Title: comforts of home
Author: laylat
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Date in Calendar: 11 June 2008
Fandom: Wicked [bookverse]
Pairing: Gelphie
Rating: NC17
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Author's Disclaimer: obviously none of these are mine seriously didn’t we know that already.

“This is just silly.” I’m not exactly sure who I think I’m talking to since the room has been empty since Elphie left me to go to the library. I must admit I have become quite tired of being left behind while she goes off to research whatever the issue of the day has become. Admittedly I could have made her stay; my powers of persuasion should not be underestimated. I also know the importance of not abusing my power. It is crucial to let Elphaba believe she is in charge of these things once in awhile.

This, however, is getting ridiculous. Elphaba left shortly after breakfast and it is now fast approaching supper. I can see her in my mind’s eye sitting at the small table on the third floor of the library. She inevitably ends up there once she has made her way through the stacks and collected her materials. With minimal conscious effort I’ve learned her habits and Elphie is nothing if not a creature of habit. Not that I can blame her, it is so difficult for her to carve out a safe space away from judgment and intrusion. Her study nook is just one of those places and I try not to go there too much. I don’t want to draw attention to it or make her feel intruded upon. But I think I’ve left her alone for quite long enough today.

Before I leave I take a look at myself in the mirror. If I am going to try and take Elphie’s attention away from her studies I need to make sure all the tools in my arsenal are in place. I dab on a bit more lipstick, a shade just slightly more red than pink. I can’t help but smile to myself as I know this shade looks particularly lovely when I leave a smudge of it on Elphie’s skin right in that spot at the base of her throat where I can see her pulse quicken. I give my curls a shake as they fall perfectly into place, not quite disheveled but not glossy and pristine either.

The outfit I have chosen for this little adventure is not one that will necessarily draw too much attention from anyone other than my Elphie. The dress is a delicate blue that brings out my eyes. The bodice dips just low enough to give the promise of more without revealing all of my assets and then finishes in a simple pencil skirt that ends at the knee, not too short, but it hugs each curve perfectly. It seems almost understated for me but it’s not necessarily the dress that will ultimately capture her, it’s what’s underneath. Or rather, in this case, what’s not. As the sun has begun to set I know it will be chilly outside and the library is a bit of a walk from Crage Hall so I grab my long white jacket from the hook by the door and deftly tie the braided belt around my waist as I head out the door.

Most of the student body is currently dining in one of the halls or off campus somewhere so my trip to the library is uninterrupted. This is a very good thing because I sincerely believe that if Boq or Shenshen or Avaric tried to stop me for conversation right now I really couldn’t be held responsible for my actions. I am not in the mood to put on the face that pretends to be interested in their mindless, incessant drivel. No, I have much more important things in mind, things that involve a beautiful green girl and a dark, deserted corner of the library. I’m sure my ‘friends’ would be horrified by that truth. I can’t, however, seem to bring myself to care.

As it is the only reason I haven’t just told them is because Elphie insists that she does not want to be responsible for any damage to my image. I have tried to point out the irony of her worrying about such things but she just shushes me and tells me she loves me too much to cause me that kind of pain. I want to be brave enough to defy her just to prove I can deal with the consequences but it never seems to happen. I let myself believe that it is enough that Elphie knows how I feel. These thoughts seem far too thoughtful for the mission I am on though so I shake my head to rid myself of them as I begin to ascend the library steps.

This building truly is lovely. The architecture is breathtaking, one of the most beautiful examples of pre-Unionist architecture in all of Shiz. If you look closely at the carvings in the marble arches the detail is exquisite. Images of Lurline and her Ladies in Waiting adorn the archway entrance and she seems to smile down upon me. I’ve often wondered about the ancient stories about Lurline and the Kumbric Witch. In my secret moments of academic and spiritual curiosity I’ve read some old Pleasure Faith tales that certainly imply she would have been supportive of my secret relationship.

I almost have to laugh at myself.

