Title: Voyager Sirens Take Out Alpha Boys in Thrilling Climax
Author: Elizabeth E. Carter
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Date in Calendar: 14 June 2007
Fandom: Star Trek: Voyager
Pairing: Seven / Janeway
Rating: PG13
Category: humor / romance
Archive: Passion and Perfection, Dark Matter anyone else simply ask so I know where to look.
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Disclaimer: All things Star Trek belongs to Paramount Pictures and Gene Rodenberry. Everything Harry Potter belongs to the Lady JK Rowling, all in fun and no infringement meant.

Note: Penned for Dog Days of Summer 2007.

Dedication/Beta: (Beta reader Jo aka Celievamp) Dedicated to my own beloved angelic, of whom I adore very much.

It started out as a project given to young Naomi Wildman and Mizoti. Soon after the school project like a cold virus passed from one member of Voyager’s crew to another, from Naomi and Mizoti to their mothers, Samantha and Seven of Nine.

From them to B’Elanna to Harry Kim. Kim got Tom Paris involved who in turn got both the Delaney sisters interested. The ladies aforementioned got Susan Nicoletti, Vorik, Chell and Carey very interested. The Delaney’s had spread the interest to Tel Celes and through the young Bajoran to several other junior officers who in turn spread it to their senior officers of the Beta and Gamma shifts. Soon this little idea of a school project had the entire crew of Voyager enthralled. And Neelix exploded with the sheer delight of it. The effect went straight to Command and here it didn’t atrophy but exploded.


Naomi and Mizoti had developed a hologram program that allowed users of the program to engage in the noble sport of wizards. The two girls had decided to take the fictional sport of a much beloved books of Harry Potter circa early twenty-first century Earth and make it real.

A hundred and forty-eight people can become jaded in between the times of battles with Hirogen, Borg, Malan freighters, the odd space anomalies and draining supplies. Fair Haven and the Resort programs which were open for all crew members to use became a little dull to some members. Many who were not fans of the self-important strutting Tom Paris were eager to try something new. Quidditch proved to be the new favoured flavour for rec-time after Command decreed it a public program. The crew soon started to form teams which in turn started to challenge other Voyager teams versus the holographic ones. No sooner had competing teams emerged than the idea of tournaments sprouted.

The crew found, as Oliver Wood had told Harry Potter in the pages of the book, that the rules of the game were indeed easy to understand, even if it wasn’t easy to play. Seven people made up a team. Three members were the Chasers whose task it was pass the Quaffle to each other and try to make a score via one of three hoops on either end of the pitch. The two Beaters of the teams took whacks at the Bludgers with small baseball or rounders bats to distract not only the Chasers but the Seeker as well. Now those who read or watched the holoprograms of Harry Potter knew well what a Seeker was and what job they did.

The Seeker hunted a small ping-pong ball sized golden-winged ball worth a hundred and fifty points. By catching the ball it signalled the end of the game though not always winning the game. If the other team was ahead by far more than hundred and fifty points could catch them up the game simply ended with the win to the opposition.

The last remaining member of the team was the keeper. The goalie stood between the three hoops and prevented the scoring Quaffle being hurdled through it. On the premier team, the Voyager Sirens, this position belonged to Samantha Wildman much to the delight of her young daughter. The other author of the programme was proud to see that her own ‘mother’ had become the Voyager Sirens’ Seeker. Seven was extremely adept finding and capturing the little golden ball.

The other members of this particular all ladies team were B’Elanna, Megan and Jennifer Delaney who were all Chasers. The Beaters who were very skilful at aiming the Bludgers and striking their targets before the opposition could redirect the offensive black balls were Tel Celes and none other than Captain Kathryn Janeway herself.

Voyager Sirens were at the top of their game. Of course so were the Alpha Boys. (Named so because the men claimed they were males from the Alpha Quadrant and the Alpha team. Speculation from many was the men thought themselves alpha males all crowing about their process well all save the Vulcans. They of course had a Victorian attitude to anything remotely resembling strutting and sex.) They were Keeper Chakotay, Chasers: Harry Kim, Vorik and Joe Carey. The Beaters Tuvok and Icheb, the Seeker was Tom Paris who wanted the position of hero and abhorred anyone else from the claim.

