Title: Summer Moon
Author: Geekgrrllurking
Feedback address: geekgrrl.lurking@gmail.com
Date in Calendar: 14 June 2008
Fandom: Bionic Woman
Pairing: Jaime/Ruth
Rating: R
Summary: A little summer fun underneath the moonlight.
Archive: ShatterStorm (and P&P eventually), all others just ask.
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Disclaimer: Bionic Woman and its characters are the property of NBC. No infringement intended.

Note: Written for the ShatterStorm Productions Femslash Advent Calendar: Dog Days of Summer 2008. Thanks for letting me play ladies.

Beta: Thank you, as always, to Ms_Josephine.

“Never?” Jaime Sommers couldn’t believe her ears, even the bionic one. She rolled away slightly and sat up to see if her lover was teasing her.

Laying flat on her back on the large outstretched blanket, hoping to catch even a slight breeze to help relieve the heat and heavy humidity, Ruth Truewell flopped an arm across her eyes and offered her a lopsided grin. “Nope. Never.”

“God, even Becca has. More than once!” Jaime stared at the lake. The bright moon reflected on the water, shimmering and dancing on the waves as they lapped hypnotically against the rugged shoreline.

“Why does that not surprise me…?” Ruth murmured, running circles along the other woman’s lower back, finger tips slipping under the light tank top to trail along the sweat damp skin beneath. Peeking out from under her arm she saw Jaime scanning up and down the long narrow lake, her right eye glowing an eerie green in the darkness. “What are you looking for?”

“Just checking to see how many of our neighbours are out tonight.” Jaime continued to focus on the few other cottages dotting the small lake, barely visible during the day let alone now at night. Both women had been quite pleased when they first arrived, the quiet beauty of the area and lack of people on the lake just what they were hoping for.

Jaime knew Ruth’s counter part in the black ops arm of the Canadian Secret Intelligence Service valued privacy as much as the next operative in their line of business. When she had offered them the use of her family cottage after the success of Berkut’s recent mission with the Canadian government it seemed like perfect timing.

The remote cottage was located three hours north of Ottawa, the nation’s capital city and was accessible only by boat. Ruth had been looking forward to the peace and isolation, using the down time to reconnect with Jaime and just have some fun together before heading back to their hectic life.

The heat from the day still radiated from the ancient hunks of weathered stone jutting out all along the perimeter of the narrow lake. The oppressive ongoing heat wave had been lingering over the province for weeks, forcing a much needed fire ban. Any neighbours still outside at this time of night would be sitting in the dark just like they were. Jaime had made out a few lights in cottages, but no one was outside or along the shoreline. It was perfect conditions for her plan.

“Jaime, what are you…” Ruth never finished her sentence as Jaime scrambled to her feet, peeling her tank top off and shimmying out of her shorts and panties. She caught sight of Jaime’s pale creamy bottom streaking down the dock before diving cleanly into the water.

The dark head bobbed up, water streaming from her slick hair, delighted laughter carrying over the water. “Come on Ruth! The water is so nice.” The thought of a naked slippery Jaime splashing in cool water definitely beckoned.

“I’m getting too damn old for this…” Ruth grumbled half heartedly as she tried to check out Jaime in the lake. Two butt cheeks broke through the surface as Jaime dove deeper into the lake.

Coming back up, Jaime turned towards the shore just in time to see Ruth’s toned body arc through the air and slice into the water. She didn’t need her night vision to know where Ruth was, the faint moonlight was more than enough. Bobbing to the surface nearby, Ruth swam closer to the younger woman wrapping her arms around her neck, their legs tangling together under water.

“See! Who says you can’t teach an old dog new tricks.” Teased Jaime, splashing water into Ruth’s face. “You can stroke skinny dipping off your to do list babe.”

“Smart ass!” Ruth put her hands on top of the dark head and pushed the laughing woman down under the water. Popping back up to the surface an all out splash war broke out, their laughter carrying out across the water.