Even as I am determined to find my lover, have been focused on it for hours, something about going to her makes me think. There is something about being with her, being around her that always makes me look at what’s around me. Ever since we became friends, long before we were lovers, she has had that sort of effect on me. I’m absolutely certain that had we not met I would not be the person I am right now. I would not spend a single moment thinking about so many things that now occupy my thoughts on a regular basis. I certainly wouldn’t be brave enough to be with someone like her. I really should tell her sometime just how much she has changed me. For now though I think I should let my actions speak louder than words.

I straighten my jacket in a move that I’m sure would be self-conscious on anyone else. I am aware that I manage to make things look confident even if I don’t feel it; it comes in handy for me considering I’ve fallen in love with someone remarkably intimidating. The library seems never to change; the interior is as ageless as the outside structure. The dim lighting, the dust motes floating through the streams of sunlight through the windows, the high stacks with ladders attached are a constant each time I enter the building, which is considerably more often than one would think. The remarkably ancient librarian is sitting behind her desk slowly stacking books into neatly organized piles that she will have someone with a younger back and legs reshelf. She doesn’t even look up to acknowledge my entrance. I take this as a good sign. There is only one person whose attention I hope to draw.

I find my way to the stairs in the back of the library and begin climbing them. It is no small feat finding my Elphie when she has stashed herself in amid the stacks. She seems so at home here though surrounded by the smells of ink and aging paper. It strikes me as amusing how she has changed my perception of those scents. I had once thought them stuffy. Now I find them oddly appealing as they bring to mind images of her dark head bent over a book seeming to absorb every bit of information as she absently tucks a lock of hair behind her ear with one hand while the other jots notes with determined efficiency. I am in awe of her when she is in her element that way. I find her intellect attractive in a way I never imagined. Don’t get me wrong she is beautiful on the outside, exotic and gorgeous, but what goes on behind those dark eyes is as much a part of her beauty as her smile.

I open the door at the top of the stairs and take a few steps to the next path between the shelves and turn left. I pass the section dedicated to Theoretical Studies on the Origin of Phoenix Song and continue on noting volumes dedicated to the Ritual Dances of Quadling Country and Traditional Weaving Patterns of the Scrow. I come to the last row of shelves and turn to the right. Hidden in the corner is a table piled high with books and papers. There are two chairs, one empty and one occupied.

She looks exactly as I pictured her in my mind. Her head is resting in her hand more as a means of keeping her hair out of her face than anything else. She wears it down more now and though she won’t admit it I know it is because I’ve told her I like it that way. Her other hand holds her pen paused over her papers as she scans the page in front of her waiting for something worth jotting down. All I can do for a moment is watch her. It is always a rare and precious occurrence when I get to see her unguarded and relaxed. Her expression is one of open curiosity and it brings an uncommon glow to her face. My thoughts quickly scatter as I look at her. The only things I am aware of are her beauty and the flutter of my heart in my chest.

My cheeks are suddenly warm and I know I am blushing. I am reminded of why I came here and am filled with a sense of purpose and a tingle of anticipation runs across my skin. All of the complications that our life holds, all of the thoughts that have crowded my head on the walk here seem completely irrelevant in the face of what we are together. I take measured steps toward her stopping at her shoulder. Silently she sets her pen on top of her notes but doesn’t yet look up at me. I lean down near her ear and whisper lightly.

“I missed you.”

I notice her body shift as an almost imperceptible chill runs down her spine and I make a mental note of the quickening of her pulse where I can see it beat at the base of her throat. I feel no need to resist my desires so I bend just a bit further down and leave a soft lingering kiss on that spot. I’m slightly nervous as I lift my head back away from her. Everyone knows Elphie has a mercurial temperament. I know it better than anyone and my presence here may not be well received. Her hand that had recently held her pen reaches up and she interlaces our fingers with casual familiarity. I feel my body warm at the contact.