Depending upon his duties the task of referee landed upon none other than the only sentient Hologram on Voyager: The Doctor. If not available the task was given to the fictional Madame Hooch the original character from the books from which the game was birthed. Of course she looked exactly like the actress who had played her role in the antique films of the Twenty-first century. Madame Hooch had instructed every member of the Voyager teams in the art of flying and the game itself. After all who better?

It was the Doctor who was now on the job in this critical match. The Alpha Boys and smashed the Grease Monkeys only last week. The Grease Monkeys as the name suggested were all from Engineering. Their Captain was Susan Nicolatii. The bumbling Bolean, Chel, despite all indications to the contrary made a wonderful Keeper for his team. Chapman, Mulcahey, William Telfer, Harren and Tabor. As a matter of course The Grease Monkeys now cheered on their Chief who was flying for the Sirens.

B’Elanna Torres not Kathryn Janeway was the captain of the team. The young woman had gruellingly tried out each position of her team with a warrior’s eye and an Engineer’s expertise. She placed each person who won a spot on the team in the position that best suited them. Janeway because of her undefeated position as Velocity Champion was one of the beaters. Tel Celes was remarkable as well and along side Janeway made for a devastating combination. Wildman pretended each goal post was a Naomi and thus staunchly defended them against enemy Quaffles. The Delaney Twins and B’Elanna herself made efficient, fast and keen Chasers that flew circles around the opposition. Seven was simply a natural at finding and snagging the pesky elusive golden ball.

The crew were anxious to see whose tactical strategy would pay off: Tuvok’s or B’Elanna’s. Tuvok wasn’t The Alpha Boy’s captain but he was their strategist. More than half the crew were betting on the Klingon. Even Janeway had placed her own bet in the pool that The Siren’s would win the game. Not necessarily because of team pride but because of the overconfidence of the Alpha Boys. That and Harry Kim never played well against Janeway. That would cost them.

At present Janeway stood with her arm outstretched, captured between her lover’s left breast and arm, as Seven was assisting her to tie on the hard leather gauntlets. Kathryn took the opportunity to gently stroke the soft roundness of Seven’s breast with the pad of her thumb.

“That is counter productive,” Seven chided in a whisper with no true authority.

“Oh I don’t know.” Janeway’s lips curled in to the smirk she showed only when she had a forming plan in mind and her target was falling for it. “I think it’s very productive.” She leaned in close to the blonde’s ear. “Have perkiness issues there, Sev?”

Clear blue eyes smouldered, and not in anger. “You will remedy the ‘perkiness issues’ after the game.”

Seven, Janeway found out was rather randy after the match whether she was playing in it or not. “With eagerness,” Kathryn told her. She rewarded her love with a peck on the cheek and a slightly more passionate kiss upon full lips for aiding in dressing her in her gear.

The five other ladies in the locker room hid their smiles and pretended not to see the flirtations between their captain and astrometrics officer. They had been a couple now for a year. It happened shortly after the incident with Borg Vinculum. Though most thought the idea of a romance started during the Hirogen’s foothold on Voyager when the crew were forced to part take holographic battles. Certainly there had been something between the characters they portrayed in the World War II simulation. When memories resurfaced of what happened between them, the love they had made the idea of a relationship not so ludicrous. Events after the Hirogen and before the Vinculum only fuelled the budding romance. They were as was once coined ‘out of the closet’ soon after the infinite regression of the vinculum. There were a few protests but nothing verging on mutiny. To most it was a logical step and even more had seen it coming. And so by now it was accepted that Kathryn Janeway and Seven of Nine were an item.

To prevent the crew from thinking she favoured Seven (which she did) Janeway was harder on her when the ‘Captain’ had to punish her. Kathryn however was in private extremely passionate and giving to her young lover. Little shows of affection were nothing new to Voyager’s crew after all Janeway was very extraverted and showed her affection for her crew readily. What did it matter if she showed a bit more with Seven?

