Title: A Sassy Encounter, or, The Return of the Infamous ‘Love Scene’
Author: Shatterpath
Feedback address: shatterpath@shatterstorm.net
Date in Calendar: 27 June 2007
Fandom: CSI
Pairing: Sara/Sofia
Rating: NC17
Summary: Summary: a desert, a disaster and a pair that needs to see where their sparks might take them.
Spoilers: Sixth season
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Disclaimer: CSI isn't mine, but we all know that. No sane femslash writer can resist the chemistry that sparks between Sara and Sofia. Well, when TPTB let them have screen time anyway…

Note: Started on Halloween, 2006. First draft completed 5-21-07.

Author’s notes: Ummm… I wrote this scene ages ago, and liked it so much that I keep redoing it over and over as I fall madly for new couples. First is Kathryn Janeway/ Seven of Nine, Star Trek: Voyager. Mmmm, how I adored those two. Too bad TPTB killed the poor show. Sorry, there’s a bitter, bitter divorce there. Next up is Sam Carter/Janet Fraiser of Stargate SG-1 fame. As much as I loathe what eventually came to pass in that universe, I still adore these women. Through Sam & Janet, I came into my own as a writer. Something about them really made my muses click. After that came CD DeLorenzo/ Jinny Exstead from Lifetime’s The Division. Obscure, I know, but damn those two throw sparks! There are the fondly remembered Birds of Prey, of which Barbara Gordon and Helena Kyle played key roles in my fantasy life for a good, long while. I meant to do a CSI, Catherine Willows/Sara Sidle, but it somehow slipped through the cracks. Also, I very quickly lost the chemistry between these two, and don't understand those that cling so tenaciously to the couple. When I was rereading some of my work on the infamous Light, Water and Muses, I realized that I also redid this scene for a couple I can’t name, ‘cause I won’t give it away. I’ll just say that both women are from ER, and it’s not at all who you think it is. Trust me. Then, I modified the story for Alex Cabot/Olivia Benson, surely the hottest couple to hit femslash in years! It's these two that made this repeating idea a story unto itself finally, and the document grew to be 27 pages long! From that beast of a tale, we continue on the journey of the Scene That Wouldn't Die. Enjoy!

Thanks go to: Caitrin for letting me bounce the idea off her until it solidified in my head. You rock girl! And, as always, my best bud, Ariestess. Together, we are stronger than the individual.

Beta: Caitrin.

The Morning After

++ Sofia ++

It's a long time before my slumber is wiped away by unfamiliar warmth. A disoriented moment passes until I register that Sara and I are twined around one another like sleeping puppies and the bed is absolutely thrashed. Happily sated to the point of stupidity, I survey the damage with a lazy grin. Sara’s half sprawled over my back and hips and half wrapped around me, her breathing gentle and even with sleep. What an incredible night! While I'm a bit sore, it's anything but unpleasant. We can pick up where we left off and I’ll be none the worse for wear. Unfortunately, she's still sound asleep and my brain is starting up an avalanche of 'what ifs'. It's that damn lecturing voice that I hate… the one that sounds like the voice of parents, teachers, the job and society. I've spent my whole life trying to live up to everybody's expectations and I have to wonder how much of myself has been subjugated to the larger cause.

Well, it's well past time for me to take care of me. Stroking my hand down Sara's arm, I wonder if she's willing to be part of that. I'll fight for her, for us. There's no doubt in my mind that the prize is worth it. She mumbles sleepily as I wiggle around and soothe her lanky body back down onto my own. Snuggling in, the normally aloof Sara settles with sigh that wakes up one nipple. It's so delightfully odd to see her like this, utterly relaxed and peaceful, warming my body and heart.

"Sara," I whispered her name, savoring the sound. To my amusement, she barely twitches, so I continue to murmur her name between tiny kisses to her crown, and stroke all of that lovely skin. In time, she moans and mumbles something, wakefulness stretching lazily down her body. Damn that's sexy. Scooting my head over on the pillow, I peer down to watch brown eyes blink open. "Good morning, love."

++ Sara ++

Drowsy and slow with sleep, sex and sensation, I blink until Sofia’s face swims into focus. Not a dream then… not another heated fantasy.

"Sofia..." I mumble in a choked voice and curl my arms around her as best I can. "I didn’t dream this." Joy sweeps through me, such a glorious and foreign feeling.

"No," she whispers, voice as hoarse as my own, and returns the embrace fully.

"I’m really, really glad to hear that."

"That makes two of us."

