Title: Masked Intent
Author: Lex 'Spork' Tenou
Feedback address: haruka_spork@hotmail.com
Date in Calendar: 31 December 2006
Word Count: 3804
Fandom: D.E.B.S.
Pairing: Amy/Lucy
Rating: R
Warnings: Bad, naughty, dirty mouthed ladies.
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Disclaimer: D.E.B.S. and all derivative characters are the property of Angela Robinson. All original ideas are distributed under the CreativeCommons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike License. For more information on the Creative Commons License, visit CreativeCommons.org.

"Masked Intent"
by Lex 'Spork' Tenou


The heavy thrum of the bass beat vibrated the loose shirt against Amy's trim stomach. Adjusting her mask, she regretted her lackadaisical approach to the departmental Halloween party. She really should have gone with something a bit more imaginative.

Who'd ever heard of a swordless ninja? Really now!

Sighing, she turned to the punch bowl and poured herself a drink. Hopefully, the boys from Homeland Security that Max had invited had NOT spiked the punch. Last thing she needed right now was to be tipsy and trying to fend off Bobby's advances again. Didn't the boy know the meaning of the word 'no'?

At the first sip, she could taste the subtle underlying bite of...gin. The herbal essence of the juniper was a dead giveaway. Another sigh, and she set the cup down.

A crawling on the back of her neck told her that she was being watched.

Not the normal kind of watched, where someone's eyes track around the room, trailing after their subject.

No...this was the sort of stare that spoke to single-minded intent.

Intent of the lascivious kind.

Turning, she scanned the crowd, looking for the positions of her squad. Dominique had disappeared upstairs with some guy a half hour before. If her track record was any indication, they'd be back down in ten minutes. Fifteen, if he was more than halfway decent by Dominique's standards.

They had yet to stumble across a man who was able to keep Dominique in her room for over an hour.

Max was smiling and nodding at something a random guy who had cornered her was babbling on about. Amy gave him another two minutes before Max "subtly" excused herself.

The last guy who'd needed to be "subtly" prodded had ended up needing a cast for six weeks.

One of these days, she mused, it would be best to sit Max down and make her admit that she had horrible taste in men. Honestly...pink paisley? Max's last boyfriend could NOT have been more flamingly gay if he'd been bent over with his butt plugged screaming "Daddy!"

Amy's gaze continued around the room, searching out Janet. Just as she spotted the laughing brunette, leaning in toward a lean man dressed in all black, a bright trickle of drying blood dripping over his chin, bright white points of his teeth digging into his lower lip, she was arrested by the exact intense stare she was unobtrusively looking for.

All she saw was intensity. A deep pull of emotion tugged at her, setting her stomach fluttering. In the depths of the inscrutable gaze, hidden promises lurked, desires she'd left deliberately unspoken lest they be made truth...

Full lips curled in a knowing smile. Amy was suddenly glad she had placed her drink down, absolutely certain that if she hadn't, she'd be wearing it.

The darkness of the arresting gaze broke with her own, turning to frown at someone. Amy drew in a breath, taking the opportunity to observe whoever had the balls to stare at her so openly.

Sweeping her own assessing gaze over what little she could see through the crowd, Amy was rapidly able to deduce what the devil her observer was. A loose, pristinely white shirt billowed around a slight frame, a dark waistcoat cinching tightly around a slim waist. The wide brimmed hat concealed the entirety of the face she hadn't been able to see, being so captured by those damned eyes.

The pirate, dashing beneath the plumed hat, was slipping through the crowd towards her. Casting her eyes once more around the room, she saw the male vampire smirking at her from the dance floor.

What the hell?

"Hello, ninja."

Amy snapped her head around to meet the shrouded smirk. "Huh?" Oh, that was magnificent, real smooth.

"Missing something?" The pirate tapped at her shoulder, where a strap to hold her sword against her back should have been.

"Uhhh...I do the empty handed technique?"

