Title: Moonlight
Author: Michi
Feedback address: michi6877@yahoo.com
Date in Calendar: 19 June 2009
Fandom: Final Fantasy XII
Pairing: Fran/Penelo
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 3520
Summary: A little AU lovin’s
Spoilers: None it’s completely AU..
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Author's Disclaimer: I so wish they were mine, but alas they are not. They belong to Square Enix.

Note: Author’s Note: The vast majority of the few stories I have written have a lot more plot to them than this one, but this one just would not leave me alone until I wrote it down so here you go and I hope you enjoy. This was also written for my inspirations and steady supporters in my writing, Tainawhitesaber and Calliope.


She wondered if it was only Balthier and her that knew to look to her ears to know her moods, and not her facial expressions. From the looks of it, no, they were the only ones to have garnered this knowledge of the beauty. Even with this knowledge one still had to observe closely, for if one didn’tthey could completely misinterpret her moods. And since for the past few years she has watched her walking goddess every second she thought she could get away with, without being discovered by anyone, she had more than a firm grasp of the tells her ears gave away. At this moment those silky ears were saying by their slightest droop that their owner was weary and tense. She was extremely glad when Balthier told his business partner and friend to get herself to bed, that he would take care of setting the autopilot for the night, and brooked no arguments. With the knowledge that this was her chance to repay her goddess for all that she had done for the group, she slipped quietly out of the cockpit without a word to anyone and silently hurried to her room to grab a few things thatshe would need. Only one person noticed her leave and he did so with a smile on his face.

Now standing before the beauty’s door she could hear the soft clink of armor as it hit other bits of armor while it was being taken off and placed elsewhere. Still she waited to knock even as she heard the click of heels turn to the soft ticks of her toe claws. She listened intently as the ticks went from one side of the room to the other, then she heard it, a soft yet high pitched groan, that if she had not been listening so intently she never would have heard, then the rustling of sheets as a body got into bed. She took a deep breath then knocked softly.

“Yes?” She could almost hear a sigh in the word as it was spoken in that soft melodic voice.

“Fran, I was wondering if I could talk with you, no need to get out of bed or anything and I’ll keep it short.” She held her breath.

After a few seconds when she wondered if she might have irritated the other woman, she answered. “Come in.”

She quickly touched the door panel, stepped into the darkened room lit by moonlight via a sunroof the size of the large bed it was over and gracefully moved towards the Viera as the door hissed shut behind her.

From the end of the hall he watched her enter with a large grin on his face, he was extremely happy now with his decision three years ago to place the rest of the group in the sleeping quarters on the level below his and Fran’s. With that in mind Balthier quickly turned on his heel and headed back to the cockpit. Once there he turned to Basch, “I’m bunking with you tonight.”

Halfway into the room she actually looked at Fran who was sitting up in bed with her sheet down around her waist. There she sat in allthe glory that the gods had blessed her with on the day she was born. The moonlight brightening her hair to a high silver sheen and leaving her dusky skin to look as if she had just stepped out of a pool of water, yet with none of the water dripping off of her.

Penelo purposely kept her eyes to the beautiful woman’s shoulders and above, knowing that she got enough ogling from Vaan, though it was harder for her than she thought it would be. She noticed Fran take in her appearance, the lack of boots and wearing only the blue bodysuit that ended mid-thigh, both of her ears twitched and turned fully front in a way that was completely new to the blonde. Fran canted her head to the side when she took in the two bottles that the shorter girl was holding. Penelo looked down as well, and then sighed.

She looked back up to the woman in bed. “I figured after the day you had, you could use a massage before going to sleep.”

This time she was closer to the Viera and saw that what she originally thought were her ears twitching in a new way was wrong, they didn’t twitch; they quivered this time just a little more prominently. Penelo wondered at this, seeing as far as she knew her goddesses’ ears had never done so. And her ruby eyes suddenly seemed to have a fire lit behind them.

“And how would you know how to give massages, little one?” Came the softly accented tones with no other inflection to them.

