Title: Blue Jello Shots
Author: Preygurl
Feedback address: preygurl@yahoo.com
Date in Calendar: 14 December 2005
Fandom: Stargate SG-1
Pairing: Sam/Carolyn
Rating: R (Mature Themes – BDSM, not too explicit)
Summary: Season 9 - Innuendo, flirting, a date? Not quite. Sam wants to show Carolyn something that a future date will like.
Spoilers: None really.
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“Why not?”

“Because I want it.”




“You already asked nicely. I already said, ‘No.’ Do you plan on begging?”

Sam’s eyebrows lifted a little, “Do you want me to?”

Carolyn chuckled, her eyes twinkling, “Maybe.”

Sam cocked her head to the side. ‘Was Carolyn pushing this near-flirting thing to the next level.’


Carolyn smiled at Sam, while toying with the jello on her tray. “I tell you what, let’s make a deal.”

“A deal?”

“Yeah. I’ll give you my blue jello and you go out with me.”

Sam was visibly caught off guard; she swallowed hard. “Out? With you?”

“Yeah. You see, I haven’t a clue as to where in this town I could meet a man that isn’t military, militant or maniacal. So yeah, out with me. Tonight.” Carolyn smiled internally at the looked that crossed Sam’s face.

Sam breathed a slight sigh of relief. She thought she had been found out. She and Dr. Carolyn Lam had been borderline flirting since SG-1 had returned from a recent mission. SG-1 had brought back an alien strain of influenza; the doctor and herself had worked very closely to find a vaccination for it, in hopes that their research could be sent on to aid the CDC in the development of vaccinations for Earth bound influenzas. During that time Sam found herself becoming more and more attracted to the dark-haired CMO. Carolyn’s feistiness and dry wit reminded her quite a bit of a past lover, who just happened to be a past CMO at the SGC. It mad Sam long for something she had been missing since Janet had died. Passion.

She was brought out of her thoughts by Carolyn’s voice, “So? What do you think? Kind of a tag-team event, you know, I pick a guy, you move in, check him out and let me know if I should give him my number.”


Sam’s response surprised Carolyn, “What? No?”

Sam thought ‘Okay, not a date, but still, going out?’ She was pretty sure Carolyn was flirting, but then again maybe she wasn’t, she did say she wanted to meet men. Maybe word of Sam’s past hadn’t reached Carolyn yet, and it was harmless innuendo between new friends. Yeah, right.

“Well, I mean, no, not tonight. Well, in general. I’m not sure. Tons of paperwork, a desk and a half of R&D backlog I’ve got to get through.”

“No problem. Another time, I’ll go it alone tonight, and right now, I’ll just eat this,” Carolyn lifted a spoonful of blue jello to her mouth.

A green wave passed behind Sam’s eyes, jealousy. Jealous at the thought that Carolyn was going to be out at some pickup joint, doing who knows what, giving her number out to who knows who. Jealousy over something that wasn’t even hers to be jealous over, and then there was the jello.

Sam decided that it was time to take a risk again, if even to just get out there, as friends. “No, no. You know what? I’m definitely free to go. You’ve got a deal.” She reached for the dessert cup, “Now gimme the goods.”

Carolyn pushed the cup halfway as Sam took it. Sam plunged her spoon into the colored gelatin. Lifting the treat to her mouth, she audibly moaned, making Carolyn laugh out loud.

“Good lord woman, imagine if I had made you beg?”

With that comment and Sam’s ever reddening cheeks, Carolyn made for her exit. Before leaving, she leaned close to Sam’s ear, “Oh look, I lied. The staff has put out more blue jello. I’ll call you in your lab in 15 minutes. Be there.”

Sam let the jello in her mouth slide down her throat as she watched Carolyn exit the commissary. ’15 minutes. Be there.’ What was that? Sam glanced at the dessert rack; there sat 6 fresh cups of blue jello. When Sam sat down across from Carolyn 20 minutes before, she eyed Carolyn’s dessert longingly, mentioning that there were no more blue jello cups left. Carolyn had smiled satisfyingly, saying she knew she’d grabbed the last one.

Sam smiled. Liar, Carolyn was such a liar.

10 minutes later Sam was in her lab, leaning over a microscope when she heard a sigh behind her. She pulled back from the instrument and spun on her stool. She looked a little surprised to see her visitor.

“Vala, uh, hi.”