“Alright gang!” B’Elanna called the team to order. “Our boys will never let us live it down if they manage to win this game. So don’t let them. Captain, I want you to flash that smile of yours to Harry and utter ‘encouragements’ to him every time you pass by him. Target your Bludgers on him as much as possible. If he manages to make a good hit make sure to praise him on it. It will throw him off his game and make him nervous and he will make mistakes. Celes, do a few of your Bludger Backbeats, you’re very good at those and it confuses the hell out of the opposition, especially our favourite helm-rat. Samantha, Carey is a plenty taker so use the Double Eight loop against him anytime he enters the scoring area.

“Meg, Jen as soon as we get the Quaffle we do the Hawkshead Attacking Formation. I want to put as much fear into the Alpha Boys as is possible.” B’Elanna of course was referring to the Quidditch play where all three Chasers formed an arrowhead pattern and flew together towards the goalposts. It was highly intimidating to opposing teams and very effective in forcing other players aside. When those other players included two Vulcans and a former Borg such manoeuvre were a necessity.

B’Elanna had studied all things Quidditch from the character Madam Hooch who no one else but Mizoti had thought to do, instead others had gone directly to the books of Harry Potter. Oh yes the teams had taken their flying lessons and learned the game from her, but the character herself had not been sought after for tactics, styles and manoeuvres within the game. B’Elanna had ordered each of her team players to study with Hooch themselves and learn ploys for each position from her. This was the secret to the Siren’s success.

Granted they had studied the Book ‘Quidditch through the Ages,” the book from the book not the one published in real life to study. With seven hundred ways to foul and betting that the Doctor knew everyone of them it was best to know what not to do.

To test themselves they had played against the fictional Gryffindor team and Seven not Harry Potter caught the Snitch and the Sirens not the Gryffindor won the game. Well, to be fair, it took several dozen games and practices to do so.

“Seven,” B’Elanna turned her attention to the tall Borg. Typically the Seekers were the smallest and fastest of the team. Well Seven was the fastest despite the Borg enhancements to her skeleton which made her heavier. But she was far more durable and considering more accidents happened to seekers this off-balance of weight actually played in the woman’s favour. She was quicker than other Seekers and tenacious as the Borg Queen when it came to hunting the Snitch. “Tom is overconfident and will posture. As soon as he starts to brag I want you to pull off a Wronski Feint.”

Seven knew this meant she was to dive for the ground making her opponent think she has seen the snitch. She would at the very last possible moment pull up. Given her Borg reflexes and timing Seven could be a hair’s breath from the earth before pulling up from the dive. Five weeks ago this had worked well against the Lower Deck Scrubs. Ayala from Security had ended up in Sickbay with concussion and a fractured tibia because he was unable to pull out of the crash; it would have been more serious had not the holodeck safety protocols been in play.

“He might try and play it himself make sure you don’t fall for it.” B’Elanna further advised. “All right Ladies, this is the big one. The one for the club and for our pride. The guys win and there will be no living with them, least of all Paris and Chakotay. Let’s take them down!”

There was a chorus “Take’em down!” from the others. Added by Janeway’s ‘Qapla!’ which got even more rowdier cheers.

“The Alpha Boys… resistance is futile.” Seven added for good measure.

That gained several chuckles and knowing smiles.

“And don’t forget we got two little girls in the stands cheering their moms on so we have to win.” This came from Samantha Wildman who gave a conspiratorial wink to Seven. “It will be worse than trying to live down the boys if we do. So win for the girls.”

This brought an even bigger cheer from the ladies. Not one of them wanted to disappoint the two girls in the stands watching their moms play. Of course Naomi and Mizoti thought it a galactic unfairness that THEY were not allowed to play the game with the ‘grown-ups’ because it was too dangerous. Icheb did for crying out loud and he wasn’t much older. It was THEIR project after all was said and done and thought with arms folded over tiny chests! But they got to go to every match they wanted to free of charge. The Captain didn’t think it fair they had to buy their school project with holodeck rations especially when the crew went up and ran away with the new ‘toy’, the Captain included. This in the least was a compromise if not a bribe to the little girls.