Her lips dance over my cheek and I arch up to meet her halfway for a deep, soulful kiss. When my hands turn caressing, Sofia pulls off a dexterous twist of her sturdier frame and I find myself very effectively pinned on my back. Leaning on my captured wrists, she sits up and I'm torn between her enticing body and her magnetic eyes.

While I'm confused by her behavior, I'm not at all threatened. Even being pinned down isn't scaring me, and I have some pretty ingrained fears. Sofia's Cheshire cat smile is intoxicating and I smile helplessly back. The kisses are even better than the smile and her body brushes mine as she crouches over me possessively. It's easy to love being hers and the realization shocks me.

The shock vanishes as Sofia sits up to settle her weight fully on my hipbones. Trailing my gaze down her fine torso, I stare wantonly where her petite blonde curls mix with my darker ones all friendly-like.

"Last night," she says conversationally, examining the nails of one hand. "I seem to recall getting a little rough with these." That incendiary look is making me truly stupid. "How do you feel?"

All I can do is stare at her hands and remember all the wicked things they did to me. Her chuckle snaps me out of my slobbering dog routine. "Wha…? Oh right, fingernails. I guess you got a little wild, but don’t don't worry about it. Wouldn’t trade last night for the world."

"Me either. Where does it hurt?"

"Why are you fussing?"

Okay, that earns me a teasingly dour glare. "I do recall getting all mushy with you last night," Sofia intones with a touch of sarcasm, before going soft again and kissing me tenderly. "The last thing I want is for you hurting."

++ Sofia ++

Well, that works in softening her right up. Warm affection dances in those beautiful eyes even as she sighs melodramatically and plays along. "Fine, you win. You scratched the hell out of my back, you wildcat."

Hot color floods my face and Sara grins in delight. I only dimly remember raking my nails roughly across her shoulder blades. "Well, if I'm a wildcat, it's your fault."

Those sensitive, wicked hands trail lightly up where my thighs strain from straddling her. "Really?" Sara teases with mock innocence. "My fault?"

When both of her thumbs dip into the baby-soft groove where my thigh meets groin, my heart rate revs up like a pursuit vehicle. All I can do is lean onto my hands and moan as she combs through the matted curls. It feels so damn good, but I'm still so damn sensitive…

The brush of a single finger over my aching clit sends me into shudders of pleasure and pain.

"Sensitive? C’mere babe, let me take care of you."

There is no mistaking the gleam in her eye and the intent of her hands where they press against the inside of my spread thighs. A thrill of terrorized anticipation flash-fires across my nerves, but resisting her promise never passes through my mind. I inch up the glorious expanse of her slim, feminine body towards those burning eyes…

Sara’s arms slip under my thighs, her hands caressing everything they can reach and I grab the beat up headboard in a death grip.

"Relax," she purrs and the vibrations made me tense up and squeak.

++ Sara ++

Rather than feeling weird about what I'm about to do, I'm salivating for it. Watching Sofia slither up my torso is a wet dream come true and I have every intention of rewarding her trust. The girly mouse noise in response to my voice cracks me up, but I turn my focus to the beautiful prize I’ve only felt with my skin until now. A prod gets Sofia raise herself up enough that I can wiggle a hand in to comb back tangled blonde curls.

I can't help myself, pausing to study this treasure of rich colors and textures and scents. "Beautiful," I breathe almost soundlessly and she shudders again. It would be cruel to keep her waiting, and my curiosity needs to be assuaged. Wrapping my arms around her tense thighs to anchor her, I murmur, "hold on tight."

The warning is smug, sure, but I have every intention of seeing if I can make her scream again. The taste is raw and primal, a feast for my senses, impossibly soft against my exploring tongue, her tense thighs powerful contrast. This is heaven…

Humming happily, I burrow in, suckling lightly at her clit before twirling my tongue around it like a hard candy. Her wetness smears over my chin as she begins to buck and cry out. So I duck lower for a first hand taste and am addicted all over again.

It's gonna be so good, her body tense and her grip tight.


Then a knock echoes from the other room.

++ Sofia ++

It's so wrong, so unfair. My belly's tight and Sara’s wicked mouth is deep in my pussy, the orgasm as inevitable as death and taxes.

And this?!?!?

Groaning in protest, I lean away and flop boneless to the bed to try and calm down.

"Sofia?" It's Chris calling out through the main door in the next room.

"Nice timing," Sara half-groans and half-giggles and trails a hand over my naked, flushed and very tense torso.