Ducking under the water, Ruth finally escaped only to show up chuckling beside the docked boat as Jaime searched for her. Shaking her head at the tactical retreat, Jaime laid back and lazily floated in the warm water. Looking up, she noticed something unusual glowing in the sky.

“Hey, what’s that?”

Curious, Ruth swam back out towards Jaime, looked up over her shoulder and smiled. “The Northern Lights.” Long snaking waves of green, red and blue flickered along the northern horizon, bright in the night sky. “I haven’t seen them in years.”

“It’s so beautiful!” Jaime stared skyward entranced by the shimmering curtains of light flowing silently. The moonlight softly lit her face, reflecting in her eyes and highlighting the droplets in her hair. Ruth stared at the beauty before her, all thoughts leaving her mind, her breath catching at the sight.

“Yes, you are.” Ruth was barely able to whisper past the lump in her throat.

Jaime caught Ruth’s hazel eyes, watching as they paled to a warm gray, her emotional armour finally stripping away. She had missed seeing Ruth like this, her latest undercover assignment taking a big toll on both of them. Moving closer for a tender kiss, she soon felt sure hands sliding along her body under the water. Floating and lost in each other’s touch, Jaime was surprised to bump up against the weathered wood of the dock.

“Don’t let go.” Jaime automatically reached out with her bionic hand and grabbed the small ladder attached to the end of the dock, her tight grip causing a slight metallic creak. A rounded breast peeked up out of the water with the motion, catching Ruth’s attention.

Ruth surged forward, her foot finding a mossy rock jutting up from the lake bed. She was glad to have found some stable footing for their little adventure. Running her hands along the long lean body floating before her, Ruth’s fingers traced along an inner thigh and gently parted the silky legs. Every touch sent sparks of awareness to the softly moaning brunette, as exploring hands moved higher, closer to where Jaime needed them.

Jaime’s breath hitched when first water swirled against her and then Ruth’s strong fingers made contact, a low groan pulled from her throat as she was slowly penetrated. Sure, deep thrusts sent lake water swirling along the small space between them. Jaime began rocking in time with the stroking fingers of her lover, bringing a long leg up and around Ruth’s hip to pull closer. Their bodies finally twined together, Jaime’s mouth hovered over soft wet lips. “Kiss me, please Ruth.”

Mouths touched, tongues dueling as their kiss deepened.Ruth lifted her other hand out of the water and braced against the dock, trying to stay as anchored as possible. Excited by her low moans, she lost herself in the tiny quivers and rippling muscles of Jaime’s body clasped against her until she felt lean muscles pulling taut. Riding the strong rhythmic thrusts she kept stroking and caressing until Jaime arched against her, feeling her orgasm burst through her, crying out into the night air.

Collapsing against her, Jaime turned her head to press her nose into the curve of Ruth’s shoulder, held safe until she got her bearings again. Floating limp in Ruth’s arms, Jaime glanced skyward, watching as the last glimmer of waving lights faded to black. Snuffling into the damp blonde hair, she sighed. “I love you so much Ruth.”

Ruth’s hand tangled into dark hair and tugged, soon finding her lover’s lips and kissing her slowly once again. Nibbling a trail to her ear, she held Jaime even closer. “I love you too.”

Jaime giggled suddenly and squirmed in her arms.

“What?” Ruth leaned back to see what was so funny.

“Something’s tickling my toe.” Twisting slightly, they both tried to peer through the water. Jaime switched through several visual modes until she could finally make something out.

“It’s a fish!” She wiggled her toes and watched the little silver body dart away, startled.

“Ok, time to get out of the lake.” Ruth untangled herself from Jaime and started towards the small dock ladder.

“You are such a baby. First it was spiders in the cottage, now its a little fish. Thank God Jonas spent 50 million dollars to I can swoop in and save the day.” Jaime teased.

“Just be happy I don’t have my gun on me.” Ruth pulled herself out of the water, climbing up the slightly dented metal ladder.

Happily Jaime enjoyed the view as Ruth dashed down the dock to gather their stuff before she followed her lover out of the lake and back to the cottage. After all, the night was still young…