“How could you miss me my sweet? I’ve only been gone a few hours.” I can hear the smile in her voice. She has not yet looked up at me her gaze seems to be fixed on our joined hands. I don’t answer immediately. I’m not at all sure what to say. I know full well it’s only been a few hours but that doesn’t change the simple truth that I miss her whenever we are apart. Her grip on my hand tightens slightly and she draws my hand toward her. I feel the warmth of her lips on my knuckles and I am forced to wonder who here is doing the seducing.

“I’m quite certain that is a few hours too many,” I state simply.

“You know I have research to do.” The tone of her voice is trying to chastise me for interrupting her work but she does not quite succeed. There is something woven in the words that tells me she is not at all upset that I am here. I am glad of that because it will make the rest of my mission that much easier. Elphie may be glad to see me but I don’t think she is expecting what I’ve come here to do.

“Yes Elphie I know you have research to do. There is always research to do,” as I say this I take my free hand and place two fingers under her chin. With gentle but insistent pressure I tilt her head up so I can look into her eyes. I know there are other things I want to say but words seem to have left me as I lose myself in those fathomless pools. There is a small part of my mind that is fascinated by the way her very presence renders me speechless. I use words constantly and yet one look from her and I am completely inarticulate. Perhaps it is the simple fact that when I am near her all I can think about are far better uses for lips than speech.

My fingers continue to hold her head up and I allow my thumb to stroke the angular line of her chin as I lean in leaving only the slightest distance between us. We are so close I can feel the warmth of her breath whispering across my damp lips and I’m certain she can almost feel the movement of them as I speak.

“Though your academic dedication is admirable, I think it’s time for you to take a break.” Before she can protest I close the last gap between us with a slow lingering press of firm lips. The contact sends an electric surge through my body and I struggle for control. Elphie’s lips are soft and yielding and I revel in the texture and taste of her enjoying the languorous heat that builds within me. Somehow the softness of the kiss makes it all the more intense making me feel lightheaded with desire and emotion. I pull back far enough to look in her eyes again.

Her eyelids have drifted shut as we kissed and now they flutter open slowly. I am met with deepening pools of desire and I know she is already considering things I have not yet offered. I can’t decide if I’m disappointed or not, I was rather looking forward to convincing her that this would be fun. But, really, how disappointed can I possibly be when she is looking at me like that. I drop my hand and slowly extract my fingers from where her hand is still entwined with mine. Her eyes drop and she spies the direction my hands are headed. With a quick movement she attempts to arrive there first.

My fingers reach the knot of the belt on my jacket a split second before hers. Instead of falling away her hands settle over mine stilling my movements and she returns her dark gaze to my face. I give her my full attention. There is something in her eyes that tells me to wait and I have no desire to argue. Instead I just allow the moment to drift taking in her beauty. I am almost surprised when she speaks.

“Let me.” Her voice is soft, almost a whisper, yet it holds a tone of command I couldn’t resist even if I wanted to. I move my hands away from the knot in the soft braided material and let them drop loosely to my sides. I watch her slender fingers make quick work of the material and the white fabric of my jacket falls open slightly revealing the soft robin’s egg blue of my dress. Her fingers take hold of my jacket and reveal more of my dress before she slides her hands inside resting them on my hips gripping slightly, a move that feels gloriously possessive.

She slides her chair back slightly making room for me between her and the table. Her hand on my hip directs me into the space she has created. Her hands are warm through the fabric of my dress and I feel her thumbs begin softly stroking along the angle of my hip as she straightens in her chair leaning forward slightly. Her hands roam from my hips to my waist and back down. Her eyes roam up and down my body and I feel that gaze almost like a caress leaving tingles in its wake.

“I missed you too.”

I didn’t expect her to say that. Elphie has never been one to admit her feelings. In secret and on rare occasions she has told me she loves me and I know she does but these sorts of everyday endearments are rare indeed. To be quite honest I am surprised that she thinks of me much at all when she is buried in her studies. This knowledge settles warmly into my heart and I smile down at her. I reach out one hand and tuck dark hair behind her ear my thumb brushing her cheek. I adore the way my pale skin contrasts with her verdant complexion.

