Title: An Evening In
Author: Athene
Feedback address: tracyathene@yahoo.co.nz
Date in Calendar: 26 June 2009
Fandom: Criminal Minds
Pairing: Emily/JJ
Rating: NC17
Word Count: 4719
Summary: Emily and JJ spend an evening together. Established d/s relationship.
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Note: It's me, so it's heavy on the kink. If that's not normally you're thing, i'd like it if you had a read anyway. This story is as much about the interplay of emotions and motivations in a dominat/submissive relationship as it is about good old fashioned smut. I like to educate as well as entertain.

Beta: I didn't get off my lazy butt and organise one so mistakes are all mine.

That blonde hair, it always came back to that damn blonde hair. If pressed, Emily would have to admit she’d always had a thing for blondes. There was something about running your hands through those rich, long, golden locks that got to her every time. Not to mention the entertaining reactions one got from grabbing a firm handful and tugging just so. Indeed, she mused, that was the first thing that had gone through her head when she had been introduced to Jennifer Jareau. Part of her wondered what her colleagues would think if they knew the sort of the lurid things that had gone through her mind when they caught her daydreaming. The fantasies she played out in vivid detail. And discovering the object of those fantasies not only wanted her, but was open to all those deliciously dirty ideas, that was divine.

The click of Emily’s apartment door opening roused her from her thoughts but she made no move to stand and greet her visitor. They had agreed tonight’s scene would start when JJ arrived. It had been a long week, and if truth be told the latest in a long line of long weeks. Tonight was something they both needed. A chance to forget about the world, to lose themselves in the game, and in one another.

Emily watched JJ step inside and she felt her breath leave her. The blonde was truly one of the most stunning creatures she had ever seen. She continued to admire her as JJ removed her coat and shoes and came to kneel in front of her. Silent, hands behind her back and eyes downcast, she was the picture of submission. The power from seeing such a strong women so willing before her was intoxicating.

Leaning in, she placed the simple leather collar around her young lover’s neck. It wasn’t anything special to look at. Its significant came from what it symbolized between them. The exchange of power, and the trust and devotion that came with it. A small sigh escaped JJ’s lips as she tightened and buckled the collar. Experience had taught Emily that that quiet sound signified that the blonde had slipped into her role. That she was ready and willing for whatever Emily desired. It was a moment she savored. Like the first mouthful of a really fine wine.

Grasping JJ’s chin, she lifted her face up till their eyes met. “Strip” she commanded, her tone one of quiet authority. That quiet authority was all Emily felt she ever needed. After all, if you needed to raise your voice, speak harshly or with anger, then you weren’t really in control of the situation. And if there was one thing she liked, it was being in control.

Slowly JJ stood up and began unbuttoning her shirt. She popped each one open slowly, allowing Emily plenty of time to drink in the every piece of soft skin that she exposed. Drawing back the edges, she let the shirt drop gently by her feet. Emily’s mouth was watering at the sight of all the beautiful unmarked skin. Part of her wanted to get up and explore right now, and she knew she could easily command her lover to stop so she could but she held off. Anticipation, for both of them, was a large part of the excitement.

So she continued to watch as JJ unbuttoned her slacks and slid them down her toned legs. The faint blush that was spreading gave away how self-conscious the young woman was feeling. She once confessed to Emily how awkward it was being made to strip like this. That, in spite of being told her whole life that she was beautiful, she never really understood what people saw. What made her so desirable. Which was why Emily liked making her do this. Knowing that JJ was uncomfortable but still did as she asked without hesitation told her more about she lover’s submission than any words could.

Her bra soon joined the clothes on the floor. Lovely pink nipple shyly exposed to the air and Emily’s predatory gaze. They were already hard, small pebbles that betrayed an arousal that was otherwise hidden inside the blonde. Not to forget those lovely breasts. While not large, they were very sensitive. A cascade of images floated through Emily’s mind. The things she had done to those breasts. Memories serving only to crank up the heat building inside her.

Finally the underwear went and she stared hungrily at JJ’s naked form. She has clasped her hands behind her back again, waiting patiently for the next command. Emily smiled; it was time to have fun with the gorgeous woman in front of her. Standing up, she moved in close and lightly ran her finger over her submissive’s abdomen. She watched with delight as goose bumps followed in her wake and the way the muscles twitched as the young woman fought to remain still.