A full rich laugh rumbled from the pirate. Amy watched as the hand that had lightly tapped her returned to rest on a smooth pommel. The pommel was attached to a richly decorated hand guard of what appeared to be a fine sword of presumably Spanish steel slung low around slim hips.

Tight black kidskin stretched decadently across toned thighs, looking deliciously soft to the touch. Her eyes trailed helplessly down the length of those legs until they met the shiny black boots. Slowly, her gaze crept back up the pirate, her mouth dry as the desert as she stared outright.

"Even those using the empty handed technique need a weapon." A sheathed dagger appeared in the pirate's hand, pommel pointed directly at her breastbone. She stared at it for long enough for the pirate to chuckle. "Take it. No strings."

Tentatively, Amy reached for the dagger, her fingers brushing lightly over the female pirate's and sending electric thrills up and down her spine. A smile danced around the edge of the pirate's lips, her eyes watching Amy with dark intent.

"Stay safe, pretty lady." A single finger trailed along her chin and then, the pirate was gone.

Confused, Amy looked around the party wildly, uncaring if others noticed her. The vampire was gone, too, Janet making her way through the crowd towards her. Amy moved to meet her.

"Amy, who was that?" Janet's demand would have been unsettling if Amy wasn't already rattled.

Staring at the dagger in her hand, Amy's thumb traced over the finely tooled leather of the sheath. Tracing an inexplicably familiar crest, she spoke softly. "I don't know."


Within an hour, Amy had tired of the party. Ducking out hadn't been that hard - the benefit of throwing the party in their own home. The loud music continued to blare incessantly. If they hadn't long ago set up an aural dampening field generator around the house, they would never have been able to do this.

With a heavy sigh, she paused at her door, wrapping her hand around the handle. The fingerprint identification automatically recognized her and unlocked the door.


Closing her eyes, she dropped her head, the dagger weighing heavily at her waist. "Bobby, I am ferociously not in the mood."

"At least tell me why you won't even consider going out with me again."

Turning her head further, she met his stern gaze directly. "Did you ever consider that you're just not my type?" Slipping into her room, she shut the door before he could recover enough to respond.

Within seconds, he pounded on the door. "Amy!" His fist impacted against the steel reinforced wood. "Talk to me!"

Closing her eyes, Amy ignored him. His futile protests and pleas fell on deaf ears as she fingered the dagger at her waist. Who was that mysterious masked woman? And why couldn't Amy concentrate enough to figure out who she was?

Pulling the dagger from her waist, she studied it freely. She hadn't dared while she'd been downstairs. Too many questions she didn't have answers for would be asked. She didn't notice when Bobby gave up, too intent on the intricate design of the pommel. That crest was entirely far too familiar...

Amy gasped as sudden realization tore through her.

"Oh, God..."

"You don't need to call me that, belleza."

Amy's head snapped up. She hadn't heard the distinctiveness while they'd been downstairs - the loud music had been enough to masque the dulcet tones she'd been captivated by so easily once before.

"You can't be here."

The woman in question merely raised an eyebrow, that same confident smirk in place, unhindered now by a silly scrap of cloth over the top half of her face.

"It would appear that I'm here anyway."

"You can't be here. You need to get out."

Rolling into a sitting position, the now indecently low shirt was floating freely around the trim frame, the waistcoat having been discarded. "Since when have you ever known me to do what I'm supposed to?" Stopping just in front of the slightly trembling Amy, she leaned one palm against the flat plane of the door, her mouth coming dangerously close to Amy's. Warm puffs of air wafted over her chin with each word. "What's the fun in doing what's expected?"

Amy watched those full lips form words, rapt by their motion. She knew a question had been asked

She just wasn't sure what it had been.


Those lips, those decadently delicious looking lips, curled into a weakness inducing smirk. "Exactly."

Then the lips and the body they were attached to abruptly left her bereft, leaning heavily against the door.

"Sweet mother of-"

"Lord's own name."

