Title: Five Moments Influenced by Nature
Author: A. Magiluna Stormwriter
Feedback address: stormwriter@shatterstorm.net
Date in Calendar: 16 June 2013
Fandom: Poltergeist: the Legacy
Pairing: Alex/Rachel
Rating: PG13
Date Written: 16 June 2013
Word Count: 1337
Written for: licenseartistic
Prompt: see author's notes below for prompts used
Summary: Five moments in Alex and Rachel's lives that were influenced by nature.
Spoilers/Warnings: Post-series, so assume it's all up for grabs.
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Author's Notes: This is the eighteenth calendar that's started with me and this couple. We go a long way back, and I really need to be writing for them more often. That it also allowed me the opportunity to catch up on my licenseartistic prompts was just so much gravy. LOL! The prompts used are as follows ::

Dedication: My muses, for always being there when I need them.

Beta: Shatterpath, as usual. All remaining errors are my own.

"Five Moments Influenced by Nature"
By A. Magiluna Stormwriter

i. A Lazy Summer Afternoon (06-16-06)

"No, Michel, not like that."

Rose's voice carries across the grassy area of the park to the gazebo where Rachel and I are relaxing in the shade. She is sitting with several of the children as Darya explains some of the herbs and flowers growing along the edges of the grass. In front of her is a perfect fuchsia thistle that Michel was just reaching for. I watch as the large bumblebee wanders from the flower to her palm.

That's when I notice Cubby glance over with a secretive smile.

This feels like a strange case of déjà vu. We've danced to this tune before, but I think she was leading last time. No, I know she was leading last time because I feared for Rose's safety. Now? Not so much.

"Alex, we should do--"

"No, love, we shouldn't," I say softly, twining our fingers together before I kiss her knuckles. "You made me trust that Cubby would keep Rose safe. Now it's your turn to trust that Rose learned well from him and will keep Michel safe."

Rachel pouts, but doesn't move to leave my side on the swing. She does, however, hold her breath when Michel stretches out his hand to mimic his sister's movements. He bites his bottom lip as Rose coaxes the bee onto his palm, but his quietly giggled "It tickles!" carries quite well toward us.

It's not until Rose helps Michel coax the bee back onto the thistle that Rachel takes another breath, sagging against me in relief. Without hesitation, I gather her close to press gentle kisses to her lips. "See? I told you he'd be fine, love. And you will be, too."

ii. Independence Day (07-04-06)

"You two be good and listen to your sister and Cassie, okay?"

"Yes, maman," they chorus, glancing anxiously toward the blanket where all of the children from the ranch have gathered.

Rachel chuckles softly and kisses their foreheads, then glances my way. Catching on, Rose tugs at Michel's hand before both dutifully kiss my cheek and scamper off to join their little pack. Kat turns to grin and give us a thumbs up, followed by making kissy faces at us.

"She's your daughter," is all I say to Rachel, snuggling into her side.

She just chuckles and nibbles at the spot beneath my left ear. My eyes flutter shut, head tilting to the side to allow her more access to my neck. I barely notice when the fireworks actually start up.

iii. You Can Never Go Back Home (08-12-06)

"It still feels weird coming back here."

"It's not coming back that's weird," she says softly, wrapping her arms around my waist from behind me, "because we've done it several times now. It's not having a place to call home that makes it weird. Even though the island's in the process of regeneration, the castle's gone, and the house has been sold off to someone else."

"I can't stay in the new Legacy house, no matter how much Nick tries to get us to do it." My words are almost drowned out by the clap of thunder that rattles the sliding glass door behind us. "It feels awkward enough going there to talk business, expecting Derek to come in and yell about something that the council's doing wrong. But to sleep there? No, it's not comfortable to me, and probably never will be."

Another clap of thunder sounds, this time making the balcony under our feet shake a bit, accompanied by a brilliant flash of lightning that lights up the Bay Bridge in the distance. I lean back into Rachel's warmth, feeling the surge of Mother Nature all around us, and chuckle.

"What's so funny?"

"I used to think we had some of the most incredible storms here," I say, pointing toward the distance lightning. "And now, after living out in the desert, these storms don't even come close. This isn't home anymore, Rachel, the Ranch is."

She nods and kisses my neck gently. "I know. Kat'll have the last of her paperwork tomorrow morning, then we can head home again."

iv. Up, Up, and Away (09-10-06)

My head rests against the cool glass of the airplane window, my view fogged by my own condensing breath. "We should've gone yesterday, like Michael suggested. I swear to god, if we have to circle this damned airport one more time, I'm going to--"

Rachel cuts off my threat with a finger to my lips and a shake of her head. "None of that, love. Fog is fog. You remember that from San Francisco." She pulls me away from the window, pulling my head down onto her shoulder. "Besides, we're in the private jet. We have all this space for ourselves, right? Michel's fast asleep next to me, but I know he'll be excited to see Michael when we finally land. And you know, we could be on a commercial jet."

I nod and start to say something, stopped by the announcement. "This is Captain Decker again. Sorry to say that we're going to have to take another pass around the Big Apple before JFK will let us land. And before you ask, Ms. Moreau, I did check with LaGuardia, but they're not allowing anyone in either. Not that it'd be easy to change our flight plan at this point. So just sit back and relax."

"Michael owes me," I mutter under my breath.

Chuckling, Rachel leans over to kiss me gently, tongue tracing the outline of my lips. "How about I make it up to you when Michael has Michel and we're all alone in that extravagant penthouse suite?"

My lips curve up at that thought, one hand reaching up to curl in the silken strands of her blonde hair. "That might work…"

v. All Hallow's Eve (10-31-06)

"Where is my little Spiderman?" Dace calls out as she steps into our home.

Michel comes running into the living room with a broad grin, Kat following him with a grin, and tackles Dace with a squeal of laughter. "Trickin' treat, Unca Dace!"

"Trick or treat, Michel. You look good!" She glances up as Rachel steps out of our room and clears her throat.

"Ladies and gentleman, may I present Princess Rose," Rachel says, sounding eerily like she should be in some royal court. It sounds kind of sexy, to be honest. "Prepare to bow before the princess."

When Rose steps out in her sparkly purple princess outfit, hair falling in gorgeous curls so like mine, I nearly weep from how pretty she looks. Without thought, I bend down into a deep curtsey, chuckling when she taps my head with her fairy wand.

"You look beautiful, Princess Rose," I say softly, smiling when she giggles.

"Yes, you do, Boo," Dace replies, stretching out a hand for hers. "Now, you and your brother can come with me over to the main house to wait with the rest of the kids while your moms get ready, okay? Then we'll all go over by where Gramma Stasia lives and go trick or treating. You should see all the pretty jack-o-lanterns people have over there! Bazillions of them and every single one is a different face."

The kids laugh happily and head off with Dace after she admonishes us that the bus would be leaving in half an hour, with or without us. Kat grabs her own gear to finish her makeup, then follows them out.

"Are we getting dressed up or just going as chaperones this year?" Rachel asks as she comes over to pull me in close for a kiss. "I'm good either way. It's just a matter of whether I get to unwrap your luscious bod from a costume or from regular clothes."

A shiver of desire oozes down my spine. "R-regular clothes are easier to get out of." I flush hotly at my lusty stammer.

"Then chaperones it is this year. You're my treat tonight once the kids are asleep."