Title: Showing Off To Blend In
Author: Shatterpath
Feedback address: shatterpath@shatterstorm.net
Date in Calendar: 23 June 2015
Fandom: MCU/Agent Carter
Pairing: Peggy/Angie/Natasha
Rating: PG13
Word Count: 1017
Summary: Who wants to be in New York in spring with Huntington Beach, California is so much nicer? Natasha, Angie and Peggy soak up the sun and ambience.
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Author's Notes: Cartinelli in the modern world with Natasha basically 'adopted' as family. Technically takes place in my current Epic, but the rest of the clan is elsewhere.
Prompt was: Beach Trip, Peggy/Angie/Natasha, fiction
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"I dunno, Scarlet," Angie's voice wafted out of the changing room and Natasha grinned in response to her nickname. Angie was prone to them, but only those she authentically liked and Natasha not-so-secretly loved the inclusion. With a rattle, the curtain was flung aside and the younger woman stood there in all of her bold and terrified glory.

"Good lookin' there, Broadway," Nat chuckled and stepped closer to grab the straps of the straps of the moderately brief bikini to tug them upward. Angie squawked and smacked ineffectually at the quick hands even as Nat laughed and spun her around to face the mirror again. "This teal looks good with your eyes." Tightening up the bow at the back of her neck to tailor the fit a bit, Nat winked saucily over Angie's shoulder at the mirror. "And I told you the fit would work with these perky tits of yours."

"For someone not really interested in sex, you're naughty," Angie sassed dryly and soaked up the throaty chuckle as her companion strode away.

"I'm learning the value of being asexual, I'm not blind." Natasha chortled and held open a lightweight long sleeved shirt for Angie to scamper over and slip into. "Now, that fabric is sun-proof, so it'll cut down on how much you have to lotion up to keep from being fried redder than my hair."

With a few swipes of a tiny, deadly knife that vanished as quickly as it appeared, the sales tags were in Natasha's hands and she was off to pay for the new clothing.

"One of these days I'm going to suss out where you keep those daggers."

"Good luck with that, itty-bitty."

"You're lucky I know that's a jab at my stature and not my tits."

The scruffy lad at the register looked taken aback when Natasha spluttered with laughter, making a mess of her own signature for the purchase. Angie was quite pleased with herself, not even jumping at the expected swat to the rear end as she was dragged into the blazing sunlight of a warm fall afternoon. Angie breathed deeply of the fresh sea breeze and did her best to ignore how... bared she was. No one in Huntington Beach would give her a second glance in anything but admiration, but it was still a challenge to an outdated modesty. Like any actress, Angie held her head high and walked as though she owned her own little stage, taking Natasha's arm and dragging her along. The spy normally wasn't a fan of too much strut, but this was an afternoon off and she had dialed down her paranoia as much as she could.

"If there's a place you can vanish, it's gotta be here. Now I'm damn ready to find Peggy and, hey!"

With the implacable strength so well hidden in her small, voluptuous frame, Nat jerked Angie a halt.

"You didn't have to wear it just because I picked it out."

For a moment, Angie looked offended and then softened. "I do like it, Tash, I'm just nervous. 'Specially with you all covered up."

A pat to Nat's belly emphasized the sleek, dark blue one piece clinging to her like a second skin.

"I don't like not blending in." Natasha said flatly and Angie knew the emotionless tone covered a thread of stress. Angie knew that the subject wasn't sensitive because of the violent bullet scar itself, but because it was eye-catching. A coaxing tug got them moving, arm in arm once more.

"I know, Doll. Let's be sexy and uncomfortable together. Now, chin up and let's strut!"

Natasha would forever wonder when she had lost her ability to say no to the minx.

*   *

A far cry from a half-thawed New York, Peggy was quite enjoying the warmth of the sun and sand of the famous Huntington Beach. While they had brought along summer wear for their trip to the Pacific, Natasha had teased Angie about her plainly-cut pastel yellow and pink bathing suit looking like it should be on a ten year old until they had chased one another off, laughing and taunting. Admittedly, the game of chase had been nearly an hour ago, but Peggy wasn't more than passingly concerned. After all, there was no one alive more alert than Natasha and she was a close to a guarantee as anyone could ask for.

"I gotta say, Toots," Angie suddenly called out from nearby. "You make that swimsuit look good!"

Grinning, Peggy rolled her head to the side where she sprawled out on her big towel on the sand and stared with as much appreciation as Angie could have hoped for.

"I do like makin' you gawk, English!"

Posing like a pinup girl, it was hard to believe that the woman had been self-conscious minutes ago. Natasha just chuckled and skirted around her to dig through her bag. "C'mon superstar, quit preening and put on sunblock."

Completely pleased with herself, Angie crouched down to meet Peggy rising up onto her elbows for a long, sweet kiss.

"You never cease to amaze me," Peggy murmured against her lips and Angie was pure smugness as she drank up the throaty, sensuous tone in her lover's voice and the trace of her hand over a bare thigh

"I feel like I'm prancing around in my unmentionables, but y'know, if you like it, I can keep the look."

"Tease," Peggy drawled, shifting her arm to caress and kiss the sweet fanny so close by. Angie laughed and pretended to protest, springing to her feet to sashay over and collect the tube of sunblock. While part of the Englishwoman wanted to go help with the lotioning process, it would probably turn indecent and watching was harmless enough. Besides, the two fair-skinned beauties were sweet as they matter-of-factly ensured one another was covered with the slick liquid that faded with a bit of rubbing in.

"Yer ogling."

"Why yes, yes I am. Merely grateful to the mystery of my paternal genes that I've no need for such a laborious process."

"Liar," Natasha sassed and Angie laughed uproariously.