”May I help you?”

”Um, not really. May I help you?”


“Daniel said I might break something priceless if I kept helping him. Cameron and Teal’c are working out. So Danny sent me to help you with ‘science’ stuff.” Vala picked up a vial off of one of Sam’s benches.

Sam grabbed it from her, muttering under her breath, “Thank you Daniel.”


“If you help me Vala, you might not just break something, you might blow something up, oh, say me, or the SGC. Vala please don’t,” Sam slapped Vala’s hand away from the ZPM pieces that were strewn over another bench, “touch anything.”

Just then the phone rang. She looked at Vala, who plopped herself down onto Sam’s previously occupied stool.

Sam sighed heavily and answered the phone. “Carter.”

“Hello Sam.”

“Doctor.” Sam didn’t use Carolyn’s first or last name, knowing full well that Vala would be eavesdropping on her call.

“I thought lunch was rather enjoyable.”


“When do you get off?”

Sam choked. ‘Do not go there Carter.’ “I’m out of here at five today. Then I’m off for 3 days before we gate to that new Ori-occupied planet, P59-442.”

“You and your numbers. How do you keep them straight?”


“So I have heard.”


“Me what? Brilliant? No, actually average for a doctor. Or did you mean get off?” She smiled knowing that there was most likely a blush creeping up Sam’s cheeks. So easy.

Sam blushed at the picture that rushed to her mind, “Uh, yeah.”


Sam muttered under her breath and as she turned away from Vala, “Oh I don’t think so.”

Carolyn heard her and couldn’t help but shoot back, “You never know Sam. You never know.”

Sam was now a deep red and Vala’s eyes were following her as she paced as far as the cord would allow.

“So five then?”

“Five. How do you want to do this? Do you pick me up, do I pick you up or do we meet somewhere?”

“One of the former, definitely not the latter. Otherwise I may welch.” Sam peered over her shoulder to see if Vala had heard her. Vala seemed to be nonchalantly picking at her fingernails, and using Sam’s stool as a Sit ‘n Spin.

“You wouldn’t do that. I’d have to punish you for that.”



“Ah, oh-kay,” Sam couldn’t imagine blushing any brighter than she currently was.

Hearing the hesitation in Sam’s voice, Carolyn questioned, “Are you okay?”

“Perfectly,” Sam lied.

“You’re conversational skills are usually a bit on the indirect side, but seriously Sam, right now, you are being downright cryptic. I can tell you’re lying about being okay.”

Sam faced the wall again and brought her hand up to partially cover the receiver, “Not alone.”

“Oh, I see. This could be fun. I just so happen to be alone.”

“This call will have to be short-lived I’m afraid, that is, if you want me to get out of here at five,” Sam whispered conspiratorially.

Carolyn’s innuendo continued, “I want you to get off on time, Sam.”

Sam blanched, then sucked in a quick breath. She was not used to being on the receiving end of innuendo when it came to women. Janet was always the one blushing at Sam’s forward and suggestive comments; and in the bedroom it was pretty much the same, the petite doctor had been the sub to Sam’s domme.

If anyone had known them, they might think it would have been the opposite. Throughout their relationship they had only switched a couple of times; even though they both enjoyed the change of scenery, they always returned to their roles: Sam, top and Janet, bottom. Sam was beginning to wonder, that if even if this relationship with Carolyn never went beyond flirting, if she had somehow become the submissive.

Carolyn took Sam’s silence as an indicator that she may have crossed the line they had been playing very close to, “Sam?”

“Yeah? Sorry. I was somewhere else there for a minute.”

“Or five. It’s okay,” she paused. “I’ll let you get back to work.”

Forgetting that Vala was still sitting just 15 feet away, Sam answered a with a bit of sadness that surprised both of them, “Hmm, alright. I thought you wanted to chat.”

“I thought maybe I had,” Carolyn hesitated, “well, you got quiet so quickly…”

Sam cut in, “Oh no, that wasn’t it. Just a wandering mind; it can be a safety issue here in the lab.”

“You better be careful.”

“I am,” Sam glanced at Vala, recognizing that she was still there. “Well mostly, but I can’t speak for my lab help.”

”Oh that’s right. You’re not alone.”

“No doctor.”

“Male or female?”

Sam heard the humor in Carolyn’s voice again. It had disappeared just after Sam had spaced out for a moment, but it was back.


