Title: Other Possibilities
Author: newbie_2u
Feedback address: newbie_2u@livejournal.com
Date in Calendar: 22 December 2006
Fandom: X-Files
Pairing: Dana/Monica
Rating: PG
Word Count: 1,353
Summary: Sometimes it's best to be open to other possibilities.
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Disclaimer: X Files belongs to Chris Carter, 1013 Productions, or Fox Entertainment and a whole bunch of other people. Not me.

Acknowledgements: For the Femme Slash Advent Calendar - Dead of Winter 2006. AJ and Jenn rule this yule!

My deepest thanks go out to my beta reader, Chicafrom3. She’s done an amazing job of not only fixing my flaws, she’s also taught me to make less of them. Chica, you ROCK!

Other Possibilities
by newbie_2u

“So, when faced with inconclusive evidence, what would be the logical course of action?” the redhead at the lectern asked the group of Biology students attending her lecture.

“You need to keep looking for logical explanations to either prove or disprove the theory,” a bright-eyed brunette answered.

Smiling at the eager response, the lecturer spent a few seconds formulating her reply. “I remember when that would have been my answer… to simply look for the facts, the logic. I held steadfast to that belief for most of my life, but life is ever changing and not always logical.” The redhead walked along the front of the hall as she called up a memory. “A friend once told me how she often used her feelings to help her solve cases. These were FBI cases, mind you, and I couldn’t believe she would do anything other than use cold hard facts to solve them. I asked her, point blank, if she really believed in these unexplained phenomena.” Looking out over the hall, she realized that she had captivated her audience. “She came into a case that I had been working on, spouting off about religious cults and feelings and how she tries to stay open about things. All that did was piss me off." Of course that comment earned me a collective chuckle. “I mean, how was all this mumbo-jumbo supposed to help me solve this case. So I walked away, dismissed what she was offering and moved on.”

“So you just dismissed her outright? You didn’t even entertain other possibilities?” Mr. Evans, the class antagonist, asked.

“Well, as I said, this case was mine and somewhat personal. So I went back to the scene and found her there, studying evidence from the case. I must say I was surprised to see her looking at physical evidence and told her as much. She told me that the spiritual was only one of the many tools she used to get answers. She told me about how she believed that there were energies in the universe. And that she felt she was sensitive to them. Of course I asked her if she had any feelings about this case and her answer was that she didn’t know enough about the people involved. She couldn’t feel anything about them because she’d never met them. Then she told me… she told me how she could feel my fear, and that fear was not going to help me find these people. And just before she walked out the door she added that maybe I should try to stay open.

“That was the first time, Mr. Evans, that I entertained other possibilities. And there were things that happened since then that to this day are unexplained.”

“So, now you are open,” the bright-eyed brunette concluded.

“Yes, I am. And I hope that all of you will open yourselves up to other possibilities as well.” Removing her glasses and placing them in their case, Dana Scully dismissed her class and prepared to head home.


It was a long day at the Community Center and the brunette was bone weary as well as mentally fatigued. She and her group had gotten into a rather heated discussion regarding self-regulatory self-efficacy. She’d had a real time of it, trying to monitor the discussion and keep the shouting down to an agreeable level. But it was well worth the end result as she saw a few of the less involved members joining in. She understood the difficulty of being different and that was why her sessions were so well attended. It didn’t hurt that she always seemed so warm and caring - which allowed even the most skeptical of the bunch to give her their trust.

“Alright, everyone, session's over.” The groans her statement received were music to her ears as they were proof that the members of her group were involved. “Parting thought… It’s important for you to understand the distinction between self esteem and self efficacy. Self esteem relates to a person’s sense of self-worth, self efficacy relates to a person’s perception of their ability to reach a goal. Now, get out of here so I can get out of here,” Monica joked as she shooed the group out the door.

“Yeah, I think Ms. Reyes has a hot date tonight.” The dark-haired girl's comment was met with a chorus of snickers.

“Hey! Well, you’re right, I do. And William is not a patient little man.” She smiled at the thought of the little boy who owned her heart.

“You mean, the hot little redhead doesn’t have anything to do with the hurry you’re in?” This comment came from one of the boys.

“Jason, you are so lucky you’re a queen because you wouldn’t want to see me jealous!” Monica laughed. “Now shoo! All of you!”

Finally the group dispersed and Monica grabbed her cell and hit the speed dial. “Hey, sweetheart, how about I pick up some Chinese on the way home? Great. Give the little man a kiss for me. See ya soon.” Her spirit renewed, she made her way out the door.


Soon the brunette was pulling into the driveway of the little house on Qualibrook Court. Who would have thought that things would turn out the way they did. After everything we’ve been through – or I should say she’s been through, we’d end up here, together. I remember when I first met her, talk about a first impression. She had a fire in her eyes that day, and it left its mark on me. Smiling at the memory, Monica got out of the car and walked up to the door with her hands full. She smiled again when the fiery redhead she’d just been thinking of met her at the door. “Hey, sweetie!”

“Hey, yourself. There’s someone here who’s very anxious to see his Mami.” Dana moved aside to let the brunette enter, grabbing a few items from her along the way.

“Hola el pequeño hombre tu mami está aquí,” Monica cooed as she placed the last of her packages on the table and scooped up her son. “¿Cómo estás bebé?” She bounced the giggling little boy as she moved across the room to properly greet her lover. “¿Y mi amor, cómo eres tú?”

Hearing her lover’s words and accepting her kiss, Dana moaned her appreciation. “God, I love it when you speak to me in Spanish.” Deepening the kiss, she showed her just how much. “Mmm, I suggest you do your best to tire him out, love, because I have plans for you later.” Walking away from the stunned brunette Dana turned and gave her a quick wink before getting things ready for dinner. Never in a million years would she have pictured herself in such a domestic setting. But now, after all that had happened, she could never picture herself anywhere else.

Choosing to leave it all behind once she was sure Mulder would not return, she turned to the one person who had been there for her through it all. She knew something was growing between the two of them. From the moment she met the enigmatic brunette, she felt a connection to her. When she thought back on it, she realized that what she had with Mulder was co-dependency. Her competitive nature played into it as well because she thought she could become more important to him than his search for the truth. What she found with Monica was a need she’d never felt before. And it was mutual – they were drawn to each other, and before long they realized that they loved one another.

“Hey, love, where did you just go?” Monica asked as she wrapped her arms around the redhead.

Placing a kiss on her lover's lips and her son's cheek, Dana answered, “I was just thinking about how lucky I am to have the two of you in my life.” Kissing her lover again, she momentarily deepened it. “I can never thank you enough for loving me, for teaching me to be open, and for showing me that there really are other possibilities.”