The censuring tone cut through Amy, making her wince. "Sorry." Amy shook her head, the automatic response from their brief time together throwing her with it's naturalness. "Wait, what am I sorry for? You-"

"What I did isn't important. I'm here now, and I'm sorry."

"...You're what?"

The wry smirk almost made Amy laugh. It would have, if she wasn't so freaked. "I'm sorry."

Amy stared at her for a long, long moment before speaking. "Why are you here?"

Sighing heavily, the body that had haunted Amy ever since the first collapsed onto her bed. "I missed you."

"You what?" Amy stared incredulously.

"Trust me, it came as quite a shock. Thought I'd gotten you out of my system and all that." She shrugged. "Guess not."

"So..." Amy spread her hands wide, her fingers still curled around the dagger. "You want to fuck?"

A snort of laughter was her answer. "We never fucked."

"What the hell do you-"

"Apparently, I feel a bit too much about you for it to just be fucking." Another shrug. "Would I like to do it again? Sure. Do I expect to?" Burning intensity swept across Amy's skin. "No." A wry smirk lessened the intensity of the gaze that scorched Amy. "That, and anything else is...up to you."

Amy rubbed her eyes, desperate to break the hold that this woman had managed to claim on her. "Look, I don't know what you expected when you came here -"


Amy stared. "What?"

"I expected - and still expect - nothing."

Amy blinked. "Why risk coming then?"

"To see you." A gentle smile curved full lips, filling Amy with warmth. "To...be around you. To love you, if only from across the room." A blush dusted across the tanned cheeks.

Unbidden, Amy's feet carried her to stand next to the woman who was, however unwittingly, laying bare her heart. Standing before the seated woman, she stared for a long moment.

"Are you a complete moron?" A shudder swept over the slim woman with her head bent. Amy couldn't stop the flow of words. "You know you shouldn't be here, you know what sort of shit this is inviting, for both of us!" The dark head tilted back letting Amy see the wide slash of her white smile that bisected the tanned face. Amy almost stumbled over her words at the display of mirth. "You...you're making my life all sorts of crazy."

A pull on her loosely hanging hand made Amy trip, her knees impacting the bed and forcing her to collapse on the grinning woman. She was held firmly against the svelte body that had haunted her incessantly, the gentle give of full breasts cushioning her descent. Slender arms held her with deceptive strength, molding their bodies together. A strong thigh slid between her own, pressing firmly against sensitive heat. A deep blush stole across Amy's cheeks, and she held still lest her captor realize the extent of her...distraction.

"Let me go."

A dark chuckle sounded against her cheek. "You let me go, Ames. You're the one...on top."

The barely perceptible pause was enough to completely derail Amy, reducing her mind to mush. "You..."

"Me..." Twinkling dark eyes captivated her.

Her pleaded command came out as a bare whisper. "Let me go."

The grin was just as infuriatingly sexy as always as the reply was just as soft as her request had been. "You already said that, sexy."

A deep flush covered Amy's features, and she turned away from the scorching gaze, seeking some elusive solace. Light grazing of indecent fingers scraped over her sides, buried within the looseness of her shirt. Another dark chuckle sounded from beneath her and suddenly a light nip landed on her neck, immediately soothed by the broad flat of a deliciously teasing tongue.

Yelping, Amy pulled back, her heart thundering in her chest. "What the hell was that!" Her eyes round as saucers in her face, she must have looked positively outrageous.

A long sigh erupted from the woman on the bed. "Honestly, Ames, are you that out of practice?" Pulling herself upright, the woman who had been hers, if only briefly, leveled a stern look on her.

"What is that supposed to mean!" A laugh was the only answer. "Seriously, what the hell is wrong with you?"


Amy inhaled sharply. "Get out."


"Get OUT!"

"You don't want me to."

Amy closed her eyes, pinching the bridge of her nose. "You are a freakin' headache and a half. Remind me why I ever agreed to go out with you?"

"Because you like the way my ass looks in jeans."