"You're killin' me, Sidle," I grumble and struggle up from the bed to throw myself awkwardly into whatever clothes are at hand. The low, sexy chuckling is distracting at best.

When I turn around, I immediately and utterly forget about Chris' presence at the door. Never in a million years, could I have guessed that Sara could be such a sensual creature. Not to mention a tease. She's sprawled loosely all over the disheveled bed, one knee drawn up and the most deliciously lazy grin on her face.

All I can do is whimper in agony.

"Go on," Sara purrs like a wet dream. "I'll wait here."

Barking my shin on whatever the hell I bump into on my meandering way out will probably leave a bruise. Not that I give a flying fuck at the moment. My gaze is riveted on the delicious view until my stumbling steps take me away.

Chris jumps when I yank the door open and make a conscious effort not to growl at him. "What do you want?" Okay, by the look on his face, I think I failed at the not growling idea. Oops, it seems like tact has flow in the face of coitus interuptus.

++ Sara ++

My poor girl is trying so hard to be polite, but her voice is tense with the strain. Perhaps I should reward her? Scrambling gingerly to my feet, I'm pleased to note that my knee is feeling decent and head for the bathroom to continue our morning.

This is a strange role for me. Not just the temptress part of the equation, but the ease of which I interact with this woman. It's a strange puzzle that bemuses me at how matter-of-fact I'm feeling about all this.

Must be the endorphins.

Abruptly, I hear the door slam, and slap the warming water off to limp over to the bathroom doorway. Pulling deep at the way she makes me feel, I relax my muscles and let the hunger of my flesh and heart show on my face. Stopping dead in her tracks, Sofia stares at the way I've draped myself in the doorway like a wet dream.

"Missed you."

How I'm enjoying dangling myself out as bait to her obvious hunger! Unlike the men I’ve stupidly dated, her single-minded intensity is a thrill, not a threat. Is it because I know her? Because I trust her? Because she's a woman? All of the questions are probably true, but I can analyze them later. "Strip," I demand quietly and without hesitation, Sofia shucks off shirt and sweats. "Now shower." The look of almost childish confusion is comical as I imperiously reach out and yank her into the bathroom. "Those scratches need scrubbing."


"Besides, it gives me an excuse to shower with you."

There is some quick hanky panky as the water finishes warming up. It's me as much as her and my hormones are jangling again. Even in the bad light from beyond the frosted shower curtain, Sofia’s skin is luminous. It amuses and annoys me that I don’t have the words to tell her the effect she has on me. All I can do is let my hands do the talking as they trail great, soapy streaks over the raised welts down her back.

"I can’t believe I did this," I muse distractedly, remorseful at damaging her fine skin.

"If you were half as turned on as I was, I can."

In the back of my mind, old fears clamor for attention, and try to hide from them, wrapping myself tightly around her, resting my head against her shoulder.

"You okay?" The very gentleness of her voice breaks the tears loose, and I sniffle softly into her wet hair. In an instant, she has slickly wiggled around in my embrace and wrapped strong arms around my shoulders and skull. There I remain for an endless moment, trapped between my fear and scars, and the love and succor she offers so freely.

With a great, shuddering sigh, I force myself show the vulnerability she has earned. "This could be dangerous to us professionally."

"Yeah," Sofia agrees with melancholy. "We’ll just have to be discrete."

Could it be that simple? The look in those serious blue eyes reassures me that, yes, it can indeed be that simple. And once more the weight on my heart lifts and she smiles brilliantly in response. Kissing my nose, Sofia's grin turns teasing and her embrace shifts from comfort to sensual before she steps away.

"Now finish up with those scratches. We have some unfinished business to attend to."

++ Sofia ++

What she brings up is true, but right this minute I couldn’t give a shit. The last thing on my mind is work! As long as she is reassured, than the rest will happen as it happens. At this moment in time, though, the sight of her wet makes me feel feral again.

"God Sofia," Sara whispers hoarsely. "When you look at me like that…"

Wordlessly, I push her up against the shower wall and cup her breasts to nuzzle at them. Somehow, I manage to drop to my knees in the cramped space, kissing whatever I can during the trip. The position is a little awkward, but I'm still pretty wound up from being interrupted earlier and getting her is as good as getting it myself. When my mouth finds her secrets again, it feels like home, the heat and taste and feel of her. While I tickle at her with my tongue and try not to let the rivulets of water drown me, I twirl a couple of fingers around her swollen entrance. "Yes," she hisses at me, her voice almost threatening from the weight of the approaching orgasm. So I slide carefully inside, just to give her something to grip onto.