The blonde moved closer to the bed. “Well, back when I used to dance, my fellow dancers and I would give each other massages after a rough, long, or tiring show. Or even in the rare instances where we got hurt. But especially we would do this for the new dancers who weren’t as in shape as the rest of us.” Those soft ears swiftly twisted back and down a little before returning to their previous positioning and if Penelo hadn’t been watching the woman so intently she would have missed it entirely. She wondered what she said to upset the older woman. “I was told I was the best at it. So may I help you, please?” By this time she had made it all the way to the edge of the bed.

“Please,” Fran answered with an incline of her head. She moved to lie back down on her stomach when Penelo lightly touched her shoulder and got her attention.

“Stay sitting up, it’s always best to start at the head and that’s kind of hard to do with the person lying down.” She moved to the head of the bed and set down the bottles she held, gracefully climbed on the bed and knelt down behind the taller woman with her between her knees.

Penelo spread her fingers over the top of the Fran’s forehead and down along her temples and started to knead gently yet firmly. She found she was right in her assumption that while the Viera’s musculature was different from that of a Hume’s it wasn’t all that different and quite easy to adapt her techniques too. At the first touch of her fingers to the other woman’s head she noticed her ears quiver once more causing heat to flood through out her body but most concentrated at her fingertips and the insides of her legs that were pressed up against the warrior. She also noticed that while Fran’s hair looked like Hume hair it felt softer, smoother and silkier than the finest pelts in all the markets Penelo had ever visited. She could already feel liquid heat beginning to pool deep inside her and she hadn’t even gotten to Fran’s rabbit ears yet.

Penelo slowly worked backwards she slipped her fingers into the Viera’s hair, as she finally did reach Fran’s ears she didn’t think, she just followed the flow of muscles with her rhythmic rubbing motions, around and up the base of the silky soft ears. A loud cross between a moan and a purr burst from deep within Fran’s chest, which shocked the little blonde, causing her to rise up on her knees; pressing her pelvis into the other woman’s back and her breasts into Fran’s shoulders. Penelo quickly checked her groan and settled back on her heels, not surprised in the least that her fingers kept up the massage. The heat that first invaded her body had now turned into a raging inferno and she could feel her wetness thoroughly coating her nether lips.

Now that Penelo was working around and on the base of Fran’s ears she now knew why her hair felt like the finest pelt. Her hair was a longer version of the fur on her ears. It felt so heavenly that if Penelo didn’t have the rest of taller woman’s body to work on, she couldn’t control the shudder that ran up and down her spine at that thought, she could spend hours if not days just running her fingers through those white locks. With great reluctance she moved on from those ears that spoke so much to her. She slowly and methodically worked the older woman’s head until she got to her neck, once there with great care and private pleasure she lifted those silvered locks and draped them over Fran’s shoulder. She noticed that this time those wonderfully expressive ears were turned as far back as they could go as if trained on her. She just barely curbed the urge to lean up and brush a kiss across one of those ears.

Shaking her head at herself, Penelo leaned back on one hand and reached for one of the bottles that she had set down earlier. She hadn’t realized just how large the bed was, nor that Fran was pretty much sitting in the middle of it, so she rose up on her toes a bit and twisted to reach for the bottle. And in doing so the insides of her thighs brushed up and instinctively clamped down on the darker woman’s waist, sending bolts of lightening straight to her damp core. She couldn’t hold back the quiet moan that slipped from her lips.

Before Penelo knew it, Fran had turned around, pushed the little blonde down carefully and pinned her to the bed pressing her mons down onto the young woman’s and grinding into her a little. While the sudden move surprised Penelo and sent all thought from her mind it did not stop her body from responding, arching up into the taller woman and emitting a loud groan from deep in her chest; causing Fran’s ears to quiver and lay completely back against her head in a relaxed manner; letting out a moan of her own before swooping down and capturing the pink lips below hers.

