The FSAC: Dead of Winter 2005 Winners

Favorite Overall Story :: "Vineyard Light" by Athena

Favorite Overall Author :: Shatterpath

Favorite Fanart :: "Gentlemen Prefer Blondes" by Lex "Spork" Tenou

Favorite Fanvid :: "If This Is The End" by Preygurl

Shatterpath Award :: "Thin Line" by Debbie
This award was based on the following criteria from Shatterpath...

My favorite unusual pairing of this calendar. Tho' I never read the comic, I do know only the barest bones about it. The Huntress and Oracle pairing is not something I would have seen, but I believed it before I was halfway through. I particularly liked the interaction with Canary and how it made Huntress jealous, even tho' it turned out to be unwarranted.
Stormwriter Award :: "Minerva's Song: The Marauder's Choice" by Rohan Dupre
This award was based on the following criteria from A. Magiluna Stormwriter...
There were some incredibly wonderful stories this time around. It was hard to choose a story as my favorite. But as I looked over all the stories, this one kept creeping back to the front of my mind. I chose this one for a couple of reasons. The first is that this particular author has been a personal favorite for many, many years under a few different noms des plumes. And now that she's writing again, it's a good thing. A very good thing. And most importantly? This story completely engaged me. I adore a story that so utterly engages me, I can't stop reading it. And this one did it for me.

Week One Entry :: "Getting There Takes Three Small Steps" by Debbie

Week Two Entry :: "She Wanted A Lifetime" by Elizabeth Carter

Week Three Entry :: "Sunday in the Snow With Sara" by Celievamp

Week Four Entry :: "Vineyard Lights" by Athena

Week Five Entry :: "How I Met Your Mother" by Cajun70503

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