“So let’s see, that makes it Major Gant, Petty Officer Beleram, or Vala Mal Doran. And due to the fact that I know Gant is on the Prometheus project; I just read her file, the .p.o. is off-world that leaves the lovely Vala. Of course the annoyance I hear in your voice is also a contributing factor. With this information, I have to ask you, why the hell you’ve asked for her help.”

“I didn’t.”

“Not going to ask how it happened. I can tell it’s pissing you off and I don’t want that. I want you to go to that happy place. Go to that place you were when that blue jello exploded into your mouth.”

Sam stopped her pacing, placed her hand on the wall and smiled, “I’m there. Thank you.”

“No problem. Are you alone there?”

”Do you really want to know?” Sam fought with herself whether to disclose this information to Carolyn.






“And blue jello.”

“Oh my.”

“Not like that.”


“Doctor, I have got to go,” Sam avoided the question.

Carolyn knew she couldn’t play this game much longer. She was already into deep in waters that she had never swum. All this innuendo that had been playing between them was all talk on Carolyn’s part. She had no idea what was making her push Sam the way she was, all she knew was it felt good, but if she ever had to follow through…

“Okay Sam. I’ll see you later?”


“Good. I’ll pick you up at your place. Say 7 o’clock?”

“That sounds good.”

“Great. Where?”

Sam looked over her shoulder at Vala. Even though Sam knew Vala couldn’t leave Cheyenne Mountain, she really didn’t want her to know her home address; just in case. Sam smiled a sugary sweet grin at Vala and answered Carolyn; “I’ll email you right away with that information doctor. Have a good day. Bye.”

Sam placed the receiver back on the cradle and lent her gaze towards Vala.

Vala smiled, “First date, eh?”

“What?” Sam asked incredulously.

Vala slid off the stool and grasped Sam’s biceps, shaking her softly. “I’m not from this sexually inhibited planet you refer to as home.”

Sam just stared as Vala let go and headed towards the door. As she reached it, she spun a little and gave a Sam a patented Vala smirk, “And I for one, think it’s fabulous. You and the good Doctor Lam would make a striking couple.”

A bewildered Samatha Carter stared after the devious, dark, SG-1 groupie-like beauty.

Carolyn was in front of Sam’s little griege house at exactly 7 o’clock. Sam stood up from where she’d been sitting on the stoop, and walked to the car. She slid into the passenger seat of Carolyn’s dark blue Outback, “Nice car. Four wheel or all wheel drive?”

“Four, thanks. You look nice," Carolyn took in Sam Carter dressed in a pair of dark jeans and a white v-neck tee. "Where to?”

“You look great. You're hair down like that is beautiful," Sam took a moment to appreciate the way the young doctor's striking features were softened by the tresses hanging softly around her face. "You’re not looking for the usual suspects, so let’s head to a place Janet and I used to go.”

“Sam? Earlier, I did say I wanted to meet men.”

Sam stifled a giggle of apparent embarrassment and pressed herself to keep the conversation light, “Oh, so you have heard the rumors about me?”

Carolyn maneuvered the car in and out of traffic, “Rumors? They’re not rumors if they’re fact. Right?”

“Right. Anyway. The place I’m talking about is downtown. There’s a little bit of something for everyone. I’m sure you’ll have fun. Promise.”

“Promise even? You seem quite a bit more at ease tonight?”

“I kind of warmed to the idea of going out with you. You know, out, together, in a friendly atmosphere, you know, friends.”

“Okay Sam, calm down. Stop babbling, it makes me question your brilliance.”


“Nothing.” Carolyn stopped at a traffic light. “Hey, I’m driving without direction here. Downtown was a starting point. A little help?”

“Yeah, left at the next light,” Sam reached across Carolyn to point. Then moved her hand to rest on the back of Carolyn’s seat.

Carolyn pulled onto Colorado Boulevard and stopped at an old brick building that Sam pointed out. “Hide n Seek? Really Sam.”

“Hey! Don’t judge a book by its cover.”

Once inside, they shared one drink at the bar, then Sam ended up getting hauled away to play a game of pool with someone who had seen her play before. Carolyn, left on her own, mingled and danced with a few different men, only one keeping her attention more than one dance. Sam tried hard not to keep seeking her out. She remembered the whole conversation they had earlier, which by the way entailed her checking out the men before Carolyn gave out her number. That hadn’t happened once all night.