I lean toward her again this time kissing her with more passion not holding back any of my secret desires. She meets me with equal measure her tongue seeking to deepen the kiss and I immediately open to her moaning softly at the feel of her exploring my lips. Her kisses make me dizzy and I have to balance myself. My left hand is buried in her silky dark hair and my right comes up to grip the chair behind her just above her shoulder so I don’t fall rather unceremoniously into her. I feel her hands exploring further tracing the outline of my body through my dress.

I feel fabric moving over my legs as her hands begin bunching my skirt higher, dangerously high. Almost as soon as I register this sensation she again grips my hips tightly and pulls me forward. I find myself sitting in her lap and her hands have moved to the curve of my backside as she pulls me closer still. My hands are now free to touch her as I am no longer required to hold myself up and I tangle both of them deeply in the inky mass at the base of her skull pulling her even more deeply into the kisses we share. Her hands slide to my now bare thighs her fingers gripping as I claim her bottom lip between my teeth.

I pull back from her lips. I want to see the desire in her eyes, even more than that I want her to see the desire in mine. I want her to see the reflection of her beauty in my eyes. I want her to know what it is that her touch does to me. I’m not worried about the world intruding on this spot. No one but my Elphie would be in the neglected back corner of the third floor of the library on a Saturday. This place is hers, I am hers, and I want her to know.

I loosen one hand from her hair and slide it down her arm to where her hand is resting on my upper thigh. I grip her wrist and tug her hand higher, she willingly follows my direction. I pin her with my gaze watching her expression as I guide her hand still higher. Her eyes are almost black and her lips are parted, swollen from our kisses. I watch her eyes widen as her fingers finally come into contact with the heat of my core. I knew when I left our room any frilly underthings would just get in the way. I flatten my hand over the back of hers where it now rests clearly communicating my desires.

A wicked grin spreads across her gorgeous mouth and she curls two fingers ever so slightly teasing me with their tips just inside of me. I don’t even bother to control the whimper that escapes me at the sensation. At this point trying to play coy would be completely useless.

“Why Miss Glinda,” Elphaba’s tone is low and teasing, “this behavior is quite scandalous.” Her fingers inch forward the tiniest fraction and I am rendered completely incapable of an articulate response. She holds her hand perfectly still not giving me any of the much needed pressure and friction I desire. Her lips are now brushing the sensitive skin just below my ear and I throw my head back inviting her to explore further. She takes the invitation and kisses down my throat and runs her tongue over the skin of my neck all the while keeping her hand agonizingly still.

“It would seem you came here with some sort of nefarious plan in mind.” I feel her lips move against my skin as she speaks. Her breath against my flesh is maddening as are her words. I am far from being able to form a coherent sentence and her vocabulary seems completely unhindered by our position. She can be infuriatingly articulate. I attempt to shift my hips to get some relief but she moves her hand in the perfect counter motion.

“This sort of wanton behavior is hardly seemly,” Elphie’s tongue dips into the hollow of my throat. A noise escapes me, which sounds remarkably like a growl. I am not at all sure how much more of her teasing I can stand. My body is gripping her fingertips and the throbbing ache there is nearly excruciating. The muscles in my thighs are tense to the point of shaking. I know she feels the tautness of my body and yet does nothing to relieve it. If she waits much longer I will be reduced to begging.

I try again to force her hand by shifting toward her hoping she will have mercy on me. She is merciless.

“Elphie,” my tone is pleading.

“Yes?” She pulls back looking into my eyes as though she is asking the most innocent of questions.

“Please, Elphie.” I am quite impressed with myself for stringing two words together. Elphie seems less impressed as her hand remains motionless against me.

“I’m sorry. Do you want me to stop?” Her hand pulls back slightly as she says this as though she may actually leave me in this state.

“NO!” Her threat sends words pouring forth in fear that she will indeed stop. “Please Elphie don’t stop…more….please…I need…need…you inside.” I know my words are jumbled and disjointed but I am fairly certain I have made myself clear enough. Before I can collect myself to say anything else I feel her long delicate fingers fill me and I cry out at the sensation. Her other hand now rests firm and hot in my lower back holding me precisely where she wants me while her fingers slide with purpose and intent in and out of me.

