Title: Crash
Author: Elfcat255
Feedback address: elfcat255@aol.com
Date in Calendar: 19 June 2007
Fandom: Stargate SG-1
Pairing: Sam/Janet
Rating: PG
Summary: A weekend camping trip goes awry and a relationship begins.
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Disclaimer: I do not own these characters…if I did things would be very different…*grin*

The low whine of the motorcycle engine buzzed in the distance as the doctor locked her front door. She turned around and walked down the steps as the sound grew closer and she eventually met the source at the end of the driveway. The trim figure, dressed in faded jeans, a green t-shirt, and a lighter version of the SG vest, rested a hiking boot on the curb as she propped the blue and yellow Suzuki DR-Z up. The figure pulled off the blue motocross helmet revealing the short blonde locks of Samantha Carter.

Smiling widely the Air Force major called out, “Did you lock the door?”

“Yes, I locked it, “ Janet returned as she grew near the large dirt bike. “Where’s all your gear and my daughter?” the doctor asked as she adjusted the backpack on her shoulders trying to figure out the best way to climb on the bike.

“Here,” Sam said, giving Janet her elbow to hold onto as she climbed aboard the machine. “I gave all of the gear to Jack along with Cassie and her dog; he’s taking the more commercial not so short route.

Clambering aboard, Janet steadied herself against Sam’s back. “Where’s my helmet?”

Reaching down Sam unbuckled the helmet from the catch just below her thigh and handed it back to the doctor. “Viola.”

“Thank you,” said Janet as she pulled the helmet on. “Now explain to me this,” she began, “Why are we taking the more scenic but shorter route?”

Sam grinned and bounced on one foot as the other kicked the engine to life. As the motor idled at a low rumble she replied. “Because the first one there gets the biggest room.”

“Why does getting the big room matter? We don’t take up much space,” Janet told her as she gave Sam’s mid-section a squeeze.

“The room has a little balcony with a pier leading out into the lake…very nice,” Sam replied and gave the throttle a rev as she moved away from the curb.

“Just don’t get a ticket,” Janet called out over the noise of the engine as the bike sped away.


An hour, and several twists and turns later, found the couple traveling up a narrow forest path. Sam maneuvered the large machine over exposed tree roots and through ruts caused by years of use by little cloven feet.

“I’m not so sure this was a good idea!” Janet said loudly as Sam stood up on the bike’s pegs and used her body weight to get them through a deep rut on the game trail.

“Only about two miles left to go…this section gets a lot of run off water; just move with me!” Sam yelled back over the engine a she traversed a smaller gouged out area of the path.

Janet was about to yell back a reply when she caught movement out of the corner of her eye; a large brown object rushed towards them. “Sam!” She yelled.

The blonde turned her body just in time to see a huge set of horns approaching them and then the bike lurched sideways as they impacted with the couple on the moving machine.

Sam heard a short scream and she turned. “Janet!” Trying to slip off of the falling machine, she caught her jeans on a foot peg and was tugged down with the falling recreational bike as it tumbled down the slight incline they’d been traveling up for the past hour.

The last thing the blonde felt was a blow that cracked her helmeted head and then blackness…..


The throbbing in her leg slowly roused her into consciousness. Slowly sitting up, the short figure pulled her helmet off and tossed it to the side as a sharp pain shot through her right leg when she tried to move it.

Stifling a garbled yell at the sensation of bone grating, Janet stopped her movement. After a few deep breaths, she opened her eyes which had shut tight at the first stab of pain then focused on her injury. As she pulled back the torn material of her jeans, she let out a call, “Sam! Where are you?”

Not getting an answer she pushed herself up as much as she could to look around her landing spot. About five feet further down the incline from where she lay the doctor caught a flash of bright yellow. “Sam!” she yelled and the name reverberated through the trees.


It wasn’t the throbbing in her head which woke her…no, it was the cries of her name from the doctor which slowly caused her to crack open eyes crusted with blood. “Janet?” she called back in a shaky voice.

Squirming against the weight pressing her down to the ground, Sam worked her way out from under the crashed bike. She rose on hands and knees looking up the incline to find Janet’s worried face watching her. “Are you in one piece?” the doctor asked.

Sam steadied herself and, reaching her hands up she tugged open the split helmet, slid it off her head, tossing it onto the ground. Using her shirt sleeve she wiped at her face then slowly ran fingers over the back of her head. Finding a large cut she felt the tackiness from it slowing in it’s bleeding.

“Had my bell rung pretty hard but that’s a standard thing; I’m getting used to it,“ Sam said as she slowly moved up the incline towards Janet.

