Title: You Need a Break
Author: Shatterpath
Feedback address: shatterpath@shatterstorm.net
Date in Calendar: 27 June 2009
Fandom: Light, Water, Muses
Pairing: Anastasia/Dace, Dace/Tessa
Rating: NC17
Word Count: 1719
Summary: Dace makes sure that Anastasia gets a much-needed break from work.
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Author’s Disclaimer: All original characters belong to ShatterStorm Productions and are the creations of A. Magiluna Stormwriter and Shatterpath. They also belong in the Light, Water, Muses universe, tho’ this is a standalone within the whole of that universe.

Note: This was a playful romp and a lot of fun. These characters really don't get much of a chance to interact normally.

Beta: ariestess


++ Anastasia ++

The door opening doesn't startle me so much as the force of the wood flinging itself away, stopped only by tough hinges.

And the strong hand holding it open.

It is good to see Dace using that scarred hand so easily… and the thought vanishes when I take stock of the woman's devilish grin. Something hazardous and promising matches the glitter in the shadowed blue eyes, half hidden by her shaggy bangs. "You look like you need a break."

The matter-of-fact statement takes me off guard, particularly when she steps in, closing the door and throwing the lock with an audible 'snick'. In the time that she has worn my colors and worked under my mantle of leadership, I haven't spent as much time with her as I would have liked. Dace is fascinating and entertaining and utterly mercurial. Diplomat, clown, warrior, dominant, and puppy dog all rolled into one; she is a puzzle that no one can resist.

A long moment passes while she watches me in a silence that speaks volumes, waiting for some signal. Never entirely certain how she knows so impossibly much about everyone that crosses her path, I search my mind while I hold those playful and dangerous eyes.

Yes, I am tired and overworked. Yes, I am tense. Yes, something about her almost threatening stillness and arrogant half-smile has struck a chord within me.

The smile deepens, a knowing, arrogant smirk, teeth flashing just enough to retain their danger. Loose-limbed, terror on two legs, irresistible in that feral power, she sashays closer, a low rumble of something primitive and hungry.

Hmmm. It seems as though a break is, indeed, just what I need.

++ Dace ++

Something wry and perverse and possibly even a bit accepting creeps into Anastasia's gaze. Good, then I'm not completely out of my mind. I'm never sure with her. Looming over the small woman, I pause with my face hovering over her upturned one, breathing her in, exhaling over her mouth and nose.

The smell of a woman's arousal is catnip to me, and I go in search of the enticing scent. There is a soundless note of surprise at my pushy gall, which I totally ignore as I tug at soft thighs to get her ass out to edge of the expensive executive chair and go for the hemline. A wry grin crooks my mouth as she wiggles to accommodate me, slouching down before tensing her pelvis so that I can get the skirt up and the panties yanked away.

No preamble for now, just the sweet and savory thick of her coating my mouth and throat, my low growl as I feast. Over the years, I've been here before, but never on my terms. Call it a weird power play, but a damn nice one, as the woman has one of the tastier cunts on the planet.

With our brains and hormones in sync, the first wave ripples quick and hard through her pelvis and all points beyond. "Excellent," I crow quietly, patting her thighs and getting up on my knees to kiss her properly, swirling my tongue behind her teeth, enjoying the pant on her breath and the way her legs hug my thighs. "Now, I just got in a shipment from those lovely ladies in Tokyo." Grabbing a manicured hand, I tug until she can feel the firm rod snug against my fly. "Care to help me test drive it?"

"Incorrigible." She shakes her head at me, but there is no malice, and I chuckle.

"C'mon then." With only that warning, I stand, dragging her with me, and hold her smaller body to me, while I poise an arm above her cluttered desk in a backhanding motion. "May I?"

There is a moment of indecision before Anastasia sighs and shrugs. "Feel free, you wild animal. It will give Tessa something to do to earn a reward."

Chortling in delight, I ruthlessly sweep everything from the desk that I can reach, satisfied by the rustle and thump of papers, books and office supplies. One hand presses Anastasia over the desk, while I jerk my fly open to release the fascinating toy that I've been wearing all day. "So, I've been fantasizing about doing this for the better part of twenty years."

++ Anastasia ++

Part of me wants to laugh at the almost childish eagerness in her tone, but the urge fades quickly as my skirt is unceremoniously hauled up around my waist. "Sexy woman," Dace growls, her tone just distracted enough that I wonders if she's aware that she's spoken at all. Part of me preens at her approval, as this well-fed sexual master has a wide choice of prey. Never having really trusted anyone enough to let them manhandle me this way, I find a certain peace and arousal in this surrender.