The Sirens made their way onto the pitch to loud cheers. Two blonde women looked to the announcer’s podium and saw Mizoti and Naomi sitting besides Neelix. The Talaxian delighted in announcing and commentating on the game and he was as entertaining as the fliers. To his left sat the twin boys Rebi and Azan.

The stadium was filled not only with off-shift crew members but hordes of holographic fans, some of them well-known personalities from the Harry Potter novels and antique movies. All of them anxious to see who would snap up the Voyager World Cup.

Neelix clapped his hands and rubbed them together. He had practiced too and was eager to show how well he could follow the game. The game was being transmitted for those who wanted to listen and were still on duty. Some com-panels had the visual transmissions and of course it was a ship wide broadcast.

Fourteen fliers made their way on to the pitch. The Sirens dressed in reds and black, not of command but inspired by the Queen of Hearts, which incidentally was their mascot. A replication of the card was depicted on the back of the jerseys just under the name of the individual team members. The Alpha Boys appeared dressed in gold and blue. Their own logo was nothing as artistic as a face card but the Greek symbols for alpha and male. Simple, but it worked.

The Doctor was refereeing with Madam Hooch waiting on the bench should a medical emergency call him away. Broom in hand he addressed each team captain to hand.

“Prepare to eat crow, B’Elanna, me and the guys are going to take the cup and title.”

“Might happen if you weren’t playing us, fly-boy,” B’Elanna tossed back good naturedly. “The cup is already ours.”

“Actually it belongs to no one yet.” The Doctor reminded them. “A good clean game, that’s what I want. Alright, take to the air.”

Seconds later fifteen brooms rose into the sky of the holographic pitch.

Naomi whooped and clapped as she saw her mother zoom past her to her place at the goal posts. Seven took her place above the pitch on the hunt for the elusive Golden Snitch.

“There They Go! The Quaffle is snatched immediately by B’Elanna. Fine form. Look at that, she’s really warping now. Ducked Tuvok, rolled past Carey. Oohh nice pass to Megan. I hope it’s Megan… yes I see her jersey now. Oh no wait look there The Alpha Boys now have the ball Harry stole it away with a quick dive from above. Nice moves there. Off he goes zig-zagging between the Sirens. They are on his tailwinds now.

“Oh the Captain just complimented Harry on his good sportsmanship. Oops! Harry nearly slipped his seat. The Quaffle is dropped; Vorik scoops it up but drops it from a well aimed Bludger sent by Celes. Good hit! That came out of no where! The Quaffle belongs to Jennifer is flying like a Cliff Racer up there. Goodness she’s flanked by B’Elanna and Megan. Oh! Oh it’s the Hawkshead Attacking formation! Phenomenal spectacle! The three are barrelling down the pitch. Closer… Closer. And Jen passes so swiftly to B’Elanna!” Neelix shouted. He was standing up now watching with such furious attention the excitement wafted off of him like cologne.

“Go B’Elanna - looks like she’s just got the keeper to beat. Chakotay is frantically trying to protect all three goals. He doesn’t seem to know which one has the Quaffle. The three ladies all huddle over their brooms as if they all have the Quaffle. I’m sure I saw it pass to B’Elanna. She’s now flying head of the formation. No… no… Jen still has it she hurls the ball! The feint worked!”

“Ten-nil to Sirens.”

Cheers rocked the holo-stadium as the first goal of the game was made by Jennifer Delaney. The deception had worked like a game of shells the ball never truly left her possession only the position of her place in formation. Where was the little pea? Under that shell? Or that one? Nope it was there under the shell you were first shown.

“The Quaffle is back in play taken by Carey. He’s belting down the pitch!” cried Neelix throatily.

Seven was circling the pitch, persistent in her hunt. But she couldn’t help but watch as her lover intercepted a Bludger zeroing in on B’Elanna sent there by Icheb. Playing against the lad that had for all purposes become her son was difficult. She hadn’t expected it to be so. She had tried to approach the topic logically he was simply playing on the other team doing his job admirably. But as a maternal figure it added complications.

