watched as Sofia's smile continued to grow, feeling the desire to wipe the smile right off her lips well up inside her. She cast another wary glance up and down the hallway and then made her decision.

Before she could second-guess herself she took the plunge. Leaning forward, she managed a quick off-center press of her lips to the soft pillow of Sofia's mouth. She could feel Sofia stiffen for a moment, with a muffled squeal sounding between their lips. Then, Sofia relaxed, slightly parting her lips and returning the kiss.

A few seconds later, Sara pulled away with a dazed look in her eye. She blinked a few times, noting Sofia's equally surprised expression. Sara gave her a half-smile before she turned to walk down the hallway, her grin blossoming when she felt Sofia following her.


The next week, someone had hung up a list of victims who had been caught under the mistletoe. People had stopped scurrying through the doorway, and there appeared to be a few repeat offenders on the list.

"Looks like the mojo is back," Greg said smugly.

He waggled his eyebrows at Sara, hoping to snag one quick kiss. When that proved unsuccessful he cast a hopeful glance in Sofia's direction before he turned to walk out the door.

"You both better watch out, I'll strike when you least expect it," Greg called from the hallway.

Sara glanced over at Sofia before going back to stirring her coffee, a small smile playing across her lips.