"...I never should have told you that." A smirk was her only answer. Sighing, Amy turned away, hoping that not having the immensely distracting woman in her view would allow her to retain her wits. "Why are you doing this?"

The movement behind her was brief, barely audible below the incessant thump of the music from downstairs. Warm arms wrapped around her waist and she steeled herself against their welcoming embrace. Against her back, soft breasts pressed into her, burning through her and weakening what little resolve she'd managed to wrap around herself.

"I need you." A soft kiss was pressed against the juncture where her neck gave way to her shoulder. "I love you." Another kiss, this time against the side of her neck. "I remember you saying you loved me...then." Warm lips brushed just beneath her ear, making her shiver. Pulling back slightly, the next sentence was whispered hotly into her ear. "If you can honestly tell me that has changed...I will leave."

"And never come back?" Amy couldn't keep the breathlessness from her query. Damn her for knowing exactly how to bring her to the brink. Never had anyone else ever been able to bring her to such a point with so little effort.

She could feel the smile against the back of her neck. "I never said that." A firm kiss was pressed behind Amy's ear. "You know I don't give up what's mine."

"When-" Amy shuddered in pleasure as a wet tongue circled around her earlobe. "-Did I agree-" A moan was bit back savagely as teeth scraped along the outside of her ear. "-That I was...yours..." The final word was the barest sigh as she melted into the firm embrace of her dedicated seducer.

Her defenses slack against the assault, Amy didn't resist when she was spun within the arms of the woman who loved her. Her head fell back and she stared dazedly at the brown eyes that shone at her with confident heat. "Princessa..." Softly callused fingertips brushed over her cheek. "You are mine, for now and always, just as I am yours."

At the door, pounding began again, Bobby's masculine shout sounding counterpoint to the gentle whisper of her secret lover. "Amy! Let me in! I need to talk to you!"

Amy couldn't tear herself away from the hypnotic intensity of the deep eyes that she was falling into. "Nothing in Heaven or on earth could tear our love-"

"Come, on, sweetheart! I just want to talk!"

"Because we carry it with us, safely, in our hearts." A warm palm overlaid her heart to emphasize the point. She couldn't help but keenly feel the edge of that warm palm millimeters away from her nipple.

"Is it something I did? Something I said?"

"I shall always be with you, and you shall always be a part of me." The warm hand slid upwards, over her collarbone. A part of her mourned the loss of the tease, so close to where she ached for her lover's touch.

"I can change!"

"No other can ever come close to inspiring the love that you draw so easily from me." The hand continued it's upward trek, slowly, until it cupped one blushing cheek.

"Amy! Please!"

"My love...Amy. Do not send me away with harsh words."

"Fine! Fuck you!"

"Welcome me into your life."

A loud slap against the door almost startled Amy. Probably Bobby's palm. "See if I care!"

A gentle thumb traced along her lip, calming her. "Let me show you bliss. Let me worship you." Intense brown followed the thumb that brushed her lower lip. "Let's build a life together."

Amy swallowed, hard. "Are you asking me to move in with you?"

The thumb was withdrawn with a wry smirk. "No...not really."

"Oh." She couldn't help the disappointment that flooded her.

"I'm asking you to marry me."

"You're what."

A simple band appeared between them, the large diamond catching the light spectacularly. Amy stared at the solitaire ring that was being offered to her, with all the resultant baggage and expectations. "Marry me, Amy."

"/Marry/ you?" Her voice shrieked so high that Amy was afraid it would break. "Are you nuts? You're a-"

"I'll give it up, if you want."

"You've got-"

"I'll give it back."

"What about-"

"Amy." She stopped, frowning at the calm woman that still held the ring out to her. "Anything you want. I don't care. Just marry me. I need you."

Her eyes narrowed. That last bit had resounded a bit too strongly to be mere platitude. "How, exactly, do you need me?"

Slim shoulders slumped. "I am in love with you, you know."

"I gathered as much."

