The FemSlash Advent Calendar :: Dog Days of Summer 2011 Awards & Graphics

This year, we decided to do something a little different for the summer calendar. We just did Mod Awards, rather than the awards plus voting. We'll see if this continues or not.

You can view Shatterpath's full list of feedback on DW or LJ. Likewise, Stormwriter's full feedback list can be found on LJ.

ShatterStorm Award #1 :: The Ma’Rani Chronicles – Kadissa’s Faith Restored by Layla_Aaron (aka luscious_words)

Shatterpath says: Excellent introduction to your original universe! I have to say that the world they live in makes me uncomfortable, but something would be missing if it did not. Your two main characters are decently well-rounded and I look forward to one day learning more of them and their journey. Ariestess and I agree that you have earned the Shatterstorm Award for the standout piece of this calendar! Congrats.

Stormwriter says: GUH! I... I don't know that I have the proper words to express how much I adore this story. I certainly hope there will be more of it. I adore the world created, the characters are fascinating, and I want to know more. This was absolutely, breatktakingly beautiful, my friend. Thank you for participating!

ShatterStorm Award #2 :: TIME WAS by Celievamp

Shatterpath says: Bwahahahahahaha! This is the clear winner for my personal award. I know very, VERY little about the Dr Who universe, much less River Song, but you totally sold me on this tale. (Okay, I've seen some of Song's saga, since AJ is a slobbering Kingston nut. She does sell badass well, doesn't she?) Awesome use of humor and freinemies with benefits. Also, the scattered lines of thought on Song's fate with the Doctor left me curious as hell. Excellent work! **throws confetti***

Stormwriter says: Maybe it's just me, but the idea of River Song bedding the Queen gives me giggles. In a good way, because it's just so damned naughty. And so very River. I think this was my first exposure to LizX, and I liked her. Very nicely done! Thank you for participating!

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