Icheb too had his own problems he always felt a pang of guilt any time he sent a Bludger towards his ‘mother.’ So it was he avoiding doing as much as possible save for the accidental strike. It was something B’Elanna had picked up on and used against the Alpha Boys every time they played against each other. It exactly like using The Captain against Harry.

Janeway looked up for a moment after she sent the vicious black ball away from the Siren’s captain to nearly pelt Harry Kim off his broom. Her eyes met those of her beloved. She smiled a moment before belting down the pitch. To back up Tel Celes as she did exactly as B’Elanna had commanded and performed the Bludger Backbeat. The Bludger hurled behind her from a backhanded swing from her bat. It worked as it was supposed to and it had confused the hell out of Tom Paris who obviously suspected the ball to be sent against Vorik who had the Quaffle.

“It’s The Alpha Boys in possession, Vorik with the Quaffle, heading straight for Siren’s goalposts. Nice swerve round Jennifer. Looking very good Vorik. Oh wait. It’s an intercept by Megan. Megan tears up the pitch ducks Icheb. Good lad there, real talent. Just like his mom. Ouch, Bludger in the back! That’s going to hurt. Quaffle dropped, recovered by Icheb. The boy hurls now to Siren’s posts. That’s the boy, dip in and out of the ladies. He shoots. Scores first time for the Alpha Boys. Ten-Ten.”

Mizoti punched the air in a cheer for her brother in her little hands she waved the flag for the Alpha Boys. She had been waving The Voyager Sirens’ flag earlier. They way she saw it she won either way for why not cheer for her brother’s team as much for her mother’s?

She watched as the red Quaffle was passed from man to man or woman to woman. Brooms in the air zipping one way or the other. It was wonderful the way the holodeck made it possible for normal people or rather ‘muggles’ to fly like the witches and wizards in the books she loved so dearly. The whole crew had taken up the interest. Many not because of the books, for several of them had never read the books. Chell of the Grease Monkeys never had. They played Quidditch because it was a wonderfully grand game to play. It was a bit like football, paresi squares, hoverball and polo combined. It suited everyone. Even the Vulcans. Vulcans thrilled at the mathematical virtues of baseball so they now enjoyed (enjoy isn’t quite the word though for Vulcans) Quidditch for the same reason.

Mizoti and Naomi cheered loudly. The score was now seventy- twenty-Voyager Sirens. The Parkin’s Pincer had been used in that last play. Mizoti recognized the move from the books. The Delaney twins closed in on either side of Harry Kim with B’Elanna flying headlong towards him. Pincer closed in, Harry tried to make a pass for Carey but it was intercepted by B’Elanna who flung the Quaffle to make the score.

As for the Snitch neither Seven nor Tom had managed to find it yet and continued to circle the pitch searching for its golden gleam.

Neelix was on his feet again practically jumping up and down. “Alpha Boys in possession. No the Sirens’ no back to Alpha boys, no Sirens. The Sirens have it no no the Alpha Boys snatched it back . Oh glorious over the shoulder pass from Harry to Vorik. Vorik has it keeping it yes there... He takes a shot, Wildman dives in… and misses. The shot is home. Thirty-Seventy, Alpha Boys.

The crowed exploded in cheers and boos.

Suddenly something wooshed from above followed by another woosh.

“What’s this? What’s this? The snitch must have been spotted! Seven goes for a dive. Tom on her tail. The ground is coming up fast. I think I see it yes a tiny glint. There… Seven’s hand out stretched… I still don’t see…”

At the last minute possible Seven pulled up so fast on her broom stick she would have had a nose bleed if not for the Borg nanoprobes in her body and she was sling shot back up into the sky. Tom, unable to pull up fast enough careened into the ground below rolled in a thunderous explosion of dirt broom and curses.

“I don’t believe it a Wronski Faint! Seven took out the Alpha Boys’ Seeker… there goes the yellow flag. Caution on the field. Madam Hooch called into replace the Doctor as he is on medical duty now. The yellow is off the field. The Alpha Boys are going to have to play hard if they want to win it. Icheb now made Seeker they are one Chaser down.”