That's all it takes and the convulsions hit in sync with her strangled cries of ecstasy. "Mmm," I hum happily and she yelps again. "I like that." Pulling out, I wrap both arms around her hips to steady her while she catches her breath.

++ Sara ++

Light-headed and wobbly-kneed, I cling to Sofia’s shoulders and try to catch my breath. I pet her drenched hair where she has pressed her head to my belly. What can I say to her? All the adoration in me is so strong and so unexpected. "Come up here and let me hold you."

It takes a little maneuvering in the little shower stall and we nearly rip down the curtain twice, causing storms of giggling. Entranced by her happy smile, I pull Sofia to me for a long, slow kiss.

"I taste good on you," I murmur playfully, once more amazed at how easy I am with her. My hang-ups are an annoying buzz of noise in my head, easily ignored, and I have never felt the level of pleasure she has given me. So I decide that a little honest flattery is in order and run my fingers affectionately through her sodden hair. "No one’s ever made me feel this good. Not even me." Embarrassed, Sofia flushes and kisses me again. "This water’s getting cold and I owe you for being so rudely interrupted earlier. So move it woman."

"Bossy," Sofia chuckles and smacks the cooling water off before stepping out. She is impossibly gorgeous, all feminine curves and subtle muscles.

++ Sofia ++

I can feel her eyes on me like a physical caress. While I am not a vain woman, Sara's appreciation of my physique is a pleasure. So I play it up, seductively running the towel up both legs and over my chest, but deliberately staying away from the scratches on my back. While I have no regrets for how I earned them, they sting like crazy.

Then, to tease further, I toss the towel to the silently drooling Sara and sashay out with a supermodel swish. It's a ton of fun and I like teasing her. I want her to want me. I want her to take away the ache in my guts that's been building all morning. A little enticement is certainly not uncalled for.

So I drape myself out on my stomach, arms cradling my head, legs slightly spread.

And wait.

++ Sara ++

She is sinful, all silky skin and gentle curves. And that arrogant swagger is all the more sexy with no clothing to hinder my appreciative eyes. What on earth had I been thinking? Dating men all these years…

"So beautiful," I whisper, kneeling over her, feeling her body’s heat in the cool room. Her smile is in the arch of her back as my damp hair brushes her skin. "So warm." Trailing kisses over her neck, I purr in regret over the damage I dealt earlier. "I’ll be making this up to you for a long time."

"I like you uninhibited, Sara. Don’t hold back on my account."

"Oh? I’ll remember you said that."

Earlier, I had been just about blasted into orbit by the faint vibration of her voice on my skin. Now, I watch the plane of Sofia's back twitch in response, and the baby fine hairs all over her body stand at attention. "Sexy thing," I chuckle and proceed to work my way down. Something about the acquiescence of her body makes me feel aggressive. There is a long muscle that stands sentinel with its twin, guarding the deep groove of her spine. I know the name of it, but I'm utterly blanking at the moment. What I want from her anatomy isn't in the textbooks! Kisses and flicks of my tongue are making her squirm, but I want to see how far I can push her self control.

When the impulse strikes, I don’t argue, just open my mouth to rasp the blunt/sharp points of my teeth over that slender muscle…

And Sofia nearly jumps off the bed.

++ Sofia ++

"Oh yes!"

Not exactly a bite, the rake of Sara's teeth over my back makes me squeal for it. I'm so wired right now that my skin feels thin over my nerves. Her gentle tongue washes the spot to soothe my startled flesh and I can't help but wonder if I'm going to survive this seduction. I'm so primed I'm nearly in pain and if I thought I could get away with it, I'd reach down and get myself off! But I really want to feel what Sara is going to do, and try to stay focused enough to let her carry on.

My breath is heavy like a runner's and there's a high-pitched whine in my voice that I’ve never heard before. Up on both elbows, hips grinding into the unhelpful bed, I'm so ready for her I could scream. No sympathy from my lover, who just kisses her way further down, this time nipping at the curve of my ass.


She growls at the shocked note in my cry and rakes those teeth over me again. It is insane, the desert sun burn of my need. Have I ever been so turned on? Teased to the point of begging? There is no holding back and I plead incoherently as Sara teases hands and hair and teeth and tongue over my ass and down the back of my thighs.

I desperately try to get up on all fours, but a firm hand keeps me halfway locked to the bed while the exquisite torture continues. Damn her for deliberately avoiding where I need her mouth the most, only a teasing caress of fingers through where I can feel myself dripping down the inside of both thighs.