The auburn haired woman held up a hand. “Take your time; I’m not going anywhere any time soon.”

Sam jerked to a stop. “How bad are you hurt?”

The doctor watched as Sam took a deep breath and began moving towards her faster. “Leg’s broken,” Janet said as the blonde neared her.

Moving as fast as her swimming head would allow, Sam moved to kneel beside the injured doctor. “What do you need me to do? All I have is a first aid kit and it’s tiny…I might have something to splint it with….” she babbled out in a rush.

Janet lay a free hand on Sam’s shoulder. “Calm down before you hyperventilate, Sam. The first aid kit should be enough with what I have in my pack, now let me look at your head.”

Sam stared at the face in front of her, except for a sheen of sweat across the doctor’s brow and an occasional frown you could never tell she was in pain. “No, I take care of you this time, Janet.” the blonde said in a serious tone.

Janet’s jaw tightened and she nodded as a stab of pain shot through her thigh and Sam moved to find materials for a splint as Janet pulled off what was left of her backpack. It had cushioned her fall against one tree but not the one which caught her leg.

“Did you see what I hit?” Sam asked, searching through a pile of old limbs.

“I saw you hit the tree as I fell away from the bike. Then you rolled down the hill with the bike on top of you most of the way. I lost track of where you landed until I sat up and looked.

Sam returned with a couple of heavy sticks and lay them beside the injured doctor before she inched her way back down the incline to the wrecked motorcycle. Tugging on the seat, she uncovered the first aid kit and a few other odds and ends she kept tucked in the small space. She turned and began making her way back up the hill when a dizzy spell washed over her.

Seeing the blonde falter Janet called out, “For heaven’s sake, sit down before you fall down, Sam. You can’t help me if you pass out and roll further down the hill.”

Sam looked up and a determined look flashed across her face as she continued onwards until reaching the spot where Janet lay. “Let me catch my breath and I’ll help set your leg.”

“We need to hurry, I can’t feel my toes,” Janet said, biting her lip.

Sam moved quickly to gather the materials and once ready helped the doctor by moving the lower part of the leg back in place while the smaller woman held her upper body and thigh steady.

Beads of sweat rolled down the sides of both of their faces even though the mountain air was cooler then town below. After several terse directions, Janet finally stopped Sam and told her that was fine. The doctor could feel the warn rush of blood through the veins in her lower leg. It was not as she feared; a severed vein or artery, just the position of her leg slowing the circulation to a standstill. She held the pieces of wood Sam placed on either side the break as she secured them with bungee chord. After the break was stabilized Sam used the antiseptic wipes in the kits to clean around the torn flesh and apply a bandage. She pulled a small canteen out of the side pocket of her vest and popped open the analgesic included in the kit but Janet shook her head. “Look in my kit, there should be a injector of morphine.”

“Isn’t that illegal to carry off base?” Sam asked as she looked through the little bag the doctor never traveled without.

“I’m special,” Janet quipped through gritted teeth.

“Sorry, sorry….here it is!” San said holding up the syringe.

Janet held out her hand and Sam shook her head, moving to tug down the pant’s on the hip of the doctor’s injured leg. “Now there might be a small sting when medicine goes in and I find it better if you relax your muscles, “ The blonde said in a no nonsense tone.

“I think I know the routine, Major,” remarked Janet a bit sarcastically.

“Sorry,” replied Sam, “Just trying to alleviate the moment a bit.”

“I know,” Janet said softly as Sam injected the narcotic. “Don’t use all of it, only a couple of milligrams do start with.”

“Hopefully we’ll be found before I have to use all of it on you,” Sam responded as she finished the injection and capped the syringe. Standing up, she rubbed the back of her head and picked up the open backpack laying on the ground near the doctor’s prone form.

“And when do you think that will happen?” Janet asked as she took the jacket Sam handed her from her backpack and lay it over her splinted leg.

“Jack should get to the cabin shortly but he probably won’t get worried for us until it gets dark. I told him we might do some sightseeing if we felt like it,” Sam told the doctor as she held up a t-shirt and gave her a questioning look.

Janet nodded and Sam poured a little water on the material and dabbed at the cut on the back of her head. Watching the taller woman grimace, Janet waved her to sit down. “Come, let me look at that hard head of yours.”

With a loud sigh, Sam sat on the ground and allowed the doctor to look at the cut. As Janet peeled away the matted hair, the blonde muttered, “I’m sorry.”

“It’s okay, Sam. You didn’t know a psycho sheep was going to ram us.” The doctor chuckled.

