Title: Dance of Ages
Author: Lex 'Spork' Tenou
Feedback address: haruka_spork@hotmail.com
Date in Calendar: 25 November 2007
Fandom: D.E.B.S.
Pairing: Amy/Lucy
Rating: PG
Summary: Easy familiarity and delightful teasing.
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Warnings/Disclaimer: D.E.B.S. and all derivative characters were created by Angela Robinson. All original ideas are distributed under the CreativeCommons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike License. For more information on the Creative Commons License, visit CreativeCommons.org.

"This is the most boring party I've ever been to. Let's sneak out."

"This party is for you!"

Grinning with unabashed cheekiness, Lucy lifted one shoulder in a negligent shrug. "So?"

Her teeth gritted into a forced smile, Amy looped her arm around Lucy's trim waist, tugging the dark woman along with her. "If you weren't so good in bed, I'd smack you."

An aborted snort of laughter punctuated the dark woman's words. "Like that's ever stopped you before. Remember Milan?" A soft yelp sounded from Lucy as her side was viciously pinched. "Hey!"

"If you'll remember, by the time we got to Milan, we were both wired up enough to commit a little property destruction just to get time alone together. I take no responsibility for any and all bruises that you got there."

"Yeah?" Lucy's trim arms wrapped around the slender blonde who had an argument against every wisecrack, guiding them onto the softly lit square designated for dancing. Her voice pitched low and private, Lucy leaned in just far enough to allow her lips to barely brush over Amy's cheek. She could feel the soft press of Amy's breasts against her own, giving beneath the pressure of their insistent bodies. "As I remember it, you were the one dragging me into that cheap little flophouse after the dropoff. You couldn't get enough of me there." Hotly, Lucy's words drifted over Amy's newly re-sensitised skin, eliciting a delicious shiver from the lithe blonde. With a confident smirk, Lucy continued her remembrance, passion reborn leaving her voice husky and breathless. "Damn, it was wonderful."

The full body shiver that invaded Amy's body was hidden slightly by the tight grip they each held on one another. "Lucy..." Soft, reverent as a prayer, Amy whispered the name in a plea. A slim fingered hand curved strongly around Lucy's hip, the press of deceptively strong fingers driving the dark woman mad. "Do you remember what I did to you in Ibiza?"

It was Lucy's turn to shiver in raw remembrance. Hoarsely, she muttered against Amy's cheek, "How could I forget? I couldn't walk the next day."

Amy's hand abandoned the curve of Lucy's hip, drifting up the tensed muscle of Lucy's back in a deceptively languid caress. "I'd like to do that again. Now."

"We're in room 2205." Lucy turned her head just far enough to allow her to brush a sweetly tender kiss over Amy's soft cheek.

The soft laugh the sounded in Lucy's ear told her just how cute Amy found her forethought. "You didn't know I'd agree."

"You always agree."

"Mm." Amy pulled back, her bright eyes smiling into the deep brown of Lucy's gaze. "It's not my fault you're irresistible."

Lucy shook her head, a wry grin twisting her lips. "Only to you, sweetheart, just the way I like it."

"Sweet talker." Glancing around briefly, Amy pulled back, her hand sliding down Lucy's arm until she could tangle her fingers with those of the dark woman. "If we spend more than one minute saying goodbye, I'm going to kidnap you."

Lucy's smile curved her lips, her eyes shining with dark intent. "Promises, promises."

- end -