Taking a grasp of her hips, Emily pressed her body against her lover’s and leaned in for a long, languid kiss. The smell, the feel, the taste of the woman she held strained against the brunette’s control. Giving in a little she reached up and took a handful of that soft hair and pulled hard. JJ’s eyes snapped open and she let out a startled cry. But the older woman was more focused on the lovely expanse of neck that had been exposed to her. She quickly sunk her teeth into it, listening as the cry became a low moan of pleasure. Increasing the pressure of her teeth created a corresponding increase in the volume and pitch of the moan. Along with a full body shiver that had Emily slipping an arm around the blonde to steady her.

Using the leverage her arm had given her, she spun the blonde round so she pressed into her from behind. She wondered idly what it must feel like, the gentle rub of her cotton shirt against bare back. Emily hadn’t bothered to change, preferring to stay in her work clothes. It thrilled her to know that JJ had spent the day watching her, knowing she would be dressed this way when she dominated her.

Reaching up, she moved JJ’s golden hair aside before beginning another assault on the creamy skin with her teeth. Pressed into the blonde, she could feel every tremble in her small frame as well as the vibrations from her chest as she moaned, giving herself over to the sensations. Letting go with her mouth, the dark woman licked at the bite marks and held tight through the full body shudders that each touch of her tongue drew out.

Moving her hands up, she slid them across those rosy nipples, ghosting touches to tease her lover. Taking a nipple in each hand, she pinched and rolled them roughly. The response was almost instantaneous. JJ’s head fell back onto her shoulder and her sigh of pleasure went straight through the dark women’s ear and directly to her groin. Her senses quickly overwhelmed by woman in her arms. She let out a guttural growl, her voice betraying her increasing desire. For a moment she fought to control herself, to contain her need, but she could feel it rising up like a burning wave that would wash away any defenses she had.

With almost a primal roar, she pushed JJ round and down onto the couch. The surprise on her lover’s face was apparent as Emily pounced upon her. Fingers plunging into the tight, wet space between the blonde’s legs as her tongue invaded her mouth. She felt, at the edge of her mind, those slim hands come up to grip her. Like a drowning sailor desperately grasping for something to stop him sinking. But it was a distant thought, her mind all but consumed with the warmth surrounding her fingers, and her desire to fuck the woman below her, to take her without remorse.

All too quickly she felt muscles contracting around her fingers. Those telltale cries in her ears and fingers grabbing, bunching her shirt in a desperate attempt to hold onto something, anything. She pulled back enough to watch her lover cum, enjoying the feeling of power brought by knowing that she was responsible for reducing this woman to such a wanton state. All too soon it was over; the body below her going limp, having spent all its energy on pleasure.

Kneeling on the couch she watched, waiting for JJ to get her bearings again. Her own need still throbbing hard inside her. A powerful beat that started somewhere deep in her soul and drove out through her body in time with her breathing. As soon as she was sure that the young woman was sufficiently recovered, she hooked two fingers inside the woman’s collar and dragged her upstairs. As much she enjoyed making use of her couch, it wasn’t where she planned to spend the rest of the night.

Placing a hand on JJ’s slim shoulder, she commanded her to kneel on the carpet near the bed. Taking a grip of her chin, she lifted the woman’s face up towards hers. She wanted to make sure that she was watching what she was about to do. Smiling down, the dark woman began removing her clothes. But this time there was no awkwardness to the act. Only strength and control. She kept eye contact throughout, engraving the look of awe and devotion into her soul. She treasured these moments the most, sometimes bringing them out to comfort her when the horror of the day threatened to overwhelm her.

Stepping over to the bedside cabinet, she opened a draw and pulled out a pair of cuffs. The leather felt cool and unyielding in her hands. Which was how she liked it. Stepping behind JJ, she knelt down and fastened her hands behind her back. She slid a finger inside each of the cuffs to check she hadn’t fastened them too tight before standing up to go lean back against the edge of the bed.

“Come here” she said quietly, watching as the blonde shuffled closer. She could feel the slickness between her thighs and knew the woman at her feet could smell her arousal. Gently, almost reverently, she ran her hand through JJ’s golden hair, feeling it course though her fingers with each stroke.

“You are truly beautiful. And your obedience pleases me. Now I have another service for you to perform. It time to put that talented tongue of yours to good use.” She whispered, her voice a mixture of affection and almost cocky confidence.