Dace might be a mercurial pain in the ass, but she is faultlessly trustworthy.

A huff of hot humidity across the sensitive hairs on my neck, I've worn my hair up today, and there is a stretch of purpose at the mouth of my pussy. Kicking off my heels, I brace my feet on the edge of the dark wood and angle my hips to accommodate this unusual game. Hard teeth nibble at my neck, the faint pain soothed away by a wet tongue, accompanied by an entirely sexual growling.

With that tall body subtly writhing over mine, the thick tool of the phallus slowly inches within the tight confines of my pussy. Every ridge and curve shifts to accommodate the stretch, really making me feel the penetration. Now, I love a tongue or fingers as much as the next dyke, but this more blatant thrust is a fun diversion. Particularly as Dace gently slides home and I can feel that dull pleasure/pain of the head brushing the mouth of my womb.

"Nice fit," I breathe softly into Dace's ear and she chuckle-growls while just as painstakingly pulling out and thrusting home again. My clit eats up the teasing slide, the strong muscles of my clutching pussy doing much of the sexual work, my eyes closing to concentrate on the heavy sensations. With one orgasm under my belt, this will be a slow buildup and the thick thrust of the toy could easily be too much for my sensitive innards.

With eerie accuracy, Dace senses my worry after a few slow thrusts, keeping the tool buried deep while she rotates her hips in point-counterpoint to my own. There's no point swallowing the faint moan bubbling in my throat and I let loose to encourage her efforts.

The dance goes like that, the thrusting and gently coiling hips ratcheting my hormones higher, wetter, tighter. This is no rough 'wham, bam, thank you ma'am', because Dace knows I would probably kick her ass if she tried that shit with me, but a completely carnal romp in the familiar confines of my office.

When the next wave of climax hits, I can't stop the quavering cry that escapes me, me pelvis jerking against Dace's body and that plunging tool. Chortling hotly, Dace presses her groin hard to mine, rocking the dick inside my spasming pussy, drawing out the contractions, making me cry out again.

It's a glorious void of sensation, a lusty whiteout that leaves me trembling and sweaty and weak. Gathering up my boneless legs to drape them over her shoulders, holding them there with hands braced on the desk, Dace grins wolfishly and leans down to once more torment my neck.

"Ma'am?" The intercom suddenly crackles to life and we both freeze. It's Tessa, calling from her customary post outside my door. "I have those files you asked for."

Again, Dace's chuckle goes evil and she reaches out to smack the device, once more pushing the full length of that tool deep within me. My moan I'm quite certain carries over the line, mingles with Dace's laughing voice. "Hey, hot stuff. If you've got a few minutes to spare, come join in the festivities. We'll consider it an early lunch."

Without waiting for an answer, and without hanging up, Dace starts to once more rev up my idling motor. Whether or not I can match this third round of sexing up is never asked, merely gently demanded.

Some part of me hears the clink of the door and Tessa's faint note of surprise, but I'm far too busy trying to get my orgasm-limp body to give Dace what she so obviously wants. It's a geyser, rumbling deep in my guts, making my pelvis twitch in spite of my entire body feeling like a sack of wet cement.

When the final orgasm hits, it's different from the others, more like a long, slow wave that makes me writhe like a cat in heat, whining in my throat. Then Dace gently kisses me and pulls out, making me whimper, and holds my watery legs up so that she can slurp up the wet evidence of her prowess.

"Mmmm," she compliments dirtily, smacking her lips. "Tasty as hell." Then she scoops me up like a child and gently sets me in my office chair to catch my breath. Then she turns away, stalking a wide-eyed Tessa. "Would you like a fitting as well, Tess? Gotta make sure the tool is perfect for the job, hmm?"

They are sexy to watch, being so close in height and so opposite in every other way. Dace murmurs quietly to Tessa, whose eyes close as she drinks it in, before there are kisses and Tessa drops to her knees to get acquainted with the newest model of that amazing toy. With perfect ladylike precession, Tessa deep-throats the strap-on, making Dace moan evocatively. The gel layer around the jointed nylon 'skeleton' allows a great deal of feeling to translate from the silicone dick to the matching bulb deep in Dace's own cunt.

Soon enough, Tessa is in the same position that I had been in so recently, making the sexy noises I love so much. I get access to her lovely mouth and breasts while Dace pays loving homage to her nether regions.

All in all, a most satisfying break from the drudgery of business and a most marvelous way to take a break and relax.