After Sam had run the table several times, no one really wanted to her to play anymore. She knew the feeling all too well; she collected her winnings and made her way to the bar. Carolyn was just returning from the dance floor.

“Hey Sam! How was the game?”

“Fine. It’s all math, angles and probability.”

Carolyn smiled sweetly at her, "You and your numbers.”

“Yep. That’s my life me and my numbers.”

Carolyn slid in-between Sam’s legs where she sat on the stool. “I think there’s more.”

Sam slid her butt and lower back as far into the chair as she could. How much had Carolyn had to drink while she was playing pool? “Hey Doc? Are you okay?”

“Doc? You’ve never call me Doc? O’Neill, that arrogant bastard, called me Doc. Daniel, sweet, sweet Daniel, calls me Doc, but not you.”

“Are you drunk?”

“No. Well, maybe a little tipsy,” Carolyn leaned into Sam.

“I think we should head. I’ll drive us to my place and you can grab a cab from there. It’s only about a what, a 10 minute ride to Cimarron Hills from my place?”

“Whatever you say. I met a really nice guy, gave him my number. He’s gonna call.”

“I’m sure he will.” Sam tried to sound positive and not ask her what the hell she was thinking. “Let me grab the tab, and we’ll go.”

Sam settled up with the waitstaff and had Carolyn out of the bar and in her car within a short time. Sam commended herself for making the drive to her house, only glancing over at the raven-haired beauty but twice. When they arrived at her house, she pulled up behind her Volvo and put the car in park.

She got out and rounded the car. By the time she reached the passenger side, Carolyn was already out of the car and leaning against it, with her head down.

“Hey, you okay? You didn’t say a word on the way here, and actually, I thought you might have passed out.”

Carolyn looked up at Sam, suddenly extremely coherent, “Now Samatha Carter, why would I have passed out? Do you think all of those ginger ales I had all night were going to put me over the edge?”

Sam, shocked at these questions, replied, “Honestly, I really thought you were, are drunk, Carolyn.”

“Not even.”

“Well then, what was all that at the bar?”

“I was ready to go.”

Sam shook her head, thought to herself, ‘Jesus, a headgamer. Great.’ Then spoke over her shoulder as she headed toward her house, “You could’ve just said so. I was ready before we walked in the door.”

Carolyn pushed off the car and followed Sam. “Hey what about that cab?”

“You don’t need a cab. Go home Carolyn.”

“I’m sorry.”

“For what?”

“Not for how I got you to leave, that’s whatever. I’m sorry I made you go at all, it’s obvious you didn’t want to go out with me.”

Sam had unlocked her front door and pushed it opened. As she held it open for Carolyn to pass through, she spoke softly, “Oh, I wanted to go out with you.”

Carolyn didn’t say a word. She waited for Sam to show her into the living room, where she sat on the couch, sliding her shoes off and making herself comfortable. Sam went to the kitchen, called out asking if Carolyn would like anything. Upon returning to the living room, she sat in the recliner across from Carolyn.

Sam picked at the label on her Newcastle, “Listen, Carolyn, I think we could be friends.”

Carolyn broke in, “I think we already are.”

“Right. So, let’s not do what you did tonight, okay? If you want something, just ask.”


“Yeah, really,” Sam felt a lump rising in her throat. She could feel she was treading on thin ice.

Carolyn reached for the beer that Sam had sat on the table in front of her, “Well, there is something…”


“I met someone tonight.”

“Yeah, you told me.” Sam tried, but failed to hide her disappointment. “Honestly, I had forgotten, but now that you mention it. Hey weren’t you ‘drunk.’”

“I wasn’t. And I gave him my number.”

“What happened to me checking him out first?”

“You did kind of, he said he knew you, and Janet.”

“His name?”

“Gregg, with 2 g’s. Do you know him?”

“Yep. I know him, well, of him. Janet knew him.”


Sam smirked, “You’re in for a treat.”

“What do you mean?”

“Well, let me grab another beer. You want?”

Carolyn laughed, “Yeah, I want.”

Sam chuckled at the ease of togetherness they had slipped into.

“Okay, here it is, Gregg used to go out with a nurse that worked with Janet at Academy.”

“Oh, will I be stepping on the toes of anyone I know?”

“Um no. Claudia lays claim to the fairer sex these days.”

“Oh, I can understand that.”