"Sara, for the love of God, please!"

++ Sara ++

Deliberately avoiding the heady scent of Sofia's arousal, I work my way down each thigh and swirl my tongue into the back of her knee, making her sob and quiver.

"God," I groan hoarsely. "You make me so aggressive."

"Not… shit… com… complaining."

Seems the good detective is forgetting how to speak. Now, in addition to being totally addicted to her, I'm smug about it too. There's no time to dwell on my uncharacteristic thoughts and I go with the energy between us, leaning back on my heels and swatting her on that fine rear end. "Roll over."

Clumsy with need, Sofia does as ordered, shaking the bed with her squirming and nearly kicking me in the head. Flushed and wild-eyed, she sprawls back to give me all access to her body. "Please," she whimpers, reaching down to peel back the pale-furred lips of her dripping sex. "I need you so bad."

Damn, but that's the sexiest thing I've ever seen, how needy she has become, how wanton and unfettered. Sofia groans in protest as I press kisses to her knee, biting at the base of tense thigh muscles. When her hands start caressing the swollen flesh at her groin, I firmly push them away, and Sofia whines my name petulantly.

"Patience," I purr against her thigh. "I'll make it worth your while."

Trying to ignore the soft scent of Sofia’s damp skin and growing arousal is becoming more and more difficult the longer I continue to tease. Soon I can’t resist, shifting to crash our mouths together in a rough kiss that leaves the faint taste of blood in my mouth. Wildly, I kiss and nip my way down her writhing body, running my hands over all that soft skin just to hear Sofia purr and groan. I can’t imagine ever tiring of the sensual noises this woman makes.

"You have no idea how sexy you are."

++ Sofia ++

I am splayed out, arms thrown wide to grip the sheets, head tossing agitatedly, skin rosy and slick with heat. Like some kind of sacrificial offering to a pagan sex god, I'm so ready I could scream. There's white noise in my brain, streaming along my nervous system. A cramp is threatening in my ass muscles as I strain for some kind of contact, anything to put the fire out!

"Let me know if you like what I’m doing," Sara whispers in a strangled voice. As embarrassing as being on display like this might normally make me, I'm too desperate for her touch to care. Both of my hands tear at the sheets in response to the energy building inside. At the brush of her fingers on my skin, I groan with feeling.

"C’mon Sara, you’re killin’ me!"

++ Sara ++

She's responded so nicely to my continued torture and it's time for her reward. So I settle myself between Sofia’s raised knees like a carnal penitent. During our earlier lovemaking we were never quite in this position and I stare in fascination at the tender rosy folds on display. The scent is intoxicating and the glitter of her body's lubrication makes my mouth dry.

A soft breath of air over her swollen pussy makes Sofia jump and cry out, leaving me hanging onto my self-control by tattered threads. So I grit my teeth until my jaw aches and I focus on finishing task, despite getting an ill timed case of performance anxiety. I nearly hyperventilate when Sofia’s hand comes to rest lightly on my head, massaging my scalp and gradually drawing me closer to her heat. The intoxicating scent of her arousal is unmerciful and there is no more time for doubt or hesitation. Sofia needs me.

"You ready?" I hiss tightly, needing her so bad.

"Yes, oh, fuck yes," Sofia pants, her voice gone broken and squeaky with need. It might be humorous if I wasn’t been ready to combust myself.


And with that terse exchange, I finally give in to our mutual curiosity and need. Sofia lets out a sound halfway between a startled squeal and a broken sob of pleasure as my lips and tongue seek out her most intimate secrets. Warm, spicy, musky and sweet, there are no words to describe the exhilarating taste. Gathering up the sultry moisture, I moan in ecstasy and am rewarded with the same sound. Every dip and swell is explored thoroughly until Sofia is begging incoherently for mercy. Like an implosion, the energy gathers along her strong body and I cling to her shaking thighs as though my very life depended on it. Trembling along every nerve, tendon and muscle, the pressure waits for some signal, some outlet for release. Wanting to know her utterly, I slow the stroking of my tongue and really feel the shape of the focal point of my lover’s pleasure. The tiny glan like delicate wings, coy and alluring as it flirts with my gentle tongue. Restlessly, her hands clench and unclench in my disheveled hair and her hips rock to the heartbeat of her arousal. Scorching energy coils tighter and tighter and I am as caught up in it as she.

