Thank you for your participation in the FSAC :: DD08.

The Rules

  1. The Voting Categories
    • 3 Favorite Entries of Week One
    • 3 Favorite Entries of Week Two
    • 3 Favorite Participants Overall
  2. The category of Favorite Entry Overall will be determined by the results of the Favorite Stories for each week.
  3. Because there was only one video and one set of graphics/comic panels, there will be no additional Favorite Media vote.
  4. Because we are allowing for 3 entries in each of the voting categories, we'll not be allowing for any additional entries to be "written in" in the additional comments section.

    The points breakdown is as follows:

    1 = 3 pts 2 = 2 pts 3 = 1 pts

  5. Please Note: Your name/LJ name and email address are MANDATORY. Any entries without this information will be considered invalid and not count toward the final tallies. Period.
  6. Voting will be open from 23 June 2008 until 11:59pm PDT on 30 June 2008. Any votes received after this deadline will not count.

The Awards

We want to note that 18 people voted this time around. So all of the average points listings shown below are based on that number.

Week One Entries

Entry Place Total
Power by A. Magiluna Stormwriter 6 2
Words of the Soul by Merfilly 4 8
I Think I Love You by Cabenson [fanvid] 3 12
Recoil by Jaina47 4 8
with bloom to spare by vanitashaze 7 0
comforts of home by laylat 3 12
Forced Vacation by Ann 1 17
Rainy Kisses by Shatterpath 4 8
Summer Moon by Geekgrrllurking 5 5
Honestly and Openly by A. Magiluna Stormwriter 3 12
Perfection by Debbie 4 8
Come Away With Me by Celievamp 2 13

Week Two Entries

Entry Place Total
Where to Begin by Ardvari 1 22
I Bring Life by Celievamp 9 3
Happy Birthday, Belle by A. Magiluna Stormwriter 8 4
Window to the Soul by Jaina47 11 1
The Morning After by Ann 13 4
Interlude (Differences of Opinion) by Debbie 3 15
closing credits by vanitashaze [comic panels] 12 0
Broadway by Shatterpath 2 20
Just One Reprieve by Annette 6 6
F.A.G. Super Elite Femslash Crack Force -
Operation: Dog Days of Summer 2008 by Geekgrrllurking
7 5
Hope and Fear and All the Things That Happen In-Between by Celievamp 7 5
Stolen Moments in Time by Ann 5 8
Maybe Sprout Wings by Mosca 10 2

Favorite Participant Overall

Entry Place Total
A. Magiluna Stormwriter 5 8
Merfilly 9 3
Cabenson 8 4
Jaina47 6 7
vanitashaze 11 0
laylat 10 2
Ann 1 20
Shatterpath 4 11
Geekgrrllurking 8 4
Debbie 2 18
Celievamp 3 14
Ardvari 8 4
Annette 7 6
Mosca 8 4

Favorite Entry Overall

Note: This award was based on the overall point totals of all the entries in weeks 1 & 2.

Entry Place Total
Where to Begin by Ardvari 1 22
Broadway by Shatterpath 2 20
Forced Vacation by Ann 3 17

Specialty Awards

Shatterpath Award :: "Recoil" by Jaina47

When I do this award, I'm usually looking at stories in fandoms that I don't follow regularly or don't know at all. If the characters are believable and interesting for me, that's the story that gets my award.

This time around, I picked a story in a fandom I know decently well. The characterizations of Ziva and Abby were the best I've seen in a long time. Well done!

Stormwriter Award :: "Comforts of Home" by laylat

I base my award on the one story that completely pulls me in and basically makes me forget pretty much anything else I've read in the calendars.

There were some great contenders this time, but the one that really stuck out for me was "Comforts of Home." It was hot and sweet. And quite honestly? It really sucked me in. I wish I could write a story like this.

The [Secret] ShatterStorm Stalker Award :: "F.A.G. Super Elite Femslash Crack Force - Operation: Dog Days of Summer 2008 by Geekgrrllurking

Shhhhh! Don't tell Geek that she's getting this award! We don't want her to stalk us even more.

Seriously tho', this was an absolutely hysterical story for the two of us. With Ardvari's assistance, Geek really made a brilliant story. And we never expected to see our cats as the "main characters" in a story submitted to the calendar. This was brilliantly done and quite funny. And not to mention, fairly accurate with respect to the house.

But don't tell Geek that!