Sam cocked her head, “What? Really? You keep changing your story, or at least it seems that way… Hmm, well regarding Gregg, I think you might want to know a little about what you’re getting into.”

“What’s that?”

“I guess you’ll find out soon enough. I’m going to tell you this, and then you’re going to answer a question for me. Deal?”

“I guess.”

“An understatement would be that Gregg is on the kinky side. And the question is, are you bi?”

“In what way is he kinky? And why do you ask?”

“Bondage, it starts out light, and turns heavy. I ask because ‘hello’ girl-loving-girl here.”

“How do you know about how it turns out? And are you attracted to me?”

“Claudia told Janet all about it at some weekend-spa thing they went to when I was off-world once. And what would you say if I was?”

“A little kink it fine, sexy even, but I’ve never actually,” Carolyn dipped her head knowing she was giving herself away. Sam would now know that all that innuendo was falsehood, she could never follow through on any of her suggestions; she didn’t have a clue.

Sam let that comment pass for the moment, “And what would you say if I was attracted to you?”

“I don’t know. I thought we were playing.”

“We were.”

Carolyn leaned her head back on the couch. “I could use something stronger than this beer now. I tell you that.”

Sam got up from her chair and went to the kitchen, coming back with a bowl of blue jello already cut into squares and jumbled in the bowl. Carolyn looked at the bowl and shook her head.

“I said ‘stronger,’ not sweeter.”

“They’re strong, trust me.”

“Oh yeah, where are the spoons?”

“No spoons, pick one up and suck it down.”

Carolyn reached for a cube of blue gelatin, placing it to her lips; she sucked it down her throat.

“Yum. Is that rum?”

“In some, in others there’s vodka or gin or curacao. Enjoy!”

Carolyn popped a couple more into her mouth. “Man, these are like candy.”

“You should slow down now. I think 6 or 7 in a half hour is enough.”

“Oh stop. Can’t I crash here if I drink,” she giggled, “or rather, swallow too much?”

“Of course you can,” Sam slid another cube across her lips and then into her mouth, Carolyn watched her the whole time.

“Good, thank you. Now tell me more about Gregg,” Carolyn settled back against the couch.

“Let it go. He’ll call, you’ll go, and you’ll probably love every minute of it.”

Carolyn could feel the jello shots and beer beginning to ease her demeanor and her willpower to not gaze at Sam. “And why would you say that?”

“I’ve been listening to you flirt with me for a couple of months now. I think you’d be into it.”

”Sam! I have not been flirting with you. You have been flirting with me!”

“My mistake. Too bad.”

“Too bad?”

“Yeah, I liked it. Now I guess I’ll miss it.”

“I really don’t know what to say to that Sam.”

”Forget about it. Friends here, right?”

“Of course. I think we’ve bridged some sort of gap here tonight.”

“Oh yeah, me and bridges, huge friends.”

“Hey do you want me to grab a cab? I can go?”

“No, please stay. I’ll tell you about Gregg.”

“Really? Cause I'm getting a whole jealousy thing from you.”

“Are you now? Well don’t. It’s fine.”

“So Claudia plays for your team now? Was she batting for both teams when she was with Gregg?”

“That, my dear new friend, is none of your nor my business. Although, I have a feeling Janet knew. They were pretty close.”

”Were they ever?”

”Not that I know of.”

”But you and Janet?”

“Yeah. I think I’m past the greatest of grief, but I still miss her terribly. And at the most unusual times. Like now.”

Sam didn’t elaborate and Carolyn didn’t push; this wasn’t really about Janet, it was about Sam and Carolyn.

“Well Gregg seemed nice enough.”

“He is, Claudia and he are still friends. Nothing against him, they just didn’t fit.”

“So if he calls and I actually go out with him, you’ll be okay with that?”

“It’s not my place. Seriously, if you fell in love and had a dozen kids, as long as you were happy, that’s what matters. A life lesson I learned too late.”

“Well I don’t see the whole kids thing, but love is somewhere in my future. I don’t know if its him or not.”

“You see though, you’re thinking about it.”

“Slow down. I haven’t even decided to go out with him yet. I mean this whole bondage thing, it’s a little unnerving.”

“I think he’s trustworthy. It’s all about trust. Janet and I trusted each other. It’s about not harming one another and all about loving one another. A nice warm sting across the ass never did anyone harm.” Sam’s cheeks flushed with her insight into her past relationship with the diminutive doctor, but the jello shots were really loosening her up now.

