Title: Sunday in the Snow with Sara
Author: Celievamp
Feedback address: jo.raine@ntlworld.com
Date in Calendar: 16 December 2005
Fandom: CSI
Pairing: Sara Sidle / Mia Dickerson PWP
Rating: MATURE
Summary: Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow.
Spoilers: Set around the end of Season 5
Advertisement: Part of the FSAC:DW05

Disclaimer: Jerry Bruckheimer, CBS and various others own CSI, not me. I just played in their sandpit for a while.

Note: Note: I know even less about skiing than I do about Volleyball (see previous story Sunday in the Park with Sara). And I’ve never been to Colorado. Got my info on Wolf Creek from here. http://www.wolfcreekski.com/ And www.Bartleby.com for the words to “Light of Other Days” by Thomas Moore.

Dedication: For the one I love as always.


Wolf Creek Colorado the week before Christmas. Sara hadn’t been skiing for years but she remembered how much she enjoyed it. Both women had had fun getting kitted out in their ski suits. Mia looked stunning in emerald green and Sara could see from the appreciative look in Mia’s eyes that perhaps she didn’t look too bad herself in dark red.

They flew to Albuquerque, transferred onto a local charter flight to Durango where they stocked up on supplies and picked up their hire car driving the rest of the 80 or so miles up to Pagosa Springs where they had lodgings booked. Though the roads were fairly clear there looked to be a good two feet of snow on the ground. They had been assiduously studying the weather and ski reports for the past week and conditions were supposed to be perfect. It was certainly picturesque.

They were booked into the Fireside Inn Cabins and had been sent a comprehensive map and directions and found their way to the small resort quite easily. They checked in and explored their home for the next week. The cabin was clean and comfortable with a fully equipped kitchen and a barbecue grill and a hot tub on the small veranda. “All the comforts of home,” Mia smiled.

Sara sat down on the queen bed and pulled Mia towards her, revelling in the feel of her lover in her arms. “Got everything I need right here,” she smiled.

“You are such a mushball sometimes,” Mia said fondly, pushing her lover back to lie on the mattress, straddling her abdomen. “And don’t worry, I won’t ever repeat that where anyone you know might hear. I know you want to preserve the enigma.” Her dark hair curtained Sara’s face as she leant in to steal a kiss.

“Enigma? I think I pretty much blew that a long time ago. Everyone knows what I feel about you,” Sara let her hands wander across Mia’s narrow back, stroking down her spine, feeling the woman arch against her touch. “How about we fire up that hot tub?” she asked. “My shoulders and back are a little stiff from driving.”

“Mmm… that would be good,” Mia drawled, but made no move to get off Sara. Her hand moulded Sara’s right breast, her palm chafing the nipple through the cloth of Sara’s shirt. “I can’t believe I’ve got you all to myself for a week.”

Sara gazed up at her, smiled. “Believe it.”

“And I got you here sans laptop, scanner, cell phone…”

“I promised,” Sara said. “A week without all that stuff. Back to basics.” Her eyebrow quirked. “Does a hot tub qualify as a ‘basic’? Anyway, I can’t promise I won’t be completely stircrazy by Thursday but… I promise to try at least.”

“I love you,” Mia said softly. She gazed at Sara, not missing the fleeting look of panic in the other woman’s eyes. Sara was still skittish about admitting to her feelings sometimes. Given her emotional history it was only to be expected. Mia knew that even though she rarely said it out loud that Sara did truly love her. It just made those moments when she did feel secure enough in herself to return the sentiment all the more precious. And to her delight this turned out to be one of them.

“I love you too, Mia. So much,” Sara raised her head to capture Mia’s lips in another searing kiss before the dark-skinned woman drew back and gifted Sara with a breath-stealing smile.

“You. Me. Hot Tub. Now.” Sara found herself pulled to a sitting position.

“Yes Ma’am.”

Wisps of steam obscured the stars for a moment as Mia lay back against Sara’s chest in the hot bubbling water, a contented smile on her face. Sara had just finished massaging her shoulders and upper back and Mia felt as if she was about to melt. Sara’s arms were around her waist, her left hand gently cupping Mia’s sex. A long supple finger stroked gently over her clit and Mia gasped, seeing her own constellations of stars as the connection between the two of them sent an almost electric jolt straight through her. Sara’s right hand caressed her breasts, and warm as the water was Sara’s breath against her neck was even hotter.

“All those stars, watching them is the nearest we’re ever likely to get to time-travel,” Sara whispered. “The light of other days.”

“Oft, in the stilly night,
Ere slumber's chain has bound me,
Fond Memory brings the light
Of other days around me:”
Mia quoted softly. “Well this will certainly qualify as ‘fond memory’.”

“Is there no end to your talents?” Sara laughed.

“I took an English Literature minor at college. It was a good way to meet girls,” Mia grinned. “And most everyone is a sucker for a bit of poetry every now and then. Puts paid the lie that I’m just a science geek.”

“Oh, you’re much more than a science geek, just as long as you’re my science geek. Grissom’s good for quotes as well,” Sara said. “I don’t really read much outside of forensics. Perhaps I should start.”

“Whatever… just don’t stop doing what you’re doing now,” Mia gasped again as Sarah’s fingers eased between her folds, caressing deeper and deeper into her sex, her other hand stroking and gently twisting her nipples. She tried not to buck her hips in case the other woman lost contact with her, one of her hands reaching up behind her to rest against the back of Sara’s neck, her long dark hair heavy against her hand, the other clutching at Sara’s slim thigh. Dizzy with the heat and the sensations running through her as she felt Sara’s lips and teeth nibble along her shoulderblade she thought that it was an optical illusion at first, the stars spinning down to dance around her and then she realised that it was actually snowing. The microclimate they had created round the hot tub meant that the majority of snowflakes didn’t actually survive long enough to reach them but one or two hardy souls did.

“Beautiful!” she gasped, as her inner muscles clenched as pleasure thrilled through her. “Oh god, so beautiful!”

“Yes, beautiful,” Sara whispered against her shoulder. “So very beautiful.”

Once she had recovered sufficiently to move, Mia turned to kneel in front of Sara, the water lapping at her breasts. She drew Sara into another kiss, their limbs entwining, steam rising around them as they kissed, murmured endearments and kissed again. “Oh love,” Mia whispered at last, resting her forehead against Sara’s. “I don’t know about you but I’m starting to feel a little poached. Shall we take this somewhere drier?”

“Sounds good,” Sara whispered. They helped each other to stand and hand in hand climbed the two steps out of the tub and shivering in the cold air reached for their robes before retreating back inside the cabin.

Mia had had the foresight to set out an opened bottle of wine and two glasses earlier and left the cd player on a selection of soft jazz and blues. She poured the wine and handed a glass to Sara.

“Here’s to a wonderful week,” she smiled.

“A wonderful week,” Sara smiled, sipping her wine before setting her glass down. She drew Mia into her arms again and they held each other close as they slowdanced to the soft music.

They both had the feeling that it didn’t get any better than this.