++ Sofia ++

I see only white and red, my heartbeat deafening in my ears, and the faint sound of my hoarse shouting is far, far away. It's a vacuum of sensation, all of this insane pleasure focused on the wet slide of her mouth. Her tongue moves to slither inside, jacking my nerves up again like a turbo drive, the brush of her nose on my pulsing clit making me howl again.

In the sensual vacuum, Sara is my anchor, her hands hard on my hips, her wicked mouth on my most vulnerable place. The feelings are so intense that I feel like an exposed nerve, even as I keep begging for more.

As my vision grays around the edges, I can't help but chuckle to myself that this would be the best way to go.

++ Sara ++

It's all I can do just to ride out the thrashing climax, but every bruise and pulled hair will be well worth it. With a fond, almost chaste kiss to the delicate glans, I climb up Sofia’s slack body to grin down at her. "Better?"

Sofia sprawls boneless, panting like a racehorse, before humming wordlessly. Amused at her lazy sensuousness, I kiss her softly, and she stirs back to life. There's a new level of feeling here, the bond has deepened and strengthened. I chuckle breathlessly as Sofia runs her tongue inquisitively over my lips and teeth. All I can remember is that kiss in other sensitive areas of my body and I shiver. In time, I allow a small space between us so that we can look into each other's eyes.

An altogether sexy grin plays across her sweaty face and my heart rate jumps like an adrenaline junkie's. "I like what I taste like on you."

"Uh huh."

++ Sofia ++

I'm absurdly pleased that I have reduced smart-as-a-whip Sara Sidle to grunting incoherency. That, and I'm as high as the Alps with sex hormones, so life could not possibly be any damn better right about now. As much as my earlier frustration earlier was torture, right now is all good.

Kissing my lovely investigator until she's breathless, I proceed to lick her face clean, making Sara giggle like a happy kid, a wonderful sound. Hell, she’s brought out whole sunny corners of my personality I didn’t even know I had. Our laughter turns into an impromptu wrestling match that I leap into with enthusiasm. Wiry as she may be, I soon have Sara pinned and she gradually gives into my superior subduing skills.

"Now that you have me, detective..." Sara purrs with a teasing grin on her face and I catch my breath unsteadily as she writhes sensuously beneath me. "What are you going to do with me?"

Like I'm gonna pass up this opportunity. "Okay sweet thing, two can play at this game. I never had a chance to finish frisking you properly anyway."

"Oh really?"

++ Sara ++

Ignoring my taunt, Sofia gathers both of my wrists in one powerful hand and pins them just above my head. Once more, some part of me is shocked at my trust in her as I lay passively in her almost aggressive hold. Vibrant blue eyes intent on their task, Sofia begins to trace every line and arch of my face. Mouth and fingers gently explore the curves of cheek and nose, the delicate surface of my trembling eyelids. It's relaxing, sexy and loving. I adore it, adore the way she makes me feel, basking in it. When I try to steal a kiss, Sofia flashes her best ‘serious cop’ look and my whole nervous system girly-squeals happily.

"No," she admonishes gently. "You’ll have to be patient. You can’t seriously think that I’m not going to do my best to one up that seduction? You know me, ever the overachiever."

A faintly disappointed moan echoes up from my chest to tease Sofia’s lips where they rest on my windpipe. Every muscle and tendon feels Sofia’s gentle touch and I am utterly caught up in her, unaware of the world around me. Then, out of nowhere, she gently sinks her teeth into the side of my throat and I cry out in ecstasy and surprise. I whine like a dominated animal as she insistently torments the pulsing line of my vulnerable jugular with her mouth. There is something intensely fucking feral about having those sharp teeth close to where they could so easily take life. Animal fear drives my adrenaline higher, making my head spin. Then trust relaxes me because Sofia will never really hurt me. I knew this long before being her lover. As my broken noises become those of desire again, a low growl from Sofia pushes me further towards madness.

++ Sofia ++

Oh yeah, that's sweet, making her whine and beg for the experimental bite on her throat and I'm glad that the gamble paid off. To keep her guessing, I decide to alternate from just that little bit rough and back to gentle, trying to coax out the maximum sensations. My journey continues across the delicate hollow at the base of Sara’s throat, followed by a quick nip at a shy clavicle and open-mouthed kisses warming sternum and flat pectoral muscles. Soon I'm memorizing the soft curve of breast, but studiously ignoring the hardened nipples as well as her begging.

"Please Sofia... I need you..."


Slowly, I work my way across the corrugated pattern of ribs, the firm expanse of belly and abdomen, leaving Sara writhing and gasping. An evil thought occurs to me and before Sara can do more than gasp in surprise, she's on her stomach with her wrists trapped firmly in the small of her back. "What the..."