Without any further discussion, a folded letter was pulled from within the loose shirt and offered to Amy. Opening the pages, she scanned over the flowing handwriting rapidly. When she reached the end, she lowered the pages and leveled a death glare on the now morose woman in her bedroom.

"You fucking liar."

The dark head snapped up, brown eyes flashing. "I am many things, but a liar is not one of them!"

"Then what the hell is this!" Amy brandished the sheaf of papers in her hand.

"An ultimatum that made me abandon my plan, forcing my hand into - grargh!" Throwing her hands up, the dark woman paced in agitation. "It was supposed to be flowers and seduction and smooth, not this haphazard fuckup!" Stopping, she pointed at the papers. "That has caused me more trouble in my life than anything else!"

"They why are you eager to get it?"

A bitter laugh resounded in the bedroom. "Because it's my duty."

"Mine is to the D.E.B.S."

"For how long?"


"How long is your duty to the D.E.B.S.? Forever? Until graduation?"

Amy blinked. "Graduation, technically. I can stay on if...I want." She shot a stern look over at her companion, nodding to the papers in her hand. "Are you serious about that?"

"Spain has always been one of the easiest places to set up for any black deed your little heart should desire. It is, and always has been, my family's duty to see that those deeds do not come to pass. You better fucking believe I'm serious."

Amy looked away for a moment, thinking rapidly. "Can it wait two weeks?"

"So long as it's before August, it's fine."

"I have some conditions."

A wry smirk. "Of course you do. You're going to help me run the biggest headache ever known to mankind; bureaucratized espionage."

Amy winced. "Great."

A short laugh. "Marry me, Amy." The spy looked into murky depths, a very real pleading lurking barely below the surface. "Please."

Watching long enough to see anxiety begin to tighten the edges of her companion's mouth, Amy nodded once. Holding out her hand, she waited as the solitaire was pushed over her knuckle. the solid weight making her agreement glaringly real.

Looking up to meet the guarded brown eyes, she spoke simply. "You owe me."

Lucy smiled. "I'll spend my life working towards making your dreams come true." Her smile widened to a lopsided grin. "It's the least I'll be able to do for my wife."

Amy shook her head, a small smile curving her lips. "So fighting crime is your family tradition?"

Lucy blushed. "Well, kind of. Like Dad wrote in the letter, part of it is beginning by getting into the underworld and making contacts - which is why I became Lucy Diamond. At first, it was a good way to do something different. The rest of the family's already in The Business, so it was always pretty hard to really do anything other than the big jobs. Anything petty would have had my butt red for a month. Once I really started getting into it, working my skills, I figured out pretty quick that I had an aptitude for it. I could get in anywhere, take anything. It really wasn't that hard. A lot of places are easy to get around, even with their security systems." A light blush dusted Lucy's cheeks. "Even your bedroom."

"I wasn't going to ask."

Lucy cleared her throat. "Yes, well. After I got better and could have my own lair, I went for it. That helped to train me in managing my workforce better than any retarded Sigma Force whatever the hell they're passing around now."

"Six Sigma."

"Yeah, that bullshit. I didn't have that when I started out, all I had was my wits so I had to figure out how to keep the boys in line without killing them. Mom hated that."

"Your mom hated killing? I thought she was an assassin."

Lucy squirmed, turning her head. "Its...complicated. She...never really wanted...me...to do that." Returning her gaze to Amy's, Lucy smiled slightly. "Besides, killing only fosters fear. I don't need that - I have respect."

Amy shook her head. "So after living the high life as a crime lord, you're suddenly going to quit and join the good guys? That's like something out of a movie, Lucy."

The brunette winced. "Ok, yeah, when you put it like that, yes. But it's not really the good guys as it is the guys who do the things to make it so the good guys can win?"

"Well, gee, when you put it like that..."

Lucy's abashed grin was a direct result of Amy's half-amused smirk. "C'mon, hon, does it at least sound do-able?"

Amy turned her head, staring at the patterned bedspread for a long moment. After an interminable moment, she grinned.

"Let's build an empire."

- end -