“Well I suppose if it just a few slaps on the ass, maybe…”

Sam was really warming up to the idea of her friend being tied up. She smiled at Carolyn as she got out of her chair and crossed to sit beside her on the couch.

“So you’ve never been tied up?”


“You have no clue as to what it’s like?”

“Not really. I’m guessing from what you said about you and Doctor Frasier, that you are the one that knows. Why don’t you tell me?”

Carolyn reached for the last cube of jello, “You want it?”

Sam’s face broke into a huge grin, “No. Thanks. I’ve had enough blue jello for one day.”

“You want me to tell you?”

”Yep, I’ve had enough of this jello to give me the courage I need to ask you all about your life.”

Sam leaned back into the couch and closed her eyes, sexual frustration ebbing throughout her body, “Screw it. You wanna know? Why don’t I show you?”

“Uh, excuse me?”

“Just a primer, a favor if you will. I’m obviously not as well equipped as Gregg for the job. After all, you were out there tonight looking for a man. But I can give you an idea of what you’re getting yourself into.”

“Sam, look I know that the rumors don’t bother you, but if someone heard that you and I did something like this; I mean what would they think.”

Sam slapped her hand lightly on Carolyn’s thigh, “For one thing, I’m not planning on telling anyone, and another is people would probably be like, ‘How does that woman keep catching those fine looking doctors?’”

“Sam, to answer your question from earlier. I’m not a bi-sexual. Well if this thing we’re about to do changes that well then… well then.”

“Lighten up Carolyn. Just because I tie your hand behind your back doesn’t mean I have to marry you. Look, just pretend I’m someone else. If you can’t stand how it feels, say ‘No.’ when he calls.”

“Trying it with someone I know I can trust makes sense, but isn’t this going to be weird for you. My being straight and all.”

Sam shrugged her shoulders and gave Carolyn a way out, “I am forewarning you that I like to do this.”

Carolyn shivered, “What are you going to use to tie me up?”

“I have rope. Don’t go anywhere, I’ll be right back,” Sam touched Carolyn’s knee as she rose from the couch and made her way to the bedroom.

Carolyn sat anxiously on the couch; she didn’t know what was making her more nervous, the thought of Gregg tying her up, or the thought of Sam doing it.

Sam returned with a small duffle bag. She sat it on the table and looked at Carolyn, “This is how it usually works. You have a dominant and a submissive. If you date Gregg, you will definitely be the sub, so tonight I’ll play the domme; which just so you know, is the role I normally play. As the submissive, you will do whatever I tell you to do. I need you to pick a safe word. If ever anything gets to be too much or we do anything you want to stop, use the safe word and the scene stops, no questions asked. If you want to talk about it after, we can, your choice. Got all that?”


“Good girl. Get up from the couch and stand in the middle of the room.”

Carolyn stood and went to the middle of the room. Sam circled her, Carolyn looked over her shoulder at Sam, “Eyes straight ahead. If I want you to look at me, I’ll tell you.”

Sam stood directly behind her for several moments, beginning to remember how this used to feel. She had missed it. She made her way in front of Carolyn, “Now take your clothes off.”

”Is that necessary? I thought you were just going to tie me up?”

“Gregg’s not going to tie you up with your clothes on and neither am I. Besides,” Sam leaned in to brush her lips against Carolyn’s ear, “I know you’re going to like this.”

“May I sit on the couch to take my socks off? I'm feeling a little unbalanced at the moment.”

”Good girl for asking. Yes you may.”

Carolyn sat on the edge of the couch to remove her socks. Sam, with rope in hand, stood less than a foot away, waiting patiently for Carolyn to finish with her socks.

“Stand up and take your jeans off when you’ve finished.”

Carolyn leaned back for the slightest moment and all of a sudden the beer and jello shots hit her, she started to sway and then her head flopped to the side. Sam immediately fell out of her domme role and lunged for Carolyn. She caught her before her body fell forward off the couch. She laid her back against the armrest cushion, stretching her body out across the couch.

Sam sighed heavily as she pulled the afghan over the sleeping beauty.

Sam put the rope back in the duffle bag, switched the end table lamp down to 20 watts and carried the duffle bag to her bedroom, all the while muttering,“Damn blue jello shots!”

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