As the woman above her gently nibbled on her lips, Penelo felt as if every nerve ending in her body was on fire, yet sending shockwaves of electricity thorough out her body, but especially to every point where their skin met. Fran lightly ran her tongue in the crease of the sweet lips asking for permission to enter, the blonde didn’t hesitate and allowed her in. Slick muscle met slick muscle, twirling, teasing, tasting and learning the other in a dance as old as time itself, bringing a purr from the older one and a heartfelt sigh from the younger.

Penelo was so entranced in discovering and being discovered that she barely registered the other woman’s fingertips gently running from the top of her shoulder down her side to stop at the end of her blue bodysuit then the back of that hand carefully making the return trip up against her skin and under her suit while the thumbnail sliced the material open. After having cut the neckline she retracted the claws of her right hand, shifted her body weight from her left hand to her right elbow and slipped her hand under the rendered suit. She grabbed a hold of the now torn fabric and repeated the process in reverse, slicing from the neckline down through the leg hem, being ever so vigilant in that the cloth was cut but her new lover’s skin barely felt the skim of her claws. During all of this Fran slowly, continually pressed down harder and faster where their lower bodies met, bringing forth little mewling sounds from the back of Penelo’s throat.

Having retracted the claws of her left hand as well shereturned her body weight to that hand and with an abrupt suddenness lifted her entire body up and away from the blonde’s to place it all in that hand and her toes. Penelo groaned at the loss, but inhaled sharply through her nose at the sudden breeze that caressed her over heated body when Fran threw the front of the ripped suit down between their legs and out of the way without breaking the kiss.

Just as quickly Fran lowered her body back down onto her. At the immediate feel of complete skin on skin, Penelo arched up into the body on top her; pressing their breasts even more together, while breaking the kiss as she threw her head back deeper into the pillows behind her crying out wordlessly, letting her eyes slide closed and wrapping her legs around the slim waist. She hadn’t thought that the incredible feelings that ran rampant through out her entire body could have gotten any more intense. To her utter delight she was wrong.

Fran took advantage of this moment of surprise to kiss and nibble her way down the smaller woman’s jaw, to light as a feather lick the outer rim of the delicate Hume ear before her, soliciting both a moan and a full body shudder. She also picked up where she left off rubbing their mons together; feeling the heat and electricity continue to build within her, especially at all the points where their bodies met, Penelo began to match the rhythm Fran set as well as panting heavily in sync with that very rhythm which in turn caused the Viera to start to purr deeply within her chest again. The smaller woman’s arousal reached even higher heights as the rumble from the purr vibrated from her chest throughout her body.

Penelo could feel her juices begin to flow out and puddle down on the torn suit beneath her. She quickly slid her arms up and around her lover’s back to keep her pressed against her. Fran soon turned her attention away from her ear, leaning her head back she turned Penelo’s face to her. Feeling her head being turned gently, Penelo opened her silver grey eyes and locked her gaze with the beautiful ruby eyes above her. In those first few seconds a question was asked and answered between the two without a word being spoken.

Fran sped up her pace, with Penelo matching her thrust for thrust. The little blonde thought she was going to go crazy in the most beautiful of ways possible as the fire and lightening swirling within her began to build at an almost frightening pace, driving her higher and higher; while deep within her core said heat began to curl and tighten within itself. Leaving her unaware of anything but the gorgeous body rubbing against hers, causing such delicious friction between them. She caught a glimpse of those deep ruby eyes delving into the very depths of her soul. She was unaware of the high-pitched whimpers emitting from the back of her throat, or of the fact that she was digging her nails into the body she was holding so tightly to her own. As their pace quickened, Fran’s purr got more resonant and louder at the same time, causing the maelstrom within Penelo to intensify and begin to coil and tighten deep within her even more. Upon feeling the body beneath her begin to tighten and tense up, Fran again picked up the pace but also added so much more pressure that she was pressing her lover’s lower body deeper into the bed below them.

Penelo suddenly pulled Fran to her so tightly that the only space between their bodies was the short distance between their eyes as Fran laid her forehead to that of the young woman below her while training her ears forward on the young woman who was experiencing her first orgasm caused by someone other than her self.

