Title: To Sleep, Perchance to Dream
Author: Geekgrrllurking
Feedback address: Geekgrrl.lurking@gmail.com
Date in Calendar: 22 June 2012
Fandom: Bionic Woman
Pairing: Jaime/Ruth
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 1975
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Disclaimer: Bionic Woman and its characters are the property of NBC. No infringement intended.

Note: I think Shatterpath originally prompted me with ‘Do bionics dream of electric sheep' back in the early days of writing this fandom. This is what finally shook itself out. Written for the Femslash Advent Calendar: Dog Days of Summer 2012. Thanks for all your hard work on the calendar again this year girls.

Beta: Unbeta'd because I'm a rebel that way *sshhh, don't tell AJ, or she will hunt me down and make me use commas. Oh the inhumanity!*

She fascinates you with an unexpected intensity, as if you've discovered a surprising treasure after all these hard brittle years, something that you wouldn't trade for anything in this world, or in the next. For the longest time it was simply your guilty pleasure, to watch Jaime Sommers from afar, to study and analyze her for your job, to observe from across the room as she grinned at something Nathan said or scowled at Jonas or snapped at you during your forced therapy appointments.

Somewhere along the way it moved away from being just your job and turned into something more. It turned into an almost physical need to see her, be around her, to protect her with everything in you being. And as her self confidence grew and she became more comfortable in her skin, Jaime seemed to need you too, turning to you for advice, and wanting to be near you as much as you wanted to be there for her.

You're still not sure who was more shocked to find her suddenly in your bed one day, gazing at you with hooded eyes over the curve of your belly, silently promising to do sinful things to you as her mouth moved along your skin with determination and a hint of fear and trepidation. Her stare almost dared you to stop her, to bring you both to your senses with a cold splash of logic and reason.

Well, fuck that.

You decided to do what you wanted to for a change, and grabbed the opportunity, consequences and Berkut be damned. And it was the best thing that ever happened to you. You threw the rulebook away and had your way with each other that night, but underneath all the heat and passion was a tender reverence, irrevocably bonding you to her. The whole glorious affair was something you never thought in a million years would come to pass with your very sexy and very straight younger colleague.

Even more shocking almost was that it wasn't just a one night affair, it turned into much more. In fact, if someone had told you a year ago that you would still be in her bed, watching her sleep, you would have laughed out loud. After all, Ruth Truewell doesn't do relationships, right?

That's not how the game is played.

Get some and get gone, don't look back at the debris and for God's sake don't talk about it. And yet, here you are, the spark between you still pulsing hot in your veins like liquid fire, burning brighter than you ever dreamed possible. More importantly, the feeling of family wrapping you up in its sweet embrace is something you didn't even realize you needed until it unfolded before you in this beautiful woman's love. And while you may not be sleeping now, you are certainly dreaming, dreaming of a future you didn't think possible for an old warrior like you.

You trail your fingers along the naked curve of her spine, finding solace in the gentle movement of her breath against your skin. Jaime sleeps so soundly tonight, sprawled across you in a tangled heap of limbs and hair everywhere. At peace with herself and the world, safe in your arms, it is the sleep of the innocent. That's probably why you are still awake, restless and pensive and you certainly are not innocent by any stretch of the imagination. Jaime used to tease that you sleep in perpetual motion, as if constantly reacting to something in your dreams, as if someone was chasing you, hunting you down.

And maybe you were running, from her, from you, from all of it. Always so scared, terrified of dropping the walls, removing the mask, releasing control to someone else, trusting someone else with your heart. There is the truth now. She has made you want to put your weapons down, lower your shields and open yourself to the possibilities for the first time in a very, very long time. You trust her and that makes all the difference.

Lately though, you've relaxed even more, been more at rest, content with your lot in life. Certainly it has to do with the lovely creature wrapped around you like a second blanket. This new found peace because of her, the comfort she brings to your world, to the life you are building together. You know deep down that this is right, that it is meant to be. It terrifies you at the same time, but you know that you've found your home at long last.

God, you've got it bad for this one, don't you?

You snort in amusement, the puff of air making her long dark hair move and tickle against your sensitive skin. Your heart contracts as she stirs and snuggles against you, soft kittenish sounds escaping her lips. This old dog has learned a few new tricks and you couldn't be happier. Even more amazing you honestly don't care who knows it this time. You don't care who says what about it all, how it might affect your career, the age difference, none of it. In fact you are so happy you want to shout it out, like a bubble of joy waiting to explode from your chest, big and messy and glorious.

