Thank you for your participation in the FSAC :: DD09.

The Rules

  1. The Voting Categories
    • 3 Favorite Entries of Group One
    • 3 Favorite Entries of Group Two
    • 3 Favorite Entries of Group Three
    • 3 Favorite Participants Overall
  2. The category of Favorite Entry Overall will be determined by the results of the Favorite Stories for each group.
  3. Because we are allowing for 3 entries in each of the voting categories, we'll not be allowing for any additional entries to be "written in" in the additional comments section.

    The points breakdown is as follows:

    1 = 3 pts 2 = 2 pts 3 = 1 pts

  4. Please Note: Your name/LJ name and email address are MANDATORY. Any entries without this information will be considered invalid and not count toward the final tallies. Period.
  5. Voting will be open from 28 June 2009 until 11:59pm PDT on 3 7 July 2009. Any votes received after this deadline will not count.

The Awards

We want to note that 20 people voted this time around.

Group One Entries

Entry Place Total
Milestones by A. Magiluna Stormwriter 8 2
Where You Belong by Susan P. 4 11
Persuasion Techniques by Lil 7 7
Worth It by Gwen Morgan 6 9
Inside Myself by carpesomediem 6 9
I Want All My Memories to be of You by shyath 9 0
A Morning at Home by Caitrin Torres 2 18
A Fairytale End by Ann 1 34
Sunshine Days by Andromeda Valentine 5 10
Unquenchable Need by shaych_03 3 13

Group Two Entries

Entry Place Total
Moonlight by Michi 9 0
There is Something I Need to Tell You by Celievamp 7 5
Domestic(ated) Tranquility by shyath 7 5
10 Years and Counting by Shatterpath 5 8
My Sisters Keeper by Annette 6 7
Twisting Road by Merfilly 4 11
Friends and Lovers by geekgrrllurking 2 22
Stitches by carpesomediem 5 8
Dying to Live by sams_ceara 3 12
Destination Dead by Jaina47 1 27
My Heart Was a Bruised Object by shyath 8 3

Group Three Entries

Entry Place Total
The William 'Bloody' Shakespeare Effect by RalSt 1 25
This Never Happened by A. Magiluna Stormwriter 9 0
An Evening In by tracyathene 5 9
TLC by romansilence 2 16
Genesis Part 2 by Celievamp 3 15
You Need a Break by Shatterpath 7 6
Never Forget by Tristian Makhai 4 14
What Dreams May Come by geekgrrllurking 6 8
Chapter 1: A Vision in Leather by KanDo 8 5
The Ice Maiden by Celievamp 3 15

Favorite Participant Overall

Entry Place Total
A. Magiluna Stormwriter 7 3
Susan P. 5 7
Lil 9 1
Gwen Morgan 10 0
carpesomediem 4 8
shyath 9 1
Caitrin Torres 7 3
Ann 3 10
Andromeda Valentine 7 3
shaych_03 10 0
Michi 10 0
Celievamp 1 23
Shatterpath 5 7
Annette 6 6
merfilly 10 0
geekgrrllurking 2 11
sams_ceara 7 3
Jaina47 7 3
RalSt 3 10
tracyathene 7 3
romansilence 7 3
Tristian Makhai 6 6
KanDo 8 2

Favorite Entry Overall

Note: This award was based on the overall point totals of all the entries in groups 1, 2, & 3.

Entry Place Total
A Fairytale End by Ann 1 34
Destination Dead by Jaina47 1 27
The William 'Bloody' Shakespeare Effect by RalSt 1 25

Specialty Awards

Shatterstorm Award

This year, our award goes to the two pieces of original fiction that were submitted to the calendar. Both of us kept going back to these two stories when we would discuss all of the entries posted and how we would vote in the four categories.

Lifetime Achievement Award :: Celievamp
Celievamp is the only person who has contributed to every single calendar, outside of Shatterpath and Stormwriter, and she's given multiple entries to each calendar. We wanted to use this award to thank her for her continued dedication and participation in our calendars.

Sandbox Award :: Annette
Annette has been one of the people willing to come play in the Light, Water, Muses sandbox that Shatterpath and Stormwriter created. She started by creating the incredible LWM Strega Tarot Deck, then took it upon herself to make the pairing of Alexis/Tory her own within our universe. We wanted to use this award to thank her for her continued dedication and participation in the LWM universe.

The Prizes

Because this was our 10th calendar [and our 5th year of doing them], we chose to give out prizes for the top awards.

Participants Award :: graphic
This idea came about while talking to shaych_03, who reminded AJ that the tradional gift for a 10th wedding anniversary is aluminum. AJ made the initial graphic, then shaych_03 made it better.

Groups 1, 2, & 3 Winners :: 16oz pink travel mug engraved with "ShatterStorm Productions"

Top Overall Participant/Player :: The Key To Everything: Classic Lesbian Love Poems by Gerry G. Pearlberg (Editor)

Top Overall Entry :: Complete Kathy & Mo Show - Parallel & The Dark Side (2006)

ShatterStorm Award Winners :: 2 months paid LJ time & 2 months extra userpics

Special Awards