Spreading her legs further apart, she granted access to the woman beneath her. The first touch of tongue on her clit was like a sharp jolt that had her eyes rolling back into her head and her hand scrambling for the edge of the bed. One of her favourite discoveries when they first got together was that JJ knew exactly what she was doing when she went down on a woman. The warm, wet tongue tracing patterns on her swollen bud had her quickly lost in a haze of ecstasy. She had fantasized about getting her younger colleague in this position for sometime, and the reality was proving so much better. Pulsing heat began building out from her core, drowning everything out until she completely consumed by her arousal.

Then like a brilliant crescendo to a musical piece, her orgasm struck. For precious seconds everything stopped, and the world seemed to disappear into nothingness. Then a sharp breath in and it all flooded back. She allowed herself to fall back onto the bed to ride out the aftershocks, like waves lapping onto the beach.

Some moments later, how long she couldn’t be sure, she came back to herself. Easing off the bed she knelt in front of JJ. Sliding one hand into her hair, she pulled the woman in for a deep kiss. One made not only of desire, because that was still present, but of love and gratitude. One that made no qualms about communicating how much the bound woman meant to her. Pulling back she smiled, a mischievous glint creeping into her eyes.

“I hope you’re ready for another round, because I am far from finished with you.” Her voice sounding far steadier than her body felt. “Stand up”.

Gracefully the blonde got to her feet, and Emily reached around to unhook the catch holding the cuffs together. Their bodies, both naked, brushed against one another. Again she heard that soft sigh next to her ear. Running her nails up her lover’s back she heard the sigh shift back into a more familiar moan, sparking off an idea in her head. A fun detour to her plans.

“Lie face down on the bed, hands above your head.” She whispered into JJ’s ear before taking it in her mouth, scraping her teeth over it. Pressed together as they were she felt the small shiver her actions elicited though her skin. Stepping back to allow the blonde access to the bed, she noticed the slightly clouded look in the blue eyes. The one that signaled that her lover was starting to slide into that headspace where the world disappeared away completely. Where she was nothing but sensation and devotion. While Emily enjoyed watching her descent, it also served as a warning that she needed to watch her more closely.

Once JJ was correctly positioned, Emily reached over and clipped the cuffs back around the headboard, securing her lover in place. Sitting down next to the beautiful woman, she began to lightly run her nails over her back. At this point there was no need to inflict pain. Merely prepare the blonde’s skin for what was to come. Alternating between using one or both of her hands, she watched as her fingernails created delicious red patterns over the skin. She worked slowly, methodically, ensuring no part of her back was missed out. That her nails introduced themselves to every bit of skin she wished to bend to her will.

Caught up in the rhythm of her actions, it could have minutes or hours before she stopped to admire her handiwork. She could feel the heat rising off her lover’s skin, and hear the low, contented murmurings that were being made more out of reflex rather than any conscious expression. Placing her hand at the nape of the blonde’s neck, she made one long even swipe down her back. Her nails pressing in harder than before. She was greeted with a slight arching of the back and a gasp of surprise. Leaning forward she whispered into JJ’s ear. “Scale of one to ten, how painful was that?” Quicker that Emily expected, she heard a clear, if slightly strained response.

“Four” Her lover said. Which pleased Emily, because although she had gone harder than before, it was not nearly as hard as she could, or would like to go with her at this stage. And there was no point in playing with pain if her lover didn’t have the threshold to cope with it. That she was willing and able only made her more desirable to Emily.

Raising her hand again, she resumed raking her nails repeatedly across the warm skin. She felt almost like a musician, different pressures, speeds and patterns producing different notes of pleasure from her lover. The way her back muscles flexed and relaxed in response to her movements was a sight that almost stole her breath away. She could see her lover had given herself over completely to the sensations she was inflicting. Her bright blue eyes were cloudily and distant, like she was drifting away into another world.

Digging deep into her lover’s flesh she drew down hard, receiving a startled cry in response. Allowing a moment, barely long enough to draw breath, she did it again. And the cry that echoed back was longer and louder. Emily was startled, not by the noise, but by the violence of her own body’s reaction. Desire, primal and strong, coursed through her veins. She bent her head down and licked a long path up JJ’s spine, feeling the heat from the abused back against her face. She noticed the younger woman’s hands tighten around the headboard as her body shook from the sudden change of pain to pleasure. Pulling the golden hair away from JJ’s face, she whispered.