Kathryn smiled with pride at Seven’s timing. Taking out the Seeker this early on and making one of their Chasers take up the role would handicap the Alpha Boys. More than that even if the men did win, Paris was now impotent to bragging. Of course his ego might claim they had to take him out in order to win as he was always a poor loser and an even poorer winner.

A Bludger whooshed streaked past her ear she swirled around to stop it from completely knocking her from her broom. Seven was at her elbow in the next moment. “Kathryn?”

“I’m fine.” Kathryn smiled, patted her lover on the arm. “Just find that Snitch.”

Both teams were pulling off spectacular saves, passes and goals. Both ex-Borg were persistent in the hunt for the snitch. The damn winged ball seemed to have disappeared.

Megan sent the Quaffle through one of the hoops in the field: hundred- fifty, Sirens

Harry made goal with a backward pass over his shoulder. Hundred–sixty Alpha Boys.

B’Elanna had artfully dodged passed Bludgers, enemy chasers and the new positioned Seeker, to make a goal: one-ten to sixty: Sirens.

Seven and Icheb saw it as the same time, mother and son spotted the Golden Snitch. Their eyes trained on the flittering gold. Outside their peripheral hearing they could hear the cheers of the opposing sides as score after score was made. They deemed the sound irrelevant and as the Borg they once were they zoned in on their objective. Resistance for the Snitch to escape the hand of the Borg was futile. The crowd too sensed this and watched as Borg hunted their quarry.

Up, up they soared spinning around obstacles skimming over the crowds’ heads.

“Go go go go!” the crowd cheered on both Seekers.

The score now was 170 to 150. Another 150 points would mean the win for either team, a close margin but a win nevertheless.

The Snitch was in reach of finger tips, just there… so close. Icheb leant over the handle of his broomstick his mother did as well. He teetered. Something wavered. His balance was slipping. He was used to a larger ball, trying to catch the Snitch was far different then a Quaffle. He was Borg he would adapt.

The Snitch zig and zagged whirling and dove down.

“It’s close!” Neelix cried out. “Look at them go!”

The Seekers pelted so close overhead now Mizoti and Naomi felt the brush of their ropes as they zoomed past the gust of tailwind nearly knocked them from their seats.

Seven and Icheb had pressed their bodies prone against the handles of their brooms. Seven could feel the cool breeze coming from the little wings. She surged her arm to nearly hyper extension. And she felt it. A pop-snap Borg enhanced fingers snatched the snitch just as she tumbled off her broom.

A Bludger had struck her broom so hard it had snapped the joist between the bristles and the handle. The end hurdled downward and so did Seven. Icheb took a dive to save his mother, from below Kathryn rose up. She had missed hitting the well aimed Bludger from Tuvok.

“Goodness! Did you see that! Tuvok’s’ Bludger took out Seven’s broom!”

Kathryn and Icheb dove for Seven from opposing ends of the air. “As if she was a Quaffle to be recovered her family snaps Seven up from what could have been a very nasty fall. Well done! Captain and son saved the Seeker!” Neelix belted out.

Mizoti and Naomi who had been holding their breaths erupted in screams of joy, delight and overexcitement.

“The Snitch!” Neelix screamed out nearly forgetting about the little ball.

Seven now on the back of her lover’s broom held up her hand showing the crowd and Madam Hooch she had indeed caught the Snitch.

“Well look at that! One Seeker catches the Snitch as another catches a Seeker! Oh what a play folks what a play. And the Sirens won it! The Sirens have the cup!”

The Sirens half blinded by tears of exuberation flew to the double riders. Hoarse cries and cheers sprang up over the stadium. Yelling, whooping and shouts echoed in the air so loudly Seven felt her ears ringing.

Janeway half turned and there in front of all the crew and family did something she never did in public. She kissed the woman she loved. “Marry me!”

The answer and there was one was lost in the bellows of merry making.

But Icheb flew to his defeated team with a wide smirk on his lips.