Title: Unlimited Access
Author: Celievamp
Feedback address: jo.raine@ntlworld.com
Date in Calendar: 17 December 2006
Fandom: Battlestar Galactica
Pairing: Laura Roslin / Six / D’Anna Biers
Rating: Mature
Spoilers: Set during Season 2 “Final Cut”
Advertisement: Part of the FSAC:DW06

Disclaimer: Battlestar Galactica is the property of Glen A. Larson, Sci-Fi Channel, R & D TV, Sky and NBC Universal. Most definitely not me.

Note: this is part of an ongoing series, the premise of which is that Laura Roslin also has visions of Six.

by Celievamp

Laura Roslin was looking forward to meeting D’Anna Biers in person. Her political career prior to the Cylon massacre had never been important nor exciting enough to warrant an interview with the star reporter. Now, things were very different. Biers had been after an interview for months.

She would never admit to anyone that she had always had a bit of a ‘thing’ for the reporter. It was a pleasant surprise to find that her physical beauty and presence was just as appealing in person. It was just as well that Adama was sitting in on the meeting at his insistence. She would have to be ‘President Roslin’. Laura Roslin would probably be stammering and blushing like a teenager otherwise.

She felt a familiar touch to the back of her neck, long lean fingers stroking the vertebrae that were still too prominent after her recent illness. Six leant down to whisper in Roslin’s ear.

“I know how you feel about her, how hot she makes you feel in the dead hours of the night when you’re all alone. I know how you use her image to forget your pain. You see yourself stretched over her pale golden body, your head resting on her breasts your fingers stroking up and down her soft skin. What do you think she would do, Madam President if she knew?”

The visuals to that were more than a little attention-getting. Laura saw herself stretched on pale silk sheets next to D’Anna Biers, D’Anna kissing her way down Laura’s throat and sternum, her fingers gently stroking flesh that was miraculously whole and healthy and did not flinch with pain. Both women looking up and smiling as Six’s long lean figure strode towards them, climbing onto the bed to lie behind Laura, her hand soothing down Laura’s flank, lips nibbling at the back of Laura’s neck as…

Damn her. The heat between her legs was not going to distract her from this. President Roslin smiled demurely at the journalist. “D'Anna Biers – a pleasure to meet you again. Welcome to Colonial One. Can I just say what a marvellous job you and your team are doing to keep communications going and morale high throughout the fleet.”

“Where did you get the tape?” Adama asked brusquely.

Six laughed. “Oh, good cop bad cop – like she’s never had to deal with that before.”

D’Anna was unfazed. “From an anonymous patriot. So… is this a social call or are we on the verge of another coup?”

Adama was not amused. “Funny.”

“Just something to break the ice. I take it I am here because you’re unhappy with my story on the Gideon Massacre.”

“What happened aboard the Gideon was a tragedy,” Adama stared the journalist down, daring her to question him. “But it was not a massacre.”

Biers tilted her head, her trademark impish smile on full, her blue eyes dancing with mischief. “But the tape shows your men firing into a crowd of defenceless civilians.”

Bill Adama’s chin jutted out. “My marines tell a different story.”

“Not to me. I’ve submitted a dozen interview requests, all denied,” Biers said.

“Are you going to let your attack dog do all the work?” Six whispered in Laura’s ear, then bared her teeth and growled softly at Adama.

“Well, that’s about to change,” Roslin said smoothly. “You’ve been lobbying to do a story on the Galactica for months. Commander Adama has agreed to give you unlimited access to his crew and his ship.”

“That’s right, unlimited access,” Adama growled.

Six laughed. “Unlimited access… really… does she know that includes your bed, Laura?” Visions of entwined limbs on pale silk sheets assailed her senses for a moment. Concentrating so hard that she could feel the sweat break out on her brow, Laura regained her focus on the meeting.

“Well, access won’t buy you a propaganda piece,” Biers ignored Adama and spoke directly to Roslin.

“We don’t want one,” Roslin said. “Ms Biers, this tape of yours has thrown fuel on a fire that was about to die. People are angry, they are distrustful of the military.”

“With good reason, ma’am.”