I throw my head back punctuating each thrust of her fingers with a low guttural sound. I need desperately to hold onto something and my hands find her shoulders, my nails dig into the fabric of her shirt. I never imagined I could feel like this. She is playing my body like a finely tuned instrument each stroke of her fingers draws out a new note, a new pitch. Her fingers are buried deep within me and she pauses for a moment. I look into her eyes once again as her fingers curl forward inside of me and indescribable sensations spiral through me.

“Sweet Oz Glinda, you are beautiful.” There is a note of something close to awe in her voice and she leans in capturing my lips in a deep overwhelming kiss. All ability to think is taken from me as her tongue and her fingers mirror each other filling me completely. I am fully enveloped by her energy, her presence. I feel powerful and free in her arms as her fingers move faster and harder within me. Her thumb moves in tandem with her fingers circling my clit as she curls her fingers again inside of me causing energy to coil tight and low in my belly. I feel myself tightening around her fingers as my breath comes in hard moans and gasps.

She drives me higher with each movement of her hand in my core. I can feel the steep precipice approaching, building within me. I am deafened by the pounding of blood in my ears and my entire awareness is centered on the sensations her skilled fingers are creating. I feel the explosion begin and the cry of release escapes my lips only to be swallowed by her lips as she covers my mouth in a searing kiss. My entire body trembles as she draws each wave of pleasure from me. Her lips don’t leave mine until she feels my body relax completely and slump forward.

Her arms wrap tightly around my waist and she pulls me in as close as is possible in a wooden library chair. I battle valiantly to catch my breath as I bury my face in the crook of her neck kissing her there tasting the light saltiness of sweat on her skin. I inhale deeply allowing the unique scent of spice and earth and magic that is all Elphaba fill my senses. My limbs are heavy and I make no effort to move from this spot on her lap.

“Glinda, my sweet,” her voice drifts into my still foggy mind.

“Hmmmmmmm,” I don’t bother to form words.

“I love you.” There is something so tender and vulnerable in her voice I am drawn from my safe cocoon only to be captured by her eyes.

I reach out a hand that still trembles from spent passion and trace the delicate lines of her face. She is utterly divine and my fingertips worship her design. All I want now is to take her back to our room at Crage Hall and make her feel as perfect and beautiful as she is.

“I love you, my sweet Elphie.” I shift from her lap standing slowly making sure my legs have recovered enough to support me. I smooth my wrinkled dress back down over my legs as best as I can and reach out my hand to her. “I believe, dearest, it is time for you to come home.”

She takes my hand and rises, sliding the chair all the way back against the wall behind her. As she stands before me she lets go of my hand and loops the ends of the belt of my jacket around her hands pulling me full against her body. She kisses me with willful intent taking her time exploring me all over again. I believe I will never tire of the way she tastes when we kiss and I would be content for this to go on forever. Eventually, however, the kiss ends and she pulls back smiling.

“But my lovely Glinda, haven’t you realized yet that I am home?” Her words suddenly sound shy, as though she is embarrassed to be giving in to such romantic sentiment. She loosens her hold on me and begins straightening my jacket. With efficient motion she covers my rumpled clothing and ties the belt back around my waist.

Her shyness is now even more apparent as she stares at the knot she just tied. I take both hands and lift her face. Without hesitation I kiss her infusing the action with all of the emotion her statement has filled me with. My heart feels as though it is close to bursting and I let that flow into the connection between us. I slowly draw back from her and smile into her eyes.

“Oh dearest, I am home too but the things I want to do to you really aren’t suitable for even this private corner of the library.”

With that statement she smiles a wicked half grin and grabs her bag. With one unceremonious motion Elphie shoves her notes into its depths and motions in the general direction of the door to the stairwell. I grab her hand and we move to exit the library and make our way back to our room and all the comforts of home.