“I wonder why he did that,” Sam mused as she twitched when Janet reached a tender area of her scalp.

“No clue,” said the doctor. “If Jack won’t expect us until dark then there’s the chance we may be here overnight. I mean they can’t start a search in the dark…right?”

“Yeah…oww, careful,” Sam whined and jerked her head slightly.

“Big baby,” Janet remarked as she finished with her ministrations to Sam’s injury. “I’m finding it hard to believe you didn’t break anything during that tumble.”

“I went limp, so I just rolled with the bike,” Sam replied as she sat up and looked around. “I need to get a fire going if we are going to be here for awhile.”

With that said, the blonde stood up and went over to the pile of limbs she found the splints in; she began pulling out some of them for firewood. As Janet watched the taller woman work, she wondered if this was how Sam handled all emergencies, not worrying about herself until others were taken care of…or was it just because she was injured?

They had a wonderful first date only three months ago but not long after that evening, the incident with Jonas Hanson occurred and the blonde major had walled herself off from her friends. Janet had been surprised when Sam called, inviting both her and Cassie on a team camping trip. Sure, it wasn’t just the two of them like Janet wished it could be, but at least Sam was interacting with people again.

Stacking the firewood in a triangular shape, Sam pulled a box of waterproof matches from one of her vest pockets and striking it, lit the pile of kindling in the center of the pile. Soon a crackling fire snapped and popped before her and she turned to sit back down next to the doctor. She stared into the slowly expanding fire, her face growing blank for a second and then she turned to Janet. “How are you doing?”

“I’m fine…you?” the doctor replied.

“Sore, now that little rush of adrenaline has worn off,” Sam admitted with a tired smile.

Janet reached a hand out and cupped Sam’s chin. “The truth, Samantha.”

With a wry twist to her lips the blonde spoke, “My head hurts like a son-of-a bitch and I think a sprained a knee; so walking to get help is out of the question for both of us.”

“Well, get comfortable and rest; that’s doctor’s orders,” Janet remarked.

“No argument from me about those orders,” Sam grumbled.

The two women grew silent as the light began to fade. Before long darkness fell and the only light for miles was the fire roaring before them. So far, they had been lucky with firewood, a large pile of dead limbs had collected against a tree and gave them a nice supply for the night if used wisely. Finally Janet spoke up, “Why have you shut yourself off from everyone these past couple of weeks?”

Sam hesitated a moment before answering and with a small shake of her head replied, “It’s how I handle fallout from stressful situations. I just have to be by myself for a little while.”

Janet shifted her weight and grimaced as her leg moved. “You know I’m always here for you to talk to about things like Jonas or whatever is troubling you.”

Seeing the pained look on the doctor’s face Sam moved closer. “Do you need another shot?” she asked.

“Just a twinge…now back to the subject; why didn’t you call me to at least to let me know you were all right?” Janet asked.

“We had just had our first date, Janet; I didn’t want to pile past relationship problems on the beginning of a new one.” admitted Sam.

Janet tilted her head, a grin forming on her face. “So you do want to see me again?”

A shy smile appeared on Sam’s dirty face and she answered, “Yes, if you want to go out with me again.”

“Well, when we get out of this little predicament then I’ll take you up on that offer,” replied Janet. “Right now, though, I’m getting a little sleepy. Want to come be my prop?”

“Sure,” said Sam as she moved to sit closer to the doctor, allowing her to lean her smaller form against her back. They sat in silence for a few minutes and then Sam giggled. Janet raised her head from where it rested on Sam’s shoulder, “What?”

“Jack probably thinks we’re fooling around in a tent somewhere,” the blonde said and then added, “not that fooling around with you in a tent would be a bad thing.”

Laughing at the remark, Janet admitted, “I had plans of doing that this weekend.”

Sam gave her a surprised look. “You were going to seduce me this weekend, weren’t you?”

“Guilty as charged, I was tired of waiting on you to make the first move,” Janet revealed.

“Damn sheep!” Sam grumbled but gave Janet grin. “Oh ,well, I guess it can wait until next camping trip, when we use a car.”

Janet chuckled. “I’m going to rest my eyes but you need to stay awake a little while longer…”

“I know the drill,” Sam muttered.

“Okay…wake me up in thirty minute intervals so we can both check on each other,” Janet said as she finally let the morphine close her eyes.

“Will do, Jan,” Sam returned.

Both women relaxed and rested lightly to recover some from their injuries, secure in the knowledge their teammates would soon be on the way to get them. And that once found, they had another date to plan, perhaps even several more.