“In some cases with good reason,” Roslin said carefully. “But I want to show the people what life aboard the Galactica’s really like. I want to put a human face on the officers and the crew who protect us against Cylons and guard our freedoms every day.”

“You might not like that face when you see it,” Biers stared at her.

“No truer word,” Six cooed in Roslin’s ear.

“Why would that be?” Adama asked.

“All we really want is a balanced story. Show us what the men and women of Galactica are really like,” Roslin said.

“That’s it?” Biers asked. She seemed surprised that there was no deeper agenda.

“That’s it,” Roslin confirmed. “And I need you to do it now, before we tear each other apart.”

It wouldn’t be that simple of course. Biers was itching to get her teeth into what she thought lay beneath the surface which probably meant that Tigh was in for a difficult time but if dealing with Biers was sufficiently traumatic to the man’s ego that it meant he got his head out of the bottle it couldn’t be a bad thing. And despite her official carte-blanche Adama probably had a list of proviso’s a mile long. As was his right.

“What if she discovers your biggest little secret – that you have your own pet pregnant Cylon in the brig. Poor little Sharon… what would she think, Laura? What would they all think?” Six purred in her ear.

Laura knew the answer to that all too well. Morale would be devastated. There would be no trust any more, the divide between military and civilian would become permanent. Another coup attempt seemed inevitable. It would be truly unfortunate if Biers discovered the existence and identity of the Valerii model Cylon, Laura thought. And it would be far too good a story for her to drop without a huge incentive. She had serious doubts whether just appealing to the woman’s sense of patriotism would work. Adama’s promised ‘total access’ might have to be modified a little.

“Don’t discount our little ace reporter. You’ve done deals with the dark before. You will again. I doubt she had the imagination for anything too… unsavoury.” Six’s pale yellow hair danced in her peripheral vision. She was wearing red again. Most of her toned abdomen was bare. Laura swallowed, her mouth suddenly dry.

Biers and Adama were still dickering about what defined ‘total access’. From the grim expression on Adama’s face, Biers was getting the better of the encounter.

“I think she’s going to do well, you know… She’s got that knack, you know… the outsider looking in… She’ll truly represent your humanity,” Six murmured. “All your flaws, all your wonders. Your wonderful resilience. Whatever we throw at you, you somehow rise above it. You do realise that we are refining you, tempering you, don’t you, Laura? And when God finally finds you fit for His purpose well, then it will be quite wonderful. For all of us.”

“Even if we have to die to fulfil that purpose?” Laura asked.

“Death isn’t forever,” Six smiled, moving around to crouch at her feet. The rest of the room faded from her consciousness. Dark eyes smiled up at her. “I promise, Laura.”

“It might not be for you. You have your resurrection ships. But for us… for me…” She reached out to touch that bright hair. “I’ll know soon enough.”

Six’s expression changed. She looked pensive, reached up to touch her cheek. “President Roslin?”

Laura blinked. D’Anna Biers was kneeling in front of her, reaching up to touch her cheek, an expression of concern on her face. “President Roslin, are you feeling okay?” As she struggled to focus the door opened and Billy rushed in followed by Doc Cottle.

“The President is over-tired,” Doc Cottle said. “A few hours rest and she’ll be fine.” Billy moved so that D’Anna could not see the Doc giving her an injection.

“So many secrets, Laura,” Six moved from behind D’Anna, putting her arm around the reporter’s waist. “That’s really what is making you ill, you know. Secrets and Lies. I know there’s pain, Laura but breathe… ride through it. It’ll be over soon. You’re going to be okay. Trust me. You’re in God’s hands. And he will provide. We’re all here with you… we all love you, Laura.”

Bill Adama ushered the reporter out of the room, making sure that she knew that the President’s ‘lapse’ was not covered by their ‘total access’ agreement. From the speculative look D’Anna gave her as she left the room, Laura knew that the reporter was unlikely to leave it alone. Perhaps it was time to go public.

“Don’t think about it now,” Six soothed. “Come back to bed, Laura. Come be with us. You know you want to.”

She was back in the bedroom. D’Anna smiled up at her, Six curled around her, her head resting on D’Anna’s shoulder. They were so beautiful. So very beautiful. And they were hers for as long as she wanted.