“Again, scale of one to ten, how painful was that?” Emily watched as those angelic features struggled to come together enough to form a coherent thought. After what felt like hours, she heard a barely audile response. “Eight.” Emily smiled; impressed by the effort it must have taken for her to answer. She knew she could push her lover further than his, and part of her wanted to do just that but she held back. Tonight was a not about pushing limits, it was about losing themselves in each other.

“One more and we’re done. Can you do that for me?” Emily asked. JJ’s smoky blue eyes locked on hers and she nodded. Pushing herself back up, She placed her hand at the base of her the bound woman’s neck. She briefly played with the hair there before tearing her nails down one final time, as brutally as she dared. She marveled as JJ’s upper body first sank hard against the sheets then lifted almost completely off them before crashing back down again. The accompanying scream was like a crescendo at the end of a long symphony. Leaving the brunette spellbound by her awe and passion.

Moving to lie her body against JJ’s while she gathered herself again, Emily could feel the heat radiating off the woman next to her. Lightly, deftly she began to run her fingertips over JJ’s skin, taking her time to explore the resting body. Slowly she worked her way down the ticklish sides and over her butt to the crease between them. As she ran her finger down between the cheeks and over the tight opening hidden there, she felt a sudden change in her lover. Her whole body tensed up at the awareness of what Emily was doing to her, and the possibilities of what she might decide to do to her next. Chuckling quietly, she halted the movements of her finger, waiting the young woman to relax. Gradually JJ’s body uncoiled itself and Emily resumed her light, teasing motions.

Emily took her time running her fingers down into the wetness between JJ’s legs, occasionally stopping to rub circles over her clit before continuing her exploration. She remembered how reticent JJ was when they first talked about anal play. She can still see the scandalized look she got as JJ stammered out that ‘good girls from small town Pennsylvania do not let their girlfriends do that to them.’ Which she found amusing considering such girls don’t normally have girlfriends, let alone sadistic dominant ones who do the sort of things Emily liked doing to women. Never the less she left it there; knowing JJ’s curiosity would eventually get the better of her. And indeed when the blonde stammered out her request to try, Emily was delighted as her lover was surprised when it turned out that the small town girl very much liked having those things done to her.

Shifting her caress further up JJ’s body again, she reached into the draw by her bed and grabbed the items out and placed them down near the foot of the bed. She had plenty of time on the plane trip back to Quantico to decide on exactly what she was going to do to her willing companion tonight so it had been a quick matter to get the necessary things stowed away in advance. She took the hand towel and placed it at the apex of the JJ’s legs. As fun as it was to get carried away in the moment, she wanted to sleep in this bed later so it was best to have a good working space. She slid a black latex glove over her hand, the snap of it around her wrist a sharp echo in the quiet room. It also brought JJ’s eyes swiveling round to meet hers. Recognizing the need to calm and assure her young lover, because even though JJ enjoyed this activity she still got nervous, she moved her body over her lover’s. The dark woman deliberately gliding her breasts against the still sensitive skin of JJ’s back, getting a low moan as reward. Diving in, she kissed the gorgeous creature beneath her hard, pouring every ounce of her building passion into the kiss.

Tearing herself away from JJ’s lips she looked again into her eyes. The nervousness that had been there had switched back to desire. Emily contemplated kissing her again, those soft lips were so sweet and tempting, but there were other pleasures awaiting her so she held off. Moving back down the bed to position herself between the blonde’s legs, she picked up the bottle of gun oil and poured a generous amount into her gloved hand before tipping some between those firm cheeks. She ran her hand down the path the oil had gone, rubbing small circle round the tight opening before moving her hand lower. She spent some time playing with JJ’s clit, keeping her touch feather light and enjoying the sight of her bound lover’s hips moving in an almost desperate attempt to prolong contact. The pleasure from watching her struggle brought an evil chuckle bubbling up past her lips.

Deciding JJ was now wound up enough to begin; she returned to play with her ass again. Gently she probed the entrance; she slid her finger in a short way then before bringing it out again. She watched the blonde’s face carefully, and smiled when she saw her bite her lip and groan at the intrusion. She kept working the finger in and out, going a little deeper each time until she was able to slide the digit all the way in. Holding it still inside, she reached over and grabbed a handful of long golden locks and pulled enough to gain the woman’s attention.