Penelo felt as if there were waves of lava pouring from her center flooding her entire body while the electricity she was feeling made her body tingle from head to toe and fingertip to fingertip sending her into such a daze that she was only able to focus on what she was feeling and the dilated ruby eyes above her. The keening noise that she made in the back of her throat while she came sent Fran over the edge with her, causing Fran to thrust one last time while shuddering hard from head to toe and her sensitive ears to quiver uncontrollably. And not once since their gazes locked did they break.

They were entwined like this for several minutes before the feelings within Penelo subsided enough that she could loosen her grip on the other woman. By this time Fran’s purr had softened considerably and was extremely soothing to the young woman. Sure she had pleased herself in the past, and even more so in the few years since she’d met the Viera, but never once had it ever felt remotely close to the intensity she had just felt.

Fran shifted to her side and gathered the girl into her arms and held her while softly rubbing her back. She also took quick advantage to send out one claw to quickly and carefully cut down the sleeves of the suit, grab it up and toss it to the floor. She held her lover tenderly while Penelo slowly gained her breath back. Kissing her gently all around her face while carefully removing her hair ties, and finger combing the blonde locks that showed almost white in the moonlight with the hand that wasn’t rubbing her back. Fran took this time to go through her memories of the event that just took place and came to a conclusion that required confirmation from her new lover. But she would wait until such time as the young women regained her senses.

As Penelo’s breath evened out some more she opened her eyes to the intense gaze of her ruby-eyed lover. Eyes that seemed to be taking in every square centimeter of her flushed and sweaty face; she blushed under the close scrutiny and longed to hide her face in the crook of her new lover’s neck. But she recognized the question deep in the depths of those beautiful eyes. The petite blonde took a deep breath before answering the unspoken question.

“Yes, that was my first time with someone other than myself.” She kept her gaze locked on the Viera’s, refusing to look away and feel embarrassed or ashamed for the admittance. “And it was better then any fantasy I’d ever had.”

Fran chuckled lightly at the unapologetic admittance and almost defensive stance her new lover had taken. “Then I am truly honored that you allowed me to be your first. Also relieved that I outstripped your fantasies.” The Viera suddenly tilted her head and her black tipped white ears twisted and laid back. Penelo saw this and wondered what had suddenly upset her Goddess. “But what of these other dancers or even Vaan? Have they not…”

Penelo interrupted her, shaking her head. “No. They did not sing to my heart the way you do.” Once the words left her mouth, she realized what she had admitted and quickly turned to roll out of the bed to escape the room. She never had the chance to fully roll away before a long slender fingered hand gently grasped her bicep and turned her back towards the center of the bed. Where she was enveloped in velvet encased steel arms. And kissed deeply and thoroughly. As Fran broke the electric kiss she pulled away only far enough for ruby and silver eyes to lock once again on each other.

“My Little One, are you sure you are not of the Wood?” The Viera whispered softly. “For you sing to my heart as well, and have done so since you first followed Vaan out of Rabanastre and joined our little group.” Penelo laid there in stunned silence. She couldn’t seem to get her mind into gear. “Y-You mean…. you love me?” The blonde stuttered out. Fran nodded. “Yes, my Little One, I do. Very much.” The lithe woman smiled at Penelo. “You even unknowingly used the Viera expression of love.”

The younger woman suddenly burst into tears, causing Fran to smile fondly and shift both of them into a more comfortable position in the middle of the bed. With Fran on her back and Penelo laying three-quarters on her, the little blonde’s face buried in her neck She pulled up the soft sheet over the both of them.

“And you’re always more than welcome to give me one of your special massages whether I’ve had a hard day or not.” This got a watery chuckle from the younger woman who relaxed into Fran. Penelo curled her head onto Fran’s chest as her crying lightened as she listened to the soothing rhythm of the older woman’s heartbeat under her ear.

“I love you, Fran.” Penelo whispered softly.

“As I love you, Penelo. Now rest and get some sleep my Little One.” Fran gently kissed the top of the blonde’s head. “We now have all the time in the world that the gods are willing to grant us.” End.