Wet, suckling kisses outline the terrain of Sara’s back and shoulders, leaving the taller woman writhing and whimpering shamelessly. She tastes so good; I can’t help by mark her with rosy love marks. Eventually, I pass over her imprisoned wrists after placing a teasing lick on each fingertip. Sara is moaning constantly now and desperation is making her sound downright animal-like. I doubt she even realizes that she’s making the noise and has managed to arch those sexy hips up and who am I to keep my sweet girl waiting?

++ Sara ++

Having that shockingly talented mouth so close to my most powerful need is driving me insane. Having my wrists imprisoned and my movements gently restrained is heightening my concentration on the sensations firing through my nerves. I can take no active role in Sofia’s lovemaking and it turns me on more than I would have believed.

Then I gasp, squealing in shocked pleasure when Sofia abruptly burrows into the warm crevice between my asscheeks. That wicked tongue firmly strokes the exquisitely sensitive patch of flesh between my aching sex and anus and I can’t help but jerk back into her hard enough to earn a grunt of what could be surprise or pain. So that evil, tormenting mouth trails lightly over the skin close, so close to where I need her mouth so bad I'm ready to sell my goddamn soul… and kisses the backs of my thighs.

A wordless wail of protest shatters the heated air as I let loose my protest to the long, slow road she's leading me along. Revenge for my earlier seduction indeed! To draw out the torment for just a few more moments, Sofia leans away to no doubt study her handiwork like the damn good detective she is. I'm wet, swollen, crazy, and can smell the intoxicating fragrance of my need all the way up here.

++ Sofia ++

"Please... please... please..."

There's little doubt in my mind that Sara's unaware that she's begging softly under her breath. Quickly releasing her wrists, I drop onto my back and wrap both arms around her trembling thighs. A hoarse cry wrenches itself from my lover as I bodily shift her onto my waiting mouth. The climax roars along her nerves and explodes from her in a broken scream of release. Unmerciful, I continue to suckle the aching focus of her pleasure even as the lanky woman whimpers for mercy or more, it's difficult to tell. She feels so damn good, hot and tangy, with sexy, soft folds and curves, the wiry dark curls tickling my skin as she writhes on my face. Again that astonishing energy gathers and Sara whimpers almost like she is frightened, fingers clenching into my hair so tight that I'm wondering if I'm going to get scalped. I want to leave this woman with no defenses, no protocols, no rules, no sanity. I want to brand her sex drive as mine, if anyone dares touch her again; I want her to feel only me. My animal brain snarls and bares its teeth, a rumbling growl shaking my bones to vibrate into her quivering pussy. Like a creature freed from its cage, the climax is torn from Sara with a scream that will probably broadcast to anyone within miles what we are doing.

It's a long moment before I can think clearly enough to crawl up from between her shaking thighs and gather my sobbing lover into strong arms. Her sweaty, dark head is tucked into the hollow of my neck and shoulder before I murmur gently, "rest now and I’ll watch over you, lover."

++ Sara ++

Eventually, we notice that the sun is bright and strong at the edges of Chris' patchwork curtains. I'm sprawled with Sofia draped across my chest and our fingers twine idly on my sternum. Despite our lust and emotional bonding, the world outside is still turning and we're being drawn back to it. Shifting to lean up and gently kiss a sore spot on my neck, Sofia smiles softly at me.

"Are we ready to get back to our lives?"

Are we?

When we leave this place, all of the worries will become real. All of the dangers will be more than just amorphous threats.

Then I look into the crystalline blue eyes, open and warm with love and affection. Some of the worry falls away and I smile helplessly, tracing the curl of her lovely mouth. "Think you can handle me in real life, sexy?"

She likes that, her faint smile sweet and wicked, her kiss slow and loving and making me whine with the wonder of it all. "Me and you?" she asks seriously, our noses touching, and I nod helplessly.

"Me and you."

Somehow we get through a shower with no hanky panky, before climbing back into our roughly-washed clothes. They feel… strange somehow, almost foreign after our experience at this place. Right on cue, there's a tentative knock at the door and we share a wry look.

"Here we go," Sofia sighs and I grab her to plant a sweet kiss on those lips before she goes for the door, swallowing a silly grin. How I adore that I make her feel good and that she returns the favor. Chris seems surprised and faintly disappointed that we're dressed, calm and normal.