“How does that feel? Having a finger in you ass and being unable to do anything about it, all bound and helpless as you are?” She asked, a rough edge to her voice. Talking like this excited both of them. It feed her own need to dominate and control, which was a ravenous beast at the best of times, while giving JJ permission to completely let go and submit to Emily’s will. Because in submitting to her, Emily knew, was the one place she was completely at peace.

“S...so good.” JJ stammered out huskily, her voice trailing off as Emily removed her finger. She poured a little more oil over her fingers as she replied.

“How fortunate for you because I’m about to open you up further. And the best part is there’s nothing you can do about it.” She growled out, her arousal attempting to batter its way past her control. Using two fingers she followed the same pattern as before, enjoying the way JJ’s hips pressed up to meet her hand as she moved inside her. Time, patience and a lot of entertaining practice has paid off well for both of them. Snaking her free hand round her captive’s hips she lifted her up so she was kneeling on the bed. This gave her the access she needed to get her fingers underneath to play with the blonde’s clit, using the sensations created there as a counterpoint to the ones her other hand was making. The slickness between her own legs reminding she was just as turned on as the woman whose ass she was playing with.

Stopping before either of them got too carried away, she moved back to grab her final toy for the night. A black, studded leather harness with a long, slim dildo already attached. There were a lot of things Emily liked about this harness, starting with the pouch inside which held a small vibrator which she switched on before sliding the harness on with a practiced ease. She reserved this set up for anal sex, preferring to keep the toys that went in back separate from the ones that went in front. As a result, it took on a significance they both recognized and responded to. JJ by moving herself as much as she was able to best position herself for what she now knew for certain was to be done to her. Emily by taking a moment to calm the raging storm of arousal that came from the knowledge she held such power over this woman that she could take her in this manner. She positioned herself, then leaned over her lover’s body, close enough that she could feel the heat of the damage she had inflicted on her earlier against her bare breasts.

“You belong to me; you’re mine to take in any way that I see fit. Anything that happens is because I decide it will happen. So I’m going to take this …special…dildo and use it to fuck that tight ass of yours. I’m going to ride you deep and hard and you’re going to enjoy every thrust because I’m telling you to and you will do as I command. Won’t you?” Emily’s voice oozing a quiet control that left no room for doubt with either of them about what was going to happen next.

“Yes.” JJ sighed out, giving the last remnants of her control over to the brunette above her.

Grabbing up the oil again, Emily covered the dildo before tipping some more over JJ. Happy with how they were both coated, she slid the toy almost painfully slowly into the blonde’s tight hole. A guttural groan escaped the woman bent in front of her and Emily watched her blue eyes roll back into her head. Fully sheathed, she could feel the heat mingling from their skin and the insistent buzz as the vibrator as it pressed against her clit, sending waves of pleasure through her. Keeping her movements slow and controlled, which was becoming more of a struggle by the second, she moved her hips back enough to slip the dildo out a little before pushing in again. JJ’s body shuddering and sighing in response to her actions.

She built up a steady rhythm, marveling as she watched the beautiful woman she was taking moving in sync with her, hips rising to meet each other. Every thrust rubbing that little vibrator against Emily’s almost painfully aroused clit, ripping away what was left of her control. She reached forward and grabbed hold of JJ’s hair and yanked hard as she drove harder and deeper inside, giving herself over to her the desire to take her lover in the most intimate and forbidden of ways. The dark beast inside at last let off its leash. Distantly she could hear the cries of pleasure that echoed around the room, though she couldn’t tell who was making them. She was completely lost, they both were. And just as the brunette felt she couldn’t hold her orgasm back any longer, she felt the tension and spasm that signaled JJ’s own orgasm, and gave into her body’s burning need for oblivion.

Regaining her senses, and enough control over her body to move, she slid out of JJ and collapsed back against the foot of the bed. Her respite was short lived, as she heard a sob escape from the blonde. Fumbling, she removed the harness and glove and scrambled up the bed to lie next to JJ. With two quick rips of velcro she had the cuffs off and pulled the limp body tight against her own. She held the blonde as she buried her head into Emily’s neck as sobbed, her orgasm so powerful it has overwhelmed her emotions. The brunette whispered gentle words of love and protection as she held the young woman safely in her arms. When finally the storm passed, the blonde pulled back enough to look deep into Emily’s eyes.

“Thank you.” She said. Her voice filled love and gratitude. Reaching up, Emily brushed away the tears from JJ’s cheeks. “Anything for you.”