You sigh softly and thread your fingers through her long dark hair, tucking tendrils behind her cute little ear. She turns towards you, your touch gentle as she reacts to you in her sleep. You wonder briefly what she is dreaming of. Perhaps little electric sheep jumping over circuit boards? You sigh at the whimsical thought when you notice the soft smile that ghosts across those full lips you adore. You desperately want to taste those tempting lips…

"I was having the most amazing dream. It was about you," Jaime whispers, her voice rough and groggy as her eyes slowly blink open and steal your heart all over again. You love waking up to this, her sleepy morning voice. It always does things to you, your body reacting to the unspoken promises hidden in the rich tones, clenching and yearning for her touch.

She knows you so well and yet doesn't know you at all. You look forward to dropping the veils and revealing your naked soul to this little one who has tamed you. This is all so beautiful and yet comfortable and right, like sliding into the GTO and driving into the sunset along the coast. You smile back at her, slowly running the pad of your thumb across her lips. Jaime sucks it in, her tongue swirling around seductively, the languid heat beckoning, calling your name. You long to have her suck other things. Releasing your thumb with a moist pop, she sits up slightly and rolls her hips, shifting to settle between your legs like she's always belonged there, wide awake and ready to play.

You are more than ready for her.

"Hmm, looks like someone is having trouble falling asleep," Jaime's voice tickles your ear, and is followed by butterfly kisses along the short baby-fine hair at your temple, down your flushed cheek to hover tantalizingly over your mouth, her breath warm against your lips. "Maybe I can help you out with that."

You whimper softly but you know she's heard you. Damn bionic ear. But you wait for her to take the lead and she rewards you with a lopsided grin and twinkling eyes, before your mouth is claimed. You moan into Jaime's mouth, your tongues finally meeting and tangling, dancing together. She slowly lowers her weight back down onto your body, rolling her hips and leaving you wanting more. You move beneath her, writhing against her curves and valleys, silently encouraging her as she leisurely trails her hand down your trim body and through the damp curls below.

You gasp as she fills you, suddenly taken fast and hard, as Jaime thrusts deep, claiming you as her own. You barely recognize the needy moans pulled from you, still hotly pressed against her lips. She smirks as you buck against her, twitching and responding to her touch, wanting more, needing her to increase the tempo. She chuckles softly and ignores you, taking her sweet time building the pressure, taking you higher, angling deeper. And just when you are on the brink, she slows the pace. Your eyes snap open and a groan of frustration is ripped from your throat.

You watch helpless as her mouth descends again to capture you with deep, demanding kisses. You are lost all over again when her thumb finds your clit and circles, slowly, knowing just how to tease your body and keep you on the brink. The woman is evil and you love every moment of the sweet torture. With a desperate cry you break the kiss, gulping air as Jaime nuzzles along your cheek.

"I've got you, baby," Jaime whispers into your ear, first nibbling then sucking the earlobe. You buck against her and then again, until she takes pity on you. Finally she sinks her long fingers back into your heat; you can feel the stretch deep within, filling you. Jaime starts to pull back and takes you again, and then again, building an irresistible rhythm.

You try to meet each penetrating thrust, trying to desperately match Jaime's pace, straining to take her deeper and keep her there but she is moving faster again. She is moving faster than humanly possible as she flicks and twitches within you, maddening in its way, but it is her voice that drives you to the edge. It is her voice that inspires you and haunts you and washes over you like a blessing from above.

"I know, sweetheart, just let go. Come for me." Making a sympathetic sound at the back of her throat, Jaime smiles down at you, her fingers curling as she finds the spot she was looking for, the spot she knows you cannot resist. Your body tenses beneath her as you dance on the edge of desire, waiting to tumble over. You are at her mercy, willingly, gladly giving yourself to her, trusting in her to catch you when you fall.

"Now, Ruth," Her low, husky growl is all you need to hear and you feel it coming over you like a wave, the rush of pleasure building to a fine point, until finally you shatter into a million sparkling pieces…

When you can think again, you can't help the happy sigh, sated and exhausted as you tighten your hold and just breathe into Jaime's long dark hair. It's such a simple pleasure that you will never tire of. She stretches like a big cat, pleased with herself before she wiggles again and unexpectedly teases out another aftershock from your body.

Her naughty chuckle tickles against your ear, as you catch your breath again. She smells like strawberries, suntan lotion and sex and you think it is the most amazing scent in the world as your heart rate starts to calm back down again. You lay together for the longest time until she finally moves off of you, feeling the loss of her intimate touch as she slides to your side. She keeps you close though, arms and legs tangling together as she snuffles into your short hair.

"Shh, just sleep now, sweetheart. I'm not going anywhere." Jaime's voice is far away, soothing and calm. You struggle to stay awake, wanting to have your way with her, but she simply kisses you softly on your temple and then once more on your lips, silencing any protest. Her fingers slip through your hair, warm and gentle, unhurried. Her voice is the last thing you hear as you start to drift, as she watches over you for a while longer, keeping you safe until tomorrow.

"Sweet dreams, my love."