"Rain's let up," he offers quietly, clenching a battered baseball cap in his hands. "Would you like to try Willowside? I'm hopin' there'll be some phone lines workin'."

"Good idea," Sofia enthuses and slaps him on the arm. "Lead the way."

Wonder if my woman has any idea the crush the poor boy has on her?

Sorry bucko, she's mine.

++ Sofia ++

Vera accepts the hugs from Sara and I, and we don't let Henry be stoic, even going so far as to press kisses to his weathered cheek. With promises to visit someday, all of us strangers pile into Chris' truck and drive away. I hate being separated from Sara, but with her still-sore leg, she's in the cab with baby Maggie while I have the married Carsons as company.

It's a brutal, grueling trip across the mangled scrublands and desert. The flooding has carved great swathes of destruction that Chris nimbly navigates like a pro. Even so, Doug, Becca and I have to help him several times to get around, over or through obstacles.

"So much for my clean clothes," I grumble and the Carsons chuckle as we throw our weight against the tree limb shoved into the truck's wheel well.

The sight of clumped up buildings and something as banal as a gas station nearly makes me weep with happiness. Reaching in through the truck's back window, I grip Sara's shoulder and we trade relieved smiles.

Even better is the battered sheriff's car parked at the little café. Sheriff Mitchell takes one look at my badge and Chris at my side before immediately handing over a sophisticated and chunky wireless phone of some sort.

"Satellite phone, nice," Sara notes, obviously impressed and the small town cop is pleased.

Brass' number dumps me to his voicemail and on a whim I hang up and hand the phone to Sara. "Call Grissom, he'll make sure that everyone knows that we're okay."

Nodding, she punches in the numbers and smiles at whatever response she gets. "It's Sara. No, no, we're fine, both of us. We were caught by a flash flood and lost the truck. A local rescued us, thankfully. We're in a town called Willowside, California. While you look that up, can you do me a favor? There was a couple rescued with us and I'd like their families to know that they're okay." There is more that she says to the senior CSI, but I'm too caught up in the sound of her voice, not the words. When she says farewell and hands the phone back to the hovering sheriff, I have to shake off my fascination with her. "Bet we're stuck here for one more day, but hopefully someone will put us up."

That, of course, has Sheriff Mitchell tripping over himself to ensure that we're all well taken care of. He waves off my offer to have Las Vegas PD reimburse him, but I'll do it anyways.

It also means one more night alone with my Sara.

++ Sara ++

Alone would have been nice, but instead we're crammed into a local's living room; all six of us. Oh well, at least I can cuddle with my lover and sleep peacefully in her presence.

Imagine our collective shock to be woken by the thrumming chop of helicopter blades in the early morning air. "I'll be damned," Sofia murmurs as the copter settles in the clearing beside the gas station while the natives stare. Chris gets a round of hugs from each of us, even as the co-pilot ducks out.

"Detective Curtis?" The woman shouts over the noise. "Captain Brass sends his regards. Your chariot awaits."

On the trip home, the pilots show us where they spotted our overturned vehicles and skim over the carnage. It's frightening to see the two SUVs half buried in the water-disturbed sand, quiescent again. After fueling up, we continue on to Las Vegas and I have never been so glad in my life to see the City of Sin.

Jim Brass and my entire team are there, wan and relieved. Were they really that worried? We're barely away from the slowing helicopter blades before my team assaults me in a group hug that really shocks me.

"We were so worried!" Catherine yells over the din, giving me a squeeze, and I have absolutely no idea what to say to any of them.

So I stay quiet, but I am indescribably, teary-eyed happy to see them here to welcome me home. If any of them notice how I cling to Sofia's hand as we descend into the building, no one comments. Good thing too, because my knee is starting to ache fiercely.

That leads us to the hospital, Sofia glaring down my objections. "You promised," she says simply and I subside. I don’t miss the looks of surprise from my teammates at my giving in to something I normally protest so vehemently.

++ Sofia ++

It cracks me up that even Jim has a big hug for me; seems that we gave the LVPD quite the scare, disappearing like that. Thankfully, the man takes one look at our disheveled condition and Sara's heavy limp before volunteering to drive us to the hospital himself.

So, here I am in the waiting room of the hospital, crowded, noisy and bright. After the days of solitude it's a bit jarring, as well as a relief. Sara is dozing on my shoulder, still clinging to my hand.

It doesn't matter where we are, or what we are doing. I have found love in a completely unexpected package and I will follow her anywhere. Be it our normal lives or filthy and tired in a waiting room.

There's no place that I would rather be than with my Sara.

The End!