Title: Like The Sea
Author: Shatterpath
Feedback address: shatterpath@shatterstorm.net
Date in Calendar: 22 June 2016
Fandom: Supergirl
Pairing: Alex/Astra
Rating: PG
Word Count: 575
Summary: This is the prolog/epilogue for a Supergirl surfing AU that I have in the works. The tale itself will be the backstory leading to this scene.
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Note: This is a Alex/Astra tale that may or may not have a subplot of Kara/Cat. Only time will tell.

The storm was welcome contrast to a family having found loving calm once more. Better, the ocean would be a tumultuous cauldron come morning. Kara could hardly wait. In the meantime, she had been happy to sneak away at Alex's quiet urging to climb into their old haven and just absorb strength in one another. For more than anything or anyone, they were a unit. More than their parents, their friends, lovers or enemies, they were a force to be reckoned with.

"So we ended up in the middle of insanity again."

"Well, I've always said we Danvers sisters should come with a warning."

As they had done as young teens getting to know one another, the sisters giggled and elbowed each other where they lay side by side on the deck built with their own four hands. There were no stars that night, the skies a wall of clouds and rain that rattled against the ratty old tarp that kept them mostly dry. Drops snuck their way through, one catching Alex in the eye and making her squeal. Howling with laughter, Kara accepted her penance of getting swatted in the stomach with a hard fist and smacked in the face with a damp towel.

"Worth it to hear you make that girlie sound, sis."


Kara's mocking kissy faces were interrupted by a welcome voice that carried over the deluge. "Why are you out in this madness? Honestly you two."

The paired smiles were adoring for different reasons, Astra drinking them in as she crested the rickety ladder leading to their lofty haven. She smiled back, leaning over the edge of the deck to kiss Alex warmly, the upside-down embrace a sweet change. Kara obliged them with gagging noises until Alex smacked her again, never breaking the sweet kiss, and Astra reached out to stroke the blonde tresses, grown wavy in the dampness.

"The storm spit in my eye," Alex mock-grumbled around the curve of Astra's adoring smile.

"Tragic, my Brave One. Have you need of vengeance?"

"Oh, I do like it when you sound like Shakespeare, babe."

"Oh barf you two," Kara whined and was distracted by headlights swinging up the long driveway. "Saved by the bell! Later, lovebugs, don't catch a chill!"

With an athletic leap that would have given Eliza hives had she witnessed it, Kara grabbed the old fireman's pole mounted at the edge of the deck and howled like Tarzan all the way to the ground. Sighing in loving resignation with Alex, Astra climbed fully onto the tiny deck to take Kara's place, leaning over her lover for proper kisses.

"She's insane," Alex griped, but her smile was gentle as she stroked Astra's head, tracing the distinctive white lock as was her habit now.

"Merely wildly joyful, but I think I'd like to talk about other things than Kara."

"Oh would you now? Are you going to vanquish the evil spring storm?"

"I'm sure I can think of something."

Alex welcomed Astra's weight half over her, the solidness of her, healthy and hale again. "Glad we ended up here. Can't believe we made it."

"All we did was climb the ladder," Astra teased and laughed at the mock scowl she received, kissing it away. "I'm thankful too, Alex. It was worth everything."

"Agreed. Now shut up and kiss me for real."

"My pleasure."

The next errant drop landed in Astra's dark hair, not disturbing the couple in their loving.