Title: Persuasion Techniques
Author: Lil
Feedback address: tarnishandtears@gmail.com
Date in Calendar:
Fandom: Criminal Minds/CSI: New York
Pairing: Emily Prentiss/Stella Bonasera
Rating: NC17
Word Count: 1156
Summary: PWP that loosely follows The Kinsey Pickup.
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Beta: ariestess

"Leaving already?" Stella Bonasera's husky voice startled her out of her concentration, and Emily smiled to herself as she remembered just how she had come to be that hoarse.

Emily finished pulling on her jeans and looked over at the detective laying in bed. Long hair in a riot of curls the color of burnished copper cascaded over a cream colored pillow, moss colored eyes blinked sleepily up at Emily through dusky lashes, sharp, well-defined features relaxed as a sensuous mouth curved in a hint of a smile. Emily felt a stab of regret at the thought of leaving all that smooth, tanned skin, watching how the curve of her spine disappeared under satin sheets, ending in long, smooth legs and perfectly manicured toes.

"I should get back." Emily said, regret coloring her tone. She cast about for her shirt, not knowing where it had fallen in the rush to get to the bed.

Stella stretched sensuously, rolling over and running a hand through her hair before sitting up; paying no mind to the sheet that fell to her waist.

Emily swallowed against the sudden watering of her mouth at the sight of that smug, knowing smile. Stella leaned back on her forearms and tilted her head at the brunette.

"Oh, come on, Emily. You don't have to meet your team for another few hours. You can spend them with me, can't you?"

She knew she shouldn't, but some days Emily really couldn't be bothered with such trivialities. She licked her lips and smiled at the detective, kneeling on the bed and straddling the other woman.

"Ask me nicely," she teased.

Pleasure sparked in Stella's eyes as she ran her fingers down a pale collarbone and over the edge of a dark blue bra. Emily's stomach quivered at the teasing touch that trailed over her belly button and around a trim waist, Stella's thumb hooking into the belt loops of her dark jeans and curving her hand over the swell of her hip.

The naughty grin was Emily's only warning when suddenly Stella pushed at Emily's hip and bucked up under her, neatly and expertly flipping their positions. Copper-gold curls fell in a curtain on either side of them as Stella leaned in and hovered directly over Emily, eyelids fluttering shut as breathing quickened and merged.

"Make me." Stella breathed, closing the last few milimeters to lick and nibble at Emily's lips.

Stella shifted at the same time Emily raised a leg to settle Stella more firmly against her, a shudder and a groan escaping the detective at the feel of rough denim providing a delicious friction against her most sensitive parts.

Emily watched through half lidded eyes as Stella licked and bit her way down and across the sensitive skin that lay exposed just over that dark fabric, hips rocking wantonly against a jean-clad leg. She squirmed and let out a breathless laugh when fingers skated along her ribs, letting herself be divested of her bra and hissing when bare skin met bare skin.

Stella was flushed and deliciously warm where she rubbed against Emily, and the dark haired woman made a pleased noise in response. Emily stretched up and tangled one hand in soft curls, bringing Stella in for a thorough kiss. Lips were nibbled and sucked, mouths explored by questing tongues while breathy, needful sighs filled the air.

Stella kissed her way down Emily's throat and over one pale collarbone, licking and nipping as taught skin gave way to soft flesh and then one hard, peaked nipple. Emily hissed and arched up into Stella's mouth, bringing her knee up to rub more firmly against the woman's clit. Stella groaned and rocked down onto the denim, hands clutching for purchase against flared hips. Fervently, she kissed her way over to the other breast, lavishing the same attention of lips and teeth on supple flesh even as nimble fingers worked to divest Emily of her jeans.

Stella raised up and rubbed her nose against Emily's, chuckling at the pathetic attempt of a glare coming from the brunette beneath her. It took the combined efforts of the two of them, but finally her jeans were off, and flying across the room again.

Bare legs tangled for barely a moment before Emily bucked up and flipped them, scrambling off the bed and hooking her hands beneath Stella's legs, pulling her to the edge even as she knelt on the floor.

Long, tan legs went over shoulders and Emily kissed Stella's inner thigh, scraping teeth over the sensitive skin by her knee and raking her nails gently up Stella's legs towards her hips. Hands threaded through dark hair and urged her mouth higher until Emily was hovering teasingly over Stella's center. Brown eyes met green and Emily watched the delicious flush rise from Stella's breasts, up her neck to spread over her face, until dusky lashes dropped, and Stella's eyes were hidden again.

Emily smiled, and lowered her mouth to her lover. Delicately, she traced a pattern with her tongue and lapped at Stella's little clit, using her fingers to spread Stella's lips wider so she could wrap her mouth around the hardened flesh and play with it.

Two fingers slipped into wet heat and Stella was writhing, clutching Emily closer and moaning in pleasure. Another finger and then Emily was touching herself along with Stella, thrusting her own hand between her legs at the same time.

Emily blew a soft stream of air against Stella's clit, curling her fingers in and up, searching for that spot that would bring her the most sensation. It was but a thought to mimic the actions on herself, finding the kind of intense pleasure that made her breath shorten and her muscles clench.

Fingers threaded through her hair, hands pulling her closer, echoing the demands for more, and harder. More than eager to comply, Emily thrust harder; scraped Stella's clit against her teeth mercilessly, and again; riding out the hips that bucked and the way her name reverbrated through the apartment. Strong muscles fluttered and clenched around her fingers for long, drawn out moments. Emily lapped at her gently, bringing Stella down slowly until the hands in her hair went limp and lax.

Emily turned more attention to herself and her aching clit. It was quick, she was already so close. Two seconds, then three, and she was flying, gritting her teeth and panting harshly against Stella's damp skin, dimly aware of the way Stella was smoothing her dark hair away from her face.

Emily took a moment to lap up any remaining nectar from Stella and press a gentle kiss to her clit, fluttering at it with her tongue again. Stella grumbled and tugged at Emily, helping her to collapse on top of her. Soft hands swept down Emily's back languidly as Stella mumbled, "Few minutes. Then we'll go 'gain."

